Arifureta by Ryo Shirakome


Seventeen year old Hajime Nagumo is your average, everyday otaku. However, his simple life of pulling all-nighters and sleeping in school is suddenly turned upside down when he, along with the rest of his class, is summoned to a fantasy world! They're treated like heroes and tasked with the duty of saving the human race from utter extinction. But what should have been any otaku's wet dream quickly turns into Hajime's nightmare. While the rest of ...

Details Arifureta

Release DateMay 6th, 2017
PublisherJ-Novel Club
GenreNovels, Light Novel, Fantasy, Sequential Art, Manga

Reviews Arifureta

  • Terrence
    Another Isekai? With high schooler protagonists? Yeah. Arifureta actually pulls from a lot of different anime and manga traditions to cobble it's plot together. I was reminded of Fullmetal Alchemist, Shield Hero, and even Tokyo Ghoul. The main hero is an Otaku, and the author of the book explains in the back that this was originally conceived by the author under his pseudonym Chuuni Lover, though those Chuuni aspects were toned down and only real...
  • Palm
    I liked the Book. It's really good but there are some parts that make me want to stop reading it. This book took longer to finish because there is actually around 400 pages and not 200 pages like what good reads says.
  • Justus Stone
    I review Light Novels on YouTubeClick on the link to view my Review of Arifureta Volume 1
  • Aelvana
    Hajime never expected his class to get summoned to a fantasy world. But the dream-like awakening everyone else experienced never came for him---he's just as average in his new life as his old. Worse, the prettiest girl in class won't leave him alone . . . which results in him falling to the depths of a monster-infested labyrinth. He'll need to change himself drastically if he wants to have any chance to survive.This was more interesting than I in...
  • Noemi
    I love this series!!!I started reading the manga before the novel came out, and it hooked me since the first chapter. It's a compelling story where a high schooler gets transported to another world where magic and demons exist. I love isekai genre and story. Hajime is a 15-year-old boy. He gets bullied by his classmate because they consider him an otaku. His mother is a shoo mangaka and his father a game developer, so he had a different upbringin...
  • Casey
    So I was going to give this 5-stars. I was really enjoying it. That is until the last 70-80 pages. It is impossible to tell you why without spoiling some things. So I'll put in a spoiler tag when I get there.It may be a bit contrived that Hajime is able to survive and build his powers because of a lucky find of the Divinity Stone. But nearly every plot has a protagonist encounter something they need. I liked how he was actually using his transmut...
  • Steven Ritch
    Isekai, done differently!First of all I have to admit that im a huge sucker for Isekai novels. I understand that they are all over and people get angry at the OP main characters and what not in these types of novels but i really enjoy them. That being said this book takes everything you know about the genre and changes is.....kinda. The way things are done is a little different but it still has alot of similarities to other Isekai books. That in ...
  • Hisham El-far
    Yes. Another Isekai story.But this one is actually really good!Not just 1 or 2 ordinary everyday people summoned to another world - but an entire school classroom of students AND their teacher!There's also the added twist that the main character is the odd one out and has absolutely average stats and skills compared to his classmates.Things swiftly go from bad to worse for our main protagonist in spectacular fashion.This book is well written and ...
  • Karla Schneider
    Off to an amazing start, but with glimpse of growing complacent and going downhills. First of all, he doesn't have a dick... and then he suddenly grew one, we get the stereotype. But the new personality he adapted to is stiff, not only does it show no empathy; it also cannot be reasoned with, nor can it take advantage of people and opportunities. One more problem with a Harem in general is that there is NO character development for the girls and ...
  • Arthur
    I really enjoyed itI loved to watch the change that Hajime went through from loving and caring to ruthless and selfish. The action also was very fun to read and I feel like it was written well. I support Yue's and Hajime's relationship 100% and how it's progressing but at times I feel their intimacy is a little much. Most of the time I don't mind it but I don't want the book to constantly talk about how Yue is all over Hajime. Other than that I l...
  • Phil F.
    Mixed feelings about the volume. Barely enjoyed the 1st half, because of various problems that I think that the volume has. But, I enjoyed the 2nd half quite a lot, despite still having the initial problems that made me dislike it at the beginning. Really like the setup that this volume made. Extremely curious to what will happen from here. One good point of the series is the enjoyable dialogue that it has. Loved the Bonus stories, laughed pretty...
  • Ryan Evans
    Fun read that definitely didn't follow the norm. If you're a fan of anime with strong male protagonists, this is a good addition. Pros-uses some of the best pieces of the genre while being original-detailed world building-some litrpg elements (lit lite) to explain character developmentCons-like all lite novels, it is short compared to western literature-a 180 plot progression (fun but a little jarring)-the litrpg usage is central at the beginning...
  • David Anthony Beard
    Must read!The Official novel version is so much better than the unofficial web version. It is not first reading but it has been several years since I have read any Arifureta. It is a story about a kid you gets transfer to a new world with the weakest stats then getting betray falling into an abyss and pulling himself back up stronger then ever. It is a must read for any light novel fan.
  • Jonathan Wactor
    As an avid reader of isekai, this one has thoroughly captured my attention. It's protagonist goes through a lot of changes throughout the novel. Starting as a timid otaku that's bullied, his class is transported to another world. Like most isekai, Hajime starts his journey at the bottom of the food chain. Unlike its genre, Hajime goes through a dramatic transformation of personality. In a crowded genre, this one is definitely my favorite yet!
  • Damien King-acevedo
    SurprisingI was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I've tried reading a few LNs and they always seem shallow and totally lacking in conflict; not so here. While a lot of the plot is pretty shallow, it's more than made up for with the characters and the near constant conflict.
  • Mark
    Interesting storyAnother isekai....was what i was originally thinking. But the story becomes anything but....the simple way hajime looks at the world and the balance yue brings is a magic all on its own and brings some much needed life to an overly cliched genre. This is now one of my favourite stories. Good job Shirakome sensei
  • Eric Warren
    Top notchIt's different from the usual isekai stories I like to read and that makes it refreshing that said I certainly doesn't bring anything new to the table. And honestly it's so well written it feels like it could actually end right here but you still want more. I recommend the book.
  • Saidah Gilbert
    I read the sample so I decided to buy the book. Then I spent the whole weekend while forgoing proper sleep and chores reading the entire series. It was the fact that it was in series form and I can never resist a series that made me read the whole thing in one sitting. Fortunately, the story was engrossing enough to hold my interest.
  • Charles
    While definitely a light novel, it's much more serious than is typical for the genera. I'd call it "exciting" or "adventurous" more than I would "fun".The author demonstrated more creativity than I'm used to as well, which I found refreshing.
  • Howard
    At first it seemed like a normal isekai novel but it changed into something much darker. I loved the character development in this book and all the twists and turns it took. Looking forward to starting volume 2.
  • Ernest Chamberlain II
    Very funInteresting twist on a reoccurring troupe. And love how the main character actually changes but still retains their personality. The history of the world is interesting as well.
  • Tomcat
    Recommended reading.Is nice to see a good book in such a common genre. Good story, well narrated with nice characters. Some cool references to other stories and really an entertain reading.
  • Alec Rebert
    Absolutely loved this book... Yes it uses some established tropes in light novels, but at the same time flips those same tropes on their head... Hajime is an awesome character and the overall comedy is funny... Worth picking up!5.0
  • Mitchell Ricketts
    Good read if a fan of the genre. MC is definitely better written than a lot within isekai.
  • Mike
    Good bookA nice start to the series and a surprise excited to see how the protagonist progresses and how challenge is maintained despite the characters strength
  • Ethan
  • Jeffrey
    A somewhat bland dungeon crawler. Does have its good moments though.
  • Jason A Williamson
    A very fun bookI liked it so much a read it twice in one month. The second one is good but a little slower.
  • Mario Suárez Cortez
    Fun, interesting, good characters.