Lies That Comfort and Betray (A Gilded Age Mystery #2) by Rosemary Simpson

Lies That Comfort and Betray (A Gilded Age Mystery #2)

Heiress Prudence MacKenzie is a valuable partner to attorney Geoffrey Hunter, despite the fact that women are not admitted to the bar in New York’s Gilded Age. And though their office is a comfortable distance from the violence that haunts the city’s slums, the firm of Hunter and MacKenzie is about to come dangerously close to an unstoppable killer . . .  LIES THAT COMFORT AND BETRAY   The murders in Whitechapel are shocking enough to make ...

Details Lies That Comfort and Betray (A Gilded Age Mystery #2)

TitleLies That Comfort and Betray (A Gilded Age Mystery #2)
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Victorian

Reviews Lies That Comfort and Betray (A Gilded Age Mystery #2)

  • Amalia Gavea
    ''I've learned to prefer the starkest of truths to the most comforting of lies.'' In my opinion, there is only one city whose gritty historical background can be compared to London's and, naturally, I'm referring to New York. The diversity of the population, the vast gap between the upper and lower classes compose a fascinating scenery of a city that was trying to find its identity at the time. I think that Simpson succeeded in all levels with th...
  • Julie
    Lies That Comfort and Betray by Rosemary Simpson is a 2018 Kensington publication. The first book in this new series set a solid foundation to be built upon. But, did the second book take advantage of that momentum? Yes! Yes, it did-This is an excellent follow up to ‘What the Dead Leave Behind’. With Jack the Ripper terrorizing London, New York finds it is not immune to the same depravity. When Nora Kenny, a young woman who works for Prudence...
  • Linda
    Human wreakage.Individuals who bear the scars of life so evident on the outside, and more's the pity, those who keep the wounds buried in personal tombs of the soul.November of 1888 brings with it unstable times on the streets of New York City. London's Whitechapel murders seem to have gained a foothold here amongst the tall buildings and stately mansions. Has Jack the Ripper ventured on a cruise across the Atlantic? So it seems......Nora Kenny's...
  • Betty
    In 1888 Jack Ripper's activities London, England are making headlines in New York City. In the second book of the Gilded Age Mysteries, Heiress Prudence MacKenzie is now a partner in a new investigative agency. Geoffrey Hunter, her partner is an attorney and ex-Pinkerton detective. One of Prudence's maids whose family has worked for the MacKenzie family is found murder in a grizzly death that copies the Ripper's work. In the effort to prevent hea...
  • Kristina
    Lies that Comfort and Betray by Rosemary Simpson is the second book in A Gilded Age Mystery series. It is November of 1888 and Jack the Ripper is terrorizing London with his savage butchery. Prudence MacKenzie is a partner in the private inquiry firm of Hunter and MacKenzie with Geoffrey Hunter in New York. Prudence is distressed when her childhood friend, Nora Kenny is ruthlessly murdered and left dead in Colonial Park. The manner in which Nora ...
  • Tammie
    The Ripper murders in Whitechapel are shocking enough to make news worldwide, and in the autumn of 1888, Geoffrey and Prudence find the stories in the New York Herald quite unsettling. But London is not the only city to be terrorized by a mad butcher. 3.5 stars. What the Dead Leave Behind was the mystery I enjoyed reading the most last year, so needless to say, I was really looking forward to reading this sequel. I'll start by saying that I liked...
  • Deanne Patterson
    This is a suspenseful and richly atmospheric mystery taking place in nineteenth-century New York. A Jack The Ripper style book. The women that are murdered are done savagely. In November 1888 has Jack The Ripper sailed from England and now has a new killing spot, is there a copy cat killer, or simply someone deranged ? Prudence MacKenzie is a valuable partner to attorney Geoffrey Hunter despite this being the Golden Age. Devastated when her child...
  • Rebecca
    "Even so, I've learned to prefer the starkest of truths to the most comforting of lies. I really felt this had the potential to be a amazing series and the second installment did not disappoint! The societal struggles and the political/police police corruption of the time period is excellently portrayed. While it is gruesome at times, it keeps true to the storyline and time period. I adored Prudence and the potential slow burning relationship bet...
  • Kate Baxter
    This second installment in Rosemary Simpson's, "A Gilded Age Mystery" series is a wonderful continuation of the story set up in book one, "What the Dead Leave Behind". Ms. Simpson spins a wonderful yarn of mystery around three murders. She beautifully captures the atmosphere of a bustling New York City of 1888 as the colder weather sets in in early November. Her descriptive prose draws upon all of the reader's senses - whether it's the reek of sp...
  • Joshualyn Prater
    I received an ARC copy from netgalley for my honest review, so thank you netgalley and publishers for offering me this book! This is a story is about Heiress Prudence MacKenzie is a valuable partner to attorney Geoffrey Hunter, despite the fact that women are not admitted to the bar in New York’s Gilded Age. And though their office is a comfortable distance from the violence that haunts the city’s slums, the firm of Hunter and MacKenzie is ab...
  • Fred
    Lies That Comfort And Betray is the second book in the A Gilded Age Mystery series.This is another historical mystery series that I really enjoy reading and this is a fantastic follow-up to the first book, What The Dead Leave Behind.Prudence MacKenzie, whose late father was a famed jurist in New York City, and Geoffrey Hunter, an ex-Pinkerton agent, have formed a private investigation office.It’s November 1988 and Jack the Ripper has just kille...
  • Randee Green
    Thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC.LIES THAT COMFORT AND BETRAY is the second novel in the Gilded Age Mystery series by Rosemary Simpson. In the first novel, WHAT THE DEAD LEAVE BEHIND, the reader is introduced to wealthy heiress Prudence MacKenzie and ex-Pinkerton detective Geoffrey Hunter. Prudence's father has recently passed away and then her fiancé, Charles, perishes in the Great Blizzard that struck New York City in 1888....
  • Heidi
    Despite the four star rating, I have mixed feelings about this book. The description of New York in this era is strong and encompassing, and the mystery wasn't bad, but I still have a feeling that I don't know the main couple -- detectives -- very well. There is a hint that they will become a couple, but there is absolutely no chemistry between them, as if the author really didn't care about them. And the details about the soon to be murdered vic...
  • Rekha O'Sullivan
    This is the second book of a series but the first one I have read. Simpson is a great storyteller, bringing New York. The horrific murder of an Irish maid known to Prudence Mackenzie shocks New York, the privileged and the underbelly alike. Prudence and her partner Geoffrey embark want to solve the murder for personal reasons and to ensure that New York doesn't have it's very own Jack The Ripper.The Police have their own agenda so Prudence and he...
  • Christine Anne Gilbert
    Not What I hoped it Would be!After finishing the first novel in the series, I read the first chapter of the second novel, as offered. I thought I would love this story as well as I did the first. In the beginning, I really liked it. Somewhere around the middle of the book, the story took a drastic turn: it became about gangsters, prostitution, a street urchin and a ridiculously intuitive dog. I really didn't enjoy the book. But, kept reading it a...
  • Robin
    4.5/5 I really LOVE this series! This is the second of three so far, and they’ve all been top-notch! Here, a Ripper-like murderer strikes in New York. There are twists and turns and murder scenes not for the squeamish. Great writing and character development, dark and macabre scenes and even a flea-ridden mangy street mutt named Blossom to save the day...what’s not to ?! Hope there’s more of these to come! 4.5/5 ⭐️I really LOVE this ...
  • Hannah Cunningham
    I enjoyed this book, however I don't think it is quite as good as the first one. Geoffrey and Prudence become closer, and I loved Blossom as a new character! Just... not what I had hoped for. Will definitely read the 3rd book, though.
  • Kathleen Gray
    Interesting take on a serial killer in Gilded Age New York. Simpson has created a truly intriguing character in Prudence. You've gotta wonder what she would be doing today, when women are not hampered by the restrictions she faces. Geoffrey is a good partner for her. I had not read the first book but that wasn't a problem. This starts off with a murder close to home for Prudence - her childhood friend and periodic domestic Nora- and then the viol...
  • nikkia neil
    Thanks Kensington Books and netgalley for this ARC.I liked this mystery more than the first in the series. Gritty, crazy, and a tour of the gilded age New York. This series just keeps getting better and better.
  • Jo (Mixed Book Bag)
    Set in the late 1800's Lies That Comfort and Betray shine a light on how different our justice system is from that in our not so distant past. Prudence MacKenzie is a heiress and a partner with attorney Geoffrey Hunter in an investigation firm. When girls turn up murdered the two try to find the killer. What emerges is a story that is set in both the high society of the time and the underbelly that is also part of the times. This is a story with ...
  • Susan
    An engrossing read with characters that jump right off the page and into your living room. A well written mystery with a great mix of suspense. When Prudence decides to solve the mystery of who murdered her long time friend and family maid, she finds herself plunged into the heart of the Church and the working classes of New York City. With Geoffrey by her side and the assistance of some additional delightful characters, Prudence solves the crime...
  • Rhonda Lomazow
    Second in this fantastic series.Historical fiction at its best set I sophisticated exciting New York City where everything seems to shine but underneath this glow murder dark acts.Thamks #kensington #netgalley for advance copy of this page turner,
  • EP
    I am confused. I have lots of questions re: this book which involve LOTS of spoilers, so you have been warned. 1) So what exactly did Joseph Nolan do to deserve to die? (besides that he was a twisted human being) Did he play any part in the murders at all?2) Did Father Brennan play any part in the murders at all? What exactly was he involved in (since it wasn't the murders)? Why did the housekeeper see Father Brennan in the cellar when he shouldn...
  • Melissa Dee
    This atmospheric mystery by Rosemary Simpson is a pulse-raising trip to the Gilded Age in New York, where the police are corrupt, the maids are Irish, and the Pinkertons are (almost) the best detectives in the world. A Jack-the-Ripper act-alike is stalking New York, and the unconventional detecting team of Prudence MacKenzie and Geoffrey Hunter are hunting him down. Several false starts, take them off the trail, but with the help of a homeless tr...
  • Bonnye Reed
    GNAB Lies that Comfort and Betray is a snapshot of New York City and environs in 1888. Known as the Gilded Age, it was anything but for women and immigrants, with women delegated to the kitchen and nursery, and the Irish and dogs not allowed in 'the better' stores and bars. Prudence MacKenzie, who has studied the law and was her father's assistant before his death (women were not admitted to the bar in New York at that time), has had some sorrowf...
  • Bethany Swafford
    As Jack the Ripper terrorizes London, a killer is on the move in New York. While the police try to hide this from the public, Prudence MacKenzie and Geoffrey Hunter fight to learn the truth before another unfortunate woman meets her end.First of all, this is not a book for the faint of heart. It delves into the dark side of the time period with gruesome murders and abortion. Prudence was an interesting character as she is fighting against an addi...
  • Kathy
    A bit too much Catholicism for me, and the dog whose thoughts were integral to the plot was ridiculous. I may try one more in the series but am not as enamored as I was after the first book.Note: Readers who wish to skip the first book in The Gilded Age Mystery series will be missing out on a great deal of back story and character development lacking in this second book. Also, the plot and outcomes of What the Dead Leave Behind are so thoroughly ...
  • Anita
    I mostly liked the first book in this series, but this book just mostly annoyed me. :-). I think it became too silly for me when a dog’s perspective was featured nearly as much as “her human’s”. I also thought the “who dunnit” conclusion was very unsatisfactory.
  • Debra Smouse
    Diving into New York in the 1880’s, Lies That Comfort and Betray, the 2nd book in Rosemary Simpson’s Gilded Age Mystery series calls to question: did Jack the Ripper leave London and land in New York? An unusual – for the time period – detective is on the case. Prudence MacKenzie, partnered with a former Pinkerton Security Agent, Geoffrey Hunter, are on the case after one of Prudence’s childhood friends is found murdered. And then Prude...
  • Stormi (BMReviewsohmy)
    Its 1888 and news of the London ripper has hit New York and it's very unsettling and then they have to worry about their own ripper. One of Prudences childhood friends, who was a servant, is found dead in a horrible way.Though the men try to keep the horrible things from Prudence she won't be hearing of it. She is now working as a partner to Geoffrey Hunter and she wants to find out what happened to her friend. When more young ladies are found th...