Ruse (Want, #2) by Cindy Pon

Ruse (Want, #2)

In near-future Shanghai, a group of teens have their world turned upside down when one of their own is kidnapped in this action-packed follow-up to the “positively chilling” sci-fi thriller Want.Jason Zhou, his friends, and Daiyu are still recovering from the aftermath of bombing Jin Corp headquarters. But Jin, the ruthless billionaire and Daiyu’s father, is out for blood. When Lingyi goes to Shanghai to help Jany Tsai, a childhood acquaint...

Details Ruse (Want, #2)

TitleRuse (Want, #2)
Release DateMar 12th, 2019
PublisherSimon Pulse
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult, Dystopia

Reviews Ruse (Want, #2)

  • CW (The Quiet Pond) ✨
    My full review can be found in my blog, The Quiet Pond.I loved this sequel so so much, and I'm so sad that this duology is now over. I'm going to miss my revolutionary bb's so much.- Follows the gang several months after the events of Want, as they grapple with the consequences of what happened and the sacrifices that they made. - There are three POVs in this book: Lingyi, the genius hacker of the group, who is called in by a childhood friend who...
  • Acqua
    Edit (August 2019): lowering the rating to 2.5, since I realized that it's been a few months and I don't remember one scene from this book.I didn't love Ruse as much as I loved Want. I do think it is a solid sequel, and worth reading if you liked the first book, but the combination of my expectations and this book just not being as compelling and well-paced as the first one was led me to enjoy it less.Let's talk about expectations: I believed Lin...
  • Fadwa (Word Wonders)
    Actual rating: 3.5 starsThis was good! Nowhere near WANT level of good but STILL GOOD! I feel like eventhough the stakes *are* high here, the urgency of it wasn't conveyed as well as in the first book but I still adore the characters, the themes and the found family aspect. I would also die for Lingyi and Iris, they're so cute and soft together *cries*. One thing I was slightly bummed about it that this was pictched to be from Lingyi's POV but it...
  • Jes Reads
    DNF at page 128This is the most confusing review I think I'll ever write honestly. To kick start all of this let me say that Want is one of my favorite books of all time. I thought that this would be an easy 5 star review once again. But, well, here we are.I will applaud Cindy for expanding on the story by switching perspectives from Jason to a dual perspective with Lingyi. Lingyi is a queer character and on top of the own voices Asian representa...
  • Alice
    4 starsI feel so fulfilled(view spoiler)[ and Vic lives on in the squad's memory so I can't even complain that there isn't Vic in this book when there is so much mention of him. (hide spoiler)] Ruse feels like a natural progression for the events that happened in Want. I ended up reading this in 2 sittings, which goes to show that Ruse has a similar inhale-read quality to it that Want had. The other members of the 4 starsI feel so fulfilled(vie...
  • Rec-It Rachel
    i know you're so shocked i'm giving this 5 stars so shocking but a worthy and wonderful successor to my fave WANT
  • Vicky Who Reads
    4.5 starsI loved reading Want so much in 2017 during the December “one read a day” promo on Riveted Lit, that I went out and ordered my own copy of Want a few weeks later! And now, I am so so so happy to have been able to read the glorious book that is the sequel Ruse and it was just as amazing as Want. The concept is no less exciting and Ruse is still filled with all the heists and big corporation takedowns that I loved reading in Want–but...
  • Kathleen
    Rating: 3.5
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this free book from Edelweiss. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)I fell immediately in love with Ruse for the exact same reasons I loved Want, and more. There was the same razor sharp look at climate change. Like with Want, Ruse goes beyond what what I associate with a dystopia, bringing a clarity to the injustice, a life to the culture, and a very keen look at resistance. It can feel like the w...
  • Stacy
    No spoilers in this rapid review of Ruse. I liked it and give it 3.5 stars. It’s easy to tell this isn’t Pon’s first series because of how efficient a storyteller she is. Her prose is crisp and effective, and the entire plot of Ruse is action-packed. Seriously, there’s never a dull moment.At the end of Want, the first book in this series, I wondered whether there was much story left to tell. It could’ve been a standalone with how well t...
  • 『 jaelyn ♛』
    ACTUAL RATING: 4.5i honestly fell in love with this book. this was such !!! a good !!! follow up to Wantand tbh if imma be honest i liked this even better ?? wow. ruse was such a BIG book for being only 297 pages. a lot of shit happens and tbh im all here for it. these characters developed so so nicely, the action was bomb, the relationships and dynamics were amazing (found family!!) and everything about it was goooood.the only bad thing is that ...
  • Booklover925
    So good, except for my forgetting what happened in Want.
  • Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
    I loved this as much as I did the first book! In Ruse, we follow Jason Zhou, Daiyu and the gang as they go after the Jin Corp after the events of the first book. We hit the ground running as we learn about Jin's movements in Shanghai and how he continues to make money by ripping off families. I love this series because there's a lot of layering, especially when Daiyu is involved. The gang are still struggling to trust her and a lot of their plan ...
  • Adriana
    3.5/5 StarsA solid af sequel with tons of action and social commentary in spades 👌🏼
  • Miranda
    4/5 starsFor some reason, I found the sequel more enjoyable than WANT. While I enjoyed the premise and execution of the first novel, I felt that it was bogged down a bit by the romance and some of the clunky insight. But in RUSE, the romance tapered off a bit and the overall plot and themes of the duology seem to really shine through! I also really enjoyed the shifting perspectives. Lingyi and Daiyu were my favorite characters aside from Victor i...
  • Jessica
    After the bombing of the Jin Corp Headquarters Jason, Daiyu, and the others are still trying to recover. Daiyu’s father, the head of Jin Corp, is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to acquire Jany’s new air filtering technology. When Jany is murdered and the tech is stolen, Jason must fly to China to help Iris and Lingyi. Can they trust Daiyu or is she on her father’s side? This action-packed sequel will keep readers on the edge of th...
  • Laura (bbliophile)
    "I should've known better than to fall in love with a boy who plays with knives." HOLY SHIT THIS WAS SO GOOD! The plot was incredible, I loved the narration of the audiobook, and I adore every single one of the characters. But I do think my favorite parts were 1) every time Daiyu called Iris "my heart" (I LOVE a sapphic power couple), 2) the fact that one of the mc's talked about going to therapy after the main events because YES therapy is so, s...
  • Neonila
    3.5 starsI've missed this world and these characters so much, especially Jason. I feel like this series will fill your need for a fast-paced, fun and entertaining Sci-fi story. The world which this book is set it continues to be one of the coolest places I've read about. I felt that the pacing of the story was kind of weird, as it was setting up the whole story for 80% of the book but then the ending just felt so rushed and convenient.
  • Maëlys
    ✨ 2.5 / 5 ✨My review for WantThis was very much a case of unmet expectations and a bit of an unseasoned sequel. The first couple chapters were very strong and emotional and I was ready to get emotionally wrecked. well, that didn’t happen.First of all, this is not a book from Lingyi’s perspective. Yes, she has a few PoV chapters and we see slightly more of her but this is still very much centred around Zhou and his PoV chapters. We also ge...
  • meg chia
    I just loveee this duology with all my heart!
  • Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts)
    Can't believe I finished this in one sitting considering my reading struggles lately.Now if that could transfer over to other books, lmao.
  • carolina
    I finished this over a week ago,,, oopsies