Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10) by Sawyer Bennett

Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10)

Hockey season may be over, but in New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett’s new novel, a Carolina Cold Fury heartbreaker is heating things up off the ice and eager to score with the girl next door.No one skates like Reed Olson. In the off-season, no one plays like him either. After back-to-back championships, Reed craves a different kind of action. Good thing there’s no shortage of women ready for a summer fling with a sports star. R...

Details Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10)

TitleReed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10)
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
GenreRomance, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10)

  • Christy
    4 stars!!! “Friends with benefits to the end.” Reed is the 10th book in Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury series. Yes, you read that right. The 10th! I can’t get enough of these books. There is something about them that makes me want to drop whatever I’m doing and read one as soon as it comes out! This was one I was a bit hesitant to read (I wasn’t crazy about the blurb) but once I got into it, it was just as fantastic as the rest! Reed Ol...
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****4.5 STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}We’re like two people stumbling along a path, not knowing where it’s leading and with a little bit of fear causing us to falter even more. But the excitement is there, knowing the destination could be fucking fantastic, so we keep pulling each other along.The tenth book in the series focuses on Cold Fury Hockey player, Reed Olson. I’ve really grown attached to this series and romances wi...
  • Elizabeth
    ★4.5★ "You're it for me." Reed is the tenth book in the Cold Fury Hockey Series. Reed Olson is another smoking hot Cold Fury Hockey Player who is ready to enjoy his off-season summer. Determined to have as much fun as humanly possible, he is focused on partying with as many girls as possible. When Reed meets his neighbor Josie Ives, his summer plans shift drastically as he finds himself wanting to spend every spare moment he has spending time...
  • Bubu
    DNF @ 16% and I so wish I could give this a gazillion minus starsHoookaay! In my endeavour to bridge the time until our b-r starts, and giving the intense The Sunne in Splendour a pause, I seem to be grabbing from one shitbucket to another. How I wish I'd chosen to read The Love Experiment or A Girl Like Her. Those were the other options. I'm still not quite sure what the hell went through my head, since I already own both books. I do know, howev...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    4 Finding Someone of Substance Stars* * * *Spoiler Free-It's Live!!!As a huge fan of the Cold Fury Series by Sawyer Bennett, I have noticed the books have a way of some having more intense story lines than others. It mixes the pace up and allows each of the players be their distinct person. I felt this entry was one where we had a solid character realize he was missing something with all of the casual Puck Bunnies he "enjoyed". This story had us ...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I really enjoyed this book! It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that follows my reviews that I love this series. I jumped into the series with the second book and have looked forward to each new book. I have yet to be disappointed. I decided to listen to the audio this time around since I wasn't sure when I would have the chance to sit down and actually read the book. This audi...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    We're back with the hotties from the Carolina Hockey team!The season is over - they won the Cup again!And now Reed has the whole summer in front of him. And nothing planned but having fun with some casual sex. His favorite kind of hook-up is the Barbie type. Lots of boobs, not too much brain.And on one of those Barbie nights he meets his new neighbor Doctor Josie.She knocks on his door to tell him that his Barbie should try to be a bit quieter in...
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    *4.5 stars*A girl next door romance that made me smile, smile, smile!You would think by now, after nine book in the series already, that I would be bored of the Cold Fury boys and their shenanigans. NOTHING could be farther from the truth! They are a team, a family, with each story intertwining their lives yet offering something new each and every time. I’ve been waiting for Reed’s story and it was all things adorable… and hot… and fun…...
  • Wendy
    This is the tenth book in this series and so far I have enjoyed every one of them...that's pretty impressive !!The blurb of this one reminded me a bit of   "'The Wallbanger" so I was pretty curious.Reed, another Cold Fury hockeyplayer, has been very busy keeping his next door neighbour up, with his antics.Josie is a doctor, and if there is one thing she needs, it's sleep, which she isn't getting. Being fed up with his behavior, she goes over to...
  • The Book Bee
    REVIEW: 4 STARS"I'm seeing Josie through unfiltered eyes and I like everything that I'm seeing." I don't pretend to NOT be a Sawyer Bennett fan. I have read all of her books. I have loved them all. She is just that author for me. In general, she is an easy getaway; a guaranteed good read for me each time. You can go into this review with that knowledge, but please understand.....her words are worthy and I am speaking from the heart when I say thi...
  • Nadine
    4 Stars Great H, lovely h, funny dialogues, (very) light drama... This was a good way to spend my Sunday.
  • Heroesinbooks
    4 Josie and Reed StarsI am a Carolina Cold Fury addict and I cannot see me recovering any time soon. Nor do I want to. I devour every book in this series, some I prefer to others but I have enjoyed every single one. Reed Olsen is one of the good guys. He's a hot hockey player who loves pretty girls and no strings sex. He usually opts for the 'Barbie' type until a pretty, sassy, smart & dry humoured ER Doctor moves in next door. She isn't interest...
  • Tpagirl
    Reed was Sawyer Bennett’s tenth book in her Cold Fury Hockey series. She created another unique and successful addition to the series.Reed Olson was a gorgeous NHL player for the Carolina Cold Fury and he just won the coveted Stanley Cup....twice. He had his supply of human barbies for any sexual needs and his life couldn’t be better. And then he met his neighbor. Josie Ives was Reed’s new neighbor that was sexy, an ER doctor and not Reed...
  • J. Grayland
    In the off season after back to back championships with the NHL, Reed Olson is craving a different kind of action that includes plenty of hot sex with a line of tall, busty blondes in his bed. That is until he meets his neighbor Josie Ives a beautiful intelligent doctor who works long hours and is the total opposite to Reed's normal type of woman. Becoming friends they enjoy sharing each others company until the chemistry between them causes them...
  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms
    This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional Bookviews *I received a free copy of [title] from [publisher] via Netgalley. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *Reed was possibly the best of the Cold Fury Hockey stories... I just loved his and Josie's relationship, how they were friends first, and then wanted more. Story: The blurb of Reed does not bring the story justice. Reed is such a sensible...
  • ~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~
    Reed was such a sweet romance. I'm always surprised when I see how Sawyer Bennett always makes me want to read more and more books she writes. It's maybe one of the few authors I know I always get back to no matter what. Some stories works better than other but there's always a different journey, always a different vibes to the story she tells. Some are kinky, she is more daring with each book and some are just plain old good romance. Reed is the...
  • Shayna
    “I want to be exactly what you need.” What can I say? You can NEVER go wrong with a Cold Fury Hockey novel by Sawyer Bennett! It’s Reed’s turn and man, did he set the pages on fire with this one, or what?! Both Reed and Josie were so magnetic in Bennett’s latest installment of the SEXY sports romance series. This must read romance is a friends-to-lovers slow-burn romance that left me with a HUGE SMILE on my face.The chemistry between th...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received for an honest reviewWoohoo, time to head back to North Carolina and spend some time with the hockey hotties from the Cold Fury.Reed is a very sweet, very cute friends to FWB to more story that I read in one evening.Ms Bennett had me laughing in the first chapter (hello Screaming Barbie) and the wallbanging moments, and I was hooked from then on.I adore Reed and Josie. From their first interactions I just loved their banter. The chemi...
  • Lu Bielefeld **
    I had so much fun with the story and I liked our heroine. The hero learns throughout the story that he needs something more in his life and that a woman with a brain makes all the difference.The dialogues between the two are very good and I had a good laugh.I recommend!“Blond, tall, big boobs.”Screaming BarbieCarbie BarbieFashionista BarbieDitzy Barbie“So I’m celebrating our Stanley Cup win.”“Oh,” I say in understanding as I nod my ...
  • Irene
    4.5 starsReed by Sawyer Bennett is such a good read! The storyline is well written, easy to follow and hard to put down! I loved Reed and Josie together, they're likable characters that I easily connected with while watching them fall in love. These two appear to be such opposites, one looking for a good time right now and not worrying about tomorrow and the other is head down, serious and giving her all to her job.But the more time they spend to...
  • Gretchen (About That Story)
    I loved this so much! It was fun and sweet and left me incredibly happy. It was a wonderful friends to lovers story and an excellent addition to the Cold Fury series.Reed and Josie were awesome characters. They had a fantastic first meeting which set the tone for the entire book. It was all so entertaining! I loved their friendship, their ease together and playfulness. They had this wonderful building relationship and it was so heartfelt. I loved...
  • Auntee
    Sooo good, so sweet, so hot, with no real conflict or big manufactured drama. I loved hockey star Reed and doctor Josie.Only one thing marred the perfection of this story: no epilogue. I was left hanging just a bit. Hopefully their story will continue a bit in the next book as the Cold Fury try for a three-peat. Can they do it? 4 1/2 stars
  • Paola
    3.7 stars
  • Akd
    **4.25 'You are it for me' Stars** ***Because the truth is, I missed him too.*** Another sports hottie. More especifically, another Cold Fury hottie. Meet Reed Olson a player both in and out of the ice. Also neighbour of the ever sweet and kind Josie Ives which happens to be a doctor that is kept awake due to her neighbour's late night activities. ***“You’re it for me, Reed,” I whisper. “The love I was supposed to wait for.”*** In ...
  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
    ***AVAILABLE NOW - FULL REVIEW***3 SWEET CROWNSSawyer Bennett is one of my favorite authors. I one-click everything she writes. I get lost her worlds of suspense, angst, and heat, but REED just didn’t hit the mark for me. It lacked the angst and drama and even spice I’ve come to expect and LOVE from this author. Reed is absolutely adorable. His vibrancy for life is contagious, and, even as a reader, you can’t help but catch his mood. Josie ...
  • Red Cheeks Reads
    I love a good story about a raunchy player neighbor and the woman next door who brings him to his knees.  Reed meets Josie when his sex-capades keeps her awake after a long shift as an ER doctor. She brazenly bangs on his door and a friendship between the two starts almost immediately. The strength of this story is that friendship. While the attraction between these two was there from the start it was the foundation they built as friends tha...