The Necklace by Claire McMillan

The Necklace

In this “glittering, Gatsby-esque” (Publishers Weekly) novel, two generations of Quincy women—a bewitching Jazz Age beauty and a young lawyer—are bound by a spectacular and mysterious Indian necklace.Always the black sheep of the tight-knit Quincy clan, Nell is cautious when she’s summoned to the elegantly shabby family manor after her great-aunt Loulou’s death. A cold reception from the family grows chillier when they learn Loulou ha...

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TitleThe Necklace
Release DateAug 14th, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Contemporary

Reviews The Necklace

  • Hannah Greendale
    When her great-aunt Loulou dies, Nell Quincy inherits a family heirloom: a necklace of glittering gems that originates from India. When greedy relatives question the validity of her inheriting the seemingly valuable necklace, Nell turns to the estate lawyer – handsome and successful Louis Morrell – for help. This uninspired novel suffers from several flaws: telling rather than showing, one-dimensional characters, and a thin, predictable plot....
  • Cindy Burnett
    The Necklace is one of the best books that I have read this year. Everything about the book is fantastic: the plot, the characters, the setting, the cover, and McMillan’s writing. As the story begins in 2009, Nell Quincy Merrihew is summoned to the family farm outside of Cleveland, Ohio because her great aunt Loulou has died. Family dynamics have left Nell feeling like she is an outsider her entire life. When Loulou’s will is read, Nell disco...
  • TL
    I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in a exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own:).----A well done take if family, love, and drama.. reminded me of Kate Morton in the way that Miss McMillian's writing is very atmospheric and characters very well drawn and thought out. When I had to put this down for real life after a certain point, I was counting the minutes till I could get back to it.That Quincy family... gah! Poisonous vi...
  • Holly
    Review to come.
  • Touchstone Books
    I mean let's be real, this book is just a goddamn delight. Fun but whip smart, dramatic but believable, a page-turner with characters you either love or love to hate. Done and done.
  • Stuart Smith
    It was fast paced, fun and enthralling. In a time when the headlines are a little too much for me to take and the news of the world is just a little too loud, this book exemplified perfection in escapist fiction. A wonderfully crafted world, with interesting characters in this century and last, and a plot driving hook of the mysterious necklace make this un-put-downable.And it was so smart of McMillan to put all of her research and inspirations a...
  • Crystal King
    What a gem of a book! McMillan apparently wrote some of THE NECKLACE as a writer in residence at the gorgeous home of Edith Wharton, The Mount, in Lenox, MA. The essence of Wharton certainly permeates this book in its decadence, elegance and mix of charming and poisonous characters that adorn its pages. It's not a big book, so for me it was quite a fast read, but a good one. It's full of witty, beautiful prose and with incredible detail to the ni...
  • Ariel
    The book tells two stories. The one in the past is a love triangle between two brothers and the girl they both covet. In the present a family meets to get their inheritance when the matriarch of the family Loulou passes away. Anchoring both stories is a priceless necklace that belonged to royalty in India. The family in the present thinks that the value of the necklace lies in it's jewels but it's real worth lies in it's ability to unlock long he...
  • The Library Lady
    It makes perfect sense that the author wrote this at least in part in Edith Wharton's house, because the back story is very Whartonish. She even used the name "May" for the female in the back story.Flat characters, absurd or predictable plot twists, the annoying use of the passive present for the narration and an utterly predictable ending. Why is this book garnering so many favorable reviews?
  • Richard Becker
    This is the story of two generations of a dysfunctional family. Alternating chapters tell the story of the 3 Quincy siblings: Ambrose, a playboy type that goes on a world tour, refusing to come home when a tragedy occurs. The tragedy is a mine accident that severely injures his brother Ethan, the "good" hardworking young man. The accident is caused when May, Ambrose's girl, goes into the mine and has to be rescued by Ethan, who is injured in the ...
  • Betty
    This book was a really slow start but it was worth staying with it. The writing isn’t the best, but the story is really good.The chapters alternate between the 1920’s and the present (2009). Brothers Ethan and Ambrose Quincy want the same girl – May. It is 1925 and Ambrose is driven to travel the world while his brother stays home to run the coal mines. While in India Ambrose buys an extravagant necklace for May whom he intended to marry. H...
  • Gina
    This started quickly and jumped right into the plot and to be honest, I don’t know if I started reading more exciting books and kept putting this aside or if it just got boring. It jumps between two time periods and revolves around a necklace that was given to someone after a aunt dies and how she obtained that necklace when she was young. The parts that focused on the past definitely didn’t hold my attention. So after months of trying to get...
  • Monica Lillya
    The Necklace by Claire McMillan is a well written with an intriguing plot that follows two separate stories involving family members interwoven from the 1920's and present day. Characters are well drawn, with human flaws that made them more real, yet at times a bit predictable. The story is just enough of a fresh nature that it did not fall into the same old, same old storyline that so many novels of this nature tend to do.I liked Nell, the main ...
  • Raeanne
    More of a 3.5I liked this book, but it wasn't great. I enjoyed that the end result of the past family drama wasn't so much a secret as how it all played out--it's not the destination but the journey, right? The back and forth narratives of past and present was interesting and offered a lot of insight into the Quincy family. Nell's romance didn't really do much for me, if I'm being honest. I thought it would be incredibly important, but honestly, ...
  • Cindy
    It's Jazz-Era 1920s and Ambrose Quincy leaves May, the woman he loves, to take an extended trip to India. Upon his return, bringing May an exotic necklace, he is stunned to find that she's married to his brother. As she wears her gift their passion for each other is never far from view, and her reason for marrying is slowly revealed. The Necklace moves back and forth between the 1920s and the 21st century where Nell Quincy, estranged from her ext...
  • Jamie
    I really really liked this one: two storylines encompass this book, one set in the 1920s, and one set in modern day. They were both well-paced, engaging, suspenseful, and I really liked the characters. Well done, and a romantic read.
  • Kathy Buford
    I had been waiting for Claire McMillan to write a new book since I read "The Gilded Age" in 2012. It was a long wait but worth it. She ties her story lines and characters together better than any author out there. I hate it when you have to go back and forth in a book because it's been unclear who goes with who and what the time frame is. In The Necklace you follow the characters and become involved in the story. I was so sorry when the book ende...
  • Harriet
    An enjoyable read, if somewhat predictable.
  • Jennifer
    When Nellie is summoned back to her family home in the wake of her Aunt's passing, the chill in the air is palpable. She can tell the other family members don't want her there but can't quite put her finger on why. Until the will is read and she finds herself the recipient of a family heirloom that comes with a long backstory. That backstory because the center of a beautiful, complicated and intimate story from generations before her. Love triang...
  • Morgan Rebecca
    A note: I received an advanced copy of this book through my job as a Barnes&Noble bookseller. Claire McMillan's The Necklace is a solid 3.5 for me. Overall, it's an interesting story with a new take on the ubiquitous familial-drama-because-everyone-is-contesting-the-will trope, but I found the writing to be lacking and the plot to be somewhat predictable. McMillan gives us two stories for the price of one, shifting focus from the Quincys of the 1...
  • Nancy
    Five years ago, both first novelists Claire McMillan and Francesca Segal channeled Edith Wharton, with McMillan reinventing The House of Mirth in Cleveland, Ohio with her Gilded Age, and Segal transporting the plot of The Age of Innocence to a Jewish community in London via The Innocents. Their second novels find them moving in different directions, although there's a distinct whiff of Wharton in McMillan's entertaining The Necklace (Touchstone, ...
  • Susan
    A big THANK YOU to Touchstone Publishing for the chance to read this excellent book in exchange for an honest review. I wholeheartedly enjoyed this book. The characters are fascinating and McMillan's dialogue is refined and witty. The Quincy family's dysfunctionality and elitism are very evident, and the book is full of quite a lot of family drama. I enjoyed both the time periods in which the story takes place, the 1920s Jazz Era and modern-day....
  • Marge
    Always the black sheep of the family, Nell is left an ornate necklace from India when her great aunt dies. This is the story of both the necklace and how it changes Nell's life forever.
  • Jill
    The necklace in which this story revolves around gives this book’s story the anchor but the author gives the story the life, and what an incredible life it is, such a captivating story rooted in both the past and present, one won’t be disappointed they picked this book up.https://fortheloveofthepageblog.wordp...
  • Michelle Boyer
    A largely predictable novel about a family outcast who, suddenly, uncovers a family secret after the death of rich Aunt LouLou. Whenever you have a wealthy family there seems to be a secret, and while that may be a bit cliche I did not mind it until the author gave away most of the intrigue--it would appear Nell's mother knew the secret all along, just never had proof. The necklace, an estate item that is brought up in a rather cliche way and lea...
  • Danielle
    Parent Content Rating: R for sexual scenes both implied and explicit.I received a copy of this book from the publisher via a goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.Nell returns to her ancestral home after the death of her Great Aunt. Family tensions, mysterious treasure, and century old romance and tragedy arise at the reading of the will. A beautiful tragic romance, and a believable family dynamic in both the 2000’s and the 1920...
  • Carol
    Nell and her mother have always been the outcasts in the well to do Quincy family. When Nell's Great Aunt LouLou dies she is surprised to learn that she is the executor of her will and is gifted what turns out to be a valuable necklace from India. Her cousins threaten legal action if she does not give them necklace. Alternating with chapters of the present is Nell's family from the 1920's. There is a love triangle between the Quincy brothers Etha...
  • Michelle Trainor
    Wow!! What a great novel! This was my first McMillan novel, I have yet to read Gilded Age but do plan to after this little gem of a novel. This summer for me has been a summer of suspense/thriller reading so this was a nice little reprieve to enjoy a dual timeline family saga. This novel is written in third person alternating between Nell in 2009 and May/Ambrose in 1925 also handwritten letters and text messages are used to tie the periods togeth...
  • Megan
    I'm a big old sucker for stories with unexpected inheritances. Bonus points for the Ohio love. It's written well. The characters are charming and terrible and flawed and wonderfully human, and even though I wanted to shake and slap and hug in equal measure, that's part of what makes a book like this so delightful. People are not perfect, and the moment when you recognize your own foibles on the page is both humbling and rewarding. That's a good w...
  • Melanie
    This is one of the best books I've read this year. I received an advanced reading copy from a First Impressions giveaway. Generally, I don't like reading back and forth chapter by chapter setting changes, but the flow of the story line from the 1920s to the contemporary 21st century flowed easily between chapter and maintained continuity. The connection between the tangled Quincy family history and the origins of the mysterious Moon of Nizam sapp...