The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth

The Family Next Door

A gripping domestic page-turner full of shocking reveals, perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, Amanda Prowse and Kerry Fisher. The small suburb of Pleasant Court lives up to its name. It's the kind of place where everyone knows their neighbours, and children play in the street.Isabelle Heatherington doesn't fit into this picture of family paradise. Husbandless and childless, she soon catches the attention of three Pleasant Court mothers. But An...

Details The Family Next Door

TitleThe Family Next Door
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreFiction, Mystery, Contemporary

Reviews The Family Next Door

  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be found at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...This is my second read from Sally Hepworth. I wondered if I could possibly enjoy this novel as much as I enjoyed her previous novel, “The Mother’s Promise”. Well I did, I absolutely loved this novel. “Do you ever really know your neighbours?” The suburb of Pleasant Court really lives up to its name. It’s a perfectly pleasant place with perfectly pleasant people. ...
  • Susanne Strong
    5 stars.How well do you know the people closest to you? Are they who you think they are? Is anyone?These are the questions at the heart of Sally Hepworth’s new novel “The Family Next Door.” It is a phenomenal novel that delves into the minds of several families and specifically five complicated women. Some are mothers and daughters; others friends or neighbors. The only thing I can tell you is that nothing is as it seems. Essie and her mot...
  • Berit☀️✨Traveling Sister✨
    5 Big, brilliant, beautiful stars!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Sally Hepworth, sure can write a book! The question is why have I not read anything from this author before? This book checked off all my musts for a fabulous book.... wonderful characters... fabulous relationships... perfect pacing... some fun twists and turns....This book focused on the relationship between five very well developed and relatable females... their relationships with their sig...
  • Julie
    The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth is a 2018 St. Martin’s Press publication. The secrets of suburbia are always deliciously scandalous…. And sometimes they are downright criminal. The perfect neighborhood, perfectly manicured lawns, perfect families. It all looks so picturesque from the outside, but when new neighbor, Isabelle, moves into the neighborhood of Pleasant Court, cracks suddenly begin to appear in that perfect veneer. Elle, Fra...
  • Kaceey - Traveling Sister
    4.5*Do you ever secretly gaze at your neighbor and think, “wow, they have it all.” A beautiful home, a loving marriage, happy, healthy kids and a cute designer dog. Don’t you ever wish you could just have a fraction of that serene, picturesque life? Well before you wish too hard...maybe just take a peek behind the scenes. As often happens, maybe their lives aren’t so perfect after all. And maybe, you in fact are the lucky one at the end o...
  • .
    4.324 stars - expected publication date 03/06/18 - same day the review remix will be released. ****** remix below [today is 03/06]****** paulie and (not so) bad boy presents: we invented the review remix not a spoiler - additional material (view spoiler)[ms. hepworth worked on her latest novel while pregnant, and you can really feel it in the writing. the topic of motherhood is addressed, particularly the feeling of inadequacy, failure. the feeli...
  • Elyse
    This story centers around a neighborhood- “Pleasant Court” - of primarily married couples with children. It’s a family friendly community. Ange & Lucas - Essi & Ben - and Fran & Nigel each have two kids. Barbara is a single woman who lives next door to Essi — Barbara is Essi’s mother...and a hand’s on grandmother. The only single women mentioned in this community (or of significant interest) is newcomer, Isabelle. She lives next door ...
  • Larry H
    I'm between 3.5 and 4 stars, rounding up for a good twist."The truth was, despite appearances, she didn't know much about her neighbors at all."I've been reading a lot of books over the last few years about tight-knit neighborhoods in which secrets are brewing below the surface—Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies , Marybeth Mayhew Whalen's When We Were Worthy , Jessica Strawser's Not That I Could Tell , and now, Sally Hepworth's newest book, T...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 entertaining, dramatic, neighborly stars to The Family Next Door!🏠 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ I’ve learned I can rely on Sally Hepworth for a well-written, entertainingly indulgent read. Some of my friends have mentioned that The Family Next Door has a Desperate Housewives feel, and it most definitely does. That angle makes it a little dramatic at times, and some of the things that happened were a bit of a stretch; however, there is an emotionality t...
  • Diane S ☔
    Welcome to Wisteria Lane, or maybe Knots Landing, for those who remember that show, and of course Desperate Housewives. This book contains elements of all those shows. Good looking characters, drama, post partum depression, adultery, affairs, a missing child, and of course secrets. Where would fiction be without secrets. A rare book where except for one, I felt sorry for and liked the men more than the women.A entertaining read, I have to admit, ...
  • Linda
    A true spider's web......And there are plenty of buzzing flies caught up in sticky situations that finally encase them. The more that they struggle, the tighter the grip.Pleasant Court may not be so pleasant after all. Houses in this neighborhood may resemble one another in architectural style, but the occupants differ on so many levels. Smiles produced on long driveways and friendly waves to neighbors diminish once the front doors close. These c...
  • Norma * Traveling Sister
    THE FAMILY NEXT DOOR by SALLY HEPWORTH was an extremely enjoyable, entertaining, and fast read! It's a fascinating, thought-provoking, and dramatic tale with some unexpected twists and surprises along the way. I was definitely shocked and pretty excited with a couple of the reveals! The ending was satisfying and pleasant! Would recommend!This was a Traveling Sisters Group Read, and thank you so much for another wonderful reading experience ladies...
  • Holly B
    Why in the world did this beautiful single woman move into our family oriented cul-de-sac?This is the question everyone on the street is asking and wondering about because she has no children. There are quite a few characters/families to keep up with, but it doesn’t take long to sort them out because they each have have a unique story. I enjoyed the multiple POV’s from the ladies themselves. It was like getting to peek behind their doors and ...
  • Carrie
    My oh my. Have you ever noticed when people post on social media they are grabbing their popcorn to watch the drama? That is exactly what The Family Next Door made me want, a nice big bowl of popcorn while I sat back and read the drama that oozed from the residents of Pleasant Court.The story starts off with a flash of Essie’s life as she suffers a breakdown as a new mother. The lack of sleep dealing with a restless baby finally made her snap a...
  • Debra
    Pleasant Court in Melbourne Australia seems like a pleasant place to live...or is it.? This is another book that asks the question "Just how well do you know someone?" You live with a person, share their bed, share meals with them, raise children with them, you know them right??? Well, do you?Ahhhhhh, small towns. Lovely scenic places. They are supposed to be safe. Nothing bad ever happens there. How can it? Bad things don't happen when things ar...
  • Brenda - Traveling Sister
    Norma and I were lost in the sunny, cultivated rich lush coulee with five of our Traveling Sisters reading The Family Next Door and we all ended up in the same Coulee enjoying this thought-provoking and engaging story that led to an interesting and fun discussion amongst us. The Family Next Door is an entertaining, emotional, compelling, and suspenseful domestic thriller that explores the secrets, deceits, and lies of five women who live in a sma...
  • Nazanin
    3.5 StarsIt was a good read and it got me by surprise but still I had something else in mind. This story is about some neighbors who are living together in peace and doesn’t know what’s going on in each other's homes but when a new neighbor moved in, their secrets begin to spread. Well, I liked it more if somehow their life/secrets were more intertwined with each other! Told in multiple POV, 3rd person. It’s a standalone novel. It’s well-...
  • Marialyce
    Ever been curious about that goes on in your neighbors' homes? Ever thought about what secrets your neighbors try to hide as they close their door and window shades at night? Surely, most of us have and that is the premise of this novel by Sally Hepworth.The people of Pleasant Court have secrets and as we delve into the novel, we learn more and more about what is driving them. Some secrets are those of infidelity, some of a lost child, and some a...
  • Amy
    The Family Next Door is garnering comparisons to Big Little Lies and normally when a publisher compares a new book to an older blockbuster I’m annoyed when it doesn’t live up to the comparison. Well, this time the similarities are well founded, this most definitely will appeal to fans of BLL and I predict it will be a smash hit.This follows five woman who live in the same neighborhood, Essie, Fran, Ange, Barbara and Isabelle so if multiple pe...
  • JanB
    This book has a fun vibe reminiscent of the TV show, Desperate Housewives. There are plenty of secrets behind the closed doors in this Pleasant Court neighborhood, and there are enough twists and surprises along the way that kept me flipping the pages. Altogether, this was a fun, entertaining read that was a refreshing change from some heavier reads.  It was a nice easy read with a little mystery and conflict that kept me reading and wanting to ...
  • Karen
    I really enjoyed this book about several families who lived on one street in Melbourne, Australia. The story was mostly centered around the women of the families, how they were dealing with their own situations. It had a few twists and was a fast paced read.
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.com4.5 starsThe Family Next Door, has been one of my anticipated reads of 2018, which is written by an author who sits firmly on my favourites list. Sally Hepworth’s latest novel blows apart a seemingly perfect little neighbourhood based in suburbs of Melbourne, exposing a set of families marred by secrets, lies and betrayals. It is a very contemporary look at how our lives may appear to look pleasant on the s...
  • Esil
    3+ starsVery readable but likely not particularly memorable. The Family Next Door focuses on three neighbours on a suburban street in Melbourne, Australia. Each woman is in the relatively early years of parenting, each is struggling with being a mother and wife, and each one has a secret. One day, Isabelle moves in next door and slowly the the facades are unraveled. It’s not quite a domestic thriller, but it certainly has twists and turns and t...
  • Phrynne
    Debating between three and four stars here. I found it a quick, easy read and I certainly had to read to the end to find out what was going to happen. However I felt a bit overwhelmed by so much angst, and on several occasions was totally exasperated by silly women doing silly things. (Although Essie at least could blame a medical condition for the messes she got into.) The twist involving Essie and her mother was interesting, the ending was sati...
  • LaDonna
    Look in the mirror...Who do you see?...Look in the mirror...Who do you want others to see? Sally Hepworth was an unknown author to me, until winning this book giveaway. However, she is an author whom I shall not forget. What a story!! Hands down, this is one of my favorite reads for this year. Hepworth's latest is definitely worthy of 4.75 stars!! The Family Next Door: A Novel speaks to characters that many of us can easily recognize and, more...
  • Shannon
    I started reading The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth last night and finished it today. It was a quick and easy read for me. The story is told in multiple POVs, which is always a win!So what’s it about? The story centers around four neighbors of Pleasant Court in Melbourne. Essie, Fran and Ange have all lived on the cul de sac for quite some time, growing their families. The three of them have been neighborly enough but never really crossing...
  • Sarah Joint
    If you're a fan of soap operas, this book is for you. It called to mind Desperate Housewives, even though I haven't seen very much of it. It's full of juicy drama, surprising twists, and lots and lots of secrets. It was just a bit too much to earn four stars from me, but several of the other ladies I read it with gave it four or five stars. I did enjoy the read, just felt a few things that ended up leading nowhere, only added to up the drama, sho...
  • Brenda
    4.5★sPleasant Court in Melbourne housed Essie, Ben and their two daughters, Mia and Polly, with Essie's mother Barbara nearby; Ange, Lucas and sons Will and Ollie; and Fran, Nigel and daughters Rosie and Ava. The neighbours were friendly, everyone knew each other; looked after the others' gardens when they were away, collected mail - it was a good neighbourhood.When a new resident arrived in Pleasant Court she struck everyone as different. Sing...
  • Babydimps (Suzy)
    Well if this isn’t a perfect example of “you never know what goes on behind closed doors”, then I don’t know what is. Wow. Do you REALLY know your neighbors? The Family Next Door is an awesome domestic, multi-family story that is full of scandalous secrets and juicy drama. Just what I like when reading this type of book! It has a Desperate Housewives, soapy vibe that is not short on lots of brow raising moments. Hepworth did a really good...