How to Have Style by Isaac Mizrahi

How to Have Style

The king of real-world chic shares his tips and award-winning flair in a colorful guidebook designed to unleash every woman’s inner fashionista. A twenty-year veteran of the fashion industry, Isaac Mizrahi has become a unique icon in the world of style. He doesn’t do “makeovers” or take pleasure in berating the way a woman dresses. Instead, he is a problem solver—and a titan of trendsetting who believes that fashion should be seriously ...

Details How to Have Style

TitleHow to Have Style
Release DateOct 7th, 2008
GenreCouture, Fashion, Nonfiction, Self Help, Reference

Reviews How to Have Style

  • Nora
    Nice in theory. Crap in reality. I mean, who dresses like this? Girls who work can't use their bra as the focal part of their wardrobe..unless they are working the streets..
  • Emily
    This book is what I call ‘magazine-y’. Easy to read, lots of pictures, & lots of expensive stuff. I picked up a few tips. For example, I will try to wear skirts that hit at the skinniest parts of my legs (currently my pregnant-lady legs are chunky all the way down, so I will start this in a few months. Actually, my whole dang body is chunky. Except my toes, I think. I don’t know anymore. It is hard to see them.) So, I enjoyed the book as a ...
  • Jennifer
    oh, Mr. Mizrahi. How I had such hopes for this book after hearing your interview on NPR. How excited I was by your intro "Before you can think about having style, you have to learn to look in the mirror and like what you see." That you said you "don't believe in makeovers" but then proceeded to alter the hair, eyebrows, make-up, clothes, and shoes of each woman in the book, and recommended dieting to one! (and it wasn't even the big girl!)I had h...
  • Nicole
    I was actually really enjoying this book (particularly his approach to drawing out your personal style and emphasis on thinking visually and experimenting) and then Kelly pointed out that the clothing choices looked dated... because the book is 5 years old. I did not notice. Where's my hoodie?
  • Sara
    I didn't like the styles pictured, but it's the best guide to really finding your own style, regardless of rules or trends, that I've seen. I want to make an inspiration board!! :D
  • Jay Rose
    A fun quick read, big lettering, lots of break outs, and tons of photos. Easy to follow along with especially if you are like me and have AD/HD. Not sure just how much advice can be found, but it does have a few treasures here and there. Worth reading but take some of his stuff with a grain of salt.
  • Saska
    I've always been a sucker for makeovers and this book offers a good dozen before and afters. Overall an enjoyable and lightweight read, but stylewise I expected more from Mizrahi. Rereading it 10 years later the outfits seem quite dated.
  • Beka
    Some interesting insights, though as you might expect, a fashion designer's idea of "on a budget" is laughable. Still, lovely clothes and good tips.
  • Liilaa
    I'm broke and all the outfits in here cost $100+, so... A fun read, just not something I could really do.
  • Becca
    I am a complete fashion dummy-- maybe something beyond "dummy." Fashion vegetable? I am in a fashion coma? I still wear my Phish concert t-shirt from 1996. I don't own any makeup. It's not that I'm opposed to the idea of having style, of looking nice, it's just incomprehensible to me. Just as I'm not opposed to the idea of being German. Go ahead, be German! But I'm not gonna understand a word of it. So, "exfoliate?" "false eyelashes?" "stilletos?...
  • Virna
    How many times do you hear people who bought this book say: I love Isaac! Maybe they're on to something. I've seen Isaac on TV, and he's not one of those bitchy Project Runway wannabe who refuses to dress any woman sized 4 and over. I mean, real women wear size 16, dear.. I meant, me of course.. So it's refreshing to see how Isaac treat her models, including the only plus size of the bunch, in this book. Some of his take on style is probably too...
  • Kerfe
    Looking through the fall fashion collections on got a little tedious--black, black, grey, black and white, black, maybe a touch of red or royal...solid, solid, fur, sheer, solid...and then there was Isaac Mizrahi. Fun, colorful, you might actually wear it.Isaac's book, "How to Have Style", focuses on a group of women of all ages and sizes who do not look or live like models or celebrities. He asks them to try to get out of their fashion r...
  • Cory
    First off, I love love LOVE Isaac Mizrahi!!! If you like things like Project Runway but have not yet seen his fabulous documentary, Unzipped you should run right out and rent it. Okay . . . down to the business of this book. It's not your average makeover book, which is why I liked it so much. Isaac doesn't just say "You have big hips and here's how to hide them" as usually happens. Instead, he focuses on finding your own personal style . . . on ...
  • Christina
    A lot of reviewers panned this book which I liked a lot because I thought it contained some gems in terms of advice: like shopping for only one item at a time and browsing multiple stores in one day for the one item, and then buying the best version that fits and flatters you. Also some chestnuts for petites and as I'm 5'0" tall he gave good suggestions. Though I do not believe a woman should always hem her skirts at the knee or just b...
  • Tara Carpenter
    The biggest thing I learned from this book is that I need to be chosen as the subject of a book or television show about makeovers. Because having a group of professionals on your side makes a world of difference. The style team for this book includes a fashion stylist, hairstylist, makeup artist, and Isaac Mizrahi himself. I guarantee they could make me look fabulous. And I suppose the point of a book like this is to glean some of the expertise ...
  • Rachel Boling
    I enjoyed this book because I love Isaac Mizrahi from Project Runway All-stars; he had a really strong voice in this, and I liked hearing him talk to me while I read.I also really enjoyed his message, that all women are beautiful, and that you should embrace who you are, and stop obsessing over "faults" and instead play up your assets.I thought all the pictures of people changing in the book were unnecessary (which were probably to emphasis the n...
  • Mel
    I like Mizrahi's message to women to be comfortable in their skin, but also to take care and be healthy. What I didn't like was that some of the style choices seemed to be leaning toward the runway ridiculous. But I wondered how much of his personal opinion/taste intervened with the choices; like which shoes were a no, when they weren't even on a woman. But that being said, I also liked his message about women trying a little harder to dress up i...
  • LM
    Eh. This was fun, because it was like one long magazine and I love (lurve!) how Mizrahi writes (just like he talks). However, he just took a bunch of women, none of whom are like me, and gave them a style make over so it wasn't exactly helpful. (ie Don't go thinking I'm all full of style now.) Also I am mad that this one eye make-up look he gave one woman was not well described so now I can't learn how to do it. Major star loses for that one. I t...
  • Kater Cheek
    This was on my list of "no thinker" books I needed after the past three. I like to read books like this to get an idea of how to improve my looks, and then get frustrated at how stratospherically expensive the designers' concept of "reasonable" is. (Ie. One dress costs more than I spend on clothes in three years.) I was also baffled by some of Mr. Mizrahi's suggestions, like when he took a woman who said she liked to hide her breasts, because the...
  • Desiree
    Eh. I love Isaac, especially now that he's on Project Runway, and several of the outfits he puts together are lovely, but some of this was a little bit ridiculous. *Spoiler alert*Actual quotes:"Lose ten pounds for FUN!" WOOHOOO!"I don't believe in makeovers, so all of the women chosen for this book were good-looking to begin with."...Not to mention several rather frightening ensembles and haircuts that added years or made the women dowdy. A fun r...
  • Kristin
    love reading books like this, because i get really inspired. but the downside is that i get really inspired, but don't know where to start first, too many ideas all swirling at once, and then i get really anxious that i won't be able to remember it all, so i just scrap any plans to reinvent my look. then a few months (or weeks) later i read another of these books and start the process all over again. really wish i could have a clothing guru come ...
  • Anna
    This lovely and fun style guide from Isaac Mizrahi takes twelve women facing typical style "challenges" -- "how do I dress stylishly on a budget?", "how can I introduce colors into my wardrobe?", "how can I look great if I wear a size 12 or larger?", "how can I shop like a stylist?", etc. Each woman gets her own little chapter where we see her style inspirations in the form of a bulletin board she creates, then we see Isaac and his team help her ...
  • MaryannC. Book Freak
    I read this a few months ago and forgot to put this down. What I liked about this book was Isaac's straight forward way of explaining his use of certain clothing for women with "problem areas" or someone who needed direction with their fashion choices. What I especially liked was his make-up artist Mally Roncal, who transformed these women into beauties no matter what size, age, or shape. I thought there were some hits or misses with Issac's choi...
  • Marilyn
    Another beautiful book with great Make-Over photos of real women, with a range of style issues. Best take-away was doing the inspiration board. After all, the reason I enjoy a periodic review of such books is to shake up my falling off the style wagon.All of the style make-overs are fabulous (including hair & makeup) - and they all look great afterward. However...LOL to put a woman who wanted to look "wholesome and honest" in a visible red bra in...
  • Sarah
    One of the better in this genre--Mizrahi is warm, opinionated but not bitchy, and can see style in more than the hyper-rich and skinny. I'll forever love him for his egalitarian Target line--broke-ass librarians love fashion too! I love that he embraces personal style--no blanket mandates here. Hey, it's okay if you wear plain clothes if you love them, or if you fall on your face overdoing it. Why not, it's only clothes.
  • Boyce
    This nonfiction book about style is the perfect book for style beginners. The book focused on a group of women, all with different body types. Mizrahi would meet with them, figure out their unique styles, and then dressed them accordingly. I believe that I personally learnt a bunch from this particular book. The tone of this book really makes you want to read on, and I recommend this book to anyone who wants to pursue fashion as a career.
  • yoli
    Some of this is really good advice and Isaac is coming from a positive and encouraging place, for the most part, but with so much sincerity the recommendations all sound like mandates. Clinton may have been a snarky bitch, but that snark made his comments easier to disregard if they don't jive with YOUR style philosophy.There are nice pictures though, and it's a good handbook for beginning to develop your style. Training wheels definitely include...
  • Sarah
    Can Isaac Mizrahi just come live with me and dress me every day? I love how passionate he is about the positive effects of being confident in who you are and dressing to show the world that you value yourselves, but I especially love that all of the changes and choices made by the women featured in this book were made based on what moved and inspired *them* - it wasn't the expert just picking out something that would "disguise their trouble spots...
  • Kate SouthernBelleSimple
    I love isaac so i knew i would love this book. even when i don't always agree with his style choices, i love his point of view and he is just so darn encouraging to women everywhere. i wish he were one of my friends! great book for anyone wanting to overhaul his/her closet and start dressing in a way that really lets your personality shine through.