Dr.STONE 1 (Dr. Stone, #1) by Riichiro Inagaki

Dr.STONE 1 (Dr. Stone, #1)

一瞬にして世界中すべての人間が石と化す、謎の現象に巻き込まれた高校生の大樹。数千年後──。目覚めた大樹とその友・千空はゼロから文明を作ることを決意する!! 空前絶後のSFサバイバル冒険譚、開幕!!

Details Dr.STONE 1 (Dr. Stone, #1)

TitleDr.STONE 1 (Dr. Stone, #1)
Release DateJul 4th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels

Reviews Dr.STONE 1 (Dr. Stone, #1)

  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    2.5 starsIn a nutshell, Dr. Stone is a story about how two high school boys deal with the entirety of the human race being miraculously turned into stone. The phenomenon happens one day just as one of them is on the cusp of confessing to the girl they like. In this first volume the cause of the new stone age is not yet revealed, so if you’re not someone who can just go with the flow and not question too many things, this story might not gel wit...
  • Muffinsandbooks
    J’ai trouvé l’histoire originale et addictive, vraiment intéressante ! J’ai aussi beaucoup ri et j’ai adoré les personnages ! Bref, une bonne lecture 😊
  • Jose
    A fun story with a lot of science. The art is weird in some aspects, but it also has its fun moments.
  • Adam Pauze
    This was my first foray into the world of Manga and I have to say, I had an absolute blast.I was apprehensive at first, not only because the prospect of flipping through the book backwards was awkward, but because this was a book focused on some of my absolute favourite story ideas (Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, Sci-fi) so I knew that this particular Manga had a tough crowd to please.As I read through page-by-page I was amazed by how much the imager...
  • Erin
    While I thought the manga hair was great in this, the characters were so beyond annoying - I couldn't deal with the "I'm the science one" "I'm the murder one" etc., and the endurance guy... jfc I don't think he stopped screaming the entire book! It was like if you were hanging out with your friends, and someone said they were hungry, so you launch into "YOU'RE HUNGRY?! HOW CAN THIS BE?! I WILL SOLVE THIS - I WILL COOK FOR YOU!! I AM THE COOKING F...
  • Karen
  • Jennette
    I love this
  • Brigita
    this one is very disappointing.
  • Nicholas Driscoll
    You big oaf!I'm one billion percent certain!I'm not one millimeter interested.Get excited!No, no, get ready to hear those four lines over and over again throughout this volume from resident obnoxious mad-scientist Senku. Okay, so the set up goes like this: Musclebrain highschooler Taiju is in love with Suzuriha but doesn't have the guts to tell her. Finally, he is about to tell her how he feels when everyone in the world (including Suzuriha and h...
  • Jenny O'Neill
    I am pretty disappointed with this volume. I was interested in reading it because it had an interesting premise and based off of what I had heard from others, it was an engaging read. Unfortunately, nobody mentioned how unappealing the characters are, and the characters are the reason I will not be continuing with this series. It's really a shame too because I think the creative team behind this series did a good job in every other respect aside ...
  • Cody Knepper
    This manga series has a cool and very interesting concept as the story, and I can't wait to get in more deep with this story. One day on Earth everyone is turned to stone and a couple millennia later they start to break out. They have to re build civilization from there. Senku was the first to wake and he built a house and made other things for half a year alone. Then his friend woke up, and he helped him out. They found out a way to bring people...
  • Col
    The greatest edutainment since Magic Schoolbus. The world's smartest highschooler awakes in a world where all of humanity has been petrified for thousands of years, and sets out to resurrect them, and recreate industrial civilization along the way. There's lots of bombastic characters, tons of comedy, and lots and lots of primitive technology going on. The art is amazingly well textured and detailed, with the exception of the female characters, w...
  • Keith Hendricks
    While the titular hero of Dr. Stone is Senku, who earns that sobriquet as he crafts the cure for the petrification epidemic which froze human history, human civilization, and, in short, all human life, its point-of-view protagonist is Taiju Oki, a muscular youth well-suited to playing the part of the everyman, and thus better suited as the empty vessel for the reader’s vicarious enjoyment of Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi’s catastrophe / surviva...
  • Laura
    What caused living creatures to all turn to stone? Two high school friends Taiju and Senku revive. Senku plans to use his knowledge of science to restart civilization by finding a way to revive ALL the statue people. His friend Taiju will be the brawn to his brains. Unfortunately, when they need a fighter to save them from a lion attack they revive a fighter with very different ideas about how civilization should be rebuilt. The two main characte...
  • Zaz
    The premise was pretty good and a nice idea for an unusual setting. I also liked some parts of the art, with nicely drawn characters (very gendered sadly), animals or backgrounds. I'd difficulties with all the rest: the characters were overacting all the time (which was quickly annoying) and were too much "super", the talks weren't interesting (plenty of science thrown at the reader face, which was a bit overwhelming in a survival context), and t...
  • Zayne
    This was a good start to the series. It has a really cool premise that I remember me and my friends would sometimes talk about at lunch. I get that this is the start of the series, so there's a lot to setup, but the execution of it was a bit bland. There was nothing crazy that reeled me in. I love the premise and I'm excited to see what they do with it, so I'll continue on. Hopefully it gets better!
  • Jesse Slater
    Interesting premise. I really enjoy "how will we rebuild" stories. I was concerned the characterization may not flesh out (especially of Yuzuriha, who runs the risk of just being 'The Girl'), but as of Chapter 10 that is starting to build more. And I like that, while the established antagonist is definitely antagonistic, his motives and ideals aren't two-dimensional.For the art, I love the thick-lined, heavily inked style.I look forward to seeing...
  • Mademoizelle Virgule
    Univers intéressant, résumé qui donnait envie, et je ressors déçue de cette lecture. Le personnage central est agaçant, je ne supportais plus ces "hu hu" à chaque début de phrase, et ses airs de beau gosse... Vraiment un personnage exécrable. Et même si l'histoire peut être sympathique, c'est très mal exploité. Dommage je m'étais beaucoup d'espoir dans ce manga.
  • Rafael Noguera
    Muy recomendada, un nuevo y refrescante matiz del genero shonen al cual se le podria sacar mucho partido dependiendo de como se desenvuelva, tengo muchas esperanzas en el futuro de esta nueva serializacion
  • Paolo
    This shounen manga has got one of the most unique premises for a mainstream Shounen Jump manga I’ve ever seen, and it manages to be fun and interesting, regardless of how formulaic it’s appearing to be.
  • Melli Fluff
    Nothing spectacular besides the premise, though I still look forward to reading into it more as it comes out due to it shifting perspective by around chapter 12, which will be in volume 2.Solid 3/5; that score is set in stone.
  • Hàrry KîmÕo
    Let's say 3.5 and I have this feeling that the next volumes will be very interesting !! What I liked the most is that the story is something new , at least for me. I hope that I won't get disappointed :D
  • Kurezan
    My favorite new weekly shonen jump manga from 2017
  • Rachel Macklin
    Skimmed this one to see if I should get it for the library. I'm sure some of the teens will definitely like it, but it wasn't for me.
  • Cristhian
    Me habían recomendado esta serie, pero realmente después de leer el primer volumen no estoy del todo convencido.Intentaré ponerme al día ya que no son tantos volúmenes a ver si mejora.
  • Julagne
    Grave barré !
  • Elias Alexander
    This was incredible.
  • Mandy
    Itsasokay. Not really my thing.
  • Brandy
    My first Manga! I love the story line and can not wait for book 2 to publish!
  • Nicole Westen
    The title loses a bit of it's punch when you realize they use the name to refer to soap.But all nonsense aside, this shit went Lord of the Flies really fast.