Righteous (IQ, #2) by Joe Ide

Righteous (IQ, #2)

In this hotly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit IQ, Isaiah uncovers a secret behind the death of his brother, Marcus.For ten years, something has gnawed at Isaiah Quintabe's gut and kept him up nights, boiling with anger and thoughts of revenge. Ten years ago, when Isaiah was just a boy, his brother was killed by an unknown assailant. The search for the killer sent Isaiah plunging into despair and nearly destroyed his life. Even with a flour...

Details Righteous (IQ, #2)

TitleRighteous (IQ, #2)
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherMulholland Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Audiobook

Reviews Righteous (IQ, #2)

  • carol.
    This is a good book; don't let my rating fool you. After all, what are ratings? A momentary reflection on the enjoyment of a read, a statement on the overall quality of the book, an assessment of value, or a comparison to an author's other works? On any given day, I may rate according to any one of those things, while attempting to explain why in my review. Onward, then.Isiah, known locally as 'IQ,' is contacted out of the blue by Sarita, the wom...
  • Paromjit
    I had such high expectations for this sequel to IQ that I was afraid of being disappointed. My fears drifted away as I began to read, in fact I would venture to suggest that this book is even better, Joe Ide's writing has developed to give us two seamless stories running parallel in the narrative, that come together through the introduction of Sarita, the dead Marcus's girlfriend, over whom Isiah had an all consuming crush on. After it had almost...
  • Meredith
    4.5 stars*In order to fully appreciate Righteous, read IQ first!*IQ, aka Sherlock from the Hood, aka Isaiah Quintabe is back in Righteous to avenge his brother Marcus’s murder. This second book in the series does not disappoint! If anything, it’s even better than book one. Filled with angst, pain, intelligence and humor Righteous is more than a PI novel--it’s about friendships, complicated relationships, and personal connections. This is a...
  • Liz
    The writing here just crackles and sparks. Ide has a way of expressing himself that’s different from everyone else. I can picture these scenes so clearly. And having listened to the first book, I still have those voices in my head. Right off the bat, IQ finds the car that hit and killed his brother, Marcus, years ago. And that leads to a major revelation. He’s also been contacted by Marcus’ old girlfriend, Sarita, asking for help with her h...
  • Barbara
    This is the second book in Joe Ide's "IQ" series, about Isaiah Quintabe (nicknamed IQ) - a brilliant twentysomething investigator who uses Sherlock Holmes-like insights to resolve his cases. IQ, who lives and works around Los Angeles, generally takes local jobs like getting a bully to stop bothering the science club kids and warning off an abusive spouse. Many of IQ's clients are financially strapped, so they pay in baked goods, produce, chickens...
  • Kemper
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. At least that’s the general rule, but unfortunately if you cross a Chinese triad it may not apply.Isaiah Quintabe (a/k/a IQ) is a brilliant young man who acts as an informal private detective and problem solver which has earned him a lot of respect from the people of his neighborhood in East Long Beach, but he’s haunted by the death of his big brother Marcus who was killed by a hit-and-run driver who was ...
  • Faith
    I suggest reading "IQ", the first book in this series, before reading this book. Not because the stories are dependent on each other but because the first book was very original and introduced the wonderful character Isaiah Quintabe (IQ) who was Sherlock Holmes with more wit. Without that intro you might not get as much pleasure from reading "Righteous". In this book Isaiah is still trying to track down the driver who killed his brother Marcus in...
  • Andrew Smith
    I can only speak as I find, I was really disappointed with this book. I’d enjoyed the first episode in this series IQ (IQ #1): I thought it fresh and funny and I liked the characters of Isaiah Quintabe (IQ) and his henchman Dodson. IQ was a bright lad who, struggling to overcome the death of his revered brother, had dropped out of school to take up various odd jobs before turning his attention to looking into crimes the police weren’t intere...
  • Josh
    Righteous, the second novel in the modern urban Sherlock Holmes-like series featuring the talented and super smart Isaiah Quintabe also known as IQ, sees the likable protagonist somewhat less-self assured and vulnerable than in its predecessor. The death of his older brother, Marcus, still a raw wound that fails to heal, only this time 'round, Isaiah is doing something about it. Exploring the darker corners of the criminal underworld, Isaiah and ...
  • Eric
    Righteous is the second novel involving Joe Ide's Isaiah Quintabe character in the follow up to his first novel IQ.It is strongly suggested to readers to pick up IQ before reading Righteous and if readers do, readers will find themselves in for a crime fiction treat. Righteous picks up right after the ending to IQ and follows Isaiah Quintabe, a modern-day, urban-savant amateur detective, as he tries to unravel the history behind his brother's hit...
  • William
    Fabulous! Wonderful! Another bling-noir roller-coaster ride from Joe Ide! FIVE STARS Like the first I.Q. book, there are two stories here, in two time-frames, nicely intermingled by Ide. In the first, Isaiah realises that he must pursue the events of Marcus' death, and in the second story, Isaiah and Dodson are perfectly mis-matched, and off and running to save the day for the wayward Janine in Las Vegas.Things get ever more complex, with Ide's i...
  • Nigel
    2.5 stars, rounded up - 5/10 or just a passOverall a pretty disappointing follow up to the first book in this series. Pretty lacklustre, disjointed plot, but the main problem was that IQ is simply not as likeable as in the first book. Not as smart, also whiny and slightly pathetic.Still just readable, although it was close
  • Richard
    7/10An enjoyable read that didn't quite live up to the first in the series but still provided enough entertainment to make it a worthy read. What made the first book enjoyable is still here but that doesn't feel overly fresh either now. IQ is still an interesting main character and comes up against a number of foes here but with the help of his trusty sidekick/partner they manage to struggle through. I didn't feel there were masses of surprises b...
  • Pat
    4 starsBook #2 in the IQ series. In this installment, Isaiah Quintinabe (IQ) is still trying to find out what happened in the hit and run death of his brother Marcus. He receives a phone call from Marcus's old girlfriend Sarita. Her sister, Janine, may be in some trouble in Las Vegas and Sarita wants Isaiah to check on Janine. So begins two storylines, one taking place in Vegas and the other in IQ's neighborhood of LA.When I first began this nove...
  • Rob Twinem
    Great characterization and a cracking dialogue It is refreshing to discover something new and exciting under the heading of crime fiction; meet Isaiah Quintabe affectionately known as IQ to his friends. He's a fast talking young man who lives and works in Long Beach California, almost akin to a modern day bounty hunter, who accepts occasional criminal cases as a means to survive. When Sarita the ex girlfriend of his brother Marcus (killed in a hi...
  • Truman32
    Righteous is the gripping follow-up to Joe Ide’s celebrated 2016 thriller IQ. Isaiah Quintabe (IQ) is still solving crimes and mysteries as an unlicensed private detective in East Long Beach, California. IQ is an inner city investigator; think of a blend between Sherlock Holmes and Mushmouth from Fat Albert’s Junkyard Gang (with much better enunciation and a party-sized smarts). He takes cases from his neighbors—sometimes trading items and ...
  • Rose
    Righteous is Joe Ide’s second book in the IQ series but I liked it better than the first. IQ is Isaah Quintabe’s nickname and he’s known in his neighbourhood for being smart and able to help people. In this instalment, you can see he’s on track to becoming a full fledged private investigator.There are two alternating storylines that come together in this one. One story is his investigation of his brother’s murder, which he originally th...
  • Aditya
    GR reviews keep making me believe IQ is at least loosely like Holmes, I personally don't see enough to conclude that. These are not mysteries but crime thrillers and a shifting third person perspective that moves from character to character makes it more of an ensemble piece. That is not necessarily a bad thing as IQ is probably the biggest problem with the book.In Righteous IQ has to solve the mystery of his long dead brother who has been exalte...
  • Roy
    This was a great read. I felt much the same after reading the 1st novel. 2 main story threads eith different time lines. Great nee characters and awesome reading about IQ again. We learn more about his brother, and more about different crime syndicates. I found the first 2/3 was five star quality but the last 1/3 seemed rushed into a conclusion with the typical shoot em up finale. Still a lot of fun.
  • David Yoon
    I had to pick this one up as soon as I finished Joe Ide's debut IQ where we're first introduced to Isiah Quintabe. Righteous picks up shortly after IQ closes and still has that rollicking East LA voice. This time Isiah finds himself dealing with a Rwandan gangster, Chinese Triads, Mexican gangs, and his brother's ex-fiance Sarita. She's worried about her Vegas DJ sister and her bro-tastic, loser boyfriend as they find themselves over their heads ...
  • Dave
    IQ is Back IDE’s IQ series is his way of paying homage to Doyle’s immortal creation Sherlock Holmes. Isaiah Quintabe (otherwise known by his initials IQ) is a detective who gets by mainly on his wits not his fists. IQ was a socially-inept genius who tried to help his community in east Long Beach, particularly in the shadow of his older brother Marcus’ early demise by apparently a hit-and-Run driver, a premise IQ has never accepted. Righteou...
  • Ed
    Joe Ide's brilliant sequel to last years "IQ" takes Long Beach, California's young detective Isaiah Quintabe to another level of entertaining crime fiction. By "entertaining", I mean when every paragraph makes you smile with sheer appreciation of the words you're reading. "Entertaining" in this book is a vast understatement and does not begin to do justice to this truly awesome mystery/thriller. The introverted Isaiah is still grieving over the h...
  • Laura
    I am so happy I found this series.Righteous is book two in Joe Ide’s IQ series. A series that introduced me to Isaiah Quintabe, a detective for his neighborhood of East Long Beach and more. He sees and thinks like no one else! I love how is brain *clicks*clicks*clicks* everything into place. He's quick and dangerous and so much fun to watch. You’ve got see the trouble he gets himself into and the trouble that seems to find him on a daily basi...
  • Craig Pittman
    I picked up Joe Ide's first book, "IQ", at the LA Times Book Festival last year and devoured it, finishing the whole thing in just two days. That book was a marvel Ide succeeded in creating a modern-day Sherlock Holmes who lives in a believable poor, urban setting and solves real crimes. His follow-up novel, "Righteous," is good, but not as great, and that's largely because his greatest character, feisty hustler Dodson -- who plays the Dr. Watson...
  • Abby Slater- Fairbrother
    This novel had me gripped and from page 57, I already knew, Joe Ide has written another 5* Genius novel! Isiah aka IQ, for readers new to the series, is the complex protagonist of Joe Ide’s genius novel. IQ is the Sherlock Holmes from the ghetto, with a golden heart and an intellect that outwits and manipulates, to bring justice within his local community of LA. IQ is articulate and was destined for Harvard University when tragedy struck! I am ...
  • Taryn Pierson
    I let this sit a while after finishing it, hoping it would grow on me or I would at least figure out why I wasn't enamored with this second installment the way I was with the first, but I'm still not sure what the problem was. In IQ, Isaiah was weird but relatable and had a strong sense of justice. In Righteous, he seemed to take a hard left into arrogant and uncaring. I also really struggled with the timeline, which jumped forward and back and l...
  • Katie
    Damn, I love these books. Truly the freshest take on a gumshoe I've read in a decade.
  • Lou
    Check out my Interview for 2019 with Joe IdeTale of two crime syndicates and the search for one truth behind a crime of kin.A second instalment in the days of a likeable p.i, a real character that just flows with style and originality.I loved the debut IQ and i had written about that in my review, “There is a real potent voice created by the author Joe Ide, he has crafted a tale about the alternative American dream the other side of the fences ...
  • Susan Johnson
    This is the second book in the IQ series and is a humdinger. I am a little afraid to walk outside once I realized how extensive the underground criminal world. This has a Chinese triad, a Mexican street gang, a money lender in Las Vegas, and a money launderer in Los Angeles who all must deal with IQ, Isiah, and his friend Dodson in this major case they take on. IQ's brother, Marcus, was the victim of a hit and run accident but he is convinced it'...