The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 8 by Kore Yamazaki

The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 8

THE CURSEChise may have stopped the dragon’s rampage, but at a great cost: she has been cursed, and a dragon’s curse is unbreakable! Chise and Elias are visited by Marielle the witch, whose fellow witches claim to know the secret to helping Chise. There’s one catch-–in exchange for their aid, Chise must join the witches’ coven.

Details The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 8

TitleThe Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 8
Release DateFeb 27th, 2018
PublisherSeven Seas
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Graphic Novels, Young Adult

Reviews The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 8

  • Shannon
    Elias ... you dun goofed.
  • Jessica (HighFantasyFanatic)
    It's been a long time since i read the 7th volume so the first half of this was spent trying to remember the plot. However once i got back into it i enjoyed it... also damn that ending!
  • Lexie
    Finally Elias acts like the centuries older inhuman being that he is.Look in like Elias - I like him goofy and sweet and oblivious and caring. But that's not him. Not really. He isn't an alchemist who's a tad off. He's not a mage or witch who's lived a couple centuries. He's a Fae being, an Elder God. He's lived and seen so much.So why would I expect him to NOT do everything necessary to help Chise? To keep her? She is his world now and like a de...
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...We first meet Chise, chained by the neck and wrists being passed over to her new owner, a bone-headed mage whose name she learns later is Elias. A penniless orphan sold on the black market she learns about herself, the magical world filled with fairies and other fantastical creatures as well as what it means to be a part of a family. Her new life as a mage's apprentice is ...
  • Rod Brown
    I don't think I know of any manga more in need of a "Previously in..." summary and character profiles inside the front cover. For some reason, everything that happened in the previous volume just falls out of my head when I crack the cover of the new one. About halfway through I get sucked in by the character interaction and forget to care about what I've forgotten until some character who apparently I'm supposed to remember shows up and does som...
  • Toni
    The drama is off the charts.
  • Spencer
    HUGE twists! I can't believe this entry!
  • Kate
    This is an excellent installment in the current fascinating story arc. I love seeing Elias floundering around as he has no idea how to process what he is feeling, and yet he can be quite terrifying as well.
  • Becky Loader
    Uh-oh. Is Yamazaki unsure of where the story is going? I was disappointed in the whole disjointed presentation here. Maybe the author needs to re-think adding so many characters.
  • Candii
    3.5 because chise deserves better
  • Katja
    Review of the Finnish edition.In the last book Chise saved a raging dragon but got cursed in the process and now her already short life expectancy is looking shorter than ever before. It also shakes Elias deeper than he realizes.This volume is light on lore elements although we do learn about witches and their covens. Instead, the emphasis is on Chise and Elias' relationship.And that relationship has come a long way even though both Chise and esp...
  • Chelsea Gouin
    IT TOOK 8 VOLUMES BUT THIS SERIES FINALLY MANAGED TO COMPLETELY SHATTER MY HEART! I hate having to wait for the next volume to be translated to English because damn, son...that cliffhanger!! Magic comes with a price, and Chise's reckless use of magic has finally caught up to her when she tried to save the dragon chick one volume prior. She's been struck with the dragon's curse making her already projected short life as a sleigh beggy even shorter...
  • Tere (La Vida Secreta de una Lectora)
    La Prometida del Mago, The Ancient Magus' Bride o Mahoutsukai no Yome es una manga (y anime) que nos contaran la historia de Chise Hatori, quien ha llevado una vida de abusos y desprecio en la que nunca ha conocido el amor, ni familiar ni romántico. Un día decide venderse para al menos tener algo en la vida y finalmente es comprada por un hombre/bestia que decide convertirla en su aprendiz y en su futura esposa.Una historia de fantasía y con u...
  • Doc
    With additional complications created by the dragon curse inflicted on Chise after trying to save the panicked dragon whelp in the last volume her life is even more in danger and everyone close to her is doing their best to save her before it is to late. Will help come from a coven of witches who are looking to help Chise in exchange for joining them and what lengths will Elias and Ruth take to save her are all explored in this volume. As answers...
  • Ashley N.
    This volume lacked a lot of magical exploration that earlier volumes contained, but it made up for it with Chise's character development. I was glad to read this because I decided to watch the anime as it aired, which is ahead of the English translations. This volume helped answer a lot of questions that the anime had left me, simply because the anime was a lot faster paced so I didn't catch the minute details. Chise has finally found herself wan...
  • Eden
    Chise stopped the Dragon's rampage but at a great cost; She has the Dragon's curse and it seems it will shorten her life even more.I could see how people may be angry with Elias. What he was trying to do wasn't right but rather out of desperation. It was not his inhuman nature showing. What he showed was actually very human. While misguided, it is what anyone would do for someone they truly love. Sometimes loving someone and not wanting anything ...
  • Mel
    The episodic nature of the earlier chapters is finally shed in this new volume. Chise is still recovering from a dragon's curse and the early promise of a cure is proven to be fruitless unless Chise is willing to let the dragon who cursed her die. The previous mode of introducing a new character to complicate and solve her magical dilemmas is upended here. And Chise's original passive nature is slowly transforming and being tempered into a new ch...
  • Crystal
    Every new book that comes out in this series makes my heart hurt and my imagination soar. This time Chose is struggling with her decisions that lead to getting the “Dragons Curse”, and how Elias and Ruth deal with the consequences of those decisions as well. Absolutely cannot wait til 9 comes out. Why does it have to be a whole 6 more months ~~
  • Timothy Pitkin
    Nice to see the relationship between Elias and Chise being deepened as we see them actually become an actual romance. Also nice build up for the next climax and it defiantly feels like it is nearing the end of the series as everything seems rushing toward a final conclusion type feel or at least the conclusion to Joseph at least.
  • Lavonia Reid
    I am really proud of the way Chise is beginning to develop into her own person. I think that this volume really shows how Chise is beginning to come into her own. The story line in this volume picks up in the middle and follows through until the end.
  • Annise Blanchard
    Wow - I love (although saddened) by the character development and how Yamazaki is weaving evil throughout the story. Ainsworth is starting to show human qualities, and his relationship with Chise is hitting an impasse...
  • Calvinist Batman
    What an ending! This book did some crazy world building. This series is a slow-burn from great to excellent.
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Another good volume.
  • 90's Gal
    Finalmente deu uma engrenada boa. Elias, eu ainda te amo.
  • Maria Noah
    One of my favorites.
  • Matt Hammonds
    Another Good oneHonestly I just find this series so enticing. The story line. The writing. Can't wait for the next one honestly.
  • Valerie Willis
    Oh what a cliffhanger! Absolutely enjoying this piece and can't wait to see how the plot thickens <3
  • Kaylabookworm22 L
    I am in love with this series! It is one of my all time favorite manga series. I can't wait to read more!
  • Rachel
    Still loving this artwork. though I do wish Chise would get a haircut
  • Mary
    This story is so good! There's a big twist at the end of this volume which will leave you aching for the next!