The Disorderly Knights (The Lymond Chronicles, #3) by Dorothy Dunnett

The Disorderly Knights (The Lymond Chronicles, #3)

The third volume in The Lymond Chronicles, the highly renowned series of historical novels by Dorothy Dunnett, Disorderly Knights takes place in 1551, when Francis Crawford of Lymond is dispatched to embattled Malta, to assist the Knights of Hospitallers in defending the island against the Turks. But shortly the swordsman and scholar discovers that the greatest threat to the Knights lies within their own ranks, where various factions vie secretly...

Details The Disorderly Knights (The Lymond Chronicles, #3)

TitleThe Disorderly Knights (The Lymond Chronicles, #3)
Release DateJun 24th, 1997
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Cultural, Scotland, Adventure

Reviews The Disorderly Knights (The Lymond Chronicles, #3)

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    It took me over a month to work my way through this third novel in Dorothy Dunnett's challenging Lymond series. It's lengthy and complex historical fiction novel, and there were more than a few detours for me along the way (I was easily distracted by other books in the early stages, but that was my fault as much as this book's). But once again, as the story started moving toward its climactic scenes, and events got more and more exciting and grip...
  • Alex
    "so small a spirit, to lodge such sorrows as mankind has brought you. for me, new, frightened soul. And though the world should reel to a puny death, and the wolves are appointed our godfathers, I will not fail you, ever." Now, I fall into a book hang-over. Scene. Disorderly Knights is the third book in the series the Lymond Chronicles. Lymond after his french court insanity in Queen's Play leaves to help the Knights of Mal...
  • Algernon (Darth Anyan)
    Dear me, said Lymond mildly. I am being taken to an unfortified island, where half the defenders and most of the defence fleet are missing, to lay down my life in defence of an Order incompetently if not culpably led, wholly divided among itself, given over to fighting for secular princes and entirely denuded of money with which to pay me for my services. Where are Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Justice? Where are the the Eight Beautitudes o...
  • xebec
    ok here is my review for this bookin helpful illustrated form
  • Danica
    MUCH TOO LENGTHY THOUGHTS:Well, I seem to have been properly sideswiped by this one. or perhaps the more accurate verb would be trounced. trammeled. shebanged. My sleeping habits these past few days have been nothing short of atrocious. Even as I type this I am thinking of throwing aside my laptop and making a dive for Pawn in Frankincense, lying but a few feet to the right of my itchy fingers. (I suppose I should be grateful there is no title in...
  • Jane
    I loved the first two books of the Lymond Chronicles, but when I began to read this book I couldn’t help thinking that those books were laying foundations and that this book would be where she really hit her stride.It was wonderful to be back in Scotland with familiar characters from the first book who I had rather missed in the second. The opening sequence moved from Will Scott’s wedding to a skirmish with English border raiders and then bac...
  • Stephanie Ricker
    I think the Dunnett obsession grows very slowly, but once it’s upon you, you don’t have a hope of escape. This book was bloody brilliant. Dunnett’s writing is so intelligent, I feel somewhat like a little kid sitting at the adults’ table, only understanding about half of the conversation. She uses words that even I’ve never heard of--that sounds terribly arrogant of me, I realize, but it’s a fact that I rarely run across a word I don...
  • Sandra
    Oh my god! What a book! There's only one problem! Now I've gotta read Pawn in Frankincense! And I'm already dreading it all being over!Dunnett spins a wonderful, intricate, suspenseful plot. Sometimes she makes me laugh, sometimes she makes me look up words, but always she entertains me. What rewards a little work can bring. :)This series has made me fall in love with the characters over time. The depth of character building is phenomenal. The pl...
  • Jamie Collins
    This was amazing. Just when I think I’ve read all the really good stuff out there, I discover a series like this one. Crawford is my favorite type of dark, inscrutable hero - dangerously misunderstood and undermined by his friends to the great satisfaction of his enemies.In the first part of the book, Crawford goes to help defend the island of Malta from the Turks in 1551. Admittedly I was only mildly entertained by this early part of the story...
  • Kate Sherrod
    Oh, Lymond, Lymond, how I do want to love thee. And every book you almost, almost talk me out of it. Every book you look guilty as hell of whatever crimes most have all of Scotland/France/Malta/Wherever up in arms, and every book you turn out to be, well, I'm trying not to spoil anything here, but there are three more books in this series, so certain truths are probably pretty evident, even to the kinds of people you're so very, very good at fool...
  • Cphe
    Third installment of this very excellent historical series. This book introduces a villan almost as compelling and mesmerisisng as Francis Lymond himself.Can't add much more than what other readers have already stated. These books are lengthy and have quite convoluted plots but the characters and their motives are wonderful and engaging reading. Wonderful author and simply a top notch series
  • Melanie (Mel's Bookland Adventures)
    Dunnett always toys with you and your expectation of where the plot is going. Loved it.
  • Misfit
    Francis Crawford of Lymond is sent by the French King to the Island of Malta where the Knights Hospitallers are threatened by an invasion from the Turks. While there Francis is caught up in the politics of the Knights, in particular one Graham Malett who the reader will discover is not at all what he and his convent raised sister are what they appear to be on the surface. As Dunnett slowly peels back the layers of her story, the reader is taken f...
  • Lucinda
    Complicated, like all her books. She has no tolerance for lazy readers, and the ending! I have to find the next book right now!
  • Olga
    Wow, that was intense! Despite a slow-paced beginning where Lymond plays a role of a critic and an observer and readers get acquainted to the political situation, Lymond's plans, the Order and knights orderly and disorderly, you pretty soon find out that Lymond has been acting all that time and that you have lost any idea about where you stand, having Gabriel competing for your attention with Lymond. However, it doesn't take long (oops, it does, ...
  • Giki
    The third in the Lymond chronicles series. If you have got this far then you have probably read and enjoyed the first two books. You will be just as frustrated, disappointed, shocked and annoyed by this glorious book as you were by the previous 2. I kind of despise myself for being so consumed by these books, but like the addict I am, I dived straight into the next one after finishing this.The book opens in raucous style with Will Scott marrying ...
  • sarah
    I deducted a star just because (view spoiler)[a lot of the conflict here turned on the supposed chastity or lack thereof of a female character, which always makes me uncomfortable no matter how villainous that character might be or how consistent it might be with the time period the book depicts. (hide spoiler)] That said, nobody could ever accuse Dunnett of not loving all her other magnificent female characters (Oonagh! Sybilla! Kate and Philipp...
  • Dillwynia Peter
    I'm a little conflicted about this book in the Lymond series. I loved much of it in retrospect but there were a good 200 pages of this 590 tiny print book that bored me to tears. I'm hoping it was just me being tired rather than the novel itself.At heart this book is about a psychopath, except it will take you close to 90% before you discover this & then all the previous actions & comments make perfect sense. Before then, Lymond is truly annoying...
  • Shannon
    It’s been a long time since I’ve read books that make me jump up and down with excitement, or throw the book away from me in anger. I was shaking, overcome with emotion, as I read the final scenes of Disorderly Knights. Dorothy has such a gift for story-telling and character development. It is hard to believe that with a three-page character list at the front of this book, I have a firm grasp of each personality (which is not due to any lack ...
  • Morgan
    Seriously amazing. I loved the first book and liked the second but this one was possibly my favorite. This might have to do with it involving more familiar characters and thus requiring less confusing set up than the previous two. These books are wonderful and really reward close reading. The historical details are amazing. I just finished and immediately put my bookmark in the next book. What really pulls the books, though, are the amazing chara...
  • Poiema
    I jumped in at the middle of the Lymond Chronicles series with this book, my first DD read. I had to take it slow, as the vocabulary was challenging, the plot rather complex and detailed, and the war accoutrements unfamiliar. This is a substantial piece of writing that requires your full attention, and in return you garner history, full throttled action, colorful geography, and mind boggling plot twists. This is not my typical genre, but the adve...
  • Trin
    Aww yeah. This is where the series really gets cracking. Suddenly we have:--An ongoing plot!--More recurring characters!--Philippa (Philippa Philippa Philippa!) getting to do stuff!--Another goddamn badass sword fight!--LYMOND'S NEMESIS!We also have:--Lymond DECIDING ONCE AGAIN NOT TO SIMPLY TRUST PEOPLE LIKE HIS OWN MOTHER AND BROTHER AND TELL THEM WHAT THE FLIP IS GOING ON AND ASK FOR HELP UNTIL LIKE PAGE 400 JFC FRANCIS...but that is more of a...
  • Anna
    The Lymond Chronicles demand a fair amount of effort from the reader, as the huge cast and byzantine political manouverings can be a lot to keep up with. Yet the rewards are considerable. Dunnett provides the most audacious action set- pieces (including the best duel I’ve ever read in The Game of Kings), breathtakingly exciting plot twists, as well as extremely witty dialogue and a brilliant sense of time and place. This third novel, though, to...
  • The Idle Woman
    Although I am thoroughly enjoying the Lymond Chronicles so far, this third book in the series struck me as having more difficulties in structure than the previous two (I am a first-time reader, so don't have the luxury of knowing how it all turns out in the end). The first scenes in Scotland, settling back in with Will Scott and Sibylla and the familiar characters there, were great fun. When the action moved to Malta, however, for the first 'act'...
  • Jenna
    This series continues to get better with each book. And darker. Much darker. Dunnett continues to shock me at the end of each book with the intricate plot and non-stop twists present in this story. Long battles, massive betrayals, utter depravity and fascinating characters. ⚔⚔ This series continues to get better with each book. And darker. Much darker. Dunnett continues to shock me at the end of each book with the intricate plot and non-sto...
  • Lorena Blanco
    such a roller coster this book. The first third of it is fast paced, brilliantly described, luxurious imagery. We get to see Lymond growing up, maturing, and trying to make up for his past errors. The beautiful landscape of Malta, Tripoli, Gozo is the setting for the meeting with an astonishing new character, Sir Graham Red Mallett, and you better remember his name.Back to Scotland, where Lymond engages in building his own superb mega elite army,...
  • DayDreamer
    I only hav e one word of any relevance: more!(view spoiler)[That might nake me a terrible person (it probablt does, that's alright with me) but I was okay with ditching the baby since Lymnd can't be sure until he finds him, whether his son is still alive or even rral. Kind of didn't enjoy Philippa giving Gabriel this chance iof escape. (hide spoiler)]“Jerott, for God’s sake! Are you doing this for a wager?’ said Lymond, his patience gone at...
  • Dorian
    Looking down the list of reviews I wondered what the proportion of female to male readership is for these books. I thought about it too when I picked up this book. It was a random selection, and, truth I wasn't expecting much. It's been a long time since I read any historical fiction, and what I was really expecting was a sappy romance I wouldn't pursue very far. Well, this book turned out to be considerably better than that. I got the bright hai...
  • Siria
    Any book which begins "On the day that his grannie was killed by the English, Sir William Scott the Younger of Buccleuch was at Melrose Abbey, marrying his aunt" is pretty much guaranteed to be a success, and The Disorderly Knights does not disappoint. The beginning is a little slow, but it soon picks up pace, moving from Malta to north Africa to France to Scotland, all while Dunnett manages to juggle characters and plotlines with a dexterity tha...