The Woman in the Water (Charles Lenox Mysteries, prequel) by Charles Finch

The Woman in the Water (Charles Lenox Mysteries, prequel)

This chilling new mystery in the USA Today bestselling series by Charles Finch takes readers back to Charles Lenox's very first case and the ruthless serial killer who would set him on the course to become one of London's most brilliant detectives.London, 1850: A young Charles Lenox struggles to make a name for himself as a detective...without a single case. Scotland Yard refuses to take him seriously and his friends deride him for attempting a p...

Details The Woman in the Water (Charles Lenox Mysteries, prequel)

TitleThe Woman in the Water (Charles Lenox Mysteries, prequel)
Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mystery

Reviews The Woman in the Water (Charles Lenox Mysteries, prequel)

  • Charles Finch
    This is the first ever 100-star book in my humble opinion. I have written to Goodreads and am hoping they add a unique "100-star" rating just for the book, will keep you apprised of any response I get!
  • Diane S ☔
    A historical mystery series, set during the Victorian age, that I have read from the first. This though is a prequel, and we meet a young Lennox, when he is only 23, starting out in his crime solving career. When a letter to the newspapers, boasting about committing the perfect crime, comes to the attention of Lennox, he sets off, with his trusty valet, sidekick, to solve the murder. It will soon be two bodies of women found, each staged in unusu...
  • Beata
    A light summer read for fans of Charles Lenox and a Victorian mystery. Lenox is in his early twenties and has just started his amateur career as a detective. Liked both the characters & the language.
  • JanB
    It's the Victorian Age, and Charles Lenox, a member of the upper class, is fresh out of Oxford and interested in a career as an investigator with the police department. Being a new profession, he’s having trouble being taken seriously by Scotland Yard. Then along comes a series of letters boasting of the perfect murder(s), and Charles has a case that offers him a chance to prove himself. As a prequel to the series, I enjoyed getting to know Cha...
  • Faith
    In 1850 London Charles Lenox is an aristocrat and recent Oxford graduate who is trying to become a private detective. He is assisted by his manservant Graham. Lenox has just turned 23, as we are told repeatedly. This book is a prequel to the Charles Lenox series. I imagine that my appreciation of the characters might have been increased if I knew how their lives developed in the later books. However, the only other book in this series I have read...
  • megs_bookrack
    My final rating is 3.5-stars for this book. The Woman in the Water is a prequel to the Charles Lenox Mysteries series, of which there are currently 10 books. I have read the first book in the series, A Beautiful Blue Death, and enjoyed it quite a bit. When I saw that a prequel was coming out, I figured I would read it before the rest of the series. This was a good book but I did not enjoy it as much as ABBD. For me, the investigative matters were...
  • LJ
    First Sentence: For a little more than an hour on the May morning in 1850, the only sound in the flat in St. James’ Square was the rustling of newspapers, punctuated occasionally by the crisp shear of a pair of sharpened scissors through newsprint.Twenty-three-year-old Charles Lenox is trying, with the assistance of his valet Graham, to establish himself as a detective, but is having little success until an anonymous writer’s letter appears i...
  • Susan Johnson
    For the eleventh entry in the Charles Lenox series, the author has written an entertaining prequel that sets up the characters well. Lenox is 23 and just done with Oxford. As the second son of a baronet, he is at loose ends with no need to earn money and two desires- to travel and to solve crimes. He decides to open his own private detective agency, an almost unheard of career. Scotland Yard is new itself so this is a brand new undertaking. A mur...
  • Barbara Rogers
    WOW! I am in awe of Charles Finch and his writing and I'd give this book more than 5-stars if I could. This has to be the absolute best book of the Charles Lenox Mystery series so far. While it is shown as book #0 in the series because it is a prequel, it is actually something like the thirteenth if you count the novellas. The writing is superb, the characters are fully developed and relatable, and the story is fast-paced, engrossing and detailed...
  • Sophia
    After spending time following along with the intuitive, Victorian era, middle-aged detective and his friends, I was more than eager when I discovered that this latest release would take readers back to the early days of Charles Lenox's first celebrated case.The Woman of the Water is a late prequel to a long-standing series and works just fine as a beginning read to the series or for taking it in release order. The story opens with a much younger ...
  • KC
    1850 London. Charles Lenox is 23, just finishing up his education at Oxford and is determined in becoming a consulting detective with Scotland Yard. His first case occurs after a sailors trunk washes up on shore with a woman's body stuffed inside. Soon, a second victim is discovered and has Lenox and police baffled. Novelist Finch uses a good old fashioned detective style format mirroring Sherlock Holmes with a touch of humor. This is my first ti...
  • Alaina
    I love me some murder mystery audiobooks!The Woman in the Water is a prequel to the Charles Lenox Mysteries series. It was highly enjoyable and so freaking addictive. It kind of reminded me of Sherlock Holmes in a way. Now I a haven't read any books dealing with that specific character but I have watched the movies.. so that counts - right?In this book, you meet a young Lennox who is about 23 years old. He is starting out his crime solving career...
  • Kathy
    I have faithfully read and enjoyed each book in the Charles Lenox series, and this new prequel is no exception. There is a meticulous tending of each character along with a faithful portrayal of Victorian London. With Charles at age 23 we get to see him enjoying exercise rowing the Thames without any water quality descriptions, something I shuddered to imagine. But then, that's how my mind works.It is rather brave of the young Lenox to attempt a ...
  • Critterbee❇
    Excellent. I simply adore Charles Finch's writing. We return to Victorian-era England, meet a much younger Charles Lenox, and witness his first real case as a detective. He is 23 years old and living on his own in London. His parents are present, and the parts with his Father and Mother are written so beautifully, with such love and sadness. It was emotional, heartwarming, bittersweet, all that without being syrupy or manipulative or too much. Fi...
  • K
    #charlesfinch #charleslenox Loved this prequel to the Lenox series, my first, appropriately so. Good characters, well defined and well written. Droll. Sharp. Well done.P. S. Thanks, Goodreads and Edelweiss, for the ARCs.
  • Kay
    I'm obsessive about starting any book series with the first book and working my way through. Although I had read (and thoroughly enjoyed) "A Beautiful Blue Death" quite a few years ago, I was reminded of the series again when my library showed they had acquired the audio of the latest book, which is actually the first case Charles Lenox ever solved.This is a wonderful read full of rich descriptions of life in Victorian London. The areas around th...
  • Mary Truitt Hill
    How delightful to spend some time with the young Charles Lenox and so many of the friends and acquaintances we will come to know in the later books of the series! I hope there will be more stories of the young Lenox.
  • M.
    Really good read, I look forward to reading more in the series.
  • Tonstant Weader
    The Woman in the Water is the eleventh in the Charles Lenox series by Charles Finch, but it takes us back to when Lenox was just twenty-three years old. He’s forty in the first book, so it’s a long trip back in time, but it does suggest there is a lot of potential for more stories.In The Woman in the Water. Lenox has not established his reputation as a detective and is mostly perceived as a joke. Each morning, he and Graham, his valet, go thr...
  • Patty
    Title...The Woman In The WaterAuthor...Charles FinchMy " in a nutshell" summary...This is a prequel to this series. It is the story of just how Charles began his career as a private investigator. He is young...only 23...and living on his own for the first time. He wants to travel and he wants to solve crimes. He is dealing with losing the love of his life, his father’s illness and a diligent housekeeper intent on making him crazed...oh...and ca...
  • Marialyce
    3 this book started off so well starsI did enjoy this prequel to the Charles Lenox series. Not having read any of the books in the series, this book was good for me to start with since it introduced the characters and provided some background information on them. While I did enjoy the first half of the book, the second half seemed to drag a bit and there were one or two things that just did not make sense to me.All in all it was a fairly interest...
  • Marilyn
    I enjoyed this prequel to the novels I have devoured over the past few years. I thought the combination of Lenox as a new investigator, his relationship to his family, his pining for Elizabeth and the complex crime he was dealing with was a good balance of all the things I like best about Finch's writing. I also thought that the characterization of Lenox as a 23 year old was excellent. However, I did give it four, instead of five, stars because t...
  • Lilyane
    Simply put, this is Charles Finch's best book yet - and I loved reading it. I felt as though I was sitting down with Charles Lennox and having a bit of a chat, learning about his life, his friends, his relatives, and his burgeoning detective business. Just him and me - lovely.All of the characters are finely drawn. I particularly liked the relationship between Charles and his mother. Wonderful to see so much more of Graham than in the past couple...
  • Daniella Bernett
    "The Woman In The Water" is a cerebral, polished and highly entertaining mystery. Charles Finch takes an introspective journey into the past to provide a richer portrait of Lenox and his fellow characters, whom readers have come to care for deeply. With master brushstrokes, Finch unravels a nuanced and intriguing puzzle that tests the mettle, intellect and youthful zeal of the detective on his first important case.
  • Sheila
    What a delight to get to know the youthful Charles! Not only do we learn the beginnings of his detective work (dare I say he work?), but of the many relationships I have come to love. Again, a thrilling tale with questions at the end that I will not pose to avoid spoiling.
  • ☆Dani☆ ☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆
    I'm a newbie to this series but reading the prequel was highly enjoyable! If you are looking for a great murder mystery with a Sherlock Holmes kind of feel I think you would find this series highly entertaining! These books are definitely going on my TBR so I can embark myself into this delightful adventure.I want to thank St. Martins Press and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate this opportunity...
  • Julie
    I truly enjoyed this prequel to one of my favorite detective series. I love this author's writing that is a wonderful blend of insight into human relationships and masterful storytelling. I listen to the audiobook versions as the narrator, James Langton, portrays the characters masterfully. An example of the kind of description the author employs that delights me is: "A loose conflagration of birds burst from a tree nearby in ragged unison." And,...
  • Tasha
    This is my introduction to the Charles Lenox series by Charles Finch and I was excited to read this, the prequel. I feel that my experience was not as invested as those who have already read from the series so with that being said, it was enjoyable and it whetted my interest in the series but I didn't love it. I thought the mystery itself was interesting and I liked the resolution (of sorts) of the crime but I think if I had known the characters ...
  • Jan
    What a great idea! This is a prequel to an existing series. It provides the reader with an introduction to Charles Finch and his friends and colleagues with humor and tension and a cracking good case! I’ll be reading more in the series!