5 Ingredients – Quick Easy Food by Jamie Oliver

5 Ingredients – Quick Easy Food

Jamie keeps it super-simpleCooking doesn't have to be complicated - that's why Jamie's 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food is sure to become your new best friend in the kitchen.It's all about making the journey to good food very, very simple. Every recipe uses just five key ingredients, ensuring you can get a meal together fast, whether it's finished and on the table in a flash, or after minimal hands-on prep, you've let the oven do the hard work f...

Details 5 Ingredients – Quick Easy Food

Title5 Ingredients – Quick Easy Food
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews 5 Ingredients – Quick Easy Food

  • Adina
    I think this is one of the best Jamie's cookbooks. Perfect for people that would like to have a home cooked dinner/lunch but do not care to spend too much time in the kitchen cooking or, worse, washing dishes. I review cookbooks after I try at least 10 recipes but with this one I probably made more than 20. As the name suggests, each recipes uses 5 ingredients (expect for staples such a vinegar, oil, salt, pepper) and are very easy to make. Even ...
  • Monique
    I love the clean, simple format of this cookbook. Its beautifully laid out. The ingredients being pictured along the side of the page looks great and provides a quick way of surveying the products required. A nice little touch is the listing of nutritional information at the bottom of each recipe. My meal planning was made so easy.Despite the visual promise of the book, I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the recipes themselves. The inst...
  • zakeeya
    As with all Jamie's books, the ideas and concepts make this more than just a recipe book. He encourages thinking out of the box, with a focus on good quality ingredients and flavourful herbs. Adding the nutritional information for each dish is also another marvelous way in which Jamie makes us aware of what we're putting into our bodies. As a mother and home-cook, I appreciate this information immensely. I liked this book very much, yet I have on...
  • Terri
    I hate to say it, but this may be his best book yet. For me personally, I like the Superfood books the best, but for an alrounder that has appeal to all walks of life, 5 Ingredients is a cracker.Just the layout alone is enough to get 4 stars; for its simplicity and its accessibility.Photos of the 5 ingredients you need are shown down the side of each recipe and the recipes are not complicated, which is great for a lot of people who don't want to ...
  • Nithiya Saher
    5 Ingredients. 5 Stars. Best. Recipe. Book. Ever.I'm obsessed with this book! Jamie Oliver knows his ingredients and he knows flavour profiles like no other! With as little as 5 ingredients per dish, I find myself whipping up some pretty tasty stuff!The layout of this book is beautiful! I could give 4 stars for the layout alone with the big and bold colours and the easy to understand ingredients list and method for cooking.My only gripe with this...
  • Justin Walshaw
    After the phenomenal success of his blood-thirsty revolution across the antipodes, not to mention the thrill of ten minute meals, Mr Oliver introduces a bold new front in the game of hide and seek: 5 Ingredients that cannot be found . . . unless you happen to be:1. A Russian Oil tycoon.2. A dentist registered in Venice Beach.3. A former Spice Girl.4. All of the above.
  • Adam Webling
    Only having 5 ingredients for each recipe makes this such a simple book to use :)
  • Julie Bozza
    I am loving this cookbook. Everything I've tried so far has worked perfectly, and has been delicious and satisfying. The dishes have also been quick and easy and creative, and therefore don't feel like a burden to take on at the wrong end of the working day. They are also (so far!) quite healthy in terms of what I need right now, so that takes some stress out of the whole deal.Each recipe does indeed feature five ingredients, no more and no less....
  • Dawnie
    fantastic book with easy recipes and fast to make meals. great mixture of different ingredients and ideas!
  • Meera Nair
    How often have you googled recipes only to realize that the ingredients required are five times more than the number of servings or that the time needed to prepare the dish is a lot longer than what you're ready to invest? With Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients Quick Easy Food, you don't need to worry about a thing! It has clear cut instructions, pictures of ingredients, so you know exactly what's required and drool-worthy snaps of the end product. If...
  • Amanda
    I loved the photos and the layout more than the content of the recipes
  • Angelina
    Nothing really special, but still I like that he makes cooking homemade food as simple as possible so more people can try it.
  • Ashley Will
    Great looking recipes, looking forward to trying some
  • Gerdien
    Delicious, quick and easy recipes. Brilliant!!:
  • Angie-Leonie
    Half term delight which assisted in making my charges aka play neices and nephews, quiet in the kitchen. Great way to get the childrena and adults involved without a lot of headaches and screaming tantrums (adults thats you lot).
  • PlusFour
    Several of the recipes are missing ingredients that would vastly improve them if not for the arbitrary number 5. Every single recipe includes the phrase "season to perfection with sea salt and pepper." The recipes that are edible are so-so at best, and the worst ones are terrible. There are far, far superior books for people looking for quick, simple meals. A thorough disappointment.
  • Jay
    Just to plain for meEvery recipe needed hacking to make it tasty
  • Crystal
    I don't think I've read a Jamie Oliver cookbook before, and I'm sorry I started with this one. He's obviously got talent to have gotten where he did, but this book was really disappointing. Not only is it disappointing as someone who must be gluten free and tries to be vegan--I counted no more than 10 recipes in here that would work for me, and not all of those were appealing--only three of the recipes actually interested me, and it turns out one...
  • Cynthia D
    I liked the premise of this cookbook that you can cook easily at home with 5 ingredients. The thing is that not included in every recipe was the addition of some items you just need to stock in your pantry as default, some of which aren’t usual items I’d see in mine since they’d never get used. The other thing that was the use of premise sauces and chutneys to complete recipes instead of making them from scratch, though those do lend themse...
  • Julie Round
    I can't say I have really finished this book as I haven't tried everything but after having a go at three dishes I feel I can offer an opinion. At first I was annoyed as there were so many ingredients, sauces and herbs, that I did not have in my cupboard. Then, out of the two savoury dishes I tried, one was a success and the other a disaster. I did try a sweet recipe which is delicious but I don't have a food processor so had to mix by hand.I hav...
  • Donna
    This was my first Jamie Oliver cookbook, and I can't use it... grrrIt is wonderfully done! Who doesn't love "5 ingredient" cooking? I love the nutritional breakdown at the end of every recipe, but unfortunately, the "fat" content of most of the recipes exceed my "daily" fat requirements, much less just for one meal. :( Perhaps, sometime in the future, I can sit down and work out some substitutes to bring the fat content down! *grin*
  • Ambur Taft
    I will buy this book. I would eat anything out of this book, some of it I may not take the time to make, and some of the ingredients I may not be a total fan of, but I would absolutely eat it if someone else cooked it because this man is a genius....each recipe 5 ingredients, easy steps, healthy, & an amazing treat for your mouth.
  • Kyrie
    I like the idea of just five ingredients, although to be fair, he admits he's not counting things you probably already have like oil, salt, pepper. They all look fairly easy to make, and given the wide variety of appetites in this house, I was glad to see most would appeal. Looking forward to making fresh stuff fast.
  • Karen Foster
    Beautiful, simplistic design & gorgeous photography. Accessible and probably the most practical and usable cookbook I’ve come across in a while. Perfect for weeknight dinner inspiration. And healthy too. Money well spent.
  • Sally Whiteside
    I adore Jamie Oliver and his way of cooking. This is a brilliant book for the non cooking person like me. Simple and easy to follow and I have followed a few of these delicious recipes and tweaked for my family and own tastes. Great for teaching our younger generation to cook for them selves.
  • Passenger B.
    The first cookbook by Jamie Oliver I actually found useful. Well. Every dog has its day, eh.
  • Julie
    I LOVE this cookbook! One of the best cookbooks that I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to try every single one!
  • Helen White
    Got my eye on the sausage and apple bake.
  • Kimber Bell
    I read the cookbook cover to cover. Photos are gorgeous. I like having the nutritional info for each recipe. I tried the one pan fish and the green spaghetti and they were both good (and fast to make).Cons- Many of the recipes seem like meals that my kids would not eat. Some of the instructions could be more clear. Some additional ingredients are hidden in the instructions, so read the whole recipe before shopping.
  • Rebekah
    This book is my new best friend! I’m not great in the kitchen and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on food but with this book all my meals are full of flavour, easy to cook and are safely in my budget. I would highly recommend this to everyone!