Mythos by Stephen Fry


The Greek myths are the greatest stories ever told, passed down through millennia and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce and Walt Disney.They are embedded deeply in the traditions, tales and cultural DNA of the West. In Stephen Fry's hands the stories of the titans and gods become a brilliantly entertaining account of ribaldry and revelry, warfare and worship, debauchery, love affairs and life lesson...

Details Mythos

Release DateNov 2nd, 2017
PublisherMichael Joseph
GenreNonfiction, Fantasy, Mythology, History, Audiobook, Classics, Historical, Short Stories, Retellings, Religion, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews Mythos

  • Bradley
    I don't know about any of you, but this one's a winner. Far from feeling like another dry recounting of a number of our favorite Greek myths, Fry's down-to-earth humor and traditional (modern) storytelling have turned these gods into something most relatable.I've read Edith Hamilton and Bullfinch's recountings and I've had the pleasure of countless other sources, but here's where Fry shines: he cherry-picks the very best stories and tells them so...
  • Trish
    I first heard of Stephen Fry many years ago, have since watched him debate with the Church and wander through dense jungles trying to find nearly extinct animals, listened to him bring one of my favourite magical worlds to life, and learned a great deal from him on what must be one of the best quiz shows on (British) television. Not to mention his influence on LGBTQ rights and the acceptance of mental health issues (he himself is suffering from a...
  • Alice Lippart
    The most fun and entertaining book I've read in a very long time. Loved it.
  • ☘Misericordia☘ ✺❂❤❣
    This is good enough to eat! Loooooooooooooooooooove it! Gosh!!! I'll try to savour it for as long as possible!Q:What misery can be so great that it causes you to go about half drowning honest ants? (c)Q:‘You should ask yourself what brought you here,’ said Pan. ‘If it’s love, thenyou must pray to Aphrodite and Eros for guidance and relief. If your ownwickedness caused your downfall then you must live to repent. If it was causedby others t...
  • Sara
    This was the perfect book to read over a very sunny and hot Bank Holiday. Covering the dawn of the Gods, through the golden and silver ages, this discusses a wide range of stories told in the usual Fry wit. It’s incredibly informative and well planned out, told in a more structured chronological order than I’m normally use to with these stories. And I’ve read a lot of these stories. There’s nothing new here if you’ve delved into Greek m...
  • Lucy Langford
    4.5**So lucky to have found this book in the local library. Stephen Fry does a brilliant job of recounting the Greek myths- through describing the tales of gods, goddesses and creatures alike. This was a very informational read and I was able to build my knowledge on Greek myths and uncover more tales. Stephen Fry writes the book in such a way that it is not dry or boring (unlike some other informational books) and you can easily follow the myths...
  • Ana
    The lesson that repeats and repeats throughout the story of man. Don’t mess with the gods. Don’t trust the gods. Don’t anger the gods. Don’t barter with the gods. Don’t compete with the gods. Leave the gods well alone. Treat all blessings as a curse and all promises as a trap. Above all, never insult a god. Ever.Stephen Fry’s dry, sardonic wit and wicked humour shines through every page, particularly the pseudo-archaic banter between ...
  • Emma
    As always, Stephen Fry proves to be a wonderful narrator, bringing life, humour, and modernity into these age old stories. Certainly, Jeremy Kyle's show has nothing on the incessant sexual escapades, jealousy, deceit, love, and revenge that fuel the tales, which are essentially one long list of who had sex with who and what children were born of it. Sometimes listening to it in big chunks was almost too much, it is perhaps a book best dipped into...
  • Claudia
    I must have been around 8 when I first read The Legends of the Olympus and fell in love with Greek mythology. I reread it at least 3 times afterwards and remains one of my favorite books to this very day.Stephen Fry’s retelling of these myths is just as good as the original, if not better. It is limited to the gods (heroes’ tales are not included) but much more detailed than the version I read. I never really thought about how many of today...
  • Sonja Arlow
    3.5 starsI love fantasy and mythical tales and I adore Stephen Fry (who's audio narration was pitch perfect). I have also always wanted to read / understand the different Greek myths, and this seemed the perfect opportunity.I found it very interesting to learn the relationship between these myths and the English language, and just how much of an influence these stories still have on us today.There were a few tales that stood out, and these were t...
  • Netta
    It is regrettable that Stephen Fry's talent to be effortlessly snobbish in a very appealing, charmingly British way, does absolutely no good to the subject of his book. The main problem with this book is that Fry's retelling of the myths of Ancient Greece is exactly what the title promises – it is the retelling of the myths of Ancient Greece with some supposedly witty (but more often irrelevant) remarks which can be easily omitted. The question...
  • Cheese
    The history of greek mythology told in a long long story.This is the audio book and it was a challenge to finish, but interesting nonetheless.Stephen Fry is faultless in his narration.
  • Katerina
    Хорошо, но мало.Узнала, что Оксфорд и Босфор означают совершенно одно и то же (cow's crossing), и прозрела, в числе прочего, что гермафродит - это сын Гермеса и Афродиты; вот уж воистину blissful ignorance of the stupid.
  • Margaret
    At a time when other children had their mothers reading "Sleeping Beauty" and "Little Red Riding Hood" to them, my father was telling me the story of the abduction of Persephone with his own adornments (I particularly liked the squirrels wondering why she was picking flowers instead of nuts).I bring this up so you understand that I was exposed to the Greek myths at a young age. Once I was able to read I got my hands on Bullfinch's Mythology and R...
  • Jake
    This was by far the easiest 5 stars I have had the pleasure to give in quite a while. It is one of the very few books I would read again.Mythos is fascinating from start to finish. I have attempted to get into numerous mythology books before (yes even Edith Hamilton) and struggled. Stephen Fry has made these captivating stories into a very readable and even hilarious style. He has made each God not only memorable, but also much easier to obtain a...
  • R
    I love Greek Mythology or any mythology at that. This is a great collection of retellings but in Frys perfect storytelling mixed with his intellect and wit. If you enjoyed Gaimans Norse novel this will be 100% your thing. Has a little more depth to it than Gaimans and some personal touches which maked this a perfect read from start to finish.
  • Liawèn
    Can Stephen Fry write more books about myths? Like every myth? Heracles, Illyad, Odyssee, Oedipus? Please? I love listening to his voice and his new take on the dialogue between the gods and mortals is the best. So, please, please, please: Write another one :-D
  • Karina Read
    I loved Mythos, and Fry’s narration was superb. What makes it different from all the other Greek/Roman mythology books that I have collected over the years is the coherent chronology that Fry has achieved. By placing all the stories in context and in a timeline, the personalities and actions of the gods suddenly made sense to me. I’d often struggled to remember who was who’s relation previously but I found Mythos wonderfully easy to follow ...
  • Max Nemtsov
    Прелестная и полезная книжка, сам не ожидал. Потому что казалось бы — ну, мы и с классикой худо-бедно знакомы, и Куна своего в детстве читали. Но, во-первых, Фрай излагает мифосюжеты не по матрице Куна (сами убедитесь), где-то он это делает подробнее, ...
  • Suanne Laqueur
    Not everyone's into mythology but I am and I freakin' loved this. Fry's fantastic retellings unpeeled layers of stories I already knew, and his humor made them super readable, approachable and hilarious. One million Olympic stars, and "Arch Psychopomp" is now my preferred title.
  • Manon
    I really liked this! I loved how Fry narrated the story and how he explained it all. It was also fascinating to learn how much influence the greek myths had on the English language ! I did miss the legend of Hercules though and sometimes wish the stories were longer
  • Sumit Singla
    What an absolute cracker of a book!I love mythology. Especially Greek. AND I love Stephen Fry. This is a great combination as an audiobook. Narrated in Stephen Fry's crisp British accent (my favourite accent in the whole world) and with typical British humour and asides thrown in, this book made peak hour commutes extremely pleasant.If one can think of the gelding of Ouranos or the opening of Pandora's box, instead of vehicles coming right at one...
  • Gaby
    Such a brilliant book in every way. Was very disappointed when I got to the end, I wanted there to be more!
  • Andrea
    Once again, a BIG FAT THANK YOU to my awesome friend Bubu who send me this book via audible. THANK YOU!!! <3 Anyways. From the foreword:Mythos begins at the beginning, but it does not end at the end. Had I included heroes like Oedipus, Perseus, Theseus, Jason and Herakles and the details of the Trojan War this book would have been to heavy even for a Titan to pick up. Moreover, I am only concerned with telling the stories, not explaining them or ...
  • *Thea 'WookieMama' Wilson*
    This was such a fun read, a little tough on the brain with all the notes and appendixes (all nicely hyperlinked up so you never lose your place in the ebook edition, the physical version may end up being a little more difficult!) but you can tell a mile off that the wonderful Stephen Fry had a hand in this work. I read the whole book with his voice in my head, only Fry would use some of those big words in places where little ones would do just as...
  • Susan
    This audiobook was amazing! Stephen Fry is a brilliant narrator! As someone who has little knowledge on Greek Myths, I absolutely loved every second of this book! I would recommend to everyone! 5 stars
  • Thomas Edmund
    It took me a little while to sink into Stephen Fry's Mythos, but before I knew it I was craving my mythological hit every day. Fry is able to pull together wit, sympathy, commentary along with a flourish of academic perspective on Greek Mythology creating an all round enjoyable experience. It's like he somehow knew at every junction whether to provide some light-hearted dialogue between Greek Gods OR a brief lingual summary. The tome is quite tho...
  • Steffi ~mereadingbooks~
    This was incredibly entertaining and informative.You simply can't go wrong with Stephen Fry!- full review to come -
  • Sophie
    Ποτέ άσκοπα επιφανειακές οι τροποποιήσεις που κάνει ο Fry στο μύθο, τονίζουν, με το ιδιαίτερό του χιούμορ, το γελοίο και το εξωφρενικό των ιστοριών, διατηρώντας ταυτόχρονα την παθολογία και το συναισθηματικό περιεχόμενο του δράματος.Η κλασική ανά...