Knights vs. Dinosaurs by Matt Phelan

Knights vs. Dinosaurs

Renowned for their courage, their chivalry, and their ability to fight mythical creatures, the Knights of the Round Table must face their most dangerous opponents yet—DINOSAURS!This heavily illustrated middle grade novel from award-winning author and artist Matt Phelan is a hilarious, rip-roaring tale of derring-do perfect for reluctant readers and fans of How to Train Your Dragon and The Terrible Two. Let me tell you a secret about the Knights...

Details Knights vs. Dinosaurs

TitleKnights vs. Dinosaurs
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Humor, Fantasy, Animals, Dinosaurs

Reviews Knights vs. Dinosaurs

  • Tasha
    King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table love to tell tall tales of their adventures, but they are all lies. There just aren’t enough mythical beasts for them to battle. When Sir Erec brags that he’d slain forty dragons, he knew that he’d pushed the storytelling too far. It caught Merlin’s attention and Merlin suggested that Sir Erec, Sir Bors, Sir Hector and the Black Knight explore one particular cave. As they did so, along with Bors...
  • Lynn
    Absurd fun for the 2nd-5th set and kids looking for short chapter books. Kids will love being on the inside of the joke and knowing more than the knights!In King Arthur's court, the bored knights mostly fight among themselves or invent battles to boast about because real battles are pretty scarce. When Erec carries the exaggeration a bit too far, Merlin challenges him to take on a "terrible lizard" and some of his fellow knights join in the quest...
  • Mary
    As you can tell from the 4 stars I gave this book, I really enjoyed it! It was fast-paced, funny, and filled with Phelan's quiet and amazing illustrations. This books follows four knights of Sir Arthur's Round Table on a quest to defeat a terrible monster. Merlin sends these four knights, and squire Mel, to a time when dinosaurs roamed. We see many different dinosaurs, some which lived at different times, but Merlin explains at the end that this ...
  • Melanie Dulaney
    What a great book for the 3rd through 6th grade crowd, especially for those wanting (or requiring) a shorter chapter book. Knights vs. Dinosaurs offers plenty of excellent black and drawings to augment the exciting tale of 4 knights and a squire off to slay dragons, ah, terrible lizards, making it a promising pick for the reluctant to read students. Terrific tale for those who enjoy action-adventure, a bit of magic, and plenty of clashing weaponr...
  • Paul Hankins
    When the bravado of one knight gets the better of him at the Round Table, a new story of daring and danger unfolds. No spoilers here, but friends in the business will really want to think through who this book is for by way of recommending and for independent reading. Journey back to Camelot in this humorous story of a group of knights challenged by Merlin to seek out the most terrible lizard of them all. The mix of text, illustrations, and graph...
  • Robin
    It's fun to read well-written children's fiction like this and when I saw that Matt Phelan had a new one, I requested the ARC but didn't get to it before the book was published. Just finished it and I can't wait to give this book to a child reader at the library. The plot? Knights of the Round Table battle dinosaurs! What more could you ask for?!
  • Munro's Kids
    This was completely ridiculous, but lots of fun. King Arthur's knights don't have enough to do, so spend too much of their time fighting each other and lying about all the dragons they've slain. An annoyed Merlin decides to teach them a lesson and sends them on a quest... to fight dinosaurs! Sillyness abounds as the knights bicker, reveal hidden identities, and eventually team up to brawl all your famous dinosaurs (I appreciated the afterward whi...
  • Kristy McRae
    I scored an advance galley of this one for my son, and we both loved it! Fast-paced adventure, with just the right amount of humor. Along with the terrific illustrations, it was a win all around.
  • Mikayla
    Fun to flip through, cute illustrations, but I thought it was called knights AND dinosaurs (I don't like when the dinos are the bad guys) so I was a little sad, I guess.
  • Kathleen
    This was a cute, quick read for children. I would probably say that 12 is a little old for this book, but, heck, I read it so they might enjoy it as well.
  • Karin
    Read this in e-galley form and would like to see finished book. Totally entertaining story of a bunch of medieval knights, bored in a time of peace, who are taught a lesson by Merlin when they are sent back to the time of dinosaurs. Super-fun, and completely different from other stuff by this author. Can't wait to share with my 7yo.