Lost For Words by Stephanie Butland

Lost For Words

You can trust a book to keep your secret . . .Loveday Cardew prefers books to people. If you look closely, you might glimpse the first lines of the novels she loves most tattooed on her skin. But there are things she'll never show you.Fifteen years ago Loveday lost all she knew and loved in one unspeakable night. Now, she finds refuge in the unique little York bookshop where she works.Everything is about to change for Loveday. Someone knows about...

Details Lost For Words

TitleLost For Words
Release DateApr 20th, 2017
PublisherBonnier Zaffre
GenreFiction, Writing, Books About Books, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Lost For Words

  • Meredith
    Booklover, bookworm, booknerd, bibliophile--whatever you prefer to be called--this is a book for you! “Who wouldn’t rescue a book?” Touching read about a bookseller with a dark past who finds solace in books. When she finds a lost book, she doesn’t expect to connect with its owner in a way that forces her to come to terms with her difficult childhood. This is an enjoyable, poignant story that pulled at my heartstrings. Loveday likes book...
  • Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister
    *3.85 stars*
  • Paromjit
    Stephanie Butland writes a delightfully charming, moving and beautiful piece of contemporary fiction set in a second hand bookshop in York. It features the wonderfully prickly, hard to get to know and sarcastic Loveday Cardew, with her nose ring and tattoos of lines from treasured books. Books mean so much more to her than humans, and the bookshop is her refuge from the world. Only the endearing and eccentric bookshop owner, Archie, has managed t...
  • Melisa
    Do you ever open up a book and connect with it right away? That’s what happened to me with this one. The writing, the characters, the dialogue - it all hooked me from the get go and didn’t let go. The beautiful cover is a little misleading - I thought this was going to be a light-hearted read based around a bookshop but it ended up being so much more. This is a very deep, detailed look at a woman who has gone through an unimaginable amount of...
  • Norma * Traveling Sister and proud Grandma!!!
    Well what is better than reading a book that speaks to you like a book and has so many references of books that is so easily relatable to? THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP!THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP by STEPHANIE BUTLAND is a wonderfully charming, light, moving, and endearing tale that is set in the greatest place ever, a bookshop. Any books that have any indication that it is going to be about a bookstore or books, I’m in, no questions asked. They ...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 bibliophile stars to The Lost for Words Bookshop! My friend, Melisa, spotted this book even before it was listed on Netgalley. When I heard about it, I knew I had to read it, too. Loveday Cardew is an introvert known to prefer books to people. Any of us could relate to her bibliophile ways. She is fortunate to work in a bookshop of all places, and within those walls, she holds some significant secrets about her own dark past. This story is ...
  • Karen
    I enjoyed this story about a quirky young lady named Loveday Cardew, with nose ring and first sentences of novels tattooed on her body, who has worked in a bookshop in York since she was fifteen years old. Loveday had spent years in a foster home after a tragedy happened in her family life, and she just has a crazy love for books which makes her job ideal.Because of what happened in her family, I don’t think she believes in love for herself, an...
  • Kendall
    I was instantly intrigued by this story by the cover and the title. The Lost for Words Bookshop... what more can you ask for?! This novel features our main character Loveday Cardew. Loveday has worked for Lost for Words bookstore for over 10 years. She is quite the character with her nose ring and fascinating tattoos depicted throughout her body that represent quotes from her favorite books. It almost made me want to get one... :) Loveday isn't t...
  • JanB
    Here I am again, in the outlier club. Did I read the same book as everyone else? Or is it just me? I picked this book up because I'd heard it described as a book for booklovers, and a charming book for fans of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.I didn't find it charming, nor was the comparison to Eleanor Oliphant fair or accurate. What that book had was humor, warmth, a quirky, funny main character I won't soon forget, and charm. In Lost for Wor...
  • Berit☀️✨
    4 Bibliophile Stars This was a lovely quirky book filled with books and charm... this was a very uplifting read that put a smile on my face... and even though the characters in this book did not have the most ideal of lives at all times... they all had a love for books and eventually found love for themselves and others...Loveday is a lovely quirky character... who truly underestimates herself and those around her.... my heart broke for her so ma...
  • Mackey
    All the stars for The Lost for Words Bookshop and Loveday Cardew! “God, I don't love much but I love words.” ― Stephanie Butland, Lost For Words There are times when certain characters in a book are so vivid, so real that you want those characters to be in your life forever - in the real world and not just books. Loveday Cardew is one of those brilliant characters. Loveday is flawed, she is hurt, she is sarcastic and definitely a loner, b...
  • marilyn
    Not being British, I had to look up a lot of words and phrases in this book but I loved them all and feel that the words and how they were said, is part of why I liked Loveday so much. Loveday had a life and parents that she loved and that she misses, after she loses both parents when she is ten years old. She then spends time in foster care and finally with a permanent foster mom. She is traumatized by what has happened to her life and won't acc...
  • Fictionophile
    What bibliophile can resist a novel about a charming used bookshop, with even more charming and quirky protagonists? I can't. To further my interest, I've read some great reviews of this novel by some of favorite fellow bookbloggers. And... did I mention it is set in York, England? What a package!This delightful novel features a memorable protagonist,Loveday Cardew. She has worked for "Lost for Words" for the past ten years, is twenty-five years ...
  • Phrynne
    I am surprised that none of the reviews I have read of Lost For Words have made a play on the title! Lots of five star raves and no one has yet said they were lost for words for what to write about it:) Maybe because it was so good we all have plenty to say. Romances are not my thing but this is a romance with a difference. Let's start with that beautiful cover and the fact that the story is set in a bookshop in Yorkshire, England. Every box tick...
  • Carolyn
    This book was everything I hoped it would be: a book about books and life in a bookshop, a quirky main character, a handsome young man and a gentle love story. Well written with great characters and a wealth of human feelings and emotion.Sassy, prickly Loveday Cardew is a damaged soul. Her nose-ring and tattoos of first lines from her favourite books are part of the shell she's built around herself. Something traumatic happened in her childhood a...
  • Sarah Joint
    The best possible way I can describe this book to you is that it's a book for book lovers. We get a lot of book references and a protagonist that both works in a book shop and has meaningful lines from stories she's enjoyed tattooed on her body. If I didn't already have several tattoos, I might steal that idea! It is a very charming story, but darker than the book cover and even the blurb makes it look. It's still a really enjoyable read, but mor...
  • Margitte
    This is one of those contemporary reads that celebrates the unique voices in wordsmithery. FROM THE BLURB:The Lost for Words Bookshop is a compelling, irresistible, and heart-rending novel, perfect for fans of The Storied Life of AJ Fikry and The Little Paris Bookshop.The book starts out as a family drama, then slowly evolves into mystery and suspense and finally gears up for a thriller denouement with love added as the final flavor.Loveday Carde...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    Loveday Cardew works in a bookshop owned by Archie.Working in a bookshop is perfect for Loveday because she is a shy almost introverted person through no fault of her own.THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP is a lovely read and will make you jealous of Loveday’s job, but not of the heartaches she keeps hidden.Besides the books and the bookshop, the characters in THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP are the best, especially Archie....loved him. He is a bit on th...
    3.5 stars rounded up to 4.This advance reader copy was provided by the publisher St. Martin's Press via NetGalley.I was drawn to this book for its location (England, of course) and its setting of a book shop. Two great passions of mine in one tome!The story's main character is a 25-year old woman named Loveday Cardew who has worked in a book shop in York since the age of fifteen. She has a love of reading since youth, a passion she shared with he...
  • Carlene Inspired
    For this review and others visit Carlene Inspired.Wow, this book got to me in ways I never expected it to. The Lost for Words Bookshop by Stephanie Butland left me with my heart hurting, tears streaming down my face, and a desire for it to go on and on and never end. We follow Loveday in present-day 2016 and learn of her, at first wonderful and later difficult, past in flashback chapters. We see her in school plays, reading with her father, bakin...
  • Bkwmlee
    What an enjoyable read! When I first read the summary and found out this story is about a bibliophile and takes place in a bookshop, I was immediately interested in reading it. I love “books about books” and with this one taking place in a bookshop, I anticipated that there would likely be plenty of references to various literary works. For me, as a book lover, part of the fun in reading these types of books is being able to recognize the lit...
  • Lisa Vegan
    I loved this book. I have to thank Goodreads friend (artist) Laura for letting me know about the book and pushing the book and its narrator at me! She was right that it is a “Lisa book” and I’m glad that I read it. I’m waiting for so many books and it was only because I was in-between books that I decided to try it. I’m so glad that I did. I found it to be a lovely, amusing, sobering, emotional, powerful, heartwarming, and engaging book...
  • Michelle
    The “Books are our best lovers and our most provoking friends.” *Poetry* Books Behave by Loveday CardewI like books cause they don’t care if your knickers match your braIf you’ve washed your hair.I like books cause they don’t invade your spaceThey don’t get in your face.I like books cause they don’t mindWhat your heart containsWho you’ve left behind.I like a book cause it doesn’t give a shitWhen you get to the end what you thin...
  • Dale Harcombe
    A book set in a bookshop always has the potential to be good. But it needs more than just being about books. It need interesting characters. Enter Loveday Cardew. (Loveday is a Cornish name for those who were wondering.) Loveday much prefers books to people. Perhaps for good reason. She knows what to expect from books. People are much harder to figure out and sometimes those you trust let you down badly, she has found. Then into the York bookshop...
  • Umut Rados
    DNF at 30%. I received this book from NetGalley, so thanks to them and the publisher. The blurb seemed cute and it was taking place in a book shop. Who doesn’t like stories in a book shop, right? Unfortunately, this book joined the trend of having a protagonist, who suffered from domestic violence and dealing with the effects of it in her current life. The blurb doesn’t mention this. It was along the lines of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fi...
  • Lynn
    I started reading this book thinking that it would be a light, easy breezy read that takes place in a bookstore. Boy was I surprised! This story is complex, emotional, heartbreaking and hopeful, all at once. Loveday Cardew is a young woman who works in a used bookstore. She has the first lines of some of her favorite, most meaningful books tattooed on her. She readily admits that she doesn’t like people, and just wants them all to leave her alo...
  • Ingrid
    Loveday has worked in the Lost for Words Bookshop for 10 years, one of those shops booklovers aren't able to resist. With every chapter a layer hiding the secret in her life is peeled away which makes it compelling reading. There is romance, but it fits well in the story. It could have been a YA book.
  • Lisa
    I loved the bookshop and the frequent bookish references. I liked the main characters: Archie, prickly Loveday and Nathan. I liked the importance that books and poetry held in their lives. I didn't need the buildup to Loveday's big secret - drumroll - her traumatic past. Her break with her mother didn't make sense. All of it seemed like an attempt to make the novel heavier than it needed to be and (for me) fell flat.
  • Robin Bonne
    3.5 A quick and pleasant read about a used bookstore, a woman with a secret past, and the men who love her. I had a little trouble relating to the main character, Loveday, as she seemed just as closed off to me, the reader, as she did to the other characters in the book.Even though I enjoyed this book, there were a few elements that were off to me. I wished for a more suspenseful build up around the ex boyfriend, Rob. I found myself puzzling over...
  • Diane Barnes
    Now this is my idea of a great summer read. A mystery in a bookshop, although it's so low key that I didn't even realize it was a mystery til about halfway through. A joy to read because of all the book references, and for anyone who has worked in a bookstore, there's all that inside knowledge you are privy to. Not too heavy, but not fluff. A snarky, sarcastic heroine who made me laugh, but had some substance to make the story believable. Some ba...