Lovestruck (Lucky in Love, #3) by Lila Monroe

Lovestruck (Lucky in Love, #3)

Alternate cover edition of ASIN B072BF2H6D One week in paradise with the one man I can't resist...Will Cassidy is hot, infuriating, and the guy behind the biggest heart-stomping humiliation of my life. He's also hosting my BFF's destination wedding at his super-luxe tropical resort, so short of a hurricane or outbreak of the plague (here's hoping), I'm stuck within t̶o̶n̶g̶u̶e̶'s̶ arm's reach of him for the next seven days.But I'm not a na...

Details Lovestruck (Lucky in Love, #3)

TitleLovestruck (Lucky in Love, #3)
Release DateApr 29th, 2017
PublisherLila Monroe Books
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Humor, Funny

Reviews Lovestruck (Lucky in Love, #3)

  • Alex ♈
    It was on of the books I had to dry my kindle off the drool the heroine left behind.I don't find it funny, when a woman is pining after a man for years and he enjoys his life with many meaningless hook-ups.To be fair I must admit that she wasn't celibate, but of course didn't really move on and didn't really have satisfying sex life.They knew each other at college and she was secretly in love with him, but he saw her only as his friend and conti...
  • Paige
    4 "Deanna" StarsLovestruck is a light romantic comedy that kept me thoroughly entertained. Will and Ruby have hilarious banter with sexual tension to spare. And with just enough intrigue to keep me guessing, Ms. Monroe proved once again that she writes good rom-com.Ruby is taking her first vacation is forever for her best friend's destination wedding when she's brought face to face with Will for the first time since he left her broken hearted in ...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    I wasn't Lovestruck with this one.I think I'm too old to fall for this type of romance. There is no way I would talk to, let alone kiss, someone who had broken my heart. Read through until the 30% mark and skimmed until 83% when it finished. The last 17% is advertising for other books.I'll leave this for the young'uns, maybe they have a higher tolerance for alcohol loaded shenanigans and lusty hijinks.*Get my walking stick hubby, it's time for my...
  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    Lovestruck is the perfect light-hearted romcom for those who love second-chance romances!I've previously read Lila's books, so I can say without a doubt that Lovestruck is my absolute favorite of hers! Her unique writing style, coupled with the hilarious dialogue and awkward situations, makes the reader feel completely engaged in the story!Running late to catch a flight to her best friend's wedding, Ruby collides (quite literally) with none other...
  • Shayna
    A second-chance romance full of hilarity and heart!Lila Monroe is known for her lighthearted rom-coms, and with LOVESTRUCK she just proved herself yet again. She gives us characters and hilarious and awkward situations we can relate to. She helps us to laugh, cry, and swoon hard with every turn of the page. This fast-paced and absolutely DELIGHTFUL romance will have you blushing from head to toe. "You," he mutters, "have been driving me insane...
  • Melinda
    Lovestruck by Lila Monroe 3.5*Lovestruck is the story of Ruby and Will and is a second chance romance. Back in the college days they had a friendship which developed into something more for Ruby. She devised a clever plot to let Will know her feelings and left him a note but signed it using an alias that she thought he would recognize. The next morning she hears Will making fun of the note and, being beyond hurt and disappointed, disconnected her...
  • ItaPixie
    This was such a lovely and smexy second-chance romance and I so love those kind of stories I couldn't read it quick enough.Ruby and Will were best friends at college but at some point they drift apart only to meet again few years later at their mutual friends' wedding in a fabulous tropical resort.Our main characters are two certified workhaolic,it seems like they don't have enough time in a day for a committed romantic relationship but the chemi...
  • E.M. Summers
    Title: LovestruckAuthor: Lila MonroeSeries: standaloneGenre: romantic comedyThemes: unrequited love, second chance Heat: 3/5Rating: 3/5 This is a short, easy rom-com, perfect for a sunny day in the garden and a bottle of cider. It's the type of book you can consume in one sitting, quite happily. But, in some ways, that's not really enough for me any more. I couldn't connect to the characters, and much as the sex scenes (and even a particularly an...
  • L.R.W. Lee
    GoodAnother good installment in the series. It kept me laughing and enjoying the ride with its many humps and bumps.
  • Kelly Emery (Beneath The Covers Blog)
    Full review can be found at Beneath The Covers Blog -->*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.*
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    Cute, quick, easy read. Both characters were likable and I settled in a flew through this one. Second chance romances are near and dear to my heart so I enjoyed it!
  • Red Cheeks Reads
    4 SMOOCHES!This was a second-chance romance, set in a tropical location. It was a quick read, and if I'd have had a clear schedule when I picked it up, I could have read it in a single sitting. Lovestruck was light-hearted, sexy and heavy on the comedy.Ruby and Will went to college together, where they became close but never bridged the gap from friends to anything more, though the feelings were there. A misunderstanding drives them apart, and fi...
  • Peggy Lee (Reading Keeps Me Sane)
    Lovestruck is a sexy second-chance romantic comedy. There's plenty of laughs, sexual tension and angst before you get to the happy tears. It all began with a love letter that sadly went astray. It's five years later and the once friends are reunited for their friends destination wedding. Ruby Walters is on her way to her best friends destination wedding when she runs into an ex-college friend, Will Cassidy. Will is the one person she never intend...
  • Liz
    Sometimes Kindle unlimited can produce little gems that you wouldn't have found otherwise, sometimes some of the books are a bit meh. This was a meh. Just all a little bit too sickly sweet for me, way over my girly girly threshold, i'm just not into how"my halter neck dress has come back from the hotel laundry service and i'm SO excited" - ok i might have embellished that a bit but it was just too much fluff.I will say i was surprised when the ma...
  • Jennifer
    1.5 stars.The was engagingly written and had its funny bits, but I didn't enjoy it all that much. To be fair, I generally steer clear of the whole "I've been in love with you for years, but you never saw me as anything but a friend" trope and this was no exception. Add to that situation the fact that the H was a total manwhore and I just didn't really care. At least we don't have any flashbacks to him and OW. That would have been the last straw f...
  • Amanda
    “An invitation to literally stomp all over the guy who bruised my heart? Who can turn that down?”Light-hearted romcom! What could be better? Not a thing, and I adored Lovestruck.Ruby Walter’s is late catching her plane while heading to her best friend’s destination wedding. As she is hurrying for the security check line, she collides with the one man she never thought she would see again. Will Cassidy, the Will that shares her love of ...
  • Lourdes
    Ruby Walters is on her way to her BFF's destination wedding in a Mexican tropical resort when she runs into Will Cassidy, her former college friend and the man who stump all over her heart five years prior. Seeing he's still his charming self and a successful entrepreneur making a name for himself will remind Ruby of the old feelings she had for him. Will she be able to resist him this time around?Memories of past heartbreak, meddling parents, a ...
  • Tina Todd shobe
    Lila is on her way to be a part of her friend, Brooke's wedding when she finds out that her college crush Will not only is also in the wedding but the wedding is at the resort he owns. She was devastated on how he treated her in college and is using all her inner strength to get through all the preparations.It's not long before she realizes she's not over Will and that there is something strong between the two of them.There are several chuckles i...
  • Lauren Lascola-Lesczynski
    Will and about a misunderstanding gone wrong! Ruby is a straight shooter when it comes to work, but in matters of the heart she is a tad jaded. Ruby is awesome at her job, works very hard, but is missing a special someone to share her success with.Will is going places with his business and taking names. He seems to have it all at his finger tips, except for a lady to share his spoils with. When Will and Ruby are suddenly in the same p...
  • Amber - TBR Book Blog
    In reading the description, this made me think of The Wedding Date. If you haven't seen that movie, do. Dermot Mulroney!! Need I say more? Anyway, Ruby is a PR manager to YouTube and Instagram child sensations. She's rushing through the airport to make it to her BFF's destination wedding and runs into Will. The Will she knew in college and was in love with. The Will who broke her heart and she's never talked to him since. Seems he's part of the s...
  • A little birdie told me...
    This was cute. The not-communicating thing did run amok, though. So did the interruptions of intimate moments. (That got annoying.) Although I hated that it took awhile to get them together, they sizzled when they did. I love me a dirty talker. I liked the twist on the heroine's career. We've seen a lot of the publicist jobs lately, but the angle of repping the teenage youtubers was pretty nice. I'm not sure the end was exactly the way to go. It ...
  • Debbie
    This was an okay read although not as funny as I thought it would be. I liked Will's character and felt for him for most of the story. He and Ruby were friends in college when something happened that hurt Ruby's feelings. Now six years later they end up together at a wedding. Will wants to catch up and spend time with Ruby, but she tries to avoid him and inner dialogues us to death because of the grudge she holds. I found Ruby's character annoyin...
  • FunUndertheCovers
    Ruby had a crush on Will back in college that was until he broke her heart. How is she going to survive the next week with him at her best friend's wedding at Will's resort in Mexico? This was such a fun read! Just what a rom-com should be. Light, funny, steamy with just a hint of angst. The adventures and misunderstandings these have are comical and sometimes oh so sexy! I loved every single word of this book. The connection was so smooth betwee...
  • Kim Ginsberg
    Ruby Walters is a PR agent in LA for the younger, YouTube crowd. She's on her way for a week's vacation for her best friend's wedding in Mexico. Who she finds at the airport shocks her. Her crush from college is on her flight, not only that, he's also going to the wedding as he's friend's with the groom, and it's HIS resort. Will Cassidy is surprised to see his friend from college on his flight, but does a goodwill gesture for her on the plane. C...
  • Danielle Salinger
    Lila Monroe is an absolute must-read author for me. I know that I am guaranteed to be in for a laugh-out-loud, sexy story, with plenty of geeky humor to keep this girl happy. Lovestruck not only doesn't disappoint, but it surpassed my expectations. Lila has a knack for the push and pull between characters, which only fuels the fire between them and between the pages. Ruby Walters was in love with Will Cassidy, once upon a time. The hurt that he i...
  • Tina
    This is the second book I've read by this author and she's slowly turning into a favorite:) It was funny, sweet and I couldn't put it down! Will was great;)