The Lost Season of Love and Snow by Jennifer Laam

The Lost Season of Love and Snow

The unforgettable story of Alexander Pushkin’s beautiful wife, Natalya, a woman much admired at Court, and how she became reviled as the villain of St. Petersburg.At the age of sixteen, Natalya Goncharova is stunningly beautiful and intellectually curious. But while she finds joy in French translations and a history of Russian poetry, her family is more concerned with her marriage prospects. It is only fitting that during the Christmas of 1828 ...

Details The Lost Season of Love and Snow

TitleThe Lost Season of Love and Snow
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Griffin
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Cultural, Russia, Romance, Adult Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Lost Season of Love and Snow

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    First I want to say that I really need to read EVGENY ONEGIN. I've seen the movie with Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler and it's a fabulous movie. And, I own the book. I just haven't read it. However, after reading this book I truly need to find some time to get to EVGENY ONEGIN. Also, I quite badly want to re-watch the movie.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION!
  • Karen Kay
    I received this from in exchange for a review. This story focuses (heavily) on the 'romantic' relationship between the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and his young beautiful wife Natalya. Alexander dies of wounds suffered in a duel protecting Natalya as well as his own honor.I began to lose interest half-way through the book. The book just didn't move forward, rehashing personalities over and over. It got to be 'second verse, same a...
  • Jenny Q
    I knew nothing about Alexander Pushkin other than that he was a famous poet, I knew nothing about his wife or that he died in a duel defending her honor, so of course once I saw the blurb for The Lost Season of Love and Snow, I had to read it. What a subject for a novel!Despite being bound by the constraints of historical fact, this is very much a character-driven story. In the prologue, I was a bit put off by Natalya. Her husband has literally j...
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    "The Lost Season of Love and Snow" is the story of Natalya, the wife of famous Russian writer Alexander Pushkin. While I have not read anything by Pushkin (after reading this book, I might need to change that), I was familiar with some of the details of his life to include his untimely end. I was not familiar with his wife and the impact that she had on his life so I was looking forward to hearing her side of the story through this book and I was...
  • Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews)
    A strong novel focused on the life of Natalia Nickloaevna Goncharova, the eventual wife to the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Though the various trials Natalie faced both on her own and with her famous husband, Laam keeps a brisk pace and a fresh eye on her often-maligned main character. Some of the events may be drawn out a tad too long, but this was a vivid re-imagination of the court of Tsar Nicholas I and the life that Natalie lived w...
  • The Lit Bitch
    This is my first book review of 2018 and I couldn’t have picked a better book to kick things off with. Though I read this in 2017, I am ringing in the new year with love and snow!There is something about Jennifer Laam’s writing that I find so lovely and elegant. It’s hard to describe but her books are consistently good and well written which made me all the more anxious to read this one!Laam clearly has an interest in Russia, as most of her...
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    From a young age, Natalya Goncharova has known that she must marry well. Even though she has a variety of interests, her mother is more concerned about her marriage prospects, which should be promising as Natalya is a very beautiful girl. At a Christmas Ball in 1828, she attracts the attention of the very famous Alexander Pushkin, Russia's most prized poet. What is even more exciting is that Natalya has read Pushkin's work and is a fan. This poss...
  • lacy
    A special thank you goes out to Netgalley and St Martin's Griffin for allowing me to read this early! All thoughts and opinions are my own!4.5 stars!TW: sexual harassment, violent incident between Natalya and a side character.What a beautiful story of love! I hardly took any notes, only a notecard, because I was just so entranced with the story of love. Natalya and Alexander have a special place in my heart and their love story will stay with me ...
  • L.P. Logan
    Wonderfully detailed book on historical Russia that has no problem whisking the reader back in time to an age of Tsar's, poets, and grand society. I found the descriptions to be captivating in scenery, emotions, and detail, and had no trouble feeling like I was a fly on the wall to all the ins and outs of this historical fiction. It was intriguing. And yet about 1/3 of the way in, all that detail and charm got lost. Instead of moving forward the ...
  • Brittany's Pages
    To be honest, I really need to take a deep breath here.Natalya is a young girl desperate to get out from under her strict Mother and to pursue her own study of Russian poetry. Her wish is granted when she captures the heart of Alexander Pushkin, the greatest Russian poet of the day. Their beautiful marriage is all any woman longs to have, but one misstep could ruin it forever.The Lost Season of Love and Snow is probably one of the best books I ha...
  • Elizabeth
    This is an amazing book with a great story and interesting characters! As it turns out, based on factual history. Maybe I'm showing my ignorance here. But... I'd heard of Alexander Pushkin, but had never read his works, nor had I know that he had a wife! That's what really made the story interesting to me!The story itself is well told and as I said, based on facts. The central character, Natalya, opens the story as a young woman living in Russia ...
  • Marzie
    I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 StarsNatalya Goncharova Pushkina, reputed to be the most beautiful Russian woman in her day, has historically received a great deal of blame for the death of her husband Alexander Pushkin, Russia's most famous poet, in a duel fought over her reputation and his honor. The degree to which Natalya was responsible for the duel has long been debated by ...
  • Margaret
    This is my second book taking place in Russia in as many months. It’s also another look at a well-known historical figure through the eyes of his wife. Alexander Pushkin is the name I have heard but I’m not familiar with this works. Sometimes when this happens I find myself going back and reading what has been previously been published, such is the case with Pushkin.This book begins with a prologue, Pushkin has been involved in a duel defendi...
  • Zosi
    Well written and thought provoking, focused on a part of history I really didn’t know much about. The writing is extremely atmospheric-Moscow and Saint Petersburg almost seem like characters in and of themselves. Natalya’s story still is relevant today, nearly 200 years later. I’ll have to read more Pushkin in the future.
  • Patty
    I will admit to knowing the name Alexander Pushkin. But I will also admit that I didn’t know much more about the man than he was a famous poet. I’ve long been fascinated with various facets of Russian history so I knew that I was starting from a good place with The Lost Season of Love and Snow. The book is the imagined telling of the love story of Alexander and his wife Natalya through her eyes.It was a time when women did not hold much power...
  • Ginger Pollard
    I enjoyed this book about the real life, albeit, little known poet Alexander Pushkin. The book glitters with the Russian Court of Tsar Nicolas I. Court life is one of my favorite subjects. I enjoyed the rivalry between Alexander's wife, the beautiful Natalya and her sisters. Also the rivalry between the men in Natalya's life who tried to win her affections and steal her away from her husband. The author portrays a wonderful life for this couple a...
  • Milena
    3.5 StarsAs a native Russian speaker who grew up with Pushkin's poetry I wanted to love The Last Season of Love and Snow. And even though I did enjoy it, I wasn't wowed by this book. I liked the fact that the story was told from Pushkin's wife, Natalya, point of view, the woman who was blamed for the poet's untimely demise. Like Ms. Laam noted, history is often unkind to beautiful and strong women who don't fit with society's expectations. Women ...
  • Rosanne Lortz
    The Lost Season of Love and Snow tells the story of the Natalya, the wife of Russia’s most famous poet Alexander Pushkin. Courted by Pushkin at the young age of sixteen, the beautiful Natalya falls head over heels for him and becomes Madame Pushkina. Like most writers, Alexander struggles to make ends meet, and even though fame attends him, finances suffer. Natalya tries to assist her husband by transcribing his writing into clean manuscripts, ...
  • Jencey/
    Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for giving me a copy of the Lost Season of Love and Snow by Jennifer Laam. I was given this copy in exchange for an honest review. How many of you have read Jennifer Laam before or are familiar with Russian history? This is my first time reading one of Jennifer’s books. I found Russian history fascinating. When one can take a look back and understand what the Russian society was like back in the early nineteent...
  • Juliet Bookliterati
    Historical fiction is still my favourite genre, especially when it is takes a different look at real historical figures and their lives. I know a bit about Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, and have studied some of his poetry as part of my degree course. Apart from his poetry what people remember is his marriage to one of Moscow's most beautiful women, Natalya Pushkina,néeGoncharova, who was blamed for his death after a flirtation led to a duel in...
  • Heather C
    I always find novels set in Russia to be refreshing – a bit of history that I am least familiar with and it always presents a new time period or historical figure to me that I know nothing about. The fact that a historical novel is set in Russia will give me an immediate interest in picking it up to learn more. More than simply bringing me a new historical figure, Laam brings a literary figure who I know nothing but the name coming into the rea...
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    *** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ***During the Christmas of 1828, sixteen year old Natalya Goncharova goes to her first ball, and falls in love in The Lost Season of Love and Snow by Jennifer Laam.Natalya has spent all of her sixteen years reading, studying, and learning to be a lady, while waiting to be a wife. As she is now sixteen she will be attending her first ball and hopefully find the love of her life.At the ball she is...
  • Kilian Metcalf
    Thanks to Netgalley for ARC.A fictionalized life of Natalya Pushkin, the famous Russian poet, this novel tells the story of their relationship through the eyes of Alexander Pushkin's wife, one of the most beautiful women in Moscow. Only 16 when they first met, she immediately caught his eye, and eventually his heart.Their life together was not easy. Alexander was jealous, Natalya liked to flirt. She thought it was harmless, but eventually it led ...
  • Diana
    Loved this book. Every character was interesting and well rounded. Romantic and compelling it made me feel like I was reading a modern take on classic Russian literature. For more on my review check out the Wine, Women and Words Literary podcast.
  • Kathy
    The Lost Season of Love and Snow tells of the courtship, romance and marriage of Alexander Pushkin, Russia's premier poet, and his wife Natalya Goncharova in the early 1800s. While her words can be quite descriptive of the Russian settings, I know I am swimming upstream when I say that the characters appeared stilted and wooden to me, and the book was all too easy for me to put down.This "unforgettable love story" is not as advertised in my humbl...
  • Melissa
    How does the saying go? This book killed my soul, here read it.Tis how I am feeling right now. I love Jennifer Laam this is the third of her books I have read. And it is as masterful as the others. Even more so that it hit me so emotionally. This is one of my biggest fears in life, finding the perfect man for me, being completely and utterly in love, and losing him.But she has us prepared for this fact in the very beginning chapter. So you read p...
  • Meghan Masterson
    Jennifer Laam's latest is a beautiful, nuanced portrayal of a woman whose reputation through history hasn't been kind. Natalya Goncharova, wife of famed Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, is often blamed for his death in a duel. The Lost Season of Love and Snow paints a more sympathetic, realistic depiction of her as a complex person caught between politics and personal relationships. Her romance with creative, rebellious Alexander is passionate and...
  • Victorique Crawford
    This was enjoyable and entertaining. Even if it was slow, but Natalya sufficed as a character that entertained and her thoughts were enjoyable, relatable and entertaining.She is different from the other girls, who loved her glasses. Her love for the art, and wish to be different. A reason why she could end up drawing Alexander in the first place. The realness of her character, her thoughts never seemed to be superficial. But almost showing a lot ...
  • Jill Elizabeth
    It was maybe a 3.5, not just a 3... There was great promise - I really enjoyed the beginning and the history. Russian literature is such a fascinating subject, and I admit I didn't know much about the Pushkins before reading this one. I found it very interesting to learn how they came together, and to get a peek behind the curtain of Russian courtly/high society life in this particular era. The part I struggled with was the abrupt shift from a hi...
  • Melissa Erin Jackson
    I was lucky enough to read this one in its early stages and I was swept up in it even then. Unlike Laam’s first two novels, this one focuses solely on historical figures: Natalya Goncharova and her husband, the beloved poet, Alexander Pushkin. When Pushkin is killed in a duel fighting for his honor, many blamed Natalya for his death because of her dalliances, and is subsequently vilified. The Lost Season of Love and Snow presents the story from...