The Middleman by Javier Grillo-Marxuach

The Middleman

The three volumes of The Middleman--basis of the TV show on ABC Family this summer--is now offered in one explosive tome. They tell the complete story of Wendy Watson--art student turned crime-fighter for the world's most absurdly secretive organization--who battles monsters, aliens, and talking primates.

Details The Middleman

TitleThe Middleman
Release DateJul 1st, 2008
PublisherViper Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fiction, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Humor, Comic Book, Science Fiction Fantasy, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Adventure

Reviews The Middleman

  • James
    I loved the short-lived series "The Middleman," a send-up of classic superhero tropes and other popular culture. So I sought out the comics on which it was based. Two of the three stories were familiar as they became actual episodes (although the comic has a bit more adult humor). Fun and entertaining.
  • Cat Herine
    My first introduction to the Middleman was through the sadly short-lived series on ABC Family (RIP to both). This comic is a compilation of three volumes, the first two of which later became episodes on the show. There are some differences, such as minor dialogue changes and most notably race lifts for characters like Wendy and Noser. These changes merely improve an already great premis, and add more depth to the show. The comic is wacky and fun,...
  • Willow Redd
    How can you not love the Middleman? It's the kind of story that mixes the best of classic comics, 60's Batman kitsch, Men in Black, Hellboy, and the pulps of the 30's and 40's. It's brilliant!Here we have the first three collected volumes; featuring monkeys with guns, lab-created tentacle beasts, an army of masked wrestlers, and the return of the Middleman's arch-nemesis. Add to that a collection of new tales exploring the very curious history of...
  • Sheldon Wiebe
    Saving the world from evil so you don't have to!The graphic novel that was adapted from an unsold television pilot script and then adapted for television when the graphic novel was successful.A great ride in which Wendy Watson - struggling artist and temp worker - is threatened by an unimaginable experiment gone wrong; maintains her cool, and becomes sidekick to The Middleman, a gosh-all-heck-gee-whiz-to-pieces, honest to goodness righter of wron...
  • Lisa
    I loved the TV show so I loved the comic. Just a fun read. :)
  • Timothy Nichols
    Geeky and hilarious. Well worth the time.
  • Erica McGillivray
    Skip the comics, just enjoy the TV show. All plot, characterization, and other issues were fixed by the TV show.
  • Stephanie
    A mild rating because it shared some aspects with the show, and I liked the show, but the show made a lot of upgrades in characterizations and plots. I really disliked the alternate endings.
  • Sunil
    The Collected Series Indispensability contains all three volumes of The Middleman so far, and it's definitely worth checking out. There are some minor differences that may cause a little cognitive dissonance, but nothing huge. Wendy is Caucasian with red hair rather than Cuban with black hair, the Middleman is blond, and Noser is white. There's less Lacey and no Tyler. But other than that, the first volume (The Trade Paperback Imperative) is almo...
  • Erikka
    Dubby, if you're reading this, you probably have either seen or heard of the painfully short-lived and amazing Middleman TV show. If you enjoyed that show, dig into the comic that started it all.Volume one is literally verbatim the first episode, "The Pilot Episode Sanction." Like, it's the script set to comics. There's nothing I can say in a review to elucidate that point. And since that was a great starter episode for a series, it was also a fu...
  • Ben
    I picked this up because I had seen the TV series and was a big fan. The TV series was goofy and fun, about an employee for a secret organization and his sidekick who are called in to investigate aliens, the supernatural and anything else out of the ordinary. It's a bit like the X-Files, but with the emphasis on the corny and fun, rather than the serious and creepy.This collection contains three limited series and several stand alone issues. The ...
  • Elizabeth
    After watching the TV series "The Middleman," I knew that I really wanted to read the comic book it was based on. Most of the storylines in this collected omnibus of all of the comic books were later used in the series, but I enjoyed seeing them again in comic book form with some additional material (and some special effects that are easier to draw than create for television). As a fan of the television series, it is fun to see how the concept of...
  • Pj
    Okay. Like several of the others listed here, I came to this through the short lived TV series. The first two parts were word for word translated to the screen so it is only through the minor differences in character and the final third that the books contains things new. I wonder if other fans may miss things invented for the show. (Although it would be almost impossible to render in print I wanted the energy drink **** to be in the book.) That ...
  • Ali
    This was way more charming than I remembered from my first reading several years ago. I really enjoyed the sharp humour and silliness (one thing that stands out for me in particular is in the scene with all the luchadores, which also includes Wally/Waldo and Fozzie Bear in the crowd). I didn't like the alternate ending or the Middleman-through-the-ages snippets at the end, which maybe soured the overall experience for me the first time around. Th...
  • Alan
    I wanted to go to the source material for the ABC Family network show that I had seen so many positive reviews for. Do I think its great? No, but it is a pleasant read, and I found more enjoyment with the last installment that told tales of The Middleman in different settings (sword & sorcery, steampunk and WWII). If you like MIB (both the movie and the comic that spawned it) you'll likely enjoy this. Also, a little more time is spent trying to d...
  • Cristina
    Almost at the end of this fine comic series and I can't stop from being saddened. I first saw the tv series on ABC Family, thought it had a comic book feel and lo and behold it was a comic book! Same on ABC for cancelling the show for it captured the voice of the comic so effortlessly! The story, comic or tv, had both whimsy and edge, and amazing dialogue (bravo for the actors who had to say it!).
  • Michelle Morrell
    Wendy Watson is a typical struggling artist when a close call with a disaster of comic book proportions brings her to the attention of The Middleman, who ropes her into being his assistant and Middleman in training. Clever writing and bizarre situations ensue. This came to my attention thanks to the woefully short-lived tv series. I actually like the series better than the comics, but both are a fun ride.
  • Jarlos
    volume 3 takes all the classic cliches and twists of pulp golden era comics and makes another funny adventure with a surprising twist at the end. this collection contains volumes 1-3 and additional tales including a fantastic barbarian adventure thats very funny and drawn by the fantastic Josh Howard and a very witty tale that ties in to Sherlock Holmes.
  • Joseph
    The only bad thing about this book is that the first two thirds of it have been reproduced so ably in the television show. It's a simple idea executed with so much wit, that it's impossible not to fall in love with it. Perhaps the biggest surprise, is that despite how blatantly it rips off pop culture, it doesn't feel at all derivative, but rather completely fresh and new.
  • Mark Baker
    I loved the TV series based on this from summer of 2008 and had to see how it began. The three stories collected in this book did form the basis of three episodes. Definitely worth reading for fans of comic books or the TV show.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.
  • Pete
    I read this after the television show. Both the show and comic were just too much fun. Hopefully Javier finds time to do more Middleman comics in the future (although he already has done one follow-up to the TV series in comic form that is worth checking out.)
  • Icepick
    This was so much fun. I have to admit, I came to the comics through the short-lived TV series. Hopefully, there will be more of both in the future. Really, about as much fun as anything you can think of.
  • Katharine (Ventureadlaxre)
    I like the comics better than the TV show. It flows so well and the detail is amazing - everything that happens in the background.The feel of the book is nice too, it has a nice weight to it.The characters are awesome. The dialogue is witty. I want there to be more!
  • Amy M.
    I really liked this graphic novel. The characters and plot were hilarious, the dialog snappy and the parodies are spot on!The only thing that I didn't like was the ending and I wished it was longer! I hope they will release more volumes to (please) resolve the twists at the end!
  • Angel
    Loved this which i bought after falling totally for hte TV show. Sad about how it ended though! And I'm not quite to the end but where's the Middleman's love he was pinning for?! I so thought it was mentioned in here....
  • Caroline
    So snarky and delightful. The James Bond spoof had me laughing out loud. Seriously, there always has to be a genetically-modified shark, and this was the most glorious genetically modified shark of them all.
  • James
    I haven't quite finished this one (I figured 4:30am was late enough to stay up reading) but it's awesome. I'd seen the equally amazing TV show first and decided it was time to read the source material. Does not disappoint. Rivals the Tick in terms of humor, action and character. Recommended.
  • William
  • Chuppachup
    Absolutely shocking this only went for as long as it did. I want more!
  • Aaron
    An amusing series of tales with some fun twists to them and a smattering of emotional turmoil. Recommended.