僕のヒーローアカデミア 14 [Boku No Hero Academia 14] (My Hero Academia, #14) by Kohei Horikoshi

僕のヒーローアカデミア 14 [Boku No Hero Academia 14] (My Hero Academia, #14)

夏休み終了! 後期の授業が始まるよー! 先生たちが言ってた「校外活動」ってなんだろね? 職場体験とは違うのかな? それに、すごそうな先輩たちもきたあ! えっ! 「ビッグ3」?! “Plus Ultra”!!

Details 僕のヒーローアカデミア 14 [Boku No Hero Academia 14] (My Hero Academia, #14)

Title僕のヒーローアカデミア 14 [Boku No Hero Academia 14] (My Hero Academia, #14)
Release DateJun 2nd, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Comics, Superheroes, Shonen, Comics Manga, Fiction

Reviews 僕のヒーローアカデミア 14 [Boku No Hero Academia 14] (My Hero Academia, #14)

  • Arika
    Is Togata supposed to look like Tintin???
  • Amélie
    Love the first few issues and how certain conflicts are solved. I'm not as interested in the next arc for now though, but we'll see how it evolves.(Also Mirio's charadesign really makes me think of Fallout's Pipboy/Vault boy XD)
  • Nightingale_92
    Lo scontro tra deku e kacchan volge al termine. Al di là dell'esito del duello, è sul rapporto tra i due personaggi che sensei horikoshi pone l'attenzione, facendo compiere un nuovo grado di crescità ad entrambi e personalmente questo l'ho molto gradito. Nel resto del volume il mondo di MHA viene ulteriormente espanso con l'introduzione del tirocinio per gli eroi e con l'incontro tra l'unione dei villain e la yakuza per i cattivi. Sapere qual ...
  • cindy
    Boy... this series has grown on me. Makin lama makin merasuk rasanya. Suka perkembangan yg tjd antara Izuku dan Bakugou. Suka jg karakter2 baru yg dikenalkan: senpai senyum, sir nighteye dan villain yakuza.
  • Paula Spark
    Este manga simplemente es increíble. La historia avanza mucho en este tomo y vemos como las cosas se van tornando más difíciles para todos.Me muero de ganas por leer el siguiente tomó y descubrir un poco mas de "Los ocho preceptos de la muerte"
  • Valerie Jaye
    We finally see Bakugo share some feelings! I still have a hard time understanding this character, but those couple of chapters really helped getting some insight into his attitude. I would've given this volume 5 stars just for those first chapters, but the rest is just okay because it's only the beginning of the new arc. Hopefully it'll get better once it starts to develop. The final page was enough to assure me that.
  • Lori
    (whispers) I love the Big Three.
  • Citybones
    En general un 3.5119- Bien, por fin están los neens hablando de sus emociones y su relación. Solo tardaron casi toda su vida, y tuvieron que estar dándose golpes, pero en fin. 5120- Y sorprendentemente gana Bachan, con AllMight aconsejando de trabajar juntos al final. 4121- Ohhh, han hecho las paces y parece que van empezar a ser amigos de verdad. Lo demás un poco de paja. 3122- ¿Qué clase de instituto castiga a sus alumnos con no ir a clas...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Bakugo and Midoriya fight it out once and for all, but even with his enhanced control over One For All, Midoriya’s going to have a hard time coming out victorious. And then, in the aftermath of their battle, it’s time for Work Study! And in the background, the League Of Villains recruit their newest ally – who is Overhaul?It’s about time Deku and Kacchan managed to hash some of their aggression out. Their relationship doesn’t change tha...
  • Paulina
    ¡Justo cuando pensaba que BNHA no me podía gustar más! El arco Kacchan-Deku ha sido de mis preferidos y me hizo amar aún más a esos personajes, claro que además fue necesario para esclarecer algunos asuntos pendientes junto con lo de All Might. Otra parte que me encantó fue Overhaul usando su quirk ¡está increíble! Ya quiero ver a los héroes enfrentándolo(s).Además ¿qué onda con Nighteye? ¡está genial! A pesar de todo, creo que y...
  • Meghan Coffey
    4.5Chapters 119-121 are arguably the BEST chapters in the entire series so far! Seriously, character and relationship development between Deku and Kacchan is exactly the content that I love and look forward to in this particular series. Seriously, not much can beat the deep and meaningful dialogue and action that happened between them during their fight, or even the humor that came from their situation with Aizawa after. I freaking loved it.The r...
  • Zahra
    -Sin importar cuantas veces te haya vencido, tu siempre venías detrás siguiéndome. Siempre me mirabas por encima del hombro con esos malditos ojos tuyos. Es como si todo este tiempo... tu me has estado mirando con desdén e intentado superarme porque sabías que podías¡Esa actitud tuya que no soporto!+¿Así me has mirado todo este tiempo? Tú siempre fuiste el niño que tenía tantas cosas que yo no tenía. Para mi eras increíble e inspira...
  • Denise みか Hutchins
    Horikoshi-sensei does it again. This volume felt unique to me because, although it did have some powerful emotional moments (the defining aspect of the past several volumes for me), the plot itself shone brighter than anything else. Everything is moving so fast, but not confusingly so--somehow Horikoshi-sensei and his team manage to strike the perfect balance between depth and pace. If they continue like this, I will never get bored with this ser...
  • Samantha
    Hmm...another intriguing installment in the series. This return to school should be an interesting one, and I like that we should be seeing more of class 1-B because of the two classes having more courses together. Also, the work study plotline should be one where we hopefully see characters like Midoriya grow even more. I'm really looking forward to Volume 15...though not the fact that I have to wait a couple months for it. Oh well, at least I h...
  • Pearl Martinez
    Failure only occurs when one failed to try everything he can and choose to give up without trying at first. This manga centers Midoriya Izuku or Deku, a boy with big dreams of becoming a hero but failed to have a quirk, one of the great requirement of being a hero not until he meet All Might, the no. 1 hero of the all time and his idol. Deku, throughout the series taught us the power of believing one self, that if we try harder, we can do it bett...
  • Evelyn
    The exciting conclusion of the brawl between Kacchan and Deku that ends with a greater desire for both of them to get stronger. And after everyone in class 1-A loses to a super strong 3rd year, Izuku is determined to step up his game. Meanwhile, the villain world is in chaos after All for One’s fall and two particularly strong factions are rising to take the leadership role. Introducing: Overhaul! (That’s the dude on the cover)
  • Martina Fuchs
    4.5It's not that THAT MUCH happened in terms of "action", but I was so hooked up with this volume.That ending leaves me wanting more!We finally meet the big three, and more specially... Mirio, the one who was thought to be the next successor. If Deku hadn't been there to meet All Might, Mirio would have been the next user of One For All, and now... Deku must prove that he was the right choice.
  • Laura
    Noté que empieza un desarrollo de personaje en Katsuki en este tomo, lento, pero seguro. Por otro lado, el que Deku en realidad no sea el "elegido", es decir, que no estuviese destinado a heredar el One For All desde el principio, me pareció curioso, pero triste porque él se siente un poco inseguro respecto a si es merecedor de ello o no.
  • Marjo
    Ok. That's a drop in rating. The thing is, I don't like the new characters introduced. I am sufficiently spoiled to know that I will, eventually, like at least some of them, but right now I don't. Therefore, I am a little bit salty that the author is deliberately side-lining characters I have come to know and love to make way for those randoms.
  • Daniela Oprea
    4.5 stars Loved Mirio's character, such a lovely and strong personality. Also, seeing a bit more of Bakugo in this volume made the whole thing better. I started liking him more since he revealed some of his feelings ( something was going on in his heart for real, the guilt and the inferiority complex). The action kind of lacked, but the next arc surely seems promising.
  • Emily Wells
    I absolutely love this manga (and anime) with all of my heart and soul! And also, shout out to Summit (the store I bought this manga from), this volume doesn't officially release until Aug 7th, yet you let me buy it July 28th... you're the real MVP.
  • Megan
    Chapter #119: 96% (YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS)Chapter #120: 98% (OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG)Chapter #121: 93%Chapter #122: 84%Chapter #123: 85%Chapter #124: 85%Chapter #125: 84%Chapter #126: 85% (YIKES!!!!!!)Chapter #127: 86% (FUCK YES)Chapter #128: 85%
  • Alex
    yep, bakugo definitely has grown on me haha. i love that my angry children are resolving their inner thoughts and problems by punching each other. :) tamaki and mirio are now part of my fav characters from bnha and finally... damn, deku really doesn't have much luck with villans...
  • Melrose
    What's new? It's still amazing! There was no dull moment ahhhh
  • Kirsten
    Cool introduction into a bunch of new characters and a new arc. Also nice to see some more Bakugo character development in the beginning of the volume.
  • M. Ashraf
    A bit slow.Start of a new arc.The introduction of the big three, Miro The intended successor to All For One Symbol of Peace and a new villain.
  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
  • Kaitlyn
    Nothing much really happened in this one. Not exactly sure how I feel about the next arc, but let's see!
  • Y
    3.75 stars.
  • Natasha
    This book is amazing!This comic is amazing! I love it,it has great detail and it's funny and full of action!! It's so good!!!👍👍👍👍👍