Into the Fire (Vatta's Peace, #2) by Elizabeth Moon

Into the Fire (Vatta's Peace, #2)

In this new military sci-fi thriller from the author of Cold Welcome, space fleet commander Kylara Vatta uncovers deadly secrets on her latest mission--shedding light on her own family's past.As Admiral Kylara Vatta learned after she and a shipfull of strangers were marooned on an inhospitable arctic island, the secrets she and her makeshift crew uncovered were ones someone was ready to kill to keep hidden. Now, the existence of the mysterious ar...

Details Into the Fire (Vatta's Peace, #2)

TitleInto the Fire (Vatta's Peace, #2)
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherDel Rey
GenreScience Fiction, Space, Space Opera, Fiction

Reviews Into the Fire (Vatta's Peace, #2)

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    2.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum me, no one is more surprised and disappointed than I am in my rating. I loved the first book in the series, Cold Welcome. When I found out that Into the Fire was supposed to be a direct sequel, exploring the aftermath of Ky Vatta’s extraordinary tale of survival on an icy inhospitable island and her subsequent discovery of secret arctic facility, I was excited. ...
  • Karen
    Elizabeth Moon did it again in her 2nd book in the Vatta’s Peace series. She once again delivered the goods and created another book that kept me glued to the pages far past my bedtime! In Line of Fire, Ky Vatta once again proves why she’s such a kick ass heroine in this sci-fi military space opera! I’ve been reading Elizabeth Moon’s books since the 90’s when I discovered the Serrano series. I apparently have a love for military sci-fi ...
  • Beth Cato
    I received this book through the publisher via Netgalley.This second book in the Vatta's Peace duology builds on the original Vatta space opera series, much in the way that Moon recently expanded her Paks books. While Into the Fire is ultimately satisfying, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the original books or the preceding one in the new set. That said, it's still a strong, enjoyable sci-fi read.In Cold Welcome, Ky Vatta experiences a brutal ...
  • Lexxi Kitty
    Book received from both Netgalley and Random House/Del Rey for an honest reviewTwo things to be noted immediately: 1) this is the second book in the Vatta Peace series, which follows the Vatta War series (with about a 5 year chronological gap between the last book in War, and first in Peace) – and yes, at the very least, book one in the Peace series needs to be read before reading this book here, and, preferably the War series; 2) only the acti...
  • Judy Lesley
    Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing - Del Rey for the digital galley of this novel.Woo-hoo! Five stars because this book was just so much fun to read. If you like space opera, this will probably be the book for you. Second in the Vatta's Peace series - after Cold Welcome - this one takes up right where that one left off except now Ky and Rafe have had a little bit of downtime from the startling events around Ky being stranded on ...
  • Maddalena
    3 & 1/2 starsIn the previous book of this new series featuring Kylara Vatta, we saw the character returning home after her successful campaign against the pirates that were wreaking havoc on the interstellar shipping lines: instead of receiving the deserved hero’s welcome though, Ky found herself, and the crew of the shuttle ferrying her on-planet, battling for their survival on an isolated, barren continent. The discovery of a hidden base on t...
  • Barb in Maryland
    Great space opera,except that all the action takes place on land!Ky Vatta's return to her home planet of Slotter's Key goes from bad (see 'Cold Welcome') to worse when 3 women who were in the group of survivors show up on her doorstep with the Military Police hot on their heels. They bring news that the survivors have been kept drugged and confined in various military facilities under the guise of 'quarantine'. Our three escaped with the goal of ...
  • MadProfessah
    Roughly 3.5 Stars.INTO THE FIRE is the second book in the series called “Vatta’s Peace” by Elizabeth Moon.Moon is known for her military sci-fi and space opera series called Vatta’s War. I had assumed this new series would be in a similar vein but the space opera components appear to be increasingly minimal as the series proceeds. I have not read the previous series, just the new one.In the first book, COLD WELCOME, Kylara Vatta returns t...
  • eyes.2c
    Hero downgraded!Things are not right! Having returned to Slotter Key a hero, Kyla Vatta has survivors from Miksland turning up as escapees on her doorstep, and Ky's suddenly trapped in her house having been declared a non citizen and wanted for questioning. The whereabouts of the other personnel who escaped from Milksland is unknown and alarming and Aunt Grace is coming under legal, personal attack. Facts surrounding Grace's past are brought to l...
  • Mitchell
    Good followup and a solid ending. This one had some wavery bits especially early on in which the author's handling of some of the characters, especially the relationships with Stella just seemed off. But it evened out and didn't get in the way of the story. Basically a military space intrigue though this one is set almost completely on the planet. Strong female characters but all with flaws. Perhaps bits of it are a little more obvious and pat th...
  • Marlene
    Originally published at Reading RealityThere’s a saying about war being the continuation of diplomacy by other means. So, also, is politics, particularly the politics of Slotters Key in this second book in the Vatta’s Peace series. And in the case of this series, it’s that politics are the continuation of diplomacy by other means, diplomacy is the continuation of politics by other means, and even, finally, that war is the continuation of po...
  • Susan
    I pre-ordered this book last week because I have been looking forward to it since I finished Cold Welcome last year. Into the Fire takes place immediately after Ky and the other survivors of the shuttle crash were rescued from Miksland, but all has not gone well. Ky discovers that since she has been off the planet for so many years there are questions as to whether or not she is still a citizen of Slotter Key even though she was born there and ha...
  • Deborah Ross
    I pick up a new Elizabeth Moon novel with anticipatory delight. In its pages (or phosphors, for the ebook version), I will find fascinating characters with skills and intelligence, subtle conflicts of culture, superbly handled tension and plot twists, and insights into people who are different from me. Unlike the heroine of Into the Fire (and Moon herself), I have no military experience whatsoever (30 years of Chinese martial arts notwithstanding...
  • S.J. Higbee
    If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading Cold Welcome, then I suggest you put this one on hold and track it down, because the story carries on almost seamlessly from that first adventure featuring Ky Vatta and the other hapless passengers who crashed into the sea with her. However, this story also includes a lot of the characters who featured in Moon’s previous series, Vatta’s War. As I have read all the books in this space opera adve...
  • Lucy
    I think I have to give up on Elizabeth Moon. Yet again a book of Ky being blatantly a bitch to Stella and other people and always being made out to be in the right even though she never, ever gives anyone not in her command the consideration she is so insistent they give to her.The plot was just as awkwardly paced, boring, and riddled with holes as the first book in the renewed Vatta series.Honestly one of the biggest disappointments of 2018. I g...
  • Henry Lazarus
    Kylara Vatta returns from her Cold Welcome (paper) on her home world of Slotter Key to face new problems. She had discovered that the supposed unhabitable continent of Miksland was actually being mined for two centuries. To keep it a secret, elements of the Slotter Key armed forces have drugged the survivors and put them into quarantine for a fake disease. Three of the soldiers escaped and found their way to Ky alerting to her danger. Soon she is...
  • Kate
    No one does action/adventure sci-fi half so well as Elizabeth Moon, and I'm really enjoying the Vatta's Peace series. If you like action/adventure sci-fi (with strong and interesting female characters), you really should read the entire series, beginning with Trading in Danger.That said, I do wish there was a bit more space in the series. Ky Vatta stays very firmly on the ground the entire book. I also wish that Moon had gone for less backstory, ...
  • Donna
    I enjoyed this overall, partly because it balances the political elements with action and character development. But I will say that it keeps up the trend of Ky's foes feeling a little underwhelming. I couldn't help feeling that such a large scale conspiracy should have their shit together more than this.I'd love to read more about these characters, but I really hope any future installments ditch the Ky/Stella drama for good. It was tired by the ...
  • Ron
    Ky Vatta and her fiance Rafe are trying to decide what to do when the world interrupted. Instead of free space, they are sucked into finding out what happened to the rest of the group that were rescued from Miksland and who all is involved in the conspiracy. Overcoming bureaucracy, sabotage, murder, and outright insurrection, Ky, Stella and Aunt Gracie manage to survive and even thrive. It will be interesting what else Elizabeth Moon will throw a...
  • TheFavorista
    I read through it quickly and enjoyed it, but the first half felt rougher than the second and the pacing was off overall. The action ramps up in the second half and is maybe a bit too compressed towards the end, but the first (where the sections with Ky are essentially confined to a family house) drags on. There were a few too many instances throughout the book of people having repeat conversations with others who weren't in the know about the sp...
  • Caitlin
    An awful lot of people wanted a piece of Vatta (or her death), but somehow she managed to untangle herself from the plots. There were a few pieces that seemed too convenient, but it came together pretty well. Lots of action and intrigue.
  • Harald Koch
    The first half goes very slowly with a lot of detail. The second half goes very quickly, but still with a lot of detail; small random scenes in a much larger epic. There's a massive planetary battle, but we also spend pages and pages searching a single office for clues?It feels almost like this was supposed to be book two of three, and then she had to squish all of book 3 into the end of this one instead. Still. fluffy space opera is good for com...
  • Briel
    It's definitely a middle book. But even with that caveat the pacing is extremely uneven. I literally thought I'd skipped to another book in the last third. A lot of disconnect.
  • Karen A. Wyle
    This is well crafted, satisfying military sci-fi. Moon manages to show us, in detail, a brilliant tactical mind at work, able to plan for multiple contingencies, without making it all look too easy or turning her protagonist into a Mary Sue. One element in her success may be the emotional depth and realism of that protagonist. (Other characters vary more in this respect, and some are rather two-dimensional.)I didn't remember too much about the pr...
  • Jonathan Lupa
    Feels like that is a 2 of 2 series, or if not, a very well closed out book. This particular author charms me with detail. Something of the drone of the now is very comfortable to me, and it's pretty much there in all her books.So of course, I love these. Even if there isn't any space stuff.
  • Judith Cohen
    First of all, in the interest of full transparency, I have to disclose that while I’ve never even met Elizabeth Moon I’ve adored her stories - and have gobbled up each one since Sheepfarmer's Daughter first appeared in 1988. The Deed of Paksenarrion series is probably my all-time favorite fantasy series and I’ve adored the sequel series that followed it. Same for her Suiza and Serrano, Planet Pirates series, stand-alones, collected shorts a...
  • Peter Nichols
    I've really liked Elizabeth Moon's previous work, at times I've considered her my favourite science fiction author on the weight of her Vatta's War series.It's with regret that I have to say that I hated In to the Fire. I found it to be tedious and largely pointless with so much filler seeming to buff out a very small amount of actual content is this volume. How many times in one novel do I need to have the preparation and/or consumption of break...
  • Diane
    Not bad, I was never bored (because of the skilled writing and interesting characters), but it was not often (for me) either movingly emotional or thrillingly exciting. It's not a short book, and a lot of it involves politico-military scheming, and politico-economic red tape. There were two major action climaxes: about 2/3 of the way through, when an assorted team conducts a multi-pronged rescue of the imprisoned survivors from book 1, and then a...
  • Sandy Kay Kay
    I love military science fiction and love it even more when the protagonist is a strong female character. I have to confess that I had not read any of books in the Vatta's War series or book 1 in the Vatta's Peace series, Cold Welcome (Vatta's Peace), before reading this book. (I am an impatient reader. When I see a book I want to read, I don't want to read a bunch of other books first. It is a character flaw.) But because of the author's skill in...
  • Theresa
    Into the Fire (Vatta's Peace, #2) by Elizabeth Moon Into the Fire is another step in Elizabeth Moon’s plot to leave us in suspense. This novel is the next in the installment of Vatta’s Peace. Sera Ky Vatta, has survived the plots and ploys of her enemies, crash landings, and murder attempts to find herself sequestered in the Vatta compound because of legal obstacles. A new law has caused a problem of phenomenal legal conflux. The people who a...