Dead End Girl (Violet Darger #1) by L.T. Vargus

Dead End Girl (Violet Darger #1)

Her body is broken. Wrapped in plastic. Dumped on the side of the road. She is the first. There will be more.The serial killer thriller that "refuses to let go until you've read the last sentence."The most recent body was discovered in the grease dumpster behind a Burger King. Dismembered. Shoved into two garbage bags and lowered into the murky oil.Now rookie agent Violet Darger gets the most important assignment of her career. She travels to the...

Details Dead End Girl (Violet Darger #1)

TitleDead End Girl (Violet Darger #1)
Release DateApr 12th, 2017
PublisherSmarmy Press
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Crime

Reviews Dead End Girl (Violet Darger #1)

  • Terry
    Not impressed ...FYI - Spoilers!If Violet "smirked" just once more, I swear I was going to delete the entire stupid book. Pages of crap supposedly the inner thoughts of a psycho sex killer?! NOT. The in-fighting about male territorial turf among blues and feebs? Overdone. The guilt-tripping of said LEO's? Not buying it. It was all one big screw up including the ending. NO FBI AGENT ACTS LIKE SHE DID ... running off without a word, immediately aft...
  • Tania Michelle
    I am dumbfounded at how highly rated this book was. I found it to be incredibly disappointing. I don't know how anyone thinks this is a "fast paced exhilarating thriller." It was way too long and way too slow. I had to start skimming the last 100 pages. Great! They finally catch the psycho at the end who we already know who it is the whole time. I was hoping some crazy twist to prevail, guessing that maybe Detective Loshak was the killer himself ...
  • eden Hudson
    Dead End Girl is a tightly woven, fast-paced, tension-laced thrill ride. How do I know? Because it's 496 pages long and it felt like reading a novella. For pretty much two days I did nothing but read this book and wish it would never end. By the end of the first chapter, Violet felt like an old friend; I just wanted to hang out and watch her solve grisly serial murders forever.Because of the serial killer and the FBI trainee with the haunted past...
  • Rod
    This is one of the best Thrillers i have read recently there has been so many I will have to give this book 5 stars it was a page turner grab it if you want a good grizzly story about a very sick serial Killerhe really takes the cake this guy pleased this is only fictionwe wouldn't want sickos like him in society
  • Erth
    Wow, what a long rollercoaster ride! The book started off full of excitement, tension and mystery but then slows down. A chapter or two later it becomes a page turner again then slows down. It appears the author is attempting to stretch out the story. There were 119 chapters one third of them were slow and looong two thirds were fast reading and exciting.All in all, I enjoyed the book. The story was enjoyable and creative.
  • Kate
    Awesome crime/thriller/suspense novel. Steady but fast action with lots of twists and turns takes us on this journey and since I love the authors, I can't wait to see what comes next for Violet-I know it wlll be amazing!
  • D.J. Adamson
    Violet Dagar, FBI Thriller, Book . The story is fast-paced and intricately woven. A victim is found wrapped in plastic. Dumped on the side of the road. Just the first of other victims to come in this psychological thriller.Reviewed in Le Coeur de l'Artiste
  • Page Turner
    A page turner that keeps you guessing until the end! I was sure I had figured everything out - and then a twist at the end dropped my jaw! A good read.
  • ReadingGirlReviews (Gina)
    Who doesn't like a fast paced suspense novel? You know, something that just grabs you from the beginning and won't let go. Well the answer is obviously these authors. This book was just way too long. About 200 pages too long to be more precise. There was no fast pace and there were way too many times that I said out loud "I just can't read this anymore." Look, I understand the need to be descriptive in psychological thrillers, but describing ever...
  • Barb
    Violet Darger if you glance at it quickly looks like Violent Danger, hmm?This was really good. The closer I got to the ending the harder this was to put down! I don't usually seek out serial killer type books because they can be so over-the-top disturbing. This one definitely had some gruesome stuff but it was well written & stopped the descriptions at just the right point in my opinion. (view spoiler)[Well the one kissing scene did make me want ...
  • Amy
    Very ok This book wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. I felt no affinity for any of the characters, especially Violet. She annoyed me and seemed way too naive to be an FBI agent. Then there was the over explanation of every little thing. Many times I wanted the story to move along already. It's like, ok I get it, he's sad. All-in-all, if you're looking for a good series go with John Sanford or Mo Hayder.
  • Michael W Duggan
    HeartstoppingThis is my first L.T.Vargas book but it sure won't be my last. I couldn't put this thriller down. It grabbed be and pulled me in from beginning til end. I've already ordered the next Violet Darger book. Pageturning psychological thriller!!!
  • Paris Abell
    Great thriller. I didn't expect to find it so gripping and such a good read. Great characters. Engaging story. Scary bad guy. Just the whole package. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good thriller.
  • Kathleen (QueenKatieMae)
    A serial killer has struck for the third time in Athens, Georgia and the FBI sends in it’s most talented profiler, Agent Violet Darger. Although still a novice, Darger’s boss also sends her to Georgia to “babysit” the vet agent heading the investigation. Although he wrote a book about serial murderers, apparently Agent Loshak is a slacker when it comes to paperwork and communication. When Darger arrives, she brings attitude and a haunted ...
  • Melanie Foxfire
    I was reading another book when I started this book. I didn't mean to read it right away, I just wanted to see what it was like. Four hours later I was in bed and should have been asleep for three of those hours and I couldn't sleep. So maybe don't start this book at It's a page turner, I didn't notice how long this book is until I finished it.This book reminds me of some of my favorite books in the crime thriller genre - Dark Plac...
  • Judy
    Took me awhile to read because so busy with Christmas stuff but it was very good. FBI profiler Vargas comes to investigate a serial killer the have named the Doll Parts killer. Book gets very intense at the end, will definitely read next book in the series!
  • Patricia Kaniasty
    Very excellent!!! Kept me turning the pages long into the night. New genre for me and I loved it.
  • JadeShea
    The plot was interesting, but the heroine got annoying at times.
  • Rizzo Boone
    Great read from 2 new authors to meVery enjoyable book and characters really never wanted to put it down kept me hungry for more can’t wait to start the next one !
  • Ariel
    A lot smarter than the average serial killer mystery, I’m immediately starting the next book in the series.
  • Maria Riegger
    A fast-paced thriller. If you like forensic and true crime shows, and/or if you like Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series, you will enjoy this read. Warning: It is not for the faint of heart!
  • Dee
    Two-haiku review:Girls killed, dismemberedFBI profiler goesTo begin careerPretty good plottingNeeds serious editing"Alright" not a word
  • Yvonne
    Solid action read. I enjoyed it enough to download #2 in the series.
  • Zane
    Dead End Good!This book was nothing like l expected it would be. Talk about full of twists and turns and a surprise ending...all of that and more.
  • Caroline Harridence
    At last a decent book on Kindle Unlimited Excellent page turning thriller. So good to read a "proper" book on the Kindle service. Well written and thoroughly recommended.
  • Karen
    Better than expected! A good beach book.
  • Judi
    Wow, what an emotional read. I loved this one and you really can't put it down until you know who the serial killer is and if Violet is going to live through this one.Violet Darger is an extraordinary FBI profiler but she had been working in the Victim Assistance division and wants to go into really getting out and investigating..Her first case comes up and she is sent to Ohio on a serial murder case. He leaves the bodies in plastic bag at dumpst...
  • BoardInMalibu
    This could have been a decent book but oh my, the editing was atrocious. I don’t think I’ve ever read such a poorly edited HARDBACK book. And just what’s up with this publisher: SMARMY PRESS. Nothing found on Google about this publisher so likely a self-published book. No idea how this HARDBACK book came to me, it’s got to have been one of those “Amazon Recommendations” because I’ve never heard of the authors and I’m pretty disgus...
  • Nancy Silk
    "Nonstop Action and Intrigue"This first story about rookie FBI Agent Violet Darger is a real page turner, a thriller which will sweep you into the investigation of a violent killer, who can't seem to be stopped. The third victim was dismembered and dumped into a grease dumpster behind a Burger King. There is little evidence for Agent Darger to work with and the very few witnesses seem to be unreliable. Will she be able to find the killer? If she ...