Ship of Smoke and Steel (The Wells of Sorcery, #1) by Django Wexler

Ship of Smoke and Steel (The Wells of Sorcery, #1)

In the lower wards of Kahnzoka, the great port city of the Blessed Empire, eighteen-year-old ward boss Isoka comes to collect when there's money owing. When her ability to access the Well of Combat is discovered by the Empire—an ability she should have declared and placed at His Imperial Majesty's service—she's sent on an impossible mission: steal Soliton, a legendary ghost ship—a ship from which no one has ever returned. If she fails, her ...

Details Ship of Smoke and Steel (The Wells of Sorcery, #1)

TitleShip of Smoke and Steel (The Wells of Sorcery, #1)
Release DateJan 22nd, 2019
PublisherTor Teen
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews Ship of Smoke and Steel (The Wells of Sorcery, #1)

  • Django Wexler
    So excited to finally get to share this everyone! I hope you all have as much fun with it as I did.
  • Adah Udechukwu
    Ship of Smoke and Steel was totally spectacular and action-packed.
  • Rae
    You can also read this review and others on the blog here: was the first book written by Django Wexler that I've read, and after doing a little research on the author I've come to find that he has written so many different books from middle grade to adult fiction. Knowing this, I have so much more respect for the author going into this book. YA has been one of my favorite genres to read for so long beca...
  • Jessi (Novel Heartbeat)
    This book wasn't even on my radar until I picked up a free ARC at YALLfest, and it sounded super intriguing so I thought I'd give it a go. I also thought for some reason it was an Asian fantasy (it is sooo not), so I was excited to read it. I hadn't heard much about it, either, so I didn't know what to expect. Sadly, I ended up being disappointed.The main issue I had was with our main character. I hated her. In the beginning, she's a TERRIBLE per...
  • Samantha
    DNF’d At 50%. This book was sooooooooooooooo dull
  • Rob
    Executive Summary: A bit of a slow start, but overall really good. Nearly as good as his Shadow Campaign series. 4.5 Stars.Audiobook: I believe this is the first book I've listened to by Catherine Ho. She does a good job. She does a few voices that add that little something extra that I've come to expect from a good audio book these days. Definitely worth doing in audio.. Full Review If you haven't read Mr. Wexler's Shadow Campaign series, you sh...
  • Lukasz
    2.5/5Django Wexler did his homework and filled Ship of Steel and Smoke with stuff that sells. To the brim. Badass heroine, romance, diversity, whooshing magical blades, LGBT themes and much more. Isoka is a ruthless money collector living in the port city of Kahnzoka. She hurts people for money and shows no remorse to kill her coworkers, but it all serves to keep her sister from harm. So, I guess, it makes her ok? Equipped with the power of Me...
  • Joel
    If I'm being honest, Ship of Smoke and Steel took a while for me to really get into. Not because it was bad - the opposite is true, the writing is tight and the characters and world are interesting and vivid. I can't even pinpoint why, though I did feel like having gone to the release signing for this and hearing about it before I read it from Django had given me some preconceived notions about it that probably weren't quite what he was trying to...
  • Michael Mclendon
    3.5 stars Review originally posted to Booknest.EUShip of Smoke and Steel is an imaginative young adult fantasy tale. While at times predictable, the magic vs monster fights and the secrets of the ghost ship generate excitement and intrigue. Ship of Smoke and Steel is the first book in the Wells of Sorcery Trilogy by Django Wexler. It seems purposefully designed from the ground up to be a YA novel and is his first novel in the genre. He is also th...
  • Travis
    Django Wexler's debut into the YA genre is a thrilling and engaging roller coaster ride. Let me say first that thought this is a YA novel it does deal with topics of rape and sexual activities but nothing to extreme.I personally have really nothing bad to say about this first entry in the Wells of Sorcery trilogy. It was everything I expect from Django Wexler. It has a very unique magic system called Wells. What I loved about this magic system wa...
  • Mathilde Paulsen
    Rating: 4.5 stars. I really loved this book! I'll write up a "proper" review once I've gathered my thoughts.
  • Areli Lefevre
    Isoka has made a living by becoming a ward boss in the lower wards of Kahnzoka. She is notorious for collecting money and oftentimes the lives of those who think avoiding her is a good idea. But when her well of sorcery is discovered by the empire, everything she has worked for and known starts falling apart. She is given a choice: steal Soliton, an infamous ghost ship, and deliver it to the empire, otherwise her sister's life will be forfeit. Ba...
  • Denali
    I received this novel in a book box subscription (pirate themed), and I was so excited to read it once I read the summary. There was a lot that intrigued me about a giant, ghost ship sailing the world and abducting young people imbued with magic. So, summary. We we’re off to a great start.And then I started reading...Where to even begin? First of all, though this novel is considered YA, its content is closer to that a poorly constructed romance...
  • Danielle Cumberland
    Lordy, what a ride. This book is outside of my usual genre, but I have been discussing magic systems with my son and liked the cover and premise of this story, so I tried it. I liked it quite a lot. The MC is terrificly done. Sidebar: I don’t understand when reviewers say they didn’t like a book because the MC was not a nice person. Why should all MCs be nice people? The point is that she develops in the course of the story and this is nicely...
  • LilyElement
    Ship of Smoke and Steel is book 1 in The Wells of Sorcery series. I've been on a YA kick lately and this was a perfect match for my mood. This is a really unique read that already has me itching for the next installment. It pretty heavily revolves around a magic, and has you rooting for the lead the whole way. We start off meeting our leading lady Isoka, an eighteen year old that works as a ward boss in Kahnzoka. She hunts down people that owe he...
  • Cindee
    I loved this book so very much I liked all aspects of the pirate like part the most I really love all things pirate related. I really liked the characters very much especially Isoka and Meroe they were well written and I really liked their slowly developed romance it was well written. I really liked the plot of the story with the ghost ship and the strong female lead actually shows they are strong unlike other books I will not name. I really like...
  • Alice Bye
    3.75/5⭐This was really good, the MC was a total badass, although I didn’t really like how she killed people and didn’t bat an eye. Like it’s her job but like? Also if I re-read I’ll play the game “how many times does rot appear throughout the book”It was a tad confusing how Isoka is definitely into guys, but then gets like a crush on M and like describes how her hair smells. Like ???I enjoyed the story and the world building and suc...
  • DemetraP
    Interesting worldbuilding with the different magic powers and the people who survive on the ship. Lots of plot twists that I didn't see coming. Overall it was good but so many questions are left unanswered. No one knows what the ship is or where it is going or why it was created.
  • John
    Raw, bloody, violent, very high body count, and the main character is waaay too good at fighting to be really believable. Also—just how big is that ship? It seems to be dozens of miles long and high. Still, bones of a good story, and I’ll stay in line for sequels.
  • Janet Martin
    Snatched from the streets of the ward she controls, Isoka is sent to a mysterious ship that demands tribute from her city--tribute of magically talented teenagers. Once on the prison ship, she tries to work herself into a position of control, the price to free her sister from a death sentence. Well plotted, interesting characters, and a constantly changing environment. Terrific start to a new series for older teens and adults due to violence and ...
  • Fae Crate
    So this book was AMAZING. Magic, well developed lead characters, complex world and systems. You name it, this book has it. AND THE COVER ART. I could frame it it's so beautiful. Ya'll know I'm all about the cover buys. This book is a must read.
  • Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify)
    THIS. BOOK. OMG. This is the most action I've read in a fantasy book in a long time. The magical system is amazing and creative and the diversity is plentiful. I absolutely adored this book and I am going to go hunt down every last book by this author now.
  • Giovanna
    Having read one of Wexler’s books before, I expected a certain level of complexity. Not that I expected him to write like he does for adult fantasy, simply because the target is different (and we’ve seen it with City of Brass, political fantasy is labeled as boring by mainstream YA readers lol), but I still expected a good book. You can write good YA, if you use your tropes well, it’s not...impossible. Teenagers are not dumb, you know.This ...