The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson

The Parker Inheritance

The letter waits in a book, in a box, in an attic, in an old house in Lambert, South Carolina. It's waiting for Candice Miller. When Candice finds the letter, she isn't sure she should read it. It's addressed to her grandmother, after all, who left Lambert in a cloud of shame. But the letter describes a young woman named Siobhan Washington. An injustice that happened decades ago. A mystery enfolding the letter-writer. And the fortune that awaits ...

Details The Parker Inheritance

TitleThe Parker Inheritance
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherArthur A. Levine Books
GenreMystery, Childrens, Middle Grade, Historical, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Fiction, Cultural, African American

Reviews The Parker Inheritance

  • Betsy
    The other day I was asked to come up with ten children’s book equivalents to Claudia Rankine’s book Citizen (which, should anybody ask you, is not for kids). To do this, I wanted to include a range of different kinds of books at different ages. Picture books and nonfiction titles. Early chapter books and poetry. And, of course, socially conscious middle grade novels (books for kids between the ages of 9-12). But as it turns out, books for yo...
  • Donalyn
    I loved so many things about this book--the characters, the history, and the mystery. This would be a fabulous read aloud or a jumping off place for conversations about racism, family dynamics, and friendship.
  • Jordan Henrichs
    What I liked:- Very ambitious story; Overall, I liked the structure, mixing in flashback point of views to fill in the gaps of the mystery- While not near as refined or effective as either, this reminded me more of Holes than The Westing Game (either way, good books to be compared to)- Reggie and Siobhan's relationship was emotionally effective- Big Dub was a fantastic anti-hero (adult Reggie too, was authentically flawed)- Candice and Brandon's ...
  • Cassie Thomas
    What a fantastic story of friendship, differences, struggles, and love - with a dash of adventure, mystery, and history. I was so inspired by so many little comments throughout that it makes me want to do more, to inspire others to do better out there in the world.
  • Julie
    I've read a lot of opinions on this already from the Newbery goodreads group, so I'll weigh in on what I've already heard.1. There are too many issues for one book: I was OK with this. Except for one part at the very end. They all seemed realistic for a kid to be experiencing and I wasn't overwhelmed.2. The book is too long: Yeah, a little bit.3. The mystery wasn't strong: I agree with this. It was a little confusing and there was much luck invol...
  • Kathie
    This is definitely one of my favorite middle grade reads of 2018. Rich in detail and content, wonderfully written, and highly engaging. ‪This is definitely one of my favorite middle grade reads of 2018. Rich in detail and content, wonderfully written, and highly engaging.
  • Jessica
    Both a mystery in the vein of The Westing Game (which is cited in the book) and a look at race relations past and present, this is an excellent and vital book. I don't really want to spoil any piece of the puzzle, so just let me say that there is a reason why this book has gotten such good reviews, and so many stars. Varian is a wonderful writer, but this is really a tour-de-force.
  • Lori
    Candice and her author mom move to her late grandmother's home in Lambert, South Carolina while their Atlanta home is being remodeled to put on the market due to her parents' divorce. Candice planned to spend time with her friends that summer, but now she will be alone much of the time as her mom writes. Candice' grandmother served as Lambert's city manager until a letter presenting a puzzle and an opportunity to help Lambert's economy caused her...
  • Katrina
    3.5 stars. Well-written, but it's no Westing Game. The historical flashbacks dominated, and that story was interesting but there were so many characters to keep track of and I got bogged down. It felt really long--I thought it must be about over and then realized I was only at 50%! I wanted more of the mystery, particularly since the historical parts dealt with heavy themes. Which is fine, but I like to know that's what a book is about going in. ...
  • Aj Sterkel
    Likes: Well, this is a compelling mystery. I was flipping pages frantically near the end. I had to know if the kids would find the treasure!The mystery kept me guessing. I never predicted where the clues would lead. Brandon and Candice are the perfect characters to star in this story because they’re an unstoppable team. They want to prove that the treasure is real and that Candice’s grandmother wasn’t a delusional person who dug up a belove...
  • Joyce Yattoni
    If you are reading this review you need to run to the closest library, Target or keyboard and get this book now. ❤❤❤❤ this book and I know quite a few teachers who will love it too. I am always looking for good mysteries for students who like that type of story. This book fits the bill. Not only does it have mystery, but it also has a puzzle that the reader is attempting to solve along with the character. Moreover, it is plush with a lot ...
  • Trey
    This book was so good.
  • Danielle
    "Just because you don't see the path doesn't mean it's not there."What an incredible book! In my view this is totally for adults as well. The way the story weaves in interludes from the past with the present was my favorite thing about it, and in doing so it delves deeply into history, racism and oppression, love, friendship, legacy, sexual orientation, and more. This book lets people be complicated and almost never one-note and has a suspenseful...
  • Nikki
    One of the best middle grade books I've read in years. Fast-paced, fascinating, significant while staying fun. I want to read it all over again!
  • Paula Chase
    What makes this book so good are the nuances. It's a mystery and while trying to solve it, the young protags deal with bullying, bigotry and the weight of the past. One of my favorite elements of the story was the way it revolved between past and present. It was like having a YA folded into a MG novel and I was as invested in the story arc of the past as I was in the story arc of the present. The racism is shown in its true brutal form and we're ...
  • DaNae
    My favorite type of book may begin on summer vacation, small town, and a mystery. In a perfect world all kids would have a puzzly break from school which allows them to run rampant through a town with parks and ice cream shops. PARKER INHERITANCE is this type of story. I also love when far flung narratives make their way to a central spot in clever and unexpected ways. PI goes for this too, although it does feel more manipulative than organic. Th...
  • Abby Johnson
    Kids who like puzzle mysteries and solving riddles are going to eat this up. And it's a story with meat on its bones. As Candice and Brandon are researching, they discover a lot of unsavory stuff that happened to the African Americans who started the whole thing in the 1950s. They learn a lot about their families and their town and themselves as they try to piece together where the fortune came from and where it might be hidden.Hand this to kids ...
  • Jayne Bartrand
    possible #mockNewbery2018This book takes on too much.: race relations, Civil Rights history, LGBTQ, divorce, religion, some language. . .and then you have to keep up with all these characters and time jumping/alternating chapters, plus The Westing Game (Raskin) letter/code mystery hidden treasure. . . too muchI'm not sure a middle grades reader would invest in all that.
  • Clare Lund
    When Candice finds the strange letter in her grandmother's attic with clues about how to uncover a buried treasure, she and her new friend Brandon set out to solve the mystery that her grandma was never able to fully unravel. Along the way, they uncover reveals ugly, racist secrets lurking in the town's past, and a wrong against an entire family that they are hoping to right. I found the constant flashbacks to be a little jarring, and would have ...
  • Sara
    An amazing blend of historical fiction and mystery. I loved this book. Definitely, think it could be up to win the Newberry.
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusCandice's grandmother was a city official in the small town of Lambert before she fell into disrepute. She thought there was treasure buried under the tennis courts and had them dug up. When no treasure appeared, she was relieved of her duties. Candice and her mother are spending the summer cleaning out her grandmother's house after her death, and Candice has some letters that indicate there is still a treasure out...
  • Phil Jensen
    It was so much of what I wanted, but not quite how I wanted it. Varian Johnson delivered the following rare ingredients:* A mystery that is solved by learning history* LGBT issues handled in a PG context* A bully character with more than one dimension* A balance between talking about the history of overt racism contrasted with modern, more subtle racismAnd yet, it falls short. Why? Where did this winning formula go wrong?* The characterization is...
  • Bethany Turner
    Book People, an independent bookstore in Austin, Texas, sent me this book because I liked Greenglass House. The Parker Inheritance was a perfect fit. It takes the reader on a puzzling adventure full of surprises, delights, and a large dose of history.
  • Leonard Kim
    Not sure the tricky aspects of this book work as well as in the Greene books, but the historical love story is sympathetic. Listened to the audiobook which, without spoiling anything, may actually make some details more effective. I’d be curious to see how they were handled in print.
  • Barb Middleton
    A male high school student asked me to buy several romance ebooks for the Kindle. He didn't want to be "seen" carrying print copies just like the character, Brandon Jones, who likes to read "girl" stories. This is just one of many different social issues addressed in this novel giving it depth. Topics cover racism, marginalization, choices, LGBTQ, divorce, bullying and more; however, is written for readers ages 8-12. At the heart of the story is ...
  • Sarah
    I was watching the Oscars last year and was really struck by a comment by the Pakistani director of a rom-com movie. He detailed how he grew up watching movies that primarily featured white characters directed by white males. He loved those movies and had great nostalgia for them but also appreciated how we've grown as a society so that a number of modern day movies feature a wide diversity of characters told by a swath of different voices. I fee...
  • Jenni
    I think this is an important book. A great middle grade puzzle (shades of The Westing Game, which the author clearly references and it’s obvious he loves), but more importantly an amazing look at the systemic issue of race relations both back in the 50s and 60s as well as today. And in addition to race there are other issues that are raised and discussed well - divorce, LGBTQ just to name a couple - but they don’t seem to overload the story a...
  • Becky
    Such a great mystery! I liked the characters and the dual stories embedded (present & past).
  • Steph
    Once in awhile a middle grade book comes along and almost creates its own genre. This book has done just that. What an INCREDIBLE idea and super well written.