Steal Away Home by Billy Coffey

Steal Away Home

Owen Cross grew up with two loves: one a game, the other a girl. One of those loves ruined him. Now he's counting on the other to save him.Owen Cross’s father is a hard man, proud in his brokenness, who wants nothing more than for Owen to succeed where he failed. With his innate talents and his father’s firm hand guiding him, Owen goes to college with dreams of the major leagues—and an emptiness full of a girl named Micky Dullahan.Owen lov...

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TitleSteal Away Home
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreChristian Fiction, Fiction, American, Southern, Christian, Sports, Baseball

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  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
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  • Cheri
    !! NOW AVAILABLE !!Baseball and religion have at least one thing in common: devotion. A very focused, and driven devotion to something pure and holy. A devotion held by those whose lives revolve around baseball. Or religion. Baseball really is more like a religion, than anything else. A core group of people with a somewhat single-minded devotion who believe in one way being the right way, more often than not. It is a religious experience to hear ...
  • Debra
    Unfortunately, not all books are for everyone. One person may love a book while another may read the same book and feel that book is not for them. That was the case with this book. I really wanted to like it. The premise sounded interesting:"Owen Cross grew up with two loves: one a game, the other a girl. One of his loves ruined him. Now hes counting on the other to save him."Owen loved Micky from the moment he saw her. They were kids from the op...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:The house looked wrong somehow, on some deeper level. Like sadness had distorted it as despair can a person. It spoke of a life beyond mere want, worse than disease. Shantytown was like a bruise on an apple that reached all the way to the core.She offered a smile that reminded me of a bright ribbon tied to a broken gift.The value in spending most of your Sunday morning having to sit still and listen to the most boring person you h...
  • Donna Everhart
    I was recently talking with another writer about Billy Coffey's work. She said, "He writes pretty sentences." I totally agree.Not only that, he writes in a way that seems effortless, those pretty sentences drawing you in and holding you spellbound until you look at the clock and realize hours have gone by. You realize you have to get things done - but you want just another few minutes to keep reading, because he's a doggone good story teller too....
  • J.C. Sasser
    I wasnt expecting Billy Coffeys Steal Away Home to work the kind of number it did on me. Reading it was like sitting on the church pew, thinking the preacher wrote his Sunday sermon especially for me because it was exactly what I needed to hear that day. It brought me back to my childhood. It brought me back to the pain and agony I felt watching my brother strike out at bat one too many times. Its a miracle anybody hits a fast pitch. Turns out my...
  • Ayekah
    This is tough book to review, I'll get right to it. I found it difficult to read. By that I mean the author took us from past, to present, to past/present and thrown in maybe a thought about the future but rarely. It was difficult to follow. The story between Micky and Owen equally as difficult. I liked Micky. I liked that she told him things he didn't want to hear. But again, we get glimpses of her, the church, the father. His parents.For lack o...
  • Suzie Waltner
    This book moved at the pace of a baseball gameslow. While Ive never been a baseball fan because the sport moves so sluggish after a season of watching the speed of hockey players on the ice, I can appreciate what athletes pour into their sports.But Steal Away Home was difficult to get into. During the course of Owen Crosss first major league game, he reminisces about the girl he once loved. Instead of chapters, the book has inningstop and bottom ...
  • Staci
    Steal Away Home is a beautifully written novel. There are two stories intertwined in the pages.Owen Cross makes it to the big leagues for one night. Each chapter is the top or bottom of an inning from that game. As a baseball fan, I very much enjoyed seeing a major league baseball game through the eyes of a minor league player called up for his chance to prove he has what it takes be a major league baseball player.As Owen sits on the bench in the...
  • Lauren Denton
    During the course of one fateful night--his first game in the Major League--Billy Coffey's main character, Paul Cross, is confronted by his childhood love, aspirations, and regrets. Baseball fans will love the behind-the-scenes peek into a night game in the Major Leagues, but even non-baseball fans will be pulled into the beauty and tension of Coffey's writing, the lovely and tragic Blue Ridge Mountain settings, and his compelling characters who ...
  • Rebecca
    3.5 . . . .faith comes hardest for those who have much to lose." Folks in Shantytown had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Isolated from the fine, upstanding citizens of Camden, Virginia, they eked out an existence on the fringes of life in general. Except for Michaela Constance Dullahan, daughter of the meanest drunk in Camden; Micky dared to become herself; befriending a newcomer, Owen Cross, and falling in love with friendship.Owen Cross...
  • Brennan McPherson
    Billy writes books that defy expectations, and Steal Away Home may just be the most defiant. When we encounter something that doesn't give what we expect it to give, our natural reaction is to attack it or to dislike it. Would you berate a cook for giving you a filet mignon when you asked for a plain burger patty? Maybe, but it'd be pretty stupid. Steal Away Home is that filet. I think Billy wants to make us uncomfortable because he's writing to ...
  • Evelyn
    2.5/5 stars.I liked the fact that a big part about this was about baseball. I really enjoy watching baseball, so I thought I would like reading this book. And I did like the baseball parts of this book. Besides the baseball I liked Micky in the beginning of the book, but that was about it.I did not really like Owen. The story line of his past was really confusing, I didnt get nor like the story of Micky. While reading this book I thought I was re...
  • Holly
    Owen Crosss father is a hard man, proud in his brokenness, who wants nothing more than for Owen to succeed where he failed. With his innate talents and his fathers firm hand guiding him, Owen goes to college with dreams of the major leaguesand an emptiness full of a girl named Micky Dullahan. Owen loved Micky from the first time they met on the hill between their two worlds: his middle-class home and her troubled Shantytown. Years later he leaves...
  • Uzma
    Steal Away Home by Billy Coffey turned out to be more than I expected. When you go in to this book, do it with an open mind, consider it as an open genre book, feel more and objectify less. It turns out to be a whole lot more once you start reading it without any preconceived notion or mindset.I have a thing for second chances, I believe in them, I believe in forgiveness and giving people a chance. I believe in the goodness of humans. This book l...
  • Jennifer Nowak
    *I received this ARC from NetGalley and Thomas Nelson, Inc. in return for an honest review*Steal Away Home is everything you could possibly want from a Billy Coffey book. Not since Snow Day and Paper Angels has he written such a meaningful, life changing page turner. Its setting, unlike the majority of his other offerings, is not Mattingly, but a near by seemingly similar locale, thus making it seem somewhat a fresher environment. Coffey also use...
  • Allison Gardner
    3.5 Stars actually, but of course Goodreads doesn't have the half-a-star option. Full review is live! Visit http://fromthelibraryofmrsgardner.blo... Summarized version: I would recommend this book to anyone who likes unique story-telling. The language is beautiful, and I found the characters similar to those of Nicholas Sparks' works. I likely will not re-read this, but I will be happy to keep it on my shelf at home to recommend and loan out to f...
  • Kristi
    I like baseball. It's the one sport I actually watch from time to time. So when I found out this book was centered around baseball I was thrilled to read it. However, once I started reading the book I realized it was so much more than baseball and not really in a good way. And quite honestly, if this wasn't the book I chose to take to read while waiting at the doctor's office I probably would have quit reading after the first 30 pages. But alas, ...
  • Fizzy
    Before you remind me that I dont like sporty things and of course I wouldnt care for a book centered around baseball I have to tell you. Baseball is what saved this book for me. Yes, I dont do sports. I dont mind going to a stadium and watching a game. I dont understand the game or really even care about the game but theres something about the energy and spirit (if you will) about a crowd come together for something they are passionate about. And...
  • Beckie Burnham
    Billy Coffey sucked me into Steal Away Home with his description of baseball and small town romance. I found myself immersed in the life of Camden, Virginia and what I thought was a coming-of-age tale. But like all of Coffeys books, this one has a twist, a bit of magic, and a message that made me stop and ponder. Steal Away Home is a book to be savored and is definitely a recommended read.Steal Away Home is told from the first person perspective ...
  • Andrea Guy
    I'm hard pressed for words to describe this book. There's romance between Owen and Micky, the girl from the wrong side of town. There's family drama with his family and with Micky's as the town is very much segregated between have's and have nots.We see parts of the story told through Owen's memories as he is playing is likely one time game in the major league.This book is weird. Its good, but oh is it weird. I often found myself thinking "This i...
  • Jo
    This is on my planned re-reads because I feel like I stepped into this book at the wrong time. It is something that based on the summary on Amazon I should just absolutely enjoy this. Good:You get a feel of the people and consistent feel of the book. It is well written.Bad:This took me awhile to get into to. I kept having to go through and re-read the first chapter to try to get my bearings. I enjoy sport themed stories one of my favorites is abo...
  • Cheryl
    Do you ever come across a book where you pray and hope that it will be a good one and maybe even exceed your expectations? Well sadly, this book did neither for me. Not that I didn't try to like this book. I got lost in the alternating switchbacks of storylines. There was never really much time spent in one time period; therefore, not allowing me to get grounded in any of the storylines. Additionally, I could not grab hold and connect with the ch...
  • Cassidy (Reminders of the Changing Time)
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  • Angie Fehl
    Owen Cross is a young boy from a lower middle-class family who just happens to have superior natural talent when it comes to the game of baseball. His father is a hard-working but embittered man nursing a broken spirit after a career ending injury brought his own professional sports dreams to a screeching halt. Now the father puts all the hopes on the son to bring pride and fame back to the family name. From an early age, Owen shows laser focus w...
  • Grace
    Loved this book but I was confused by the ending.
  • Debbie
    Billy Coffey gives us a profound story of love and loss in a town where discrimination and intolerance are as natural as breathing in Steal Away Home.Owen Cross loves baseball. He has since he was a small boy, but then again he doesnt have much choice. His father Paul, a real contender for professional ball, lost his chance when an injury cost him his pitching arm. Paul lives through his son Owen and is determined to have his son succeed where he...
  • Sara Wise
    ** Mom was right, the mob will always crucify Christ. We praise Him for His holiness and wisdom but cannot bow to His message. He stoops low for us, yet all we see is how the gods we fashion for ourselves stand taller. We would rather remain slaves to ourselves. **Billy Coffey once again takes us to the small, rural life in the South with Steal Away Home, a novel of following ones dreams, the haves and the have nots, finding faith, love and, oh y...
  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    I've been in love with Billy Coffey's ability to weave a story so well, that you are instantly transported from wherever you are to wherever he decides to take you. He has a way with words that goes beyond what one can describe except to say that it is a true gift to spin such a story, it make you wonder if there isn't a nugget of truth in there somewhere and he is taking you back to one of his memories so you can see it like he did. I've had the...
  • Ricki Treleaven
    There are so many reasons I love this book. One reason: I love baseball. I watch virtually all of the Chicago Cubs' games, and I must admit that this is the saddest part of the year for me: Christmas is over, and the Cactus League has yet to start. But luckily for me I have Steal Away Home.The story takes place over a twenty-four hour period, June 5 - 6, 2001, when Owen Cross has been called-up to The Show by the Orioles for one night just in cas...