Peter & Ernesto by Graham Annable

Peter & Ernesto

Peter and Ernesto are sloths. Peter and Ernesto are friends. But Peter and Ernesto are nothing alike. Peter loves their tree and never wants to leave, while Ernesto loves the sky and wants to see it from every place on Earth. When Ernesto leaves to have a grand adventure, Peter stays behind and frets. The two friends grow even closer in separation, as Peter the homebody expands his horizons and Ernesto the wanderer learns the value of home. With ...

Details Peter & Ernesto

TitlePeter & Ernesto
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherFirst Second
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Animals, Adventure, Childrens, Humor, Comics

Reviews Peter & Ernesto

  • Calista
    This was very cute and I enjoyed the story. I thought the sloths could have been cuter instead of crayon types bodies, but the characters were really great. One Sloth has to see the world and the other sloth is terrified of the world and content to stay put.One sloth leaves and then the other has to go find him, Ernesto. I like the Yin/Yang Aspect between the outgoing Ernesto and the scared Peter. I also like their growth or story arc. I really d...
  • Erica
    Peter and Ernesto are sloths and BFFs. Their favorite pastime is hanging out at the top of the tree, finding shapes in the clouds while snacking on hibiscus flowers.One day, Ernesto realizes he loves his friend and his tree and the sky and everything else but he also knows there are more pieces of sky to see. He decides to follow his curiosity, promising Peter he'll be back soon.Peter is a worrywart who does not like to take risks, who is comfort...
  • Betsy
    To quote the wise words of MC Scat Kat, “opposites attract”. Particularly when those opposites are best buddies. The idea of the carefree soul, untethered by earthly woes, paired with a perpetually concerned best friend, is a staple in all possible forms of entertainment. Children’s literature is no exception. At its best this kind of pairing will introduce us to characters like Frog and Toad. But Lobel, for all his charms, set a pretty hig...
  • Mila Reads Alot ☕
    I don't really read comic books but now I'm interested. I read this very adorable comic story between two very good friend sloths, in only in one sitting. I like how ernesto isnt afraid to go out into the world to go in a adventure.
  • Lauren
    My new favorite graphic novel for young readers! Think a mix of Burt and Ernie, Finding Nemo, Mo Willems, and SLOTHS!!
  • Kris Patrick
    Cute friendship story.
  • Katya Vinogradova
    A digital copy of this book was provided to me by First Second Books via NetGalley.This is quite a charming comic book about the adventures of two best sloth friends, Peter and Ernesto. The friends have a great dynamic that kids can learn from. They can also see the value in following your friend to the edge of the world, even when you would rather stay on your favorite tree forever. Sure, the tree is nice and cozy, but what good is it without yo...
  • Hannah
    Move over Frog & Toad... here come Peter & Ernesto. Hilariously deadpan and goofily sweet, this great beginning reader graphic novel will make readers want to drop everything (except, maybe, this book) to make cloud pictures and star gaze.
  • Earl
    Two friends are separated when one of them has wanderlust. Can they find their way back to one another?This first in a new early chapter graphic novel series will be perfect as a read-aloud with all its silly songs and fun friendship storyline.
  • Erica
    A cute story that will appeal to younger children. This is a good one for the themes of friendship and bravery. The art was delightful.
  • Jillian Heise
    Bravery, friendship, humor, helping others, and a couple of sloths. This was too fun. A perfect early graphic novel for my transitional readers. They're going to love giggling with this one.
  • DaNae
    A tale of friendship, courage and itchy explorer feet.
  • Michele Knott
    Love this earlier graphic novel. Perfect for readers who are looking for something longer, but not ready for a full graphic novel. And it has sloths.
  • Michelle (FabBookReviews)
    Grickle creator and Oscar nominated animator and cartoonist Graham Annable debuts on the children's graphic novel scene with Peter & Ernesto: A Tale of Two Sloths. A simultaneously funny, dry and sincere read, this graphic novel is about the deep friendship between the titular two sloths, and what happens when one breaks away from their safe space and goes exploring.[caption id="attachment_5296" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image via Macmilla...
  • Josh
    How does a teacher reinforce the fact that sometimes we need to go outside our comfort zones to learn more? Perhaps by using sloths?Ernesto and Peter are the odd couple of sloths. Ernesto likes to explore. Peter likes to stay at home. But both end up learning a great deal more about the world, and themselves, in this journey that takes them to encounters with a musically inclined whale, an encouraging macaw, a wise camel, some singing monkeys, a ...
  • Destinee Sutton
    An adorable graphic novel about friendship, worrying, and adventure. It reminded me of an old favorite Toot & Puddle -- one friend wants to stay home, the other wants to see the world. The only thing missing for me was jokes about how slow sloths are. I kept waiting for there to be some twist about how it was taking ages for Peter and Ernesto to get anywhere, but, alas, it didn't seem to factor in. Still, I think a good number of kids will alread...
  • Arminzerella
    Peter and Ernesto are friends and they are also sloths. Usually, they are happy hanging out in their tree together, but after some cloud watching, Ernesto decides that he wants to see the ENTIRE sky and sets off on an adventure. Peter is terrified that something awful will happen to his friend and he cautiously goes looking for him. Meanwhile, Ernesto is having a great time making new friends and seeing all sorts of different skies – ocean skie...
  • Annie
    Sweet and funny. Evokes comparisons to Frog and Toad before Frog became a little overbearing and Toad started getting all resentful (which is not meant as a burn on the Frog and Toad books which I love deeply and with my whole heart). Both my kids enjoyed Peter and Ernesto. My daughter (five) gave it two thumbs up. Seriously. This is how she responds when I ask her what she thinks about books. With her thumbs. My son (nine) took it to school with...
  • Vernon Area Public Library KIDS
    Peter and Ernesto enjoy cloud watching together in their favorite tree. Suddenly, Ernesto declares that he would like to see a different part of the sky and leaves, promising to return. As days pass, Peter begins to worry and tries to find Ernesto. Will Ernesto ever come back? A fun graphic novel about adventure, friendship, and sloth-lovers everywhere!Recommended for grades 2-5. Lexile Level: 390Reviewed by Christine Hwang, Youth and School Serv...
  • Molly
    Peter and Ernesto are best friends who are usually content to hang around their tree and cloud picture. Ernesto, though, decides he'd like to see a little more of the great big sky, so he sets off on an adventure -- an adventure that leads Peter to worry about him and set off after him! Both sloths have their own sorts of adventure in this delightful graphic novel, which is rife with deadpan, dry humor. Pretty delightful.
  • mg
    Every. Single. Named. Character. Is. Male.Normally I'm the biggest First Second fan there is, but this irritated me to no end (especially given that all animals are already mostly male in any given picture book or book for young readers).This not only doesn't pass the Bechdel couldn't even pretend to sit down to write the test.Boo, Graham Annable; boo.
  • Sabrina
    Ernesto is a very unusual sloth, he is not at all slow or lazy like the other animals think he is. In fact he decides he wants to see all of the sky so he goes off on an adventure, leaving poor Peter behind.
  • Leonard Kim
    Early on, I was concerned this might be too much like Elephant and Piggie. But this induced enough sighs of admiration that it gets the full 5 stars from me. Hopefully an award contender.
  • Benji Martin
    I really enjoyed this one, It's funny, well-written and terrifically illustrated graphic novel about friendship and adventure.
  • Judith
    super cute!
  • Ann Haefele
    Two sloths, who are best friends, have some great travel adventures. Story is a graphic novel , told through illustrations and with text simple enough for beginner readers.
  • Mary Lee
    What we won't do for our friends!! Great graphic novel for beginning readers.
  • Ellon
    Dare I say this was actually a bit too cute? I did enjoy the theme of friendship. I love how Peter was able to be brave thinking about his friend.
  • Parker Jensen