Running Scared by Lisa Jackson

Running Scared

#1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson draws readers into a tension-filled story of suspense, as a woman's secret past returns with a vengeance . . .Kate Summers' teenage son, Jon, has been having nightmares. Someone is chasing him, the footsteps drawing relentlessly nearer. Jon can't see the man's face. He only senses that danger is coming--and there's no way to stop it."Never tell anyone he's not your boy," was the warning. And Kate ...

Details Running Scared

TitleRunning Scared
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreMystery, Thriller

Reviews Running Scared

  • Cheri
    Not her best but not her worst.
  • Lois Duncan
    I normally like Lisa Jackson's books and was excited to see this "new one" at the library. But when I started reading it I almost immediately elt, "Something is wrong with this. The pacing is off. There are scenes that don't fit. It's like it's been padded out with extra material to make it longer than it ought to be."Then I looked at the author's note in the front of the book and discovered that this is exactly what happened. The original book w...
  • Mike
    Couldn't finish it. Failed to grab my attention and the writing seems a little off. Ex: "She reached for the coffee pot on the stove and burned her fingers....she added warm coffee to her cup..." Um, warm coffee burns your fingers? Too many others on the shelf to keep going with this one. One Star
  • Paula Phillips
    Lisa Jackson was asked to re-write her 1999 novel "Wishes" and to give the readers more suspense and deeper and meaningful characters and if you are a fan of her later work , then you will really enjoy this book. The novel starts in 1980, when young widow Katie was about to leave her work and was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Take a newborn baby and raise it as her son as the Child's birth family wanted nothing to do with it , after losing...
  • LaVerne Clark
    This is the first Lisa Jackson book I've read. Wasn't thrilled with it, but it was a good solid read. I think the major drawback was that there were lots of scenes thrown together in each chapter. Too many interruptions and ruined the flow a little. I thought the sexual tension was excellent, which is after all what we want in a romantic suspense, so this kept me reading. Not so sure about the whole incest type relationship resulting in a child. ...
  • Paris (kerbytejas)
    Long winded but I liked the overall story. There was a heavy does of "Soap Opera Drama" in the book
  • Lena Papanikolaou
    Σαν γραφη δεν παρουσιαζει κάτι ιδιαιτερο,βέβαια μπορεί να φταίει η μετάφραση...Πλοκή ενδιαφέρουσα.Στις τελευταιες 60- 70 σελιδες του βιβλιου η συγγραφεας δειχνει μια παράξενη βιασύνη με αποτελεσμα να χαθούν οι άριστες εντυπώσεις που ειχα αρχικά.Λε...
  • Marilyn
    RUNNING SCARED By Lisa JacksonPublisher: Zebra Book published by Kensington Publishing CorporationCopyright: 2010 by Susan Lisa JacksonISBN: 13:978-1-4201-01289ISBN: 1-4201-0182-XPUBLISHER’S NOTE: Book was previously published in an unrevised edition under the title “Wishes.”Running Scared begins in Boston and takes us to Hopewell, Montana. It is a story about a mother’s love for her adopted child and about families and what it means to b...
  • Barbara
    In this book 15 year-old Jon Summers, unknown to himself, was adopted at birth in unusual circumstances. Jon has visions of the past and future and talks about them, so of course he's bullied at school. The crux of the story revolves around Jon's birth grandfather trying to track him down and get him back so the family fortune can pass to him. Other familiy members - wanting the fortune themselves - aren't so keen on the idea. The story involves ...
  • Meghan Hunt
    I've never really read a romantic suspense before, so I'm not sure if I don't like the genre, or if I just don't like this book. I thought the plot was too unbelievable and I didn't really like any of the characters. I also felt like the story needed to be edited by about 10-15% to keep it from dragging. I listened to this on audiobook. The narrator has a great voice, but he read the whole thing in a movie announcer voice, which made the story so...
  • Erica
    Aside from the fact that this book had exactly three sexy scenes in it, which is disappointing to me, it was good! Wonderful solid plot! I would have liked more romance in it, and a lot of her other novel have a LOT more romance in them, but the plot of this one with the long lost dad setting up house next door to his son that he just found out about and falling in love with his adoptive mother while he attempts to thwart the Sullivan attempt to ...
  • Kathy
    I enjoyed this book more than any other Lisa Jackson book. The characters were likable, the story believable, and there was less gore/random violence/unbelievable plotlines in this book than usual. I would definitely recommend!
  • Carlene Doan
    So far it is very interesting. I have never read a book with a storyline that compares. Will definitly Keep Lisa Jackson on my list of authors. Finished this book with a little sadness. Would have liked to stay in that story for a while longer. Enjoyed the book a lot.
  • Alison
    A real page turner. Moral: be careful what you ask for. Also: Be careful of the secrets you keep for they have a way to come back and bite you.
  • Ameya
    “Running Scared” is the story of Kate Summers and her son, Jon, set in the USA. We find out in the prologue that she adopted Jon in Boston in dodgy circumstances, although her motive is seen as sincere. In Chapter 1, Kate and Jon have moved to rural Montana, where we see Kate as a teacher, and Jon as a troubled 15-year-old. The lack of a father figure preys on him, and Kate hasn’t told him he was adopted.As a reader expecting from the blurb...
  • Mei
    Wealth, power and ego at its worst...I wouldn't call this romantic suspense...Although there is some suspense, this story is filled with wealthy, egotistical, sick, twisted, bullies--unlikeable characters...even the ones you're supposed to like.Kate Summers is supposed to be everything that's right in the world--she's had a tragic life, works for a pig and in need of fresh start--in effect, she is B-O-R-I-N-G.Daegon O'Rourke is supposed to be the...
  • Steph
    Had to give up on this book after 165 pages and for a Lisa Jackson I was very surprised as I've loved any of her books I've previously read. Perhaps as this wasn't a series book and so it lacked good interesting characters for me, they were boring and I wasn't really interested in their back stories.It started out well and interesting but then it developed or rather it didn't develop as it felt like the plot was just strung together as the book w...
  • Linda
    Masterful suspense/romance (one of my favourite genres).I liked this book.There was some "supernatural" elements - but the characters "abilities" were plausible (in other words - I could willingly suspend my disbelief). The characters reacted to these abilities in ways that humans would react if such things were possible. There was no ex machina type short cuts for the supernatural theme.The characters were also well formed, they were complex, no...
  • Debby Gwyllt-smith
    1970-01-01 glad to finally finish this book. Even though the story line was more or less good the author was so long winded. A third of the book could easily have been edited. Too much babbling filler otherwise I did enjoy some parts of the book, hence why I continued reading and gave it 3 stars....which is a bit generous.
  • mrs nicola cuckow
    I really enjoyed this book. It was read in a few days , I really couldn't put it down!!! The reading was easy but the tension was huge!! I never give the stories away because it's ruined then so all I'll say is that this book has a fantastic story,you can really relate to the characters and you'll be on the edge of your seat and will not be able to put it down
  • Penny Laster
    Keeps interestThis book was a little different, I thought. All characters closely related. Great ending, Lisa Jackson's books are always suspenseful, romantic, and have a lot f twists and turns. Always recommended for a great read.
  • Lori
    I listened to this as an audiobook. 1. The narrator was awful. 2. This book went from thriller/mystery to smut/romance, just yuck. Tooooooo many different things going on, none of them were worth the time I wasted listening. Very disappointing.
  • Suze
    RUNNING SCAREDThis is a good stand alone by Lisa Jackson, a lot of suspense, a little romance and quite a few psychopaths trying to make life miserable for Daegan, Jon and Kate.An exciting page turner, lots of action.
  • Chuck Wallace
    Good general story but the sex scenes were too long and over described.
  • Michelle
    Great suspenseWill Kate get away and not be found? Jon has so many issues, he is dreaming bad nightmares. But will they come!e true? Only time will tell.
  • Adele
    I am a big fan of Lisa Jackson, but if any more of her books have the subject content of incest, I will be putting it down, and not picking up LJ again....
  • Gwendolyn Leeder
    Love Lisa Jackson!!! Every one of her books I start can’t put down
  • Leisha Wharfield
    Lisa Jackson does characters, with a little bit of magic.
  • Heather
    Another excellent book by Lisa Jackson.