Agency by William Gibson


In William Gibson's first novel since 2014's New York Times bestselling The Peripheral, a gifted "app-whisperer" is hired by a mysterious San Francisco start-up and finds herself in contact with a unique and surprisingly combat-savvy AI.

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Release DateJan 21st, 2020
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Cyberpunk

Reviews Agency

  • Andrea
    Long time Gibson fan, but not so sure about this one. The beginning is incredibly confusing - too many strangely named characters, time shifting in alternating chapters and bizarrely named new inventions and words. It takes sheer will to plod on until the two timeframes mesh and you start to understand what the story is about. Once there, the second half of the book is an enjoyable romp. However, it ends rather abruptly. The ending chapters unsuc...
  • unknown
    Not as complex as the first, but a hell of a lot more fun to read. The ending is a bright burst of optimism... until you realize it’s basically literally just wish fulfillment. Dark. Always good to end on a crude joke though.
  • Joe
    The preceding book, The Peripheral, has been a favorite recommendation since it came out in 2014. This sequel is good, though not quite as good as its predecessor. I think it suffers from two things:In a book titled Agency, the protagonist Verity seems to have very little of it. She spends the whole book being sent from place to place.Eunice is interesting but largely absent for large chunks of the story.Those critiques aside, I would still recom...
  • Cheryl DeFranceschi
    This was everything I wanted it to be! I was completely ensorceled by the writing and the pacing. Also, I cannot think of anyone who sees the future more clearly. Thank you to Berkley Books for the chance to read this one early. I’ve been waiting for it forever, as it kept getting pushed forward. But, reading it now, I can see how Mr. Gibson availed himself of the opportunity to make it just that much more awesome!
  • Emma
    The man has outdone himself. This is a hell of a ride: dense, rich, hilarious, and—less surprising to readers familiar with the Bigend trilogy as well as The Peripheral than to those who stopped at the Bridge trilogy or, heck, after Neuromancer—at its core, a love letter to humanity, in all its fuckedness.
  • Matthew Fitzgerald
    If you're a William Gibson fan, or even the remotest fan of The Peripheral, ignore the stars on this review and just read it. You will thoroughly dig it, even if this feels more like an expansion pack of a novel, a Peripheral 1.5, than a true sequel to that book. For what it's worth, I think The Peripheral is Gibson's best and most inventive book yet. Fight me, Pattern Recognition fans.Gibson's spare, barb-wire prose is in full effect here, for g...
  • Kelly Spoer
    I've been waiting to read this book since Gibson announced he was writing it. I literally just finished the got i got from netgalley, and I'm not 100% sold on it. The book alternates between two timelines/alternative universes/past/future, and it takes a bit for the story to get rolling. Or, more specifically, the story to feel more Gibson-esqe. I wanted this to be darker. I wanted this to be longer. I want to know who Lowbeer is and HER world. I...
  • Frank
    Lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this eagerly awaited follow-up to The Peripheral. Not a direct sequel, but in the same narrative universe, Agency is Gibson's response to the current state of our timeline. It's ultimately an optimistic book, as I think most of his works are, placing hope in the power of good people using technology to better the world (or at least combat those with different aims). He's as smart and hip as ever. The story ...