Dinner in an Instant by Melissa Clark

Dinner in an Instant

Librarian's note: This is an Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN: B06XK41BQV.Inspired by her viral New York Times article "Why Do Cooks Love the Instant Pot®? I Bought One to Find Out," Melissa Clark's Dinner in an Instant has all new recipes that bring her signature flavor-forward dishes to everyone's favorite countertop appliance.Dinner in an Instant gives home cooks recipes for elevated dinners that never sacrifice convenience. Beloved for he...

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TitleDinner in an Instant
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherClarkson Potter
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews Dinner in an Instant

  • Deanna
    There are a couple of recipes from every chapter I’m determined to try, with adaptations to my food tolerances, and including a few new ideas about how to do that (like a sticky tamarind sauce that I’ll happily swap for the standard barbecue sauce ingredients I can’t use and the disappointing common substitutes). These are more sophisticated recipes than in common fare cookbooks yet completely accessible. A nice balance of special and norma...
  • Michelle
    If you go on the Instant Pot Community on Facebook, you will see pages of overcooked ribs ("sooOOOo good!"), tough beef stew ("hubby is picky and even he liked!"), mystery meatloaf from outer space ("best and EASIEST ever!!!!! Love!!!") and things that just should not be, like lasagna, moonshine, muffins, or (bewilderingly) plain Kraft Mac and Cheese.Reading those posts, you'd think that sweet Jesus came down from heaven Himself and bestowed upon...
  • Katie
    I regret this purchase. The recipes are too complicated for weeknight cooking. Most have around two dozen ingredients, and many require the use of pots and pans in addition to the instant pot. Also, the only recipe we have made so far exceeded the maximum capacity of my 6L instant pot.
  • Nicky
    This title is misleading and the recipes too fancy and time consuming in my opinion.
  • Rosa
    I basically bought an Instant Pot because I knew Melissa Clark was writing an entire book on how to cook with it; I figured if someone who knows as much about cooking as she does would take up with one, the IP must be more than just a fad. And I've been very pleased with the IP (specifically for how it allows me to cook things like dried beans & brown rice, etc., in a hands-off fashion)... that having been said, as previous reviewers have noted, ...
  • Sarah
    This was okay, but I mostly skimmed the second half after I realized most of the recipes were either more involved or used ingredients a little too exotic for my grocery budget. The stuff I made was good, but at this stage of my life, I'm more at the quick, cheap, and easy stage of meal preparation.
  • Skylar
    So so so many delicious recipes in this book! Great accompaniment to an electric pressure cooker!
  • Tamra
    Would have liked to find more quick week night type meals.
  • Rachel
    I've had my Instant Pot since Prime Day 2015. But only used it a handful of times. One of my goals for 2018 was to get to know my IP and overcome my fear of it. It wasn't really fear, I guess, I just found it overwhelming. So many buttons, is it really on?, why is it beeping at me?! So when I heard that Melissa Clark had a new pressure cooking book coming out I put it on my Christmas/Birthday wish list. I loved her cookbook Dinner so I knew this ...
  • Mindy
    I picked up this book for two purposes: to find a few more time-saving dinner recipes, and to learn a bit more about my Instant Pot. I didn't find the former. Most recipes called for at least a dozen ingredients, and there were very few "weeknight" meals. I was pleased to see so many recipes designated as gluten-free or vegetarian, and her explanations for making yogurt, eggs and braised meats were informative. And she included several modificati...
  • jeanmarie
    I like the recipes in this book a LOT. However, while the title is clever, the only 'instant' is the pot you cook it in. This cookbook is perfect for people who love cooking and have tons of time to devote to it and appreciate good food. This cookbook is NOT perfect for people who love cooking but don't have a lot of time. I've made 3 or 4 of the recipes from here, which I admit is a small percentage. In these recipes -- and in the book overall -...
  • Darcie
    I thought "the incident" had banished pressure cookers from my life forever, yet even I succumbed to Instant Pot fever in October, lured by promises of safety features that would certainly prevent chicken and dumplings from exploding in the kitchen when a seventh grader is at home alone. (Just to pull a hypothetical situation out of nowhere.)I really like my Instant Pot - I give it credit for the best chicken curry I've ever made. I also really l...
  • P.
    Even though I don't have the Instant Pot, I do have a 3 in 1 cooker ,and I have made the Maple-Chile Glazed Sweet Potatoes (great) Butternut Squash with Tahini and Pomegranate Seeds (almost makes me like squash instead of grudgingly eating it because it's good for me and abundant) Barbecue Chicken (amazing with mac n cheese) and Japanese Beef Curry (a little too sweet for my taste and has mushrooms which for some reason I added even though I don'...
  • Jillian
    Every recipe I’ve made from this book has been amazing. From the simple steel-cut oats to a delicious and nuanced coconut curry chicken (the best curry recipe I’ve ever made), I’ve rated all the recipes between 8/10 (if my husband and I loved it while the kids didn’t) and 10/10 (if it was a hit for the whole family). There are some sophisticated recipes that are just made easier because of the Instant Pot. I may be running out of the ones...
  • Ligaya
    After reading through several awful cookbooks for the Instant Pot specifically, I found this one to be quite brilliant! The author focuses on what you should make in the pressure cooker, not what you can make (almost quoted verbatim). The book is smartly designed, the recipes themselves are well organized, the photographs are beautiful and plentiful, notations are made for gluten-free/paleo/vegan/vegetarian, and she even gives you the option for ...
  • Kelly
    Some intriguing recipes here. I'll be trying a handful that don't seem to be too complicated for my current energy levels.I like that she's applied the principles of good cooking and good flavor to the instant pot- that is sorely missing in most instant pot recipes you can find out there! And I really appreciate that she focuses on what the IP does well, instead of trying to force it to cook all manner of dishes it's not meant for.There are lots ...
  • Kate Cronin
    I recently accidentally bought myself a present (hate it when that happens) and even though I was a little afraid of the Instant Pot initially, I have forged ahead with modern pressure cooking. This cookbook is a great resource and I wanted to try just about every recipe in this book. For those unfamiliar, an Instant Pot can sear, slow cook, pressure cook, make rice and yogurt (no, not all at the same time). I intend to try each feature because i...
  • Dee
    This cookbook by Melissa Clark, a food columnist for the New York Times, is filled with unique recipes for your new electric pressure cooker or Instant Pot. I bought it because I wanted to make some unusual recipes along with the standard soups and stews. I'm looking forward to trying the Sticky Tamarind Baby Back Ribs or the Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding (pots de creme.) It isn't a large book, but it does have solid information about the best wa...
  • Elizabeth Sund
    I love her cookbook "Dinner", and I think I will love this one too in the long run. For now, we mostly make the awesome pulled chicken. We pot the instapot because it is so easy to use, so we never end up making other recipes from this book because they contain too many steps. If we want to do something this involved, we use the stove. She knows flavor though, so I'm sure every recipe is awesome if you have the time.
  • Amy
    Pretty good cookbook. I got it from the library. I don't think I'll purchase it. It had some different recipes & quite a few that were Indian Cuisine inspired. Unfortunately, my family isn't into that style of cuisine. There were several recipes I plan on trying. This book is for someone who already knows how to use their Instant Pot. That being said, there are some time charts that would be helpful to a beginner. Beautiful food pictures.
  • Charlee
    I checked out all the Instant Pot cookbooks from my library. This one is not Instant Pot specific, but geared to any electric pressure cooker. The recipes were a bit more appealing than a couple of others I read, but still not enough to make me want to buy it. Another issue for new IP users - the settings in the recipes are not IP specific. I'd prefer not to refer to the user manual AND the cookbook.
  • Linda
    I knew this book featured recipes for the Instant Pot before I read it but many were adaptations of things that I already make without an Instant Pot. Only a few interested me to possibly try. I expected it to be Great because of the author's reputation so maybe that was my problem: I expected too much? The book is exactly what it says it will be: 75 modern recipes for your pressure cooker Instant Pot.
  • Jacquie
    From the title I was expecting fast and easy recipes for the Instant pot, this is not that. Most of the recipes have quite a few steps (put this in to brown, take it out, put the next ingredient in and brown in then take it out...) and LONG lists of ingredients. I did find a handful of recipes I hope to try, when I have time to dedicate to the cooking process.
  • Lisa
    Pretty but as yet untriedI had to return to the library before I had a chance to make any of the recipes but many looked really good. The photos in the book are gorgeous but I'm always a little sad when there isn't a photo with every recipe. Can't have it all I guess. Looking forward to getting it again and trying out some recipes.
  • Billy
    Good recipe book, and I love Melissa Clark's writing/media, but the recipes focus too much on constructing traditional meals from raw ingredients using an Instant Pot. It doesn't quite stay true to the "Dinner in an Instant" title in its focus on speed as much as I'd like (though they are faster than traditional methods).
  • Angie Tang
    Clark set up recipes of dishes that would go with each other - like the Cuban pork shoulders, black beans and garlic rice. (Although I would in the future just serve with plain rice since other dishes are already quite punched up with flavors) It’s great for weekend meal-planning that would give you good portions of leftovers for the week. Best black beans ever! I can’t wait to make the curry.
  • Tina
    It was okay. There was couple recipes I will be trying. The best part of the book was the Persian Rice recipe. Which I made right away! Came out yummy and authentic. Just need to master the IP Tahdig.The dessert section (my fave in books) was a lot smaller and nothing new that can't be found around the internet. Bummer!
  • Barbara
    BrilliantI just purchased this book and devoured it in one sitting. It is going to completely change my instant pot use. I have been completely underutilized my pot. This book is very well put together and I am excited to try many of the recipes and adapt many more.Thanks Melissa Clark
  • Brooksie
    Several recipes I want to try!I have been looking at pressure cooking cookbooks for weeks and having little luck finding healthy recipes I want to cook. This was a great book with several recipes I am excited to try.
  • Lexie
    I have tried 5 of these recipes so far and every one has been delicious. The eggs come out perfectly, the smoky BBQ chicken was yummy, and the Channa Masala was excellent. Can't wait to try more. I got this copy from the library and now I want a copy of my own. :)