Starless by Jacqueline Carey


Jacqueline Carey is back with an amazing adventure not seen since her New York Times bestselling Kushiel’s Legacy series. Lush and sensual, Starless introduces us to an epic world where exiled gods live among us, and a hero whose journey will resonate long after the last page is turned.Let your mind be like the eye of the hawk…Destined from birth to serve as protector of the princess Zariya, Khai is trained in the arts of killing and stealth ...

Details Starless

Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherTor Books
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Adult, Lgbt

Reviews Starless

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum’m a huge fan of Jacqueline Carey and will read anything she writes no matter the genre or subject, but I do believe she is in her element whenever she tackles epic fantasy because the format lends itself well to her style. Hence, I was so excited when I found out about Starless. Carey is a master worldbuilder who has also written some of my favorite characters of all ...
  • Patrick St-Denis
    As you know, I feel like a complete idiot for having waited for so long to finally give Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel novels a shot. Now that I've read and fell in love with the first two trilogies, I was getting ready to start the third series. But when I learned that she had a stand-alone book titled Starless getting published this spring, I elected to read that one instead.Understandably, I had high hopes for this one. And although Starless begin...
  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    So, it wasn't a horrible book, and there were a few key components I really liked, but compared to her other works and YA Fantasy in general, I found it a major struggle to get through. Dang. RTC
  • Scott Hitchcock
    2.5*'sIf you like YA I think you'll like this more than I did. The book started out well and had a couple of nice twists. However the plot was simple and one of the main characters drove me crazy always calling her counterpart My Heart, My Darling, My This and My That. In the end the second half was a slog for me.
  • Lisa
    Review from Tenacious Reader: have to say, Starless is one of those books that pulled me in very quick. The story is about a world where the children of the main god were all cast down to live among the mortals, and with them, all the stars in the sky were gone as well, changing the night sky. The role of gods in this interesting. They all have unique qualities and rule over specific domains. The people i...
  • Gary
    7/17 This epic fantasy has steady pacing and evocative prose, but is disappointingly conventional.Full RTC
  • Lindsay
    A standalone fantasy novel split internally into three parts, the first two of which were excellent but let down by a mediocre final act.After Khai was selected at birth to be the Shadow of Princess Zariya of the Ageless, he was raised by the Brotherhood of Pahrkun as an elite bodyguard and warrior to protect Zariya. Shadow and Sunblessed have occurred many times through history, but there's a prophecy that states that one such pair will one day ...
  • Lisa
    First off, this was an interesting reading experience because I was simultaneously rereading another of Carey’s books, Kushiel’s Dart, as part of a read along project for the reddit r/fantasy community (details here). Because of that, I definitely picked up on some common threads between that book and Starless, even though they’re both very different books. Still, this review is about Starless, so that’s what I’ll focus on.Carey’s pro...
  • Sonja (aka Yashima)
    A wonderful story about two persons born in the same moment destined to be "soul twins" and finding their destiny amidst a dire prophecy coming to pass. While I generally do not like a lot of prophetic fore-shadowing JC has never disappointed in her ability to weave this seamlessly into the story. However, this book is dominated so much by prophecy that even with her ability to make it palatable I was a little over it by the end.The story Khai an...
  • Bob Milne
    Wow. Apparently, it's been over a year since I last did a catch-up post, and almost eight months since my last DNF review. I'm not sure if that's more a reflection of what's been landing on my shelf, or simply me being more selective on what I choose to read, but it's encouraging.Less did-not-finish and more will-probably-read-later, Starless never came close to recapturing the narrative magic of the Kushiel books, and failed to offer up a hero e...
  • Sotiris Karaiskos
    I'm particularly liking this author for her series on Kushiel's Universe , this book seems to follow the style and pattern of the three trilogies of that series in a more compressed form. We have the story of a child trained in the martial arts to able to take on a very important mission, which is to preserve the life of a princess born the same day, which means that they are united with the bonds of fate. As in the series I mentioned above, we a...
  • Lata
    A looooonnnnnggggg story about two young people chosen by gods, to fight another god. The story is divided up into parts, with the first being about Khai's schooling in being a formidable killer. The second is where Khai meets her bonded "twin" Zariya, the youngest daughter of a King. The final parts concern Khai's and Zariya's attempt to fight the god, by first getting involved with pirates and a select number of other individuals also chosen by...
  • Kelly
    Do not fear Carey fans! You will love. All the Carey you love, remixed to excellent effect. Link to full review here:
  • Rose
    "Gods walk the earth...but only a mortal can save it."This is my first Jacqueline Carey novel. I grabbed it from the "new release" section at my library thinking that it would be nice to read a stand-alone novel before diving into the Kushiel's Legacy series that has been on my to-read shelf for years. I didn't realize until I started reading that it was a YA. I've read lots of YA books in the past but they've been getting on my nerves more recen...
  • Amanda Van Parys
    I just ... Okay, I'm going to try and quickly sum up my feelings about this book:I considered a DNF on this which is a shame because I truly love Carey and she is for sure one of my top favorite authors - but sometimes your favorites just don't hit the mark. There were certainly elements of this book that I loved, but overall, I didn't enjoy this book and really struggled to get through it. Honestly, I need to start listening more to that DNF voi...
  • Liviu
    decent but lacking the spark of the Kushiel series as the narrator and the universe are not that interesting, but the writing is still beautiful and kept me engaged until the end
  • Quinn David
    ***Insert clever pun about the numbers of stars in my rating vs. the number of stars in the title*** I've read a lot of Carey's works with fluctuating degrees of enjoyment, and I am sad to say that Starless is nowhere near my favorite by her. From the characters, to the journey, the entire story feels one dimensional and dry, leading to a one and a half month read time accomplished at the end by shear will instead of climatic pull. I think Carey ...
  • ambyr
    Have you ever had a moment of nostalgia for David Eddings and found yourself thinking, “Man, I wish I could revisit that part of my childhood, but I bet it’s been visited by the suck fairy?” Then Carey is here for you. Starless has all the capital-P-prophecies and broad-brush cultural worldbuilding of a 90s fantasy doorstopper with none of the sexism. Relax, channel your inner twelve year old, and enjoy the ride.
  • Amanda Kratz
    I really enjoyed this book. I really really loved the first 1/3 with Kahi training in the desert. The world building and mythology of the land is superb! Seriously some of the best world building I’ve seen in a stand alone novel. I loved the characters introduced here, I loved he training methods, I loved the desert culture. Everything. I could have just read about the brotherhood the entire book and been blissfully happy. However prophecies be...
  • USOM
    I adored Starless. It was everything I was craving from Carey and more. You know how you have those nostalgia reads that you know you can't re-visit because they wouldn't hold up to the light of day? Jacqueline Carey is not one of those. She is still the epic fantasy giant I remember and her books enthrall me even more so.
  • Nina Carboni
    Excellent!!!! Excellent fantasy. I was a bit wary of reading this bc I tried to read Namaah’s Kiss and I didn’t like it but I was pleasantly surprised. The writing is tight and concise but still somehow imparts incredible world building and deep characters. I loved that this is a stand-alone and even if she continues with these characters in this world the story is complete. This is a huge relief bc I am loathe to start and then inevitably pi...
  • Lauren
    So good! I can't speak to the trans representation, but the story and characters were mesmerizing. :)
  • Meekachii
    3.5 out of 5. Although this was definitely a long book, that wasn’t the part that drove my rating. I do think it could have been shorter, but it was definitely written very beautifully. I think my main hang ups were that nothing overly stood out. There weren’t any plot twists that blew my mind (although there were some). I honestly didn’t overly enjoy any of the characters and one of the characters downright annoyed me most of the time. The...
  • Deirdre
    Mmmm, a game of two halves or rather a tale of three thirds.. I enjoyed the extended training of the first 30%. I had a distinct understanding of the nature and character of the brothers. They had flaws and strengths and I enjoyed reading about them.The move to Court was uneven. Some good, some irritating. The wives and children of the king blend together with few individuals standing out. Final third, I feel the characters were more or less redu...
  • Kristen
    Jacqueline Carey's epic fantasy novel Starless showcases her skill as a worldbuilder and writer, but especially her wonderful gift for storytelling. Although I did find the smaller scale earlier parts of the book a bit more compelling than later parts, I still absolutely loved Starless.4 1/2 starsReview on My Website (Plus an Excerpt and Giveaway)
  • Shannon the Book Dragon
    A really enjoyable read with a diverse cast of characters. I love the representation of a non-binary main character, as well as how strong the disabled character was, she was so inspiring and lovely and I loved their interactions greatly.I wasn't sure going in how I felt about the idea of Gods being present beings walking the earth but man, was my mind changed. Each god was handled so well and fit so well into the world that you really got a feel...
  • Nicolas Lontel
    Un des meilleurs roman de cette année haut la main. Une épopée de fantasy avec des personnages super attachants, réalistes, complexes dans un fabuleux monde où les Dieux, Déesses et divinités se sont faits bannir sur Terre et côtoient, de temps à autre, des mortel·les en leur offrant des prophéties ou des pouvoirs. Notre protagoniste a le pouvoir de canaliser les vents de Parkhum qui lui donne de pouvoir d'effectuer ses actions excessi...
  • Beyonder
    Maybe not the finest thing Jaqueline Carey has ever written, but still solidly in 5-star territory for me. Nobody does characters like she does, and the protagonist is as strongly and lovingly developed as any in her previous books.Furthermore this tackles some interesting and important stuff around gender, both as identity and as a societal construct. I'm always thrilled to see this stuff tackled at all in mainstream-ish fantasy writing and it d...
  • Suzanne
    If you've read a novel by Jacqueline Carey before, you probably know what to expect here: incredible worldbuilding, lots of adventure, and a slow burning romance in a long-ass book. I happen to adore her long-ass books, so this one was a treat for me as it's a standalone and I could fit just one 600 page novel into my reading schedule. The central romance in the novel is between two sort-of-fated young people, a disabled princess and a nonbinary ...