Albie Newton by Josh Funk

Albie Newton

Meet Albie Newton: child genius. He’s a whiz at inventing things. But is he inventive enough to figure out how to make friends? When precocious inventor Albie Newton enters a new preschool, he concocts the perfect plan for making friends. Unfortunately, it involves stealing the hamster’s wheel, snatching the wings off of Dave’s toy airplane, and generally making a giant mess. Now everyone’s angry at Albie! Will his new invention delight ...

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TitleAlbie Newton
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Science, Academic, School

Reviews Albie Newton

  • Christina Carter
    Albie Newton has the tough task of making friends at a brand new school and while his plan is sure to do the trick, it starts to go awry when he takes to dismantling the world around him for the sake of his invention. He causes quite the stir and his new classmates are angry with him until they see how incredible his creation is. He never really meant to make anyone mad. His heart is in the right place. He needs only to get the hang of social eti...
  • Laurie
    Interest Level: K-3Have you ever had that kid in your class who got on your nerves because they seemed self-centered and gave the impression that they didn't mind that they caused chaos in the classroom? Well that is Albie Newton! Albie is a child genius from the day he was born. When he went to a new elementary school he wanted very badly to make some new friends so he came up with an idea. His plan is to make a very special invention for his cl...
  • Baby Bookworm
    This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Our book today is Albie Newton, written by Josh Funk and illustrated by Ester Garay, the story of a boy genius and his classmates learning how to be friends.Albie isn’t quite like other kids. When he learned his numbers, he cried because he couldn’t count to infinity. He likes to learn a new language every week: English, Span...
  • Caitlin Zonder
    Loved this book about Albie! Albie is incredibly smart, at least book wise. He may need some help with his social skills though . This will be a great book to use to help kids become more empathetic.
    I have to admit, the first time I read this book, I was annoyed. I wanted the main character, Albie, to learn a lesson. After all, he was kind of a smarty pants and a bit of a show off: “Very soon the students noticed that Albie was a whiz. Albie wrote a sonnet while they took a spelling quiz.” 🙄 I also found Albie inconsiderate, taking the sprockets from the hamster’s wheel, swiping the classroom supply of glue, pulling wings off a clas...
  • Michele Knott
    What a great book to share with young readers - I like that Albie is different from his peers and that doesn't change. This reflects what we see in classrooms and schools and although the kids perspective may not change, they can appreciate what Albie creates.
  • Jillian Heise
    A fabulous story in rhyming verse about Albie, a tinkerer and thinker, who is so focused on his inventions that he doesn't often notice what's happening with the other kids in his class or how his actions affect them. Luckily, one of the girls in his class pays attention and notices Albie and what he's working on, leading to a revelation at the end. This will be a fantastic picture book to read with kids to help build empathy and understanding of...
  • Aliza Werner
    Albie is quite the inventor, but he's not always one to notice the reactions of those around him.
  • Tonja Drecker
    Through whimsical rhyme, this is a fun tale about being different as well as accepting those who are different themselves.Albie Newton's extraordinary traits make him into quite the amazing kid. . .until he hits Kindergarten. His ideas and creations stick out so much that the other kids aren't sure what to think of him. He hopes to win them over with an amazing creation, but ends up making them more upset without even realizing it. Luckily, one l...
  • Alex (not a dude) Baugh
    Albie Newton is an exceptionally smart kid who decides he will make friends in his new class after his family moves to Littleton. But for all his intelligence, Albie lacks the ability to read social cues and is unaware of his classmates distress when he goes his own way during class. While they do more age appropriate activities, for example, while they take a spelling quiz, Albie is writing a sonnet, or during arts and crafts, Albie takes all th...
  • Lilith Day
    Albie is a funny little boy. He has many interests. Before long, he was a very popular kid in class. He was so smart, everyone wanted to be his friend. He was also a very curious little boy. When he set his mind on something, all he could think about was accomplishing his goal. One day he wanted to create something. Albie kept on getting supplies. When the other children came to play, there was nothing left. Confused and all, they soon realized w...
  • Jennifer
    Albie Newton is a boy genius-inventor-classmate who is always thinking and creating, much to the dismay of his peers. When Albie moves to a new school in the middle of the year, he wants to make new friends, so he spends his time inventing something amazing (instead of playing with the others).Well, after Albie dumps the garbage can and steals the wheel from the hamster cage, the class notices that he’s tearing up the room. “But Albie didn’...
  • Jana
    Being in a new school can be difficult when it’s the middle of the year and most of the other kids have their established routines. But Albie doesn’t miss a beat. With rollicking, rhyming text and humorous digital illustrations, readers quickly come to know that Albie is an exceptional child. At first readers, and the other kids in this preschool class, have the impression that Albie has many social skills to learn: waiting his turn, asking o...
  • Beleden V
    I: I liked all of the last page, when they were in space. And rhyming!J: I was surprised she only wanted to give this a three because I really liked this one. Albie doesn't know how to get along with his new classmates and doesn't seem to be aware of the ways he's being inconsiderate to them. But, in the end, they realize that they too haven't understood him. There's a strong lesson for tolerance of children who learn and think differently.But, I...
  • Margaret Boling
    12/27/2018 ~ Albie definitely seems to be a bit on the spectrum. He's so focused on his own inventions that he doesn't notice how his actions impact others. This book will find its way into my elementary library collection. My readers are FANS of Josh Funk!There's definitely a twist on the last page, though I'm not comfortable with the juxtaposition of dinosaurs with the construction of the pyramids. I would like to talk with the illustrator, Est...
  • Julie Kirchner
    I really enjoyed this new book by Josh Funk! Using his amazing knack for rhyme, Josh shares a story of Albie Newton, tinkerer extraordinaire, who is unaware that his creativity is negatively impacting those around him! Luckily, one of his peers sees the beauty in what he has created and encourages everyone to realize it was not ill willed on Albie’s part, and to celebrate his accomplishments instead.
  • James Bailey
    I love everything that Josh Funk writes and this book is no exception. Albie Newton is a thinker and an inventor. He loves to take things apart and build new inventions. However, when he is inventing he doesn’t always notice the reactions from his classmates. Fortunately for him, his classmates are open-minded and talk to him before jumping to conclusions. Albie shows his classmates his latest invention and they see he has no bad intentions. A ...
  • Pam
    Funk shares all about being different and accepting differences. Albie is an extremely bright young boy who wants to make friends in kindergarten. His methods don't work well and his classmates get upset. One young girl stops them and suggests they see what he created. The class learned that though others are different, everyone can still be friends and work together.
  • Patricia Murphy
    PB to introduce kids to think of others. In clever & charming rhyming verse Josh Funk's Albie Newton book seeks to build empathy, compassion and positivity. Albie is just Adorable. Josh Funk blends what we want in our classrooms—tinkering and thinking. Another MUST HAVE book for your elementary classroom.
  • Kelly Carey
    Young inventors will love Albie's tinkering! But the kids in Albie's class aren't so sure -- he snatches up all the glue and even steals the hamster wheel. Lucky for Albie - Shirley uses her keen eye to help him out. This fun and frolicking rhyme is paired with bright and hilarious illustrations. Read and enjoy!
  • Jillian
    Cute story. The meter of the rhyming text was a bit clunky in places, and I found myself having to re-read lines a few times to make it fit.I did very much like the idea that the "annoying kid" might not have bad intentions, and maybe it's best to see what they're actually doing before getting angry.
  • Wendy Garland
    Albie Newton, thinker and inventor extraordinaire has glorious, creative ideas. His ideas tend to come at the expense of others, however. Can he make things AND friends at the same time? I love that Albie is different from the other kids. He is not about to change, but the kids' perspective might if they "see" him through new eyes.
  • Lynn Davidson
    Albie was a smart little boy who joined a class part way into the schoolyear. He immediately began taking things from the other children for his own inventions to impress them but was misunderstood. Cute story with vivid fun illustrations.
  • Linda Gibbons
    A fun story for younger readers.Albie has little, or no, regard for his classmates and their needs. This upsets them but in the end they see that Albie has created a wonderful spaceship/time machine.
  • Patricia McLaughlin
    Boy genius demonstrates the importance of mental and emotional intelligence in his quest to make friends at his new school; easy-reading rhymes, page-turner plot, and colorful illustrations are marred by the final, unfortunate stretch of the rhyme scheme and the imagination.
  • Jaime
    Imagination is awesome.
  • Angela
    Kindergarten - the great socialization experiment. Albie is super smart but a little lacking in social graces, but he puts a plan in motion to make friends the only way he knows how.
  • Heydi Smith
    This is cute. Would be a nice addition to a manners Storytime.
  • Lori
    Cute story, with some great vocabulary. Bright and fun illustrations.
  • Sheri
    A cute way to show Albie Newton has a hard time making friends in his new school. Similar to a story about Albert Newton but this one is more child friendly and shows how he struggles to be accepted.