Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges

Transforming Grace

Transforming Grace is a practical, biblical, and powerful exposition of the truth of grace, grace which frees from guilt and legalism, but which inspires us toward holy living because of our appreciation of what God did for us.

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TitleTransforming Grace
Release DateJan 29th, 1991
PublisherNavPress Publishing Group
GenreChristian, Christian Living, Religion, Theology, Nonfiction, Christianity

Reviews Transforming Grace

  • Nick
    This book was what I needed to read right now--not only personally but as a reminder for teaching at church how transformational understanding grace can be.Jerry Bridges has a gift for writing clear sentences that convey deep subjects. Sometimes he can go a little long on a point, but it's not bad. Plus, he is very careful to be clear about God's work and our responsibility in the Christian life. I disagree with him on a few minor points, but ove...
  • Colin McKay Miller
    While most theology books try to get you to some lofty relationship with God, Jerry Bridges’ Transforming Grace goes back to the foundation, firming up what we’re supposed to be standing upon. With Jesus, it’s all about grace. You know that, right? Sure you do. It’s one of the three answers to Bible questions. (The other two are ‘prayer’ and ‘Jesus,’ by the way.) The problem is, we think that it can’t actually be entirely God’...
  • Matt Chapman
    It's probably been 10 years since I last read this and though I remember it being so helpful the first time around, I'd forgotten just how good it is! This is the kind of book that would be good on constant repeat - an annual read perhaps - to never lose sight of the fact that the whole of the Christian life is to be lived out breathing the fresh air of God's saving and transforming grace.
  • Naomi Bowen
    Jerry Bridges is one of my favourite writers. Thoroughly explores subjects and backs them up with Scripture, yet easy to read and understand. In this book, Bridges reminds us that grace isn't just for salvation - it's needed everyday for the rest of a Christian's life. We bring nothing to the table. We are totally dependent on the Giver of Grace - who never stops giving!
  • Jimmy
    Over the last few years my appreciation for the writings of Jerry Bridges has increased. His works have been tremendously edifying and encouraging for me to walk in grace in the Christian life. This book is another of Bridges’ writings that immensely blessed me spiritually.I love how Jerry Bridges explains the Gospel and explain it in a way that is clear to understand, devotional and practical. I enjoyed especially Bridges’ illustrations. Two...
  • Hannah Willson
    LOVED THIS BOOK! It's message is extremely freeing. It opens your eyes to understand what it means to walk in Grace while not abusing your Christian liberty.
  • Nicole Rollins
    Transforming Grace was a challenging read for me, perhaps because I am new in my walk with Christ. The idea that we are undeserving of God's free grace was not a difficult concept to grasp. What puzzled me throughout most of my read, and still puzzles me, is how grace is granted. Bridges reiterates throughout his novel that not only is God's grace free, but it is unmerited. There is absolutely nothing we can do that has any effect on the amount o...
  • Lizzie Chapman
    I love this book!
  • Bob
    Summary: A comprehensive study of the nature of grace and the experience of grace throughout the life of the believer accompanied by a study guide for group use."Sola Gratia!" was one of the rallying cries of the Reformation. We believed we are saved by God's grace alone rather than through anything we've done or will do. Yet we often have a hard time believing in and living into grace as a transforming, ongoing reality in our lives. More often,...
  • Linda Murphy
    As with other Jerry Bridges books, I am so glad I took the time to dig into this one. Mr. Bridges always writes with extreme warmth and humility...but also with hard-hitting truth. This particular book addresses an idea many Christians carry about with them their entire lives--that God's grace is necessary for our salvation, but after that, we are more or less on our own to muddle through the Christian walk. For some that means "a performance tre...
  • Bambi Moore
    Highly recommend. An extremely helpful and useful tool on the theme of law and grace. Not a complicated read, but very thorough and perfect for laypeople and ministry leaders both. Bridges is one of my favorite authors and Transforming Grace should be read regularly. He really identified some holes in my understanding. Packer described Transforming Grace as a "searching book" and he's right, so read it and prepare to be searched!
  • Vanda Denton
    Inspiring.A pleasant, relaxing read concerning the free gift of God’s grace.
  • Janet Reeves
    An updated release of an amazing book, Transforming Grace is an eye-opening read. Author Jerry Bridges systematically takes his readers through several different facets of God's grace. His strongest point: God doesn't offer grace to the unbeliever then turn into a harsh task master. His grace is for everyone at any and every point along their spiritual journey. And everyone needs God's grace. I loved the way Bridges used familiar Bible stories to...
  • Alexis Neal
    Really more of a four-and-a-half star book, and definitely Bridges' best so far. This book kicked my behind right proper. Substantively, it's quite similar to Forde's On Being a Theologian of the Cross, albeit a little easier to digest. As someone who struggles with legalism on a pretty much constant basis, I found this book quite challenging. Bridges reminds his readers that grace not only saves us, but also sanctifies us as well. And I for one ...
  • Rebecca Jo
    What a blessing this book was! Taught me so much about living a life based on living by His abundant and never ending grace and accepting that. HE LOVED ME ENOUGH TO GIVE ME HIS GRACE AND MERCY. Studied this in a one on one discipleship with a dear sister in Christ to me.
  • John Brackbill
    1st Reading Review: Get it. Read it. Read it again. I plan to. Highly profitable.2nd Reading Review: See above. This time I read it with a small group at a coffee stop.
  • Will
  • Jake Welchans
    One of the most transformative books I've ever read. Jerry presents grace in a true and compelling book. A yearly addition to my library no doubt.
  • Wade
    This is an excellent book on living under God's grace and dealing with guilt over our sin. It is very easy to read and theologically solid.
  • Shane Lems
    Martin Lloyd-Jones once famously said that the loud and clear preaching of salvation by grace alone will lead to a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding is this: if we are saved by grace alone, then it doesn’t matter how we live. Jerry Bridges comments on this topic:That charge was brought against Martin Luther and all the other great preachers of the Reformation when they preached salvation by grace alone through faith in Christ. The charge w...
  • Julia
    This is the 2017 edition of Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges, which has an 8-lesson discussion guide included in the back for personal or group study. Being completely unfamiliar with Jerry's work prior to picking up this book, I found it to be a very thorough and in-depth study of the principles behind living in grace, rather than simply being saved by grace but continuing to live in our own strength.For anyone who has already read several (a...
  • Virginia Garrett
    The late Jerry Bridges is known for authoring many books on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His books include: The Practice of Godliness,  The Pursuit of Holiness, and many others.I had not read any of his works before reading Transforming Grace. I might have to change that. Transforming Grace is simply the best book I have read on the topic of God's Grace toward us.  I have read many books on the topic of grace by many different ...
  • Journey FAITH
    Jerry Bridges has a way of describing God's gift of grace in a way that is so refreshing and comprehensible. The author makes it applicable, using scripture, and thorough explanations. Each chapter provides a different layer to grace. This was so helpful for me as I do have somewhat of a legalistic background when it comes to the Bible. What I first thought of God years ago, was that He was a God of wrath. So, I have also been guilty of feeling a...
  • Sarah
    Jerry Bridges’ books have had a profound impact on my faith. His book The Practice of Godliness helped transform my thinking as a teen. Trusting God was a rock I clung to during marriage woes. Respectable Sins helped me weed out some long-held habits that didn’t seem so bad.Transforming Grace is no less powerful or profound than his other books. Jerry Bridges’ writing style reminds me of the Apostle Paul. He unfolds God’s truths simply in...
  • Edmund Fletcher
    Brief Review:This book leaves you a lot to think about along the way. The word "Transforming" is much more than just a snappy title.I think the first thing that has to be discussed is the underlying premise of the book.The Christian life is often broken down into three high-fallutin' buzzwords, namely: 1) Justification - This is when you accept the gift of Christ's substitutionary sacrifice on your behalf and are declared "clean" as you exchange ...
  • Amy Langmaack
    Bridges begins the book by reminding us of Ephesians 2:8-9, and the idea that "we are not only saved by grace, but we also live by grace every day of our lives."I think before I started reading this book, I would have told you that I understood how to live by grace. But as I've been reading Transforming Grace, I've come to realize that I'm quick to forget the amazingness of grace and what it means for my life. This book is Bridges attempt to he...
  • Sibby
    2 stars is being generous. I enjoyed reading his book called Trusting God. I believe I did grow in my faith when I read that book. However, with Transforming Grace, it promotes hyper grace in my opinion. True, we shouldn't be legalists and I'm not saying the book doesn't have some good biblical points but I'm not a fan of hyper grace. I also thought he was OVERLY REPETITIVE with what he was conveying to his readers. In one paragraph I would read ...
  • Pam Ecrement
    Grace.This one word says so much to so many and yet nearly defies an adequate definition. Beyond the definition itself comes a diverse set of understandings of its meaning depending on whom you speak with and what informs their knowledge and experience with the word. Many authors have written books, dissertations, and articles about it. Sermons on the subject abound. When Jerry Bridges writes about grace, there is no question that the reader will...
  • Shannon (Mrsreadsbooks)
    Transforming Grace contains a fairly thorough study of grace and how we experience grace in our daily lives. This book addresses a variety of topics relating to grace that I believe most believers can easily relate to. This is the first book I have read by the author and I not only enjoyed his writing, but also enjoyed the way he presented the information with related scripture throughout.The second part of this book is a study guide that contain...
  • Mindi
    I don't usually give stars for a number of reasons, but I am abandoning all those reasons today and giving this book five of them because I believe this book should be a classic even though the author lived in recent history, his teaching didn't start in a monastery and it wasn't originally written in Latin centuries ago. He's no Jane Austen, but he is just as helpful as C.S. Lewis.If we actually listened to him, we would be in a different place ...