After Anna by Lisa Scottoline

After Anna

Dr Noah Alderman, a widower and single father, is finally content after marrying Maggie. And they're both thrilled when Maggie gets an unexpected chance to be a mother to Anna, the daughter she once thought she'd lost forever.But when seventeen-year-old Anna arrives, everything changes - and the darkest turn of events will shatter their lives in ways no one could have imagined.

Details After Anna

TitleAfter Anna
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Audiobook, Mystery Thriller, Adult Fiction, Adult, Crime, Psychological Thriller

Reviews After Anna

  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...I’ve read quite a few of Lisa Scottoline’s novels over the years and have always enjoyed them. However, I have to say that I enjoy her stand-alone novels the most. I especially enjoyed her last novel “One Perfect Lie”. And after reading the description for this new domestic thriller, I was really excited to get reading.Nobody cuts deeper than family...Maggie and Noa...
  • Theresa Alan
    Parts of this mystery/thriller are very well done. The story is told both Before Anna and After Anna. Anna is Maggie’s daughter who she lost custody of after battling postpartum psychosis, a more serious illness than postpartum depression. That was seventeen years ago, when Anna was just six months old. After Anna’s father dies in a plane crash, she seeks out Maggie, who is thrilled to take Anna from the boarding school she hates and have her...
  • Kaceey
    Four spectacular ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (and a half)Oh my gosh I loved this book!! Noah and Maggie have a quaint marriage, raising Noah’s son Caleb. Sadly, Maggie has a gaping hole in her heart where her own daughter Anna once was. Sometime ago, Maggie’s ex-husband took Anna as an infant and she hasn’t seen or heard from her dear daughter since...until now. From out of the blue, Maggie receives a phone call from Anna and she’s on cloud nine! Before...
  • Bkwmlee
    2.5 starsI had heard many good things about Lisa Scottoline’s books and so when I was offered an ARC of her latest thriller After Anna , I went into it expecting an intense read. The plot (from the summary) sounded promising and the first 2-3 chapters actually did draw me in, made me interested in the story and wanting to find out what was really going on with Anna’s murder and what Noah’s role was in it. Unfortunately, the story quickly s...
  • Linda
    Can broken shards of glass ever fit together again?Maggie Ippoliti shuffles the pieces of her past life and compares them to what she perceives as solid ground in her present life. She has remarried after a painful relationship with her first husband, Florian. Because she suffered from postpartum psychosis, her baby Anna was placed in the custody of Florian who lives in Lyon, France. Although she has not seen Anna for seventeen years, Maggie goes...
  • Berit☀️✨
    4.5 Page Turning Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5Two can keep a secret if one of them is deadI haven’t read a Lisa Scottoline book in quite some time, and I’m not sure why but after reading this book I’m going to go back and pick up some of those I have missed.... this book grab me from the very beginning and did not let go until the bitter end..... A combination of both legal thriller and domestic thriller it was fantastic.... The only reason this...
  • Julie
    After Anna by Lisa Scottoline is a 2018 St. Martin’s Press publication. Riveting courtroom drama, taut suspense, and emotional family drama-When Maggie’s estranged seventeen- year old daughter, Anna, calls out of the blue, hoping to reconnect, Maggie is over the moon. As it turns out, Anna’s father has died, making Anna a very wealthy young woman, but she is utterly alone in the world. Maggie, of course, immediately invites Anna to move in ...
  • Norma * Traveling Sister
    3.5 Stars!AFTER ANNA by LISA SCOTTOLINE was a fast-paced, interesting, and for the most part an enjoyable read for me but some of the subject matter in regards to how fast things progressed with the characters and their situations just happened a little too quickly for me.LISA SCOTTOLINE delivers a well-paced and gripping read here which is told from alternating points of view, Before Anna from Maggie’s perspective and After Anna by Noah throug...
  • Carrie
    After Anna by Lisa Scottoline is a bit of a mix of a legal and domestic thriller. The story actually begins at what one would think would be the end of a book with Noah about to hear the verdict of his trial. The style then takes a before and after take on the murder of Anna with the point of view going between Noah and Maggie.Noah had been a single father to his young son after the death of his first wife before he met Maggie. The two hit it off...
  • Marialyce
    4 kept me reading starsThis was my first book by this author and I have to say that I did like what I read. The story, although it did have a few hiccups at the end, flowed well and kept this reader fully engaged until the last page was read.Maggie and Noah have recently married. Noah is a doctor and a widowed father of a ten year old son. Maggie, his wife, formerly suffered from postpartum psychosis after the birth of her daughter, Anna, with he...
  • Susan
    I feel like I must have read a different book than a majority of the previous reviewers for I spent a bulk of my time thinking how poorly this book was written. Both the beginning and the ending were ridiculously and unrealistically compressed. Maggie gets a phone call early in the week that her estranged daughter (who thinks Maggie physically abused her as an infant) wants to meet her. The conversation is stilted and fake. They sound like 2 teen...
  • Brenda - Host of Traveling Sisters & Friends
    Norma and I were lost in the dense lush coulee with Kaceey reading After Anna and even though we ended up in the same coulee we were on different sides of the coulee on how much we enjoyed this one. After Anna is an entertaining, fast-paced and suspenseful domestic thriller that had us running in circles in the coulee trying to figure out who was manipulating who in this story. Norma at times struggling to escape the circle and Kaceey and I just ...
  • Esil
    I've enjoyed some of Lisa Scottoline's books. And this one started off strong. But I found that it really unraveled about two thirds of the way in.The book starts with two alternating points of view and two separate timelines. One timeline moves backwards, and starts with the conclusion of Noah's trial who is found guilty of murdering his stepdaughter Anna. The second timeline starts earlier, moving forward, and is told from Noah's wife Maggie's ...
  • Thomas
    3.5 stars, rounded up to 4.Thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press and Lisa Scottoline for sending me this e ARC. I enjoyed this book. The book opens with Dr. Noah Alderman on trial for the murder of his stepdaughter, Anna Desroches. The book is divided into 2 narratives, After Anna and Before. In the before, Noah has remarried Maggie, after the death of his first wife. He has a son Caleb. Maggie has a daughter, Anna, who was taken from her by he...
  • Dorie - Traveling Sister :)
    In a word this book was disappointing, on many levels. I am a fan of Ms. Scottoline’s having enjoyed “One Perfect Lie” and “Every Fifteen Minutes” is still one of my all time favorite thrillers.As you all know from the blurb “Noah Alderman, a doctor and a widower, has remarried a wonderful woman, Maggie, and for the first time in a long time he and his son are happy. But their lives are turned upside down when Maggie’s daughter Anna...
  • Lisa
    After AnnaLisa ScottolineMY RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐▫PUBLISHER St. Martin’s PressPUBLISHED April 10, 2018A consuming and cleverly structured thriller, blending the story of before and after Anna. SUMMARYMaggie lost custody of her baby, Anna, when she was only six months old. The two have not seen each other since, and now Anna is 17. Maggie had no choice but to move on, She’s found love again and is now happily married to Noah Alderman, a widowe...
  • Crumb
    Masterful. Deceptive. Scottoline.What can I say? Scottoline has managed to outwit, outwrite, out-do! She is the master at suspense, psychological thrillers, and most of all the domestic suspense novel. I didn't have an inkling as to the direction this story was headed and not the faintest idea how it would end. If every book could have such trickery, I'd be in heaven. Alas, not every one is that special, however, when you find one of this magnitu...
  • [Shai] Bibliophage
    After Anna is another great mystery/thriller novel that I've read this year. I was not exactly a fan of this genre but when I have read this book, it is one of the reasons why I included mystery and thriller to my list. What I like about it is that it will make readers make wild guesses about what's really happening. From beginning till the end, readers will never be disappointed because of a lot of unexpected twists were put in the story, espec...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    Anna, Anna, Anna...she finally has come home to her mother, but what should have been a joyous occasion after seventeen years turns into a nightmare.Anna and Maggie were apart for seventeen years. Maggie’s husband falsely accused her of abusing their infant daughter and took her away. Anna connected with her mother after her father was killed in a plane crash.Maggie had remarried and lived with her loving husband, Dr. Noah Alderman. Everyone ac...
  • Erin
    A mother who wants to repair the past. A murdered teenage girl. A stepfather accused of murder. Well, I shall say one thing about Lisa Scottoline, she sure knows how to create a page turner. I have read about seven or eight of her books now and I definitely like the courtroom drama ones the best. The story alternates between defendant Nick during the trial and his wife Maggie before the murder occurs. Although there were a few moments of disbeli...
  • Stacey
    Give me a novel by Lisa Scottoline any day of the week! I was not disappointed by this latest release.Maggie and Noah are happily married. This is a second marriage for both. Noah is a successful doctor with a 10-year old boy, Caleb. Maggie has a seventeen-year old daughter, Anna. Maggie lost custody of Anna when she was an infant due to postpartum psychosis which is more severe than postpartum depression. Anna is in a boarding school when she fi...
  • Shannon
    Thanks to St. Martin Press for sending me a final copy of After Anna by Lisa Scottoline. The story is told in alternating chapters of Before Anna and After Anna. The After Anna chapters are in a court room setting which I thoroughly enjoyed. Noah and Maggie are happily married. They both have children from previous marriages. Maggie loves Noah’s son Caleb. Unfortunately, Maggie lost custody to her daughter, Anna, when she was just a baby and ha...
  • Sherri Thacker
    It’s no secret I love most books written by Lisa Scottoline and I was thrilled to get this book through the publisher and Goodreads. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. This is my 10th book by Ms Scottoline and she never disappoints. This grabbed me from page 1 with a strong start. And holy cow, what a FABULOUS book!!!! If you have not read any of her books ... START WITH THIS ONE!!!!! It has you guessing till the end and I’m st...
  • Meredith B. (readingwithmere)
    4.5 Stars rounded up!I feel like I needed a really solid mystery/thriller to read as of late. I was excited when I got the chance to read Lisa Scottoline's new book. I was totally engrossed in this book and I read it in just about 24 hours. That's when I know I really liked something. I kept picking it back up just to know what had happened!We meet Noah and Maggie. They are a happily married couple and they are both married to each other in their...
  • Tammy
    Wowsa!! What a twisted intense thriller! Giving this a whopping 4.5 ☆ My first experience with this author and won’t be my last! It’s amazing - recommend!
  • Erin Clemence
    Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel, received in exchange for an honest review. Noah Alderman is a widower and single father who has recently married Maggie, a receptionist from his office. When Maggie’s long-estranged teenage daughter shows up out of the blue and attempts to rekindle a parental relationship with Maggie, Maggie is over the moon. Soon, Anna moves in with Maggie and her family and they...
  • Wendy
    Another suspense- filled thriller, by Lisa Scottoline, that I thoroughly enjoyed.The story begins as an engaging family drama, leading to the challenges of parenting a teenager, followed by twists involving lies and manipulation. I was disappointed with the epilogue as I found it to be implausible.However, don't let this deter you from picking up or listening to this novel as it is certainly worth the read.
  • Becki
    Noah Alderman and Maggie are married. Everyone is happy, including Noah’s young son. Until Maggie’s lost but not forgotten daughter moves in with them. She is 17 and used to doing her own thing. Then she is murdered. Noah is on trial for the crime he swears he didn’t commit. What is the truth?The more Lisa Scottoline I read, the less I like her books. Which is disappointing. The only character I liked in the whole book was Noah, the man on ...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I have very mixed feelings about this book. I have been a fan of Lisa Scottoline for a long time and have almost always really enjoyed her books so I went into this book expecting to love it. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. It was really just kind of okay for me. I had a really hard time getting into this book and it actually took me an entire week to finish it which is ...
  • Maureen
    A very enjoyable read. Gripping and suspenseful.