Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1) by Ilona Andrews

Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1)

No day is ordinary in a world where Technology and Magic compete for supremacy…But no matter which force is winning, in the apocalypse, a sword will always work. Hugh d’Ambray, Preceptor of the Iron Dogs, Warlord of the Builder of Towers, served only one man. Now his immortal, nearly omnipotent master has cast him aside. Hugh is a shadow of the warrior he was, but when he learns that the Iron Dogs, soldiers who would follow him anywhere, are ...

Details Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1)

TitleIron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1)
Release DateJun 26th, 2018
PublisherNancy Yost Literary Agency, Inc
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Magic, Vampires, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1)

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    Actual rating: 8 stars. And that's coming from a non-hysterical Hugh non-fangirl. Which should tell you something and stuff.To think that this book started as a bloody shrimping April Fools’ joke three years ago. To think that some slightly obsessed maniacs people still insist on calling it The Hugh Book. Well I’ll have you know that: This book is no longer a joke ← pointing this out in case you hadn’t noticed. You are quite welcome and s...
  •  ⚔ Sh3lly - Cranky Crone of Rabid Hedgehogs and Fire Breathing Kittens ⚔
    RELEASE DAY!! Go forth and read the excellence! (You won't be sorry.)My friends, this was the glorious.It is everything I could have hoped Hugh's book would be. I have been a HUGE fan of Hugh's since book 3 of the Kate Daniels series. This delivered on every score.It fit perfectly in the KD world. Elara is a perfect match for Hugh. She is seriously kick-ass! The plot was solid and the romance played out within the story instead of overpowering it...
  • Sophia Triad
    Glorious.Epic.Mind blowing.And the best book I have read this year so far.---Spoilers if you haven't read Magic Binds (Kate Daniels #9)---I haven't realised how much I have missed Kate Daniel's word before I started this book.But I have discovered a much more interesting eye-catching world. The world of warlord Hugh d’Ambray.His world initially is dark, full of self-pity and abandonment. His adopted father, his god, the light and warmth of his ...
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    On sale now! Full review first posted on Fantasy Literature:Since Magic Bites was first published in 2007, the husband-and-wife writing team known as Ilona Andrews has developed a devoted fan base in the urban fantasy genre with their KATE DANIELS series. But all good things must come to an end, and when Magic Triumphs, the tenth novel in that series, is published in August 2018, the Andrews team has announced that it will be the end of that seri...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    4.5 Hugh you are a Bastard StarsBeta read for the Andrews and I loved so many things!!!Look I've never been head over heels in love with Hugh. He is the bad guy and I'm not really into them most of the time. BUT....this has the White Warlock Elara in it and the Departed (I have no idea who they really are but I'm looking forward to finding out). Even if Hugh isn't your favorite Elara is a strong independent woman with some awesome magical stuff h...
  • Manju
    Ever since the departure of Hugh d'Ambry from Kate Daniels, I have missed him. Okay, okay, I know he is one of the bad guys but he has this charisma that is hard to resist and easy to like even after all the facades that the guy keeps and try to show himself as a real baddie. As the blurb suggests Hugh got himself a bride here but don't let yourself fool thinking about all the romantic moments that a newly wed couple has . This is a marriage of c...
  • Jilly
    They did it again!How does Ilona Andrews manage to write magic?Hugh & Elara are both awesome!It starts with an alliance through marriage. They hate each other in the best possible way and show it through snark, sarcasm, name-calling, and threats. It's awesome!It must be love!His people are desperate for money, food, shelter. Her people are desperate for protection. Of course, he's still Hugh, and her people may not exactly fall in love at first s...
  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    Iron and Magic somehow managed to become my favorite Ilona Andrews book to date! It joined a very small percentage of books allowed on my all-time favorites list, and no one is more surprised at that than me.It’s a true testament to these writers’ skills that they managed to make me fall in love with a book about a character I don’t even like. And furthermore to get me feeling deep empathy towards him. I can say with confidence coming out o...
  • Marta Cox
    This couple write urban fantasy that is magnificent. Such a well developed world here that cleverly intertwines with the Kate Daniels stories that so many know and love. It’s almost uncanny how this alternate universe feels vivid and alive and now the ultimate bad boy steps up to stake his place and boy is this book an absolute humdinger !What can I say about Hugh and this book ? Ok fans already know that previously Hugh failed to secure the vi...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    4.5 starsOMG OMG OMG - I honestly did not think I would like Hugh as much as I did.Iron and Magic is a spin off series of my beloved Kate Daniels, and it follows bad boy Hugh on his journey, after being banished and cut off by his master and God Roland.Reading his side was eye-opening. I personally loved how the authors explained his side of the story. His feelings, and lack of feelings because of Roland's absence made complete sense. And it was...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    As the description points out, Hugh was Roland’s warrior, but has been cast out, cut off from Roland’s magic and when we first meet Hugh here, he’s in bad shape. Hurting as he was Hugh didn’t fully grasp his Iron Dogs were loyal to him, not Roland. Now that they’re being hunted down, and murdered Hugh must get himself together, get his Iron Dogs back in fighting shape to meet the threat. Elara and Hugh have things each other need to sur...
  • Geri Reads
    4.5 stars!Ilona Andrews are one of those authors that can't seem to do no wrong, and they proved that once again with Iron and Magic.Filled with interesting characters, pulse pounding action, and vivid world-building, Iron and Magic will leave you breathless with excitement. Fast-paced and well plotted with some of the best battle sequences I've read in my whole life, Iron and Magic exceeded all my expectations, and then some! “There is a trie...
  • Kate's Corner
    All stars and all the feels. Absolutely effing EPIC. This is one of these times where capitals are a must. Hell, I bow down to the awesomeness of this author and can’t wait for more.Characters & ChemistryEver since I met Hugh d'Ambry in the KD series I was smitten. It felt wrong to have a lady boner for him because he was the enemy. Roland's right-hand man. Preceptor of the Iron Dogs. A butcher. A killer. But I just couldn’t help myself and h...
  • Sarah
    Well that was bloody awesome! I can’t wait for the rest of Hugh and Elara’s trilogy & I’m more pumped for Magic Triumphs than ever.________________OMG OMG OMG I HAVE IRON AND MAGIC!!! Thank you Netgalley!Go away world, I'm not doing ANYTHING until I've finished reading!
  • Emma
    The first in a new trilogy, set after Magic Binds, book 9 in the Kate Daniels series, Iron and Magic is wonderfully, brilliantly, finally…. all about Hugh. Hugh d’Ambray, Roland’s former Warlord and all round murder boy. First introduced during Magic Strikes and responsible for all kinds of bad things in the Kate Daniels series, he was sidelined (by spoilery events I won’t recount here) until Ilona Andrews jokingly put out the idea of his...
  • Beth
    Hugh d’Ambray, once Roland’s gold pupil, has be cut off since his actions toward Kate Daniels. His elite fighting group, the Iron Dogs, are being hunted and destroyed. There only hope is to find a fortress to call their own and they need Hugh to get off his drinking binge and form them into the team/family they’ve always been.Search for a refuge, Hugh’s men find Elara’s castle in Kentucky. The provision for their truces is a marriage be...
  • Pippa DaCosta
    If you're a Kate Daniels fan this is a MUST, don't skip it. If you're not a KD fan, I imagine you can still read this BUT you're going to miss all the little nuances that make this such a fun read. Without that KD background, some of the random characters appearing might leave you scratching your head. I actually preferred this to many of the KD books. Full of action, snark, and character development, it's exactly what you'd expect from the Ilona...
  • Maria Dimitrova
    Official buddy read with IAA following the release.So this is my second read in about two weeks time. Yes, it's that good. But more importantly this time I read the official book not the ARC and I have to tell you people always, always get the real book. It not only does it help the writers but you sometimes get unexpected surprises like additional scenes. But even if there weren't any extra scenes (okay it's only one scene but it was brilliant) ...
  • Mei
    ( (Elara) “You want me to marry Conan the Barbarian?” A drop of acid slid into her tone.“An attractive barbarian,” Dugas pointed out. (Elara) “He’s a monster. Like me.” Ahhh... I've missed this world!And I'm so happy to read about Hugh! He was the uber-villaain in the Kate Daniels series! He's the man who killed some of my favorit Kate's friends!So I was curious to find out how IL would make him a hero! What a job!And they did...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.Of course I love this book! How could I not? I have been really eager to get my hands on this book and love the fact that the whole concept started out as an April Fool's joke. Being the awesome people that the writing team of Ilona Andrews are, they decided to make this book happen when their fans showed a desire to read it. I did wonder how I would feel reading an entire book about ...
  • Yodamom
    Iron and Magic, filled with some of my favorite things. Snark, sparks, witty comebacks, testy relationships, challenging characters, magic, fantastic beasties and romance.  Finally Hugh got his own book. Yes the dude who was treated so badly by his father figure and his semi sibling while being one super nasty dark dastardly villain. You know in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews ? Yes that Hugh. Hugh is so cold he's hot. Yup ladies he's ...
  • Douglas Meeks
    I remember watching Wayne’s World the movie many years ago and watching Wayne and Garth bow down and yell “I’m not worthy”, kinda the way I feel after finishing “Iron and Magic”. You know Hugh as the horrible right hand of Roland and could never be redeemed right? If they did it would be some cheesy epiphany where he realized what a horrible person he was and decided to do better ……. Nope, this is Hugh and he becomes the ultimate ...
  • Layla
    EDIT : EVERYTHING I WANTED AND MORE ! ps: well, it still gets 4* from me because I wasn't particularly emotionally attached to the characters but I'm guessing that will change with Book #2. (also, what's with the ugly cover? that dude looks pretty much terrible. where's my Henry Cavill lookalike ?) aka, this: But damn, this was one smoking hot couple. I think they are so well matched together, sort of like a darker version of Kate & Curran or Ne...
  • Lakshmi C
    How I picture Hugh while reading....
  • Hollis
    "How is it that Raphael made more holes in you than swiss cheese, but your assholeness survived?""Raphael doesn't have a knife big enough to kill my assholeness."I think my biggest takeaway from IRON AND MAGIC, beyond the fact that I am woefully unprepared for the end of the Kate Daniels series (in every way! holy crap I need a reread..), is that I want to be friends with this author duo. How are they so talented. So funny. So clever. So creative...
  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    Favorite Quote: “As long as you stay here, you have a home. I’ll never abandon you.”Hugh d’Ambray has been cut loose by his master and pseudo-father, Roland. He wallows in the booze until his will to live and need to save his people overrides his death wish. With no money, shelter, or weapons, the Iron Dogs have no hope of surviving the necromancers that are gunning for them. Until his advisor approaches him with a proposition. A marriage...
  • Steven
    Thank you, Ilona. Thank you for writing this, for making it not a April Fools Day joke but a real thing. Humanizing and almost redeeming Hugh, making him complex instead of just another mindless Roland-drone. Creating a women definitely his equal if not his superior who is just as intriguing as any character in the main Kate series. Showing us more of the Kate Daniels world, from different perspectives and in different places and new and differen...