Poor Man's Fight (Poor Man's Fight, #1) by Elliott Kay

Poor Man's Fight (Poor Man's Fight, #1)

"This test completes your compulsory education. Congratulations! You have graduated high school. Your financial obligation is 67,879 credits. Please visit our loan officer as you exit."Tanner Malone never bought into military myths of honor and glory. He never wanted to wear a uniform or medals. Yet when family upheaval brings his otherwise stellar performance in school to a disastrous end, Tanner's plans for university lie in ruins. Facing homel...

Details Poor Man's Fight (Poor Man's Fight, #1)

TitlePoor Man's Fight (Poor Man's Fight, #1)
Release DateJun 16th, 2015
GenreScience Fiction, War, Military Fiction, Space, Space Opera, Fiction

Reviews Poor Man's Fight (Poor Man's Fight, #1)

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    This book has been on my "radar" for some time. It looked interesting and as I like military science fiction seemed something I should try.Glad I did.This is an excellent read if you like action (military action or just plain action), military fiction, military science fiction, etc. And let me add you get what I'd call "ground-pounder" or "grunt" action along with "fleet action:.Also while this will fall under the heading of space opera it's a bi...
  • E.A.
    I have to say, Eliot Kay knows his military boot camp material. Either he served in the armed forces or he has friends or relatives who did because he has all the external hijinks and internal doubts and everything that goes with it dead to rights. In addition, this book is funny and touching (sometimes at the same time). He paints his space opera with a wide brush but he still finds time to swat lots of sacred cows along the way - education syst...
  • Debbie
    Diehard in space with pirates!
  • Jennifer
    I'm not a fan of science fiction novels, although I love scifi movies. This novel reads like a movie. The first scene was entertaining and exciting enough to draw me in. The descriptions and characters are richly developed. The author presents a very unique take on where corporate control of government and skyrocketing education costs will lead if we go on the way we are going. There is also a funny (ironic?) description of a high-stakes "standar...
  • Erin Penn
    Military Sci-Fi at its best - taken from the grunts standpoint. You know the person that makes all the officers look good on a military ship. Sure the lone-man save-things at the end kills the non-officer vibe, but by that time you are so rocking the space opera you don't care.I love the opening concept of school debt, owing about a car payment a month myself for the next ten years (on top of a car payment, rent, and oh stuff like food). I like c...
  • David Rose
    Really good mil-SF novel with nice socio-economic depth. Fair characterization, lots of excellent action, mostly troop combat at individual or squad level. Fast pace, very well told story, this first book in the series moves from basic training to down and dirty fighting with pirates. The gore level is fairly high, and I felt that Tanner Malone was just a little too much of a one-man army towards the end. The language and military slang is 20th/2...
  • Jason
    I was initially drawn into the story by the concept of intergalactic pirates and corporate financed education. The more I read, the more I felt like the author was attempting to place their political beliefs (not that I don't agree with some of the politics in the book) into the story. The insertion of the author's personal politics felt a bit forced as well and really jarred me out of the story. I ended up very disappointed in this book which st...
  • Dreamer
    4.5 stars. Read this sci-fi for free (sort of) courtesy of the Prime Reading Library. I enjoyed the sections concerning our hero Tanner Malone as he suffers through basic training and his first posting in the Archangel Navy. Not so keen on the passages involving the evil space pirates, did some skimming.
  • Rob
    Easily the best space warfare book I have ever read. I have been searching for a book that has some naval ship warfare, and this one has it in spades. The pacing is excellent and there were sections I flew through that lead to many late nights of reading when I should have been sleeping!
  • HBalikov
    Poor Man’s Fight is an exciting addition to the “space opera” genre. Author Kay expertly lines out and fills in three separate and intersecting stories dealing with a galaxy where corporation are the power behind the political executives. They have paid for exploration of far worlds and they want the maximum return on their investment. They are too big to fail. There are plenty of stories about young people stepping into the adult world. It...
  • Titti
    3,5*Mostanában nagyon nehezen találok olvasnivalót, amit nagy kedvvel tudnék fogyasztani, ezért gondoltam kilépek a komfortzónámból, és bepróbálok egy military sci-fi regényt. Nem volt rossz, helyenként egészen tetszett, de sajnos nem buzogott fel bennem tőle az olvasási kedv.Tanner Malone 18 éves amikor csúnyán bebukja a felvételi tesztjét, így ha nem akar durván eladósodni, akkor nincs más választása, mint belépni a...
  • Colin
    Absolutely superb military sci-fi. Randomly took a chance on this when it showed up in my Kindle recommendations and I'm so glad I did.Kay does a great job with the military aspect of the book. You follow the main character through his training and initial service, which is all excellently done, but it also has sections from the point of view of a space pirate captain. Getting to see how the pirates operate and rule themselves on the fringes of s...
  • Andrew Martin
    thought I was picking up some sort of parable about student debt, which, you know timely, piketty in space, something something. turned out to be an adventure story about space pirates - the number-five ranked* amazon book in the 'space marine' category, no less.but honestly, who's complaining! as space piracy** thrillers go, poor man's fight clicked on all cylinders.*today you/I learned: there is an amazon fiction subgenre named 'space marine'!*...
  • Richard
    This is a great book, well worth anyone's time, money and effort. I am impressed with Kay's tight story and outstanding action sequences. If you like military sci-fi, you'll like this book. The opening hook is great, most everyone takes on great amounts of debt at the end of high school. I wish we'd seen more of the corporate oppression in the book, as sci-fi is meant to comment on the present as much as look into the future. There is one mistake...
  • Mark
    Kay has got a really good story here. The story is fairly-fast paced but covers the ground well. I didn't feel rushed from point to point. It was more a "here's something good, and then we're going to skip a bunch of boring nothingness, and here's the next good part". I pounded through the story over the course of a couple sittings and ended up wanting more.The combat action sequences were well done. I could picture most of them in my head withou...
  • Eoin Connolly
    Very entertaining and completely gonzo Die-Hard-esque space opera by the end, which rolls to a satisfyingly violent finale after a ropey beginning that has a completely pointless interlude used to infodump non-essential background and a protagonist that starts off like an overwrought Jerry Lewis character.
  • Gilbert Stack
    This is the first novel in what promises to be another great series by Elliot Kay. This story has everything you need in military science fiction—great action and memorable characters. It also has the extras that take a book from being fun to great—convincing politics, really rotten bad guys, and a setting that helps build the credibility of the storyline rather than burning it away. Let me start with the setting. The key to understanding Kay...
  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog http://surrealtalvi.wordpress.com/ Poor Man's Fight feels very much like an indie: some typos (e.g., there/their/they're), some grammatically awkward sentences (e.g., highly educated people saying things like, "It went good."), and far too many extraneous or superflous POVs/situations that didn't forward the plot or story. A strong finish wasn't offset by a ponderously slow beginning and middle, unfortunate...
  • Ashley
    Rating: 1/5(I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher, Amazon Publishing, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)***Minor spoilers***Poor Man's Fight is a book that follows several different point of views, mainly Tanner Malone. Tanner lives in a world where the government believes that instead of paying for school through your parents' taxes, you have to pay for it yourself. At the end of high school everyone does a standa...
  • Rose
    This was a strange book to read. Many stories have two storylines that eventually come together but the general feel is usually the same in both. In this case, it felt like two totally separate stories for about half of it. The first was a young-adult science fiction coming of age and the other was space pirates. Interesting blend and it did work but it took until towards the end before I decided I liked it.In this future, humans have gone off to...
  • Mark Hilger
    Reading (listening on Audible) all three books back to back to back. Finishing up the third now. This book is flawed with some really sketchy ideas about how corporations work in the real world. The whole education debt idea is crazy to say the least and while supposedly a version of a federated democracy I guess the people seem to not actually have any power. Someone said this was like a book written by a staffer from Nancy Pelosi's office I wou...
  • Emily
    I'm not normally a huge sci-fi fan, much less a military sci-fi fan. This book more than held my interest, though. It captivated me. It starts off as almost a dystopian future novel, but rapidly ramps up into a full-blown military sci-fi romp. The boot camp part of the story is quite entertaining, but it gets even more-so as the main character starts to see real action. The strength of this book is in two main areas: the main character and the ac...
  • G.F. Smith
    I really enjoyed this book. The author was obviously well-knowledged in military training, methods, tactics, etc.. It was a plausible plot and unfolded evenly and kept my interest. Though the ending was a bit…miraculous, I should say, the inevitable questions that arose in my mind—as the story presented its many remarkable outcomes—were answered sufficiently. The characters were likable—even the bad guys, to some degree—and I could rela...
  • Andrew Rose
    Student loan debt as a reason for war?Like many people these days I have student loans, and while I may feel like grumbling about it, I've never wanted to shoot anyone over them. Of course I don't have the kind of debt that recent graduates have either. The launch point of this series is that on graduation you are tested to see how much you learned to determine whether you must pay back the money spent or not. This debt is crippling not just peop...
  • Jonathan Reskof
    WarThis was a fantastic book. It was exciting, compelling, full of surprises , and extraordinarily well written. The protagonist was incredible. He was smart, highly conflicted, emotional, and extremely innovative. I sort of highly related to him. After bombing a year in college I lost my school deferment. That led me to be drafted after 4 weeks of Marine Corps boot camp. What a double hoot that was. Anyway I spent a very eventful 13 month combat...
  • Dan Conery
    This was a great book. My best test of a book is my inability to put down my iPad before falling asleep. I finished this book in three days as it was impossible for me to stop reading. The characters were well thought out, the dialog was snappy and fun to read, and the descriptions of places, training, and fights was well done. I will support this author any way I can as I love his works.
  • Michael Matlock
    This was a surprising book. Excellent and fast paced read. Military sci-fi in the vein of John Scalzi. While I'm not crazy about the title or the cover art, this book raised a lot of social-political as well as being a very well written adventure with a great lead character. Highly recommended, even to those not big into sci-fi.
  • Michael Chatfield
    Now this is a book, good characters, interesting concepts and a man thrown into a situation. The main character is FUN Go and check out the book and the evolving series (I wish he would get them out sooner!!!)You will not be disappointed :)
  • Tony
    I couldn't get past the first 150 pages which sounded like a rant of someone who loves government and politicians and who things our enemy are the businesses that employ us. I'm sure Obama and Nancy Pelosi would enjoy his philosophy.