Kindness by Jaime Thurston


Kindness: The Little Thing that Matters Most most aims to motivate and inspire by showing readers what a difference even a small act of kindness can make.It uses the voices of those who have been helped by the author’s charity – 52 Lives – to ground the ideas in real life action. The book is themed around 52 simple actions you can do to spread kindness. Interspersed throughout are nuggets of science explaining the positive effect kindness h...

Details Kindness

Release DateSep 7th, 2017
PublisherHarper Thorsons
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Reference, Psychology

Reviews Kindness

  • Nadira
    “When someone is unkind to you, it’s tempting to stoop to their level. But much like Kindness breeds Kindness, Hate breeds Hate.”#NadirasPointOfReview: {Kindness: The little thing that matters most} by Jaime Thurston – Founder of 52 Lives.Such a beautiful book in an equally beautiful outer cover! The author is the founder of a charity organization called 52 Lives. Their objective is to spread kindness to 52 lives in a year – one life a ...
  • Suze Lavender
    Jaime Thurston is the founder of 52 Lives, a charity that spreads kindness to someone every week of the year. In Kindness - The Little Thing That Matters Most she shows her readers how they can be kind, it doesn't take much effort to be kind to others and to yourself and it's incredibly rewarding. She divides her book in 52 different easy to achieve actions that anyone can accomplish. By giving her readers a guideline Jaime Thurston is spreading ...
  • Zarina
    After The Little Book of Hygge and The Little Book of Lykke I've become a little (ha, see what I did there?!) addicted to beautifully designed, compact hardcover books filled with inspiring words or a happier life and better world. Kindness perfectly fits into this category, as it contains 52 ideas (one for each week of the year) to spread kindness to others in some very simple ways. From truly listening (rather than interrupting) and apologising...
  • Lost In My Books
    Przyjemna, mądra i motywująca do bycia lepszym dla innych. Polecam. :)
  • Sabina
    Cudowna książka.Pokazuje ile kilka dobrych słów, kilka drobnych gestów potrafi zrobić dla nas samych i dla innych. Nieraz nawet zmienić życie. Jeśli więcej osób stosowałoby wskazówki z tej książki, świat byłby zdecydowanie lepszy.
  • Siqahiqa
    Read this book in one sitting and it was so good! The perfect little book with 52 ideas that inspire people to be kind. Beautiful illustrated. Many inspiring quotes."A little bit of kindness can make all the difference in the world."p/s: I found one of the books as a gift in my blog giveaway later :)
  • Gem ~ Bee
    Inspiring book with gorgeously decorated pages that instantly put a smile on your face and fill your heart. Gratifying and humbling to read experiences where kindness made a difference and many ideas on where we can all spread a little around every day.
  • Simona
    So INSPIRATIONAL!!!! #KindnessMatters
  • Atiqah Ghazali
    Such a great reminder book... And a pretty, thoughtful gift too!
  • Jessica Shelley
    After a wonderful day where my faith was re-instored in humanity, I decided to treat myself to this lovely little book on Kindness. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day. Flew through like there was no tomorrow and my head is now full to the brim with ideas on how to spread out kindness to those around me (and even those who are not). Looking forward to putting them to practice! Like the little book of lykke and hygge, I will be turning to fl...
  • Livia Winata
    Well, I have finished to read this until the end. Yet I have a plan to really apply each of the acts by doing one by one each week until I can imply kindness mostly in my acts, hopefully. It is one good book for refreshment, enlightment as well as guidance. For you to be kind, from the smallest act you can do daily.
  • Nicola
    This is a lovely book that aims to show the difference that one small act of kindness can make. What I love too is that it shows that an act of kindness does not come with a monetary value. Ask someone how they are, really how they are. Give up your seat on the train. Offer a kind word, be the better person.I really enjoyed this book. It’s a quick read with big impact.
  • Muhammad Ali
    Some really good tips and as the last tip says - Give a copy of this to your loved ones. For parents out there, let's instill the small yet invaluable acts of kindness in our kinds and also start doing them habitually ourselves
  • Jane
    This is a beautiful book. Full of 52 ideas of how to be kinder. Beautifully illustrated. Lovely thoughts and quotes. It was a loan from a friend and I appreciate her kindness in seeing I’d like and benefit from it.
  • Kristjan Keres
    Beautifully designed, little book of kindness! Has 52 simple ideas how one could have more kindness, and therefore, more well-being, gratitude, love and happiness in the life.About a 2-hour read, but it is that perfect little book you want to have on your shelf for those "inspire-me" moments.
  • Miss S J Hennessy
  • Kirsty Stanley
    4.5 stars
  • Bernadette Hehir
    Love this book and wish I could give a copy to everyone I know as we are reminded of the importance of spreading kindness and happiness and the positive effects it has on everyone involved.
  • Loz
    Worth a read, and nice ideas, but nothing that hasn't been said before. Although it bears repeating. It's the putting it into practice that is the challenging part!
  • Jessica Cartner
    Read this book some days after it came out and I absolutely loved it. I recommend it.
  • Windya Faradisa
    I like the illustration. I like 52 little things that make other happy and spread kindness too. And i like how science explain about happiness, kindness, and long-life...
  • Rinda Elwakil
    Laugh about it“Taking things, even serious things less seriously can be kinder on everyone.Lighten a mood, laugh about things, enjoy the journey and try not to hold on to those worrying thoughts for too long.When I was recovering from cancer I’d have loved to have more fun experiences, my friends were a great support but there it was sitting around chatting, serious all the time, I wanted to laugh, be normal and feel alive.”-A 52 lives supp...
  • Sori
    جميل إخراج الكتاب، ولكن تمنيت أن يكون الاهتمام بالمحتوى مقارب للاهتمام بغلافه الخارجي وتصميمه الداخلي. الكتاب مليئ بالأخطاء الإملائية واللغوية والترجمة ضعيفة في بعض المواضع. وهذه أمور مزعجة جداً. نتمنى من دار النشر مراجعة الكتب قبل نشرها.
  • Ernestasia Siahaan
    A compact, feel-good book filled with ideas and thoughts on how to spread kindness into the world every day. Given how colorful it is, I feel like this would be a great way to share and discuss kindness with kids too.
  • Lyoka
    Small and very beautiful book, full of colorful pictures. It's like a reminder that kindness is a very easy thing, but truly important in our days. Perfect for a present.
  • WR
    A simple little book, with reminders of how we can all be kind in small ways, every day. (Easy to forget in times of busy-ness!)
  • τλιϓλ
    اللطف وكل الكلمات الجميلة والتعامل الطيب قد قاربوا على الإنقراض وهذا الكتاب يؤكد على أهميتها في الحياة اليومية وماتُحدثه من آثار طيبة
  • Cherith Keeton
    A light book. Good reminders of the importance of kindness
  • Briana Kelly
    Nice book! Short and sweet, with ideas on how to inject kindness into your everyday life.