Trumpocracy by David Frum


A New York Times Bestseller!Bestselling author, former White House speechwriter, and Atlantic columnist and media commentator David Frum explains why President Trump has undermined our most important institutions in ways even the most critical media has missed, in this thoughtful and hard-hitting book that is a warning for democracy and America’s future."From Russia to South Africa, from Turkey to the Philippines, from Venezuela to Hungary, aut...

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Release DateJan 16th, 2018
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction, History

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  • Will Byrnes
    Democracy dies in darkness, opines a great American newspaper, but it would be more accurate to say that it dies by degrees. Where constitutional democracy has been lost, it has been lost because political actors have broken its rules turn by turn to achieve some immediately urgent goal. Each rule breaking then justifies the next, in a cycle of revenge that ends only in the formal or informal abrogation of the constitutional order. David Frum pi...
  • Bill Kerwin
    One of the pleasures of too much MSNBC is the lamentations of the never-Trumpers, those conservatives who watch as the wild boar that is Trump gores their Republican party. All of them (with the exception of William Kristol) have something worthwhile to say, and what they say—from the righteous barkings of the sepulchral Richard Painter, and the sharp reproofs of old campaigner Steve Schmidt, to the surreal smears of jester Rick Wilson—is del...
  • Lewis Weinstein
    UPDATE 2/4/17 ...Since I have followed the disgusting news about Trump and his presidency, much that Frum writes is familiar to me. Frum despises Trump, as do I, and over 235 pages he makes the case that such a view is well justified. How America is going to exit from this travesty of governance is another matter, one that should concern all thinking Americans, especially those who have besmirched themselves by lying down with Trump.***I just sta...
  • Steve
    First, this is a really good book published at a uniquely, critically important moment in time. It's a worthwhile investment of time and, as a bonus, it's an easy read. (OK, I struggled to put it down, and decided that, once I started it, I'd rather finish it then get a good night's sleep or do some of the work that, temporarily, was put on hold.)While I'm hesitant to (broadly) recommend this book to others, I'm pleased that I bought it (it makes...
  • Karla
    Sorry, Dave, but the erosion of the Republican base was well underway during Your Guy's administration. Your start date of 2008-ish for when Things Started Going Downhill in the Party is kinduva steaming load of bullshit. I don't disremember those 8 years. It was shit, and your party was starting to show signs of rot & disorder & subversion of norms to the point that Jim Jeffords left you guys.Don't gaslight me, Dave.It'd be nice to see a parade ...
  • Mal Warwick
    "Trumpocracy has left Americans less safe against foreign dangers, has diverted their money from its proper purposes to improper pockets, has worked to bias law enforcement in favor of the powerful, and has sought to intimidate media lest they report things the public most needs to know." Thus David Frum sets the stage to explain how Donald Trump undermines democracy in his new book, Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic.If there ...
  • Ted Lehmann
    Trumpocracy by David Frum – Book ReviewDavid Frum has written an erudite, scholarly, entertaining, coruscating, and, ultimately, both deeply scary and hopeful book called Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic (HarperCollins, 2018, 320 pages, $25.99/12.99). Using elegant, nuanced writing and thoughtful analysis based on deep, and wide research, fully thirty percent of the text is taken up by footnotes, Frum carefully builds his ar...
  • Mehrsa
    Ugh. It's only slightly more nuanced than Fire and Fury and all of the rest of them. (Why do I keep reading this books about Trump? Because I feel like if I read them all, I will come to understand why he is our president). There are some really good passages--especially when he talks about the entire Republican party and what its problems are, but the stuff about trump is just everything we already know from the headlines. This isn't a big idea ...
  • Kirk
    Considering David Frum’s one-time employer, his unabashed (though not brash) embrace of the conservative label, and the unfortunate occasion of its publication (on the heels of Fire and Fury), it’s possible his latest book may not garner the wide audience it so sorely deserves. Trumpocracy is a thorough, candid, and humorous treatment of the political apotheosis of America’s legendary bully. Though it’s impossible for me to say how Trumpo...
  • Bettie☯
    He did not do it by himself. Donald Trump was hoisted into office, and is sustained there by many hands:by a conservative entertainment complex that propagandized for him;by fellow candidates for president who appeased him in the hope they could use him;by a Republican Party apparatus that submitted to him;by a donor elite who funded him;by a congressional party that protected him;by writers and intellectuals who invented excuses for him; andby m...
  • Maryam
    Maybe you do not much care about the future of the Republican Party. You should. Conservatives will always be with us. If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy. The stability of American society depends on conservatives’ ability to find a way forward from the Trump dead end, toward a conservatism that can not only win elections but also govern responsib...
  • Andrew Shaffer
    A solid overview of the past two years, and how normalcy has eroded. Maybe my expectations were too high after the backstage intrigue of books like THE DEVIL'S BARGAIN and FIRE AND FURY.
  • Matt Tandy
    While there are many anti-Trump books out there, they are for the most part written by left leaning activists and intellectuals. David Frum is a former speech writer for George Bush and a Republican, giving him a very different perspective on this presidency, yet coming to many of the same conclusions as his normal rivals. Thoughtful and alarming, yet never alarmist, Trumpocracy gets to the heart of what’s wrong with both the election and subse...
  • Scott Rhee
    “I just want to repeat: I’m president. I’m not king... I can exercise some flexibility in terms of where we deploy our resources, to focus on people who are really causing problems as opposed to families who are just trying to work and support themselves. But there’s a limit to the discretion that I can show, because I am obliged to execute the law. That’s what the executive branch means. I can’t just make up the laws by myself.” --...
  • Melissa
    What a disappointing effort from David Frum!  While I do not share many of the author's political convictions, he is one of the writers I turn to to better understand neoconservative Republican viewpoints.  His writing in "The Atlantic" magazine, where Frum is a senior editor, is usually crisp and his points well substantiated, so I was looking forward to reading a strongly argued position expanding on his many articles addressing the peculiari...
  • Jason Aglietti
    I found Trumpocary to be a thought provoking commentary on the current chaotic status of US politics centered around the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Frum explains how US politics arrived to this point, rehashes the current status of the Trump presidency of the last year, and then focuses on the short-term future of US politics. Frum, a long-time conservative and former speech writer for George W. Bush makes a compelling case against the Trump ...
  • Alan Johnson
    The author of this book, David Frum, is a self-described conservative Republican. This book is not, however, primarily about conservatism versus liberalism (American progressivism). It is rather about conservativism and liberalism versus authoritarian Trumpism. As such, it is well argued and well written. Consider, for example, the last paragraph (p. 236) of the book:"Those citizens who fantasize about defying tyranny from within fortified compo...
  • M.K.
    An alarming, clear-eyed and well articulated view of what's going on in the US.
  • Inna
    Will we be a functioning democracy after Trump? After I finished Trumpocracy I was both more frightened and more hopeful. David Frum explains in this book how our entire system (which was designed to make sure that a casually cruel, corrupt person like Trump could never assume power) failed. This did not happen overnight and we will not fix it overnight. David Frum makes that clear from the get-go. Then it gets worse.In a chapter titled “Enable...
  • Lynn
    Very good commentary from David Frum, a conservative journalist. He is right on about many things about who elected Trump and why they elected Trump. He notes the antipathy about immigrants many of the Trump voters have and he warns that conservatives who feel threatened will check out on the democratic process. In the end he offered hope if the conservative view is included in government, and says that Nazi and Communist are just names. I agree ...
  • Book
    Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic by David Frum“Trumpocracy” is a solid book of those who enable, empower, support and collaborate with Donald Trump. Senior editor at the Atlantic and author of nine books including the bestseller The Right Man, David Frum provides the public with yet another conservative voice who has taken a public stance against Trump’s subversion of norms and the paralysis of governance. This interesti...
  • Regina
    Book does not add nor expand on the current knowledge at all. Simply recounts and restates the obvious, anybody watching liberal media can gather as much.
  • Eric Wojciechowski
    If I were to write a book about the Donald J Trump presidency and the campaign before it, it would read very much like David Frum’s TRUMPOCRACY. I found myself time and again nodding in recognition of my own thoughts and recollections, noting that I’d written similar warnings and complaints in essays featured on my own blog, to Twitter threads and other social media posts. And in conversations with numerous people, I presented many of the sam...
  • Donna Hines
    As our Country slowly erodes away: our Democracy, The US Constitution, and everything it stands for; I sit here and sadly say I told you so.Look I've married a malignant narcissist and at this point it's redundant so check my profile and my links for further insight.I can tell you they are wolfs in sheeps clothing and many are dangerous. Dictators, authoritarians, and children in adult bodies. Charming to hilt with mountains over molehills and al...
  • Paul Demetre
    This is another of the recent wave of books about Donald Trump and the trainwreck that was the 2016 American election, along with its causes and aftermath.Aa a side note, there have been a lot of books written lately that take a negative view of Mr. Trump but I haven't noticed any written in support of him. I'm not saying that those who support him don't know how to read or write, I'm just saying, ha ha ha.Before you think I'm too crass as a Cana...
  • Elizabeth Stolar
    A very high four stars - only not 5 because I just read When Democracies Die which was a 5, and this was just slightly behind it. But this discusses many of the same ideas. I always feel badly for David Frum, a good old Republican utterly dismayed by what has happened to his party. This book lays out many of the ways that this president may destroy the country - I'm not sure what else to say, so I'll put a couple of excerpts: "A president beholde...
  • Mark Miano
    I've run into David Frum, the author of TRUMPOCRACY, a few times during my years in Washington, DC. This isn't unusual; one often runs into politicians, politicos, journalists, and other capital city "celebrities." My first encounter with Frum was the most memorable. I was walking my black lab, Dash, in Battery Kemble Park when all of a sudden David's two large yellow labs appeared out of the woods and bum rushed us. There was lots of growling an...
  • Ron Versetto
    In David Frum’s Trumpocracy, the abnormalities of Trump and the surrounding administration are not partitioned out over weeks and months as they have been since Trump announced his candidacy but rather thrown at the reader like a barrage of fastballs that seem to have no end. This component of the book was probably the most noteworthy of the center-right author’s work.Frum starts off the book very briefly explaining his take on what led to th...