Love Like Sky by Leslie C. Youngblood

Love Like Sky

"Love ain't like that.""How is it then?" Peaches asked, turning on her stomach to face me."It's like sky. If you keep driving and driving, gas will run out, right?""That's why we gotta go to the gas station.""Yep. But have you ever seen the sky run out? No matter how far we go?""No, when we look up, there it is.""Well that's the kind of love Daddy and Mama got for us, Peaches--love like sky.""It never ends?""Never."G-baby and her younger sister, ...

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TitleLove Like Sky
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Family

Reviews Love Like Sky

  • Amie's Book Reviews
    In the opening scene of LOVE LIKE SKY, G-baby is entertaining her younger sister Peaches by repeatedly dancing the "Nae Nae" and the "Dougie." I defy anyone to read this and not smile. I believe that would be impossible. LOVE LIKE SKY is set in the town of Snellville, Georgia, where eleven-year-old G-baby, her younger sister Peaches (real names - Georgiana And Patrice) and their mother have moved to a new town after their mother's marriage to the...
  • Trina
    Love Like Sky is written perfectly for middle-school aged children. As the mother of both a 7 and a 9 year old, I’d be excited for my girls to read a story with flawed characters but boasts unbreakable bonds, love and resilience. I enjoyed this well-written work.I received an advanced review copy (ARC) of this book from the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.Synopsis from Pu...
  • Dianne
    My Rating: 4.5 StarsA charming tale told through the eyes of a young girl dealing with the divorce of her parents and their subsequent remarriages. In today’s society, so many families must learn to navigate the “blending” of two families, step-siblings and step-parents and rarely is a book written that truly seems to come from a child’s point of view.LOVE LIKE SKY by Leslie C. Youngblood is told through the Georgie’s eyes and heart as ...
  • Cort
    Mini Me review: One of my favorite books this year. It was a story about love and how a family sticks together to make it through hard times.
  • La La
    4.5 on the blog.I'll be back; this book is stellar...I was approved for an eARC, via Netgalley, in return for an honest review.
  • Kiki Cole
    Ugh, what a cute and familial story! To start off with the negative, the writing was a little slow and hard to read but I could understand why it was like that. Plus, I had issues relating to the story as well. I didn’t really like the main character either, but she was a good one in some points. I think this is a fabulous and funky middle grade novel, especially for those with broken families or sick family members. It is definitely a book tha...
  • Akoss
    @disneyhyperion #partner - I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.Georgie and her little sister Peach’s parents got divorced and each parent has started building new lives for themselves while trying their best to keep things inclusive and sensitive to their girls. On one of their visits with their biological Dad, Georgie does something daring and a little selfish after which ...
  • Stephanie
    Love Like Sky felt very real. Leslie C. Youngblood’s middlegrade novel about a young girl navigating the tumultuous experiences that come alongside the divorce of one’s parents as well as their remarrying. G-baby, or Georgie, is working through the vast array of emotions as she deals with a stepsister who doesn’t seem to like her and a stepmother that she personally does not like herself. And when her younger sister, Peaches, suddenly comes...
  • Jana
    I had the opportunity to read a NetGalley digital ARC of this middle grade novel in exchange for a review. So many families experience stress when divorce occurs, and the original partners marry other people and bring different members together into what is called “blended families”. Children usually bear a large part of the burden when they have to adjust to two different households and build new relationships with stepsiblings. This realist...
  • Hallie
    Thanks to the @KidLitExchange network for the free review copy of this book. All opinions are my own. Love Like Sky is a sweet middle grade novel about blended families, sisters, and growing up. Both of Georgie's parents have recently remarried and she's still trying to get used to all the changes. Along with new step-parents, she also has a new older step-sister who she desperately wants to be close with. The author dives into the complicated dy...
  • Meredith Spidel
    This is a sweet book that allows young readers to grapple with some of the bigger life issues kids experience in today's world, along with a very realistic look at the modern family. Thanks for sending an ARC my way for review, Disney Books!
  • Cindy
    A sweet summer coming-of-age story—a little family drama, a little adventure, a little friendship struggle, and a little crush, all combining to make a lovely read.
  • Dee Price
    After G-Baby's mother remarries, she and her sister Peaches are uprooted from their home and friends when they move in with their new step-dad. G-Baby has trouble blending in to this new extended family and misses her former neighborhood and friends. When tragedy strikes her family, everyone pulls together and G-Baby realizes what's really important.I found this book to be rather slow-paced and the main character was a tad bit annoying but it als...
  • USOM
    Love Like Sky is a story about sisters. About the responsibility of having to be 'the big sister' and what that can do for you when your world has changed irreparably and you have to be the strong one. When you just want to be a kid for a change. To not have to be a role model. To not have to be good at adapting and explaining to your younger sister. But at the same time, G-Baby yearns for a big sister of her own, a companion, a source of securit...
  • Meghan
    I received this book as an advanced reader's copy because of our demand for JFiction books on family values and when I opened the book I was expecting something completely different in a good way. I am blown away by the themes and messages this book reflects on G-baby and Peaches and their meaning of love from their family. When we hear the word sky, we think of the color blue and the infamous phrase "the sky is the limit." The love that G-baby a...
  • JoEllen
    Love Like Sky- what a fabulous way to describe the unending love of family. Fell in love with the narrator G Baby and all the characters. Youngblood captured the emotions connected to the special bond of sisters, as well as the tensions and the triumphs that happen with blended families- important to be seen so readers can relate and connect to Georgie. An inspiring MG novel to explore friendships, family and so much more. #LoveLikeSky
  • Brooke Banks
    >>Contains: divorced & re-married parents, blended families, step siblings, dead siblings, health and disabilities, fat shaming, grief, bullying, police brutality and protesting, >>I love the cover. >>Quick to fall in with the flow, voice, and finish in one sitting for adults and advanced readers. Middle graders will find it hard to put down and forget wanting to know what happens next with these relatable characters.>>Super adorable and sweet th...
  • Ms. Yingling
    Public library copyGeorgiana (frequently called G-Baby or Georgie) is fairly comfortable with her blended family. They have moved out from the Atlanta metropolitan area to a smaller town, and Georgie gets along well with her stepfather. Her older step-sister, Tangie, is very interesting, but has little time for her new sibling. Georgie, however, is quite nice to her annoying younger sister, Peaches. When the girls return to the city to visit thei...
  • Ms. Arca
    4.5? For what it provides in a middle grade book with a range of well done black characters, this is one of strongest I’ve read yet.Yes yes yes to this book. Recently divorced parents, a newly blended family, a serious health scare, sustaining a positive best friendship, standing up to a bully... there’s so much for Georgie to navigate and she does her best sorting it all out with her best friends, little sister, and new step sister. Her olde...
  • Paige Green
    Disclaimer: I received this book for free from KidLitExchange and Disney Hyperion. Thanks! All opinions are my own.Rating: 4/5Genre: MG ContemporaryRecommended Age: 10+ (love, illness, and blended families)Pages: 304Author WebsiteAmazon LinkSynopsis: Disney-Hyperion has bought debut author Leslie C. Youngblood's middle-grade novel Love Like Sky, as well as a sequel. Love Like Sky follows Georgie as she tries to find her place in her “blended-up...
  • Kristin Crouch
    Thank you to Leslie C. Youngblood for providing an ARC for review to #collabookation.Love Like Sky is a beautiful book about a family in transition. G-Baby's life has changed so much in just a few years. Her parents were separated, and subsequently divorced. Her mother got remarried to a great new husband who has a daughter of his own. Her father has a new significant other as well. Navigating a new town (they moved due to the new marriage) while...
  • Lana
    This is a sweet story about Georgie or G-baby, and her life at 11 years-old. She has a lot going on in her little head about her newly blended family, friends at school, her best friend, and a boy down the street. But when her little sister gets deathly sick and has to go stay in the hospital she realizes just how much her little sister means to her.This is a lovely family story about very relatable events for a child. Relationships in blended fa...
  • Darla
    This book is many things. There is a newly "blended up" family that is learning to function in healthy ways. The youngest daughter (Peaches) becomes seriously ill with bacterial meningitis. Our main character -- G-baby-- is stuck in the middle. She blames herself for her baby sister's getting so sick. As she deals with crises throughout the story she turns to God in prayer for help. There are struggles with step-parents, friends and getting her o...
  • Sharon
    4th&upSo first of all, the sentiment: a love like the sky, which never ends. I'm crying already.Next, the cover: Georgie- a young girl with such a serious almost sad look in her eyes, the title written in strips of sky floating around her; her shadow which subtly shows the bond Georgie has with her little sister Peaches...Ugh! The cover is so good! I just adore Vashti Harrison's art!Finally, the book itself: a realistic, heartfelt portrayal of a ...
  • Mandy Stallard
    G-baby (aka Georgie or Georgianna) is desperate for her older stepsister, Tangie, to like her. Unfortunately, Tangie doesn't seem to have any interest in developing a relationship with G-baby or her younger sister Peaches. To make life more complicated, G-baby isn't a huge fan of her dad's new wife, Millicent (aka Millipede). On top of all her family struggles, G-baby and her best friend, Nikki, seem to do nothing but fight. G-baby's life really ...
  • Talia Smart
    Just as Jason Reynolds does in his Track series, Leslie C. Youngblood writes with a tenderhearted perspective grounded in current events and realism. Family takes center stage as Georgie copes with her parents' remarriages as well as her little sister's hospital stay. This would be so great for a multi-sibling read-aloud!Only complaint: so many issues are at play here, and that does make the story feel a bit long-winded. But true to life!
  • Kathi Rauscher
    Love Like Sky tackles the complexity of a blended family. New home, new step dad, new step sister. What do you do when your full sister falls ill. G-Baby has difficult situations to deal with as an 11 year old. She succeeds with her extended family and friends. Learning to open up and trust within a newly blended family helps G-Baby with tackling the sudden illness of her baby sister, Peaches.
  • Michelle Simpson
    This is a story of Georgie and her “blended-up” families. As she and her sister, Peaches, are becoming used to living in their new home with their mother, new stepfather, and stepsister, they look for ways to stay connected to their father, new stepmother, and friends in their old neighborhood. Things become much more complicated when Peaches becomes very sick and is put into the hospital. It is a great portrayal of family members trying to m...
  • Cathy
    Love Like Sky legitimizes the complexities that tweens go through. They are young but want to be old. They want to know what is going on and do not want to be treated like babies or "protected" from the truth. This is both heartbreaking and uplifting -- always a good combination. For upper elem girls. #divorce #blended families #minority