My Pillow Keeps Moving by Laura Gehl

My Pillow Keeps Moving

A lonely man tries to buy a pillow . . . and ends up with a new best friend in this silly and sweet doggy tale, perfect for fans of Officer Buckle and Gloria . Dogs make good pillows, don't they?A clever pup ends up in a cozy home, and she'll do anything to stay there. She impersonates everything the lonely homeowner needs--a pillow, a footstool, a jacket. But in the end, being herself works best. Laura Gehl's spare, humorous text an...

Details My Pillow Keeps Moving

TitleMy Pillow Keeps Moving
Release DateJan 16th, 2018
PublisherViking Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Humor, Animals, Storytime, Dogs, Funny

Reviews My Pillow Keeps Moving

  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    A dog poses as a pillow, a footstool, and a jacket in order to find a home.The illustrations add much to the humor of the story.Satisfying ending.
  • Julie
    This book gets funnier every time I read it!
  • Kaethe
    The art has an early reader from the 60s vibe, kind od sid Hoff. As well as a very clever dog. I checked it out for the title, then saw a blurb recommending it to fans of Officer Buckle and Gloria, which I am. I want a new Rathmann book now.Library copy
  • Laura Harrison
    Cute story with irresistible illustrations.
  • Rachel
    An adorable and humorous tale of a man who attempts to buy a pillow, a footstool & a jacket only to be “tricked” into falling in love with a dog. Accompanied by bright and interactive illustrations, this will be a hit for young children at storytimes and underscores the value of companionship.
  • Melissa
    I think I might know a few kids who would like this book.
  • Justin Langlois
    Very cute! Who wouldn't want a dog for a pillow?
  • Cheryl Gladfelter
    This book is full of warm fuzzies. I loved it!
  • Mary Ann
    This will bring lots of storytime laughs -- kids love it when they can see how foolish grownups are being.
  • Debbie Smith
    The first spread in the book shows a cat and dog shivering outside a store called The Pillow Place. The signs in the window guarantee soft and fluffy pillows on sale. While the cat seems unsure we see the dog slip through the door and curl up on a  pile of pillows. We see a man’s yellow arm point to the top of the pile of pillows to the “dog” pillow. He is wearing glasses, but we can assume he needs stronger lenses. Kitty watches as the ma...
  • Gmr
    A charming story about a pillow, foot stool, Haley, whatever...that keeps moving...and yet readers will understand from the start, we're not dealing with your average, run of the mill furnishings here. At the heart of this clever tale are a cat and a pup seeking shelter from the elements and inadvertently finding a forever home...albeit a reluctant one. Well, it's not so much reluctant as it is confused because honestly, if my jacket starting bel...
  • Jj
    This is a cute and funny story about a dog who pretends to be a series of different objects in order to work its way into a real home (and heart). Kids will enjoy following the dog as it pretends to be a pillow, a footstool, and a jacket--all without the owner of these objects ever noticing that it is, in fact, a dog. I saw this as a story about perseverance for kids--the dog knew what it wanted from the start and worked to get it, taking on diff...
  • Bethany
    MY PILLOW KEEPS MOVING is a humorous book where a dog pretends to be items like a pillow and a coat so that the man will take him home. At first, the man complains because his coat stinks, his footstool is loud, and his pillow moves.The man eventually accepts its a dog and welcomes it into his home as a pet. A cat, upon seeing this, pretends to be a hat to get into the the man's home as well. The illustrations are colorful and catch your eye imme...
  • Barb
    This book caught my eye because one of my grandson’s reasons for coming out of his room is that his pillow isn’t right! Although his pillow isn’t moving like the one in Laura Gehl’s book, i think he and other youngsters will enjoy the book. The book has sneaky animals and gullible adults. What could be more entertaining? Laura Gehl is the author of the Peep and Egg series as well. Christopher Weyant’s illustrations will prompt many gigg...
  • Juliana Lee
    Unsuspecting customer thinks he's buying a pillow when in fact he takes home a dog. The dog is warm and fluffy just like a pillow. Then he buys a footstool, which is actually still the dog. And lastly he buys a coat, which you guessed it is still the dog. The man accepts the dog and then goes out to buy a hat... cat.
  • Sheri
    Really fun story about buying a pillow and when the buyer complains he receives fun rewards and goes home happy. Buying and selling theme with comfortable live pillows. Some silliness in the illustrations worth having the child look through the story first and then read with them. Makes me smile just rereading the story.
  • Sandy Brehl
    The humor and premise of this story is outrageous enough to feel real, and it presents prime material for chants of "read it again!".The clever dog and observant cat will win hearts from page one. Along the way the language that clarifies the properties of various familiar objects offers rich fuel for more discussions about "What makes a _________ a ____________?".
  • Rita Salfetnikova
    Copyright:Genre: Picture bookThis was a silly book about how a man goes to the story and every time instead of buying what he was planning on, he ends up buying a dog. This was a really fun book to read alound to little kids grades pre-school-K.
  • Lynn Davidson
    This is such a cute story. A dog wants a home so when he sees a man shopping for a pillow the dog pretends to be a pillow. The man buys him but his "pillow" keeps moving. The dog becomes whatever the man needs - a footstool, a coat - until they discover what they both really need, a friend.
  • Katie
    I am a sucker for books with dogs! This book was cute and kids will enjoy seeing the different things the dog can do and of course, the farting will amuse them too. Can't wait to read this aloud to some students soon!
  • June
    Dog trying to find a place sneaks into stores to be bought by a clueless man, and a swarmy salesman who will not admit that there's a problem. I might try this as an intro. for the Read to a Dog program.
  • Chris
    This book reminds me of the Sesame Street sketch in which Grover is a waiter and keeps getting the customer's order wrong. In this case, the customer doesn't get quite so annoyed, but it retains the same charm. So funny!
  • Margie Wells
    I'm a sucker for a dog or cat story. This is a winner. Young children will enjoy the "misunderstandings" that the salespeople have with the man who purchases something besides a pillow, stool and jacket!
  • Miss Sarah
    A silly story about a man who goes shopping for pillows, jackets, fottstools, etc and keeps complaiing about each objcect. It moves, it smells, it itches. what could be wron g with all these thin gs. heavily dependent on pictures so preschool and up
  • Erin
    Charming with extremely sweet illustrations. A lot of visual humor that defies a straight read-aloud (at least for a large or very young group). We also had to go back and point out all the cats, so we read this forward, then backward.
  • Kelly Carey
    Kids will laugh at the silly dog and cat in this book. And the illustrations are fun and full of spaces for readers to explore. I almost wanted this book to be wordless -- more than 1/2 the pages are wordless.
  • Marcie
    Laughed out loud. The repetition will make it a fun read or preschool read aloud. I can see classes doing home pictures of kids with their pets as pillows, footstools, coats, etc.After listening to Leah read to Arden I see that although the idea is great the book suffers a little in execution. She kept wanting to read the What seems to be the problem, sir? after the patron statement which does make sense.
  • Allison
    so wonderfully silly!
  • LizzyBerry
    I think this would get lots of laughs at preschool storytime.
  • Ruth Anne
    A funny story that kind of reads like a cartoon. Pay attention to the details!