Next to You (Love with Altitude, #1) by Daisy Prescott

Next to You (Love with Altitude, #1)

This is an alternate cover edition - ISBN13: 9780986417771“If you want to date me, all you need to do is say the word. I’d never let you go.” I added Sage to my rugby club’s annual list of women who are off limits thinking I could protect her from the gorillas I play with. Aspen's a small town in the off season when the dating pool shrinks to the size of a melted snowflake. Never did I think I’d be the one to break the code and date her...

Details Next to You (Love with Altitude, #1)

TitleNext to You (Love with Altitude, #1)
Release DateMar 25th, 2017
PublisherDaisy Prescott
GenreRomance, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Reviews Next to You (Love with Altitude, #1)

  • Dee Montoya
    5++ Man-Bun Stars*****(ARC kindly provided by Author)Sexy and very charming!!!! Next To You is a book designed to keep you warm and cozy. An excellent weekend read that I'm sure I'll re-read more than once in the future. I wanted to play sweaty rugby with Lee, and dance, and drink green smoothies with Sage, forever... Lee is super-model handsome, but he is also sweet and charming. His passion is to play Rugby which he does, but due to his age, he...
  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    Stan lives next door to Sage and they have become great friends over the past two years. They are both completely attracted to each other but are firmly in the friend zone.After Stan gets injured one night, Sage finds herself spending more time with him than usual and a bit more up close & personal. She is not complaining though, Stan is a freaking gorgeous guy. He plays rugby, models and doesn't have to try when it comes to finding female compan...
  • Jennifer
    1.5 stars rounded to 2.This was just an ok read. It wasn't anything that hadn't been done before, and while I don't mind the cliches and overdone tropes, this book was boring. The character and plot needed more development in order for me to be engaged and invested in the outcome of this story.What I liked:1) The dual povs.2) Friends before lovers is always preferred to ONS or just a casual hook up resulting in a relationship. I like it when the ...
  • Deniz
    3.5 StarsI rounded up because Stan the Man Bun is just simply: awesome. And I adore his afrikaans commentary. Though I might be a bit biased, since I am married to a rugby playing South Africa... (no man bun, thankfully) A sweet story of friends becoming lovers. Though I wish there were more friend bits. It was kinda not enough for me. Sage is interesting, unique and likable female lead. Totally love Zoe and Sage's familyBut I was not a fan of th...
  • Mari
    Pretty cute, humorous, sweet and sexy friends to lovers romance that I truly enjoyed. Daisy does her lumberjack type guys well this time Lee is a rugby player of South African descent which makes him interesting. Cultural stuff and how he grew up is very unusual. Sage is a dreamer, passionate about many things and her next door neighbor is one of them. She's a caring person when Lee gets injured and the start of bet that helped move their friends...
  • Traci
    Oh, Stan and your man-bun. Who can resist the South African accent, the rugby-athlete hotness, all wrapped up in a wounded puppy? :D I love the dual pov, it really lets you get into the heads of both characters and see where this so-called bet gets them! You will be sucked in immediately! A PERFECT beach read!
  • Susan (susayq ~)
    oh my. This left me with a huge smile! Daisy Prescott took my favorite trope and made me swoon :)Hot semi-pro rugby player Stanley Barnard lives in Aspen. When he's not on the rugby field, he is modeling for ski equipment. He lives next door to Sage. They've become best friends in the two years they've lived as neighbors, so when Stan suggests they pretend to be in a relationship to make Sage's ex jealous and to keep the women away from him, she ...
  • Beth
    The Perfect Beach ReadDaisy Prescott's books are crafted with a perfect blend of humor and sensual emotion. Next to You is funny and full of lots of fun banter - in fact, the witty dialogue with sexual innuendo is probably what I love most about this book. In addition, it follows the emotional journey of Stan and Sage as they move from friends to lovers. Told in alternating, dual POV, the reader gets a good, in-depth look at Sage and Stan's backg...
  • Hanne
    4.5 -- Man Bun -- starsWhile I have a few books by Daisy Prescott on my tablet, this book is my first book by her. I was in the mood for a romantic comedy and it delivered. There are so many funny moments or conversations. This book put a big smile on my face.Sage and Stan have been friends and neighbors for a couple years. Stan breaks his leg when he goes skiing with his friends. Sage, the great friend that she is, visits him, makes sure he eats...
  • Moon Love
    4.5 stars! This book is so much fun! It features a rugby playing, man bun wearing, bar-tending hot guy who manages to find himself in a fake relationship with his best female friend, who also happens to be his next door neighbor. Of course an injury that incapacitates Stanley (Stan) is what starts this whole charade. Sage certainly wasn't expecting taking care of Stan and a green smoothie to lead to everything that followed.Next to You is a great...
  • Luli
    You can find this review in English below.Dulce y divertida. Simplona. Baja en drama y con todos los clichés del NA menos el gran malentendido, menos mal. Entretenida.***Funny and sweet. Plain. Low on drama and with all the typical NAs clichés minus the big misunderstanding, just as well. Entertaining. You can find this review in English below.Dulce y divertida. Simplona. Baja en drama y con todos los clichés del NA menos el gran malentendid...
  • Grace
    A sweet friends to lover’s story, that's light and fun, without stupid drama. Sage and Lee, or Stan, as she sometimes calls him, have been neighbors and friends for some time. But it isn't until his ankle injury that words beyond friendship, are shared. One drug induced comment, mild flirting, and some overly aggressive competition later, pushes their friendship to a new level.Since this book picks up right where the flirting ramps up, it’s e...
  • Heather andrews
    Stan, when under the influence of some good meds, and exhaustion have words just pop out of his mouth, “if you want to date me, all you need to do is say the word. I’d never let you go.” My thoughts become words as I feel myself being dragged under a wave of sleep." Stan is a grabby man, “did you squeeze my ***?” I’m still cupping it. “That answers my question. Are you going to let go?” She hasn’t jumped away. God bless whoever ...
  • MaDoReader
    Mira que soy fan de Daisy, pero este ha sido un "ni chicha, ni limoná" absoluto.Lo repito, si vuelvo al f/m que sea por cosas más interesantes.
  • Sara (sarabara081)
    Really like this series. I read the second book first since the order doesn't matter and I'm glad I went back to this one since I was not disappointed. Very cute friends-to-more romance worth checking out!
  • Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite
    I have loved the last three Daisy Prescott books that I've read up to this point. So, I was sure that it would be a pleasure to read this one. Unfortunately, Next To You failed to deliver for me.While it was packed with her trademark adorable banter between the two main characters, the one that made me fall in love with her writing, it left me wanting more in the plot deparment.The characters were lovable, yet a little more development would have...
  • M A R I G O L D
    Noooooooooooo! Just no!I have major beef with this book. I'm from South Africa AND I'm a native Afrikaans speaker - who enjoys swearing. The use of "colloquial" Afrikaans in this book is just plain wrong and frankly - inaccurate. No one swears like that here except gangsters from the notorious 28s gang on the cape flats or people who have previously served terms in pollsmoor prison. I can appreciate that some research may have happened here (demo...
  • Michelle
    ARC reader copy for honest review. Yes, a millions times, YES. I love Next To You. Serious, this book is my favorite type of book. First half- super giggle out loud -- I mean, get kicked out of bed because I am laughing too hard. Then the second half - oh my, such love both family and romantic.
  • Carol***BeautyandtheBeastlyBooks
    What a good book to read!Yes, some may say it's predictable. But even predictable reads can be good and enjoyable. This is the exact kind of "sweet" read I enjoy! I didn't even see the time passing while I read it (2 hours can fly when you're having fun).The characters are good, the story isn't overly complicated, it's fun and romantic. I really liked reading it!
  • Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy
    Man Bun FunDaisy Prescott is a new to me author so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I picked up Next to You because it is (at the time of posting this) free and daisy was one of the authors that I wanted to read... author bucket list. Turned out this friends-to-lovers cozy, RomCom is just what I needed. Super alpha, South African rugby player sporting an impressive man bun or known as Stan Lee gets himself into trouble. You know the ...
  • Katie
    This was a nice book to read and was a fairly good friends to lovers story. I though it was well written and easy to read. I liked the main characters and how they interacted with each other. It was the first book I have read by this author and I would read more of their work.Lee is a rugby player and from the synopsis I was expecting there to be a lot of this sport involved in the story. However, it wasn't really a part of the book. Lee gets inj...
  • Ivy
    Great writing, good plot and lovely characters. Refreshing and adorable read.Stan and his man-bun are super-handsome, sweet and charming. Sage is quirky, cute and relatable. And she and her family are hilarious. Both of them and their dialogues are funny. And I loved their development. Naturally developing with insecurities and misunderstandings - without some forcefully added drama. The whole thing is perfectly blended mix of humor and emotions....
  • Mela
    An average, unremarkable, sometimes even boring contemporary romance. I can't call it bad. It was properly written (as far I can tell). I just don't see anything worth remembering or recommendable. I have almost forgotten, there was one good idea that a hero was a athlete of the second league, no as in most of this genre, international or at least of the first league.PS I am disappointed, because I loved "We Were Here" and enjoyed (although less...
  • MJ
    Next to You warmed my heart. It's the kind of book that simply exudes happiness. The perfect beach read. The one you look for when you need a little bit of tender loving care that only a book can offer. The best friends to hopefully more kind of story that is pure joy.We get to watch as Stan, the man bun, and Sage take their status from neighbors and besties to sudden lovers, never really knowing whether or not it's just for show. With plenty of ...
  • Tara | Slow Readers Blog
    Originally posted on Slow Readers BlogI had no idea what to expect from Next to You since it’s Daisy’s first novel outside of the Modern Love/Wingmen series. It was new territory for both of us. I am happy to say that I loved it!This book left me with the goofiest smile on my face after reading the final page. This book is such a sweet and fun story. It reads really quickly and I enjoyed it from start to finish. I love the humor that Daisy br...
  • Anima
    Fans of Prescott's Modern Love Story series will remember Stan from the novella Take for Granted. He's the sexy bartender flirting with Jo while she waits for Ben to join her at the bar. He practically stole the scene from Jo with his sexy South African accent and man bun. Thank God Prescott took pity on all of Stan's fans and gave us this story. The man is sexy and intelligent, beyond the man bun he has smarts and humor and caveman like possessi...