This Heart of Mine by C.C. Hunter

This Heart of Mine

A new heart saved her life—but will it help her find out what really happened to its donor?Seventeen-year-old Leah MacKenzie is heartless. An artificial heart in a backpack is keeping her alive. However, this route only offers her a few years. And with her rare blood type, a transplant isn’t likely. Living like you are dying isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But when a heart becomes available, she’s given a second chance at life. Except ...

Details This Heart of Mine

TitleThis Heart of Mine
Release DateFeb 27th, 2018
PublisherWednesday Books
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Mystery

Reviews This Heart of Mine

  • Susanne Strong
    4 Stars.Seventeen year-old Leah MacKenzie has a bucket list. At the top of it? Read one hundred books before she dies. The problem? Leah’s days are numbered. She has an artificial heart and she has no idea if she will receive a transplant. She is on the donor list, but Leah has a rare blood type and in her life, infections are not uncommon. Then all of a sudden, it happens - Leah gets a new heart and she has to change her entire outlook on life...
  • jessica
    this book is everything i love about contemporaries - heartwarming, charming, and emotionally touching. but what i really enjoyed about it was the mystery/thriller aspect of it. it was unexpected and only elevated the books storyline. i really enjoyed the interaction between matt and leah - the relationship was so well developed, which doesnt happen very often in YA. i loved this book! 4.5 stars
  • Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥
    This Heart of Mine was such a touching story. It revolved around family, friendships, sacrifices, new beginnings, first love and so much more. I just know that so many people are going to absolutely love this emotional story! I wish there wasn't a but.......but I wasn't able to connect to any of the characters. I tried again and again, and continually failed all the way till that very last page. I felt so heartless, especially since I got tears ...
  • Sophie
    “You’ve got a future, Leah. Plan for it. Figure out who you are and what you want. Then go do it. Do it large. It’s people like you who make a big splash. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Win or lose. That’s what life is, a bunch of chances.” An ARC has been kindly given by the St Martin’s Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion My rating: 4,5 stars I loved Shadow Falls series its spinoffs. C.C. Hunter became one o...
  • Stormi (Bewitched Reader)
    This Heart of Mine is one of those YA books that I believe will resonate with teens and adults alike. This book is filled with angst and emotion as Leah and Matt struggle with not only the normal challenges of being a teenager and going to high school, but with more difficult issues most of us can't imagine dealing with as adults. What would you do if everyone is telling you your twin committed suicide, even the evidence, but you were determined ...
  • katwiththehat
    Thank you so much to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to read and review this heartwarming story by C.C. Hunter. This is the story of transplant recipient Leah’s struggle through critical illness and the emotional journey she makes as life suddenly becomes more than just about surviving one day at a time, and also Matt, whose brother’s heart was the organ she received. Leah is a girl who has resigned herself to her fate. Sta...
  • Aimee ♥ | Aimee, Always
    Generally, here's what we have: A strong heroine, a sometimes-annoying-sometimes-sweet romance, an awesome girl friendship, a stupidly predictable mystery, and a very confused Aimee.Full review soon!
  • Sara
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Leah's days are numbered. But given the chance of a new start, with the help of an artificial heart, she's determined to live life to the full. However, when she starts dreaming about Eric, her heart donor, she turns to his twin brother Matt to find out the truth about how he died - and in the process learn to love. I liked the main characters of Leah and Matt. Alhough their relatio...
  • Booksandcoffee03
    I absolutely loved it. I was waiting for it to be released for so long and it did not disappoint.
  • Camila Roy ••RoyIsReading••
    RATING: 3.9/5*Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for allowing me to read and review this*This is truly a heartwarming story about love, loss and moving on. I related a lot to the main carácter, the way she thinks (and the fact she's also a reader!) were just familiar to me. It's always nice to know you're not the only one feeling a specific way or thinking a specific thing. I could tell that this story came from a personal place in the a...
  • angharad mair
    When I was approved to read This Heart of Mine by C.C. Hunter on NetGalley, I was pretty excited. The summary sounded rather intriguing: a girl awaiting a new heart, a murder-mystery and a cute romance. What's not to be enticed by? Then, however, I began reading and boy did I want to DNF this so bad. My sisters pushed me to finish, even if it was simply so I could knock another off my 2018 Reading Challenge. I found the characters to be full of o...
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...17-year-old Leah’s artificial heart in a backpack is keeping her alive… for now. With her rare blood type, a transplant isn’t likely… until suddenly there it is. Except she discovers the boy who gave her life back is a boy from her school who they say killed himself. Plagued with dreams since the transplant, she seeks out the dead boy’s brother and learns he doesn’t believe it was sui...
  • Nina-Tala (JustAddAWord) Shannak
    The first thing you should know is that this book is perfect. Yes, I’m totally serious. What I absolutely loved about THIS HEART OF MINE is that it is set in Houston, talks about heart transplants, and follows identical twins. I am a Houstonian, a pre-med student hoping to become a heart surgeon, and am a HUGE fan of twin stories. Conclusion? THIS BOOK WAS MADE FOR ME. It totally was. Don’t deny me this fact. In a nutshell, THIS HEART OF MINE...
  • Misty
    3.5 STARS⭐⭐⭐ 1/2This was my first C.C. Hunter book and it wasn't too bad. I thought the concept of this book was pretty good. Leah needs a heart transplant and from some sad circumstances, she gets that new heart from someone she used to go to school with.Matt and his twin brother Eric lost their father about a year earlier. Both of them were taking it pretty hard, but living their lives. Eric is a bit different from something that he finds...
  • Annika
    Well, that was... cute. Cute characters, cute romance. I liked the paranormal elements, if you can call them that, too (what with Leah and Matt having the same dreams and Leah feeling Eric's emotions). The first and last 10% of this book were the strongest parts, in my opinion, and had me on the verge of tears a couple of times.What I didn't much care for were the mystery (rather lame, drawn out and anticlimactic) and the author's style of writin...
  • Thamy
    I really wanted to enjoy more this book... And let's say the later half was more of a 2.5, but that would make it a 2.25, so it's still 2 stars.Leah has always been into Matt, whom she felt was out of her league even before she fell sick, was presented an artificial heart and an expiration date. Until one day he's tutoring Math to her one moment and they are kissing the next... Except he never calls again. A month later, Matt finds out his twin b...
  • Marie Andrews
    Full book review also posted on my blog here: Okay. Just wow. Where to start with this book?!I’ve never actually read any of C.C. Hunter’s other books so chose to read this based purely on the synopsis I found online, which I thought was very intriguing, and I was not disappointed. At All. This is definitely my favourite YA book I’ve read this year (dare I say ever?!) and it is filled with everything...
  • Cassandra {semi-hiatus}
    "You’ve got a future, Leah. Plan for it. Figure out who you are and what you want. Then go do it. Do it large. It’s people like you who make a big splash. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Win or lose. That’s what life is, a bunch of chances.” *Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review!*Whew. For the first few pages there, I was nervous. I thought this was going to be weird and a tad dull.Thank...
  • Breanna
    THIS REVIEW & MORE → Paws and Paperbacks4.5 stars ✨This Heart of Mine is a compelling, touching story focused on family, friendship, grief, love, and life. The author put a lot of heart (pun totally intended) into writing this book and it shows by the wonderful story and characters we get to read about.The story is told from two alternating POVs, Leah and Matt. Both were such great protagonists: Matt is such a sweet cinnamon roll and Leah is ...
  • Jazzy
    3.5like i liked it, and LOVED it at the end, but through the middle i was just so ready for it to finish. Like, it started out good, then dragggggggged but when it was finished i had that ache of “NOOOOOooOooOooOo iT cANT bE oVeR!!!!” yknow? content: strong language, teen sex (not explicit but they do talk about it and yeah it got kinda awkward soooo yeah), mention of rape.
  • TurnThePage
    “Don’t do anything you know you’ll regret. But do enough to know exactly what you’ll regret and learn to regret less.” I have been a big fan of C.C. Hunter since reading her Shadow Falls series and the companion series Shadow Falls: After Dark. Her characters and world setting are just something I have always enjoyed and “This Heart of Mine” was no exception. We are introduced to two people, Leah and Matt, who are both confronted w...
  • Laura
    This book my goodness... it's not often a book makes me cry but this one definitely did. This book was beautiful in so many ways. The love of two people who are meant to be together. The struggles of trying to please everyone. The fear of showing weakness, its all there in this amazing book. You will not be sorry to pick this one up to read!
  • SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews
    This book is a tearjerker, at least for me., but that being said I also really enjoyed this book. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. It also had it fair share of humor so not all doom and gloom and tears. It was easy to follow and the characters were easy to relate to as well likeable.Overall I can say that it is one of those make you feel good books that make you ugly cry .I rate it 5★ and recommend
  • Nikki (Saturday Nite Reader)
    I received an arc of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.I enjoyed reading this book and was drawn to the story line; it was very different and intriguing. The foundation of the story was solid, I just felt that parts of the execution didn’t work for me.Shy 17 year old, Leah, is awaiting a heart transplant. A popular boy from school, Eric, is found dead of an apparent suicide and Leah is the recipient of his heart. His twin brother, M...
  • Kathy - Books & Munches
    I notice that Hunter's writing evolved, that it's better and even more fluent than it already was. I loved it and read this book in no time!I wasn't embarrassed about reading. If anything, it saddened me that some people were missing out.I loved the story, the plot and everything around it. It never felt forced, at all. Everything, not only her writing, flowed fluently and just made you want more. Made you want to figure out what happened to Eric...
  • Myndi
    O...M...G... the feels! My heart is literally aching right now, in a good way! This book is full of so much emotion. I found it near impossible to put down once I started, unfortunately life does get in the way, otherwise it probably would have been a one sitting read for me.It's hard to imagine yourself in the position of any one in this book, there is so much grief, loss, and fear, but also so much love, acceptance, learning and moving on. And ...
  • Inge
    4 stars for the first half. I'm not really an emotional reader - I can count on one hand the times when I have actually cried while reading. This Heart of Mine had me with tears in my eyes within the first 10% - that's how emotional it was, with high stakes. I loved the initial excitement over Leah and Matt's relationship, and the mystery over Eric's death also kept me intrigued.2 stars for the second half. I felt like this part was really dragge...
  • Leah
    This books seems to have gotten a lot of great reviews and I’m not sure why. It ended up becoming just another generic YA romance. Normally I’m down for a cute romance but I found Matt and Leah’s relationship to be anything but cute. Leah is your stereotypical shy book nerd and Matt is the popular football player. To add to the unoriginality there is some insta-love when they kiss within the first fifteen pages. We find out that they both h...
  • Kayla Brunson
    Received a copy from NetGalley for an honest reviewC.C. Hunter is one of my favorite authors, so when I saw she had a new book coming out I had to try to get it. I loved the Shadow Falls series.This was different than what she normally writes, and OMG it was great! I loved this book!From our first introduction to Leah and Matt, I was hooked. I had to know how this story would end. I felt like I was going through the emotions and every twist and t...