Unbury Carol by Josh Malerman

Unbury Carol

Carol Evers is a woman with a dark secret. She has died many times . . . but her many deaths are not final: They are comas, a waking slumber indistinguishable from death, each lasting days.Only two people know of Carol’s eerie condition. One is her husband, Dwight, who married Carol for her fortune, and—when she lapses into another coma—plots to seize it by proclaiming her dead and quickly burying her . . . alive. The other is her lost love...

Details Unbury Carol

TitleUnbury Carol
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherDel Rey
GenreHorror, Fantasy, Westerns, Fiction, Did Not Finish

Reviews Unbury Carol

  • Debra
    "I'm a thing old enough to know that old was once young and that because young becomes old there is not love of life, only a fear of decay."Unbury Carol is sort of a mash up between a spaghetti western, the Brother's Grimm's Sleeping Beauty and do I dare say it, a Quentin Tarantino movie? I could seriously see Tarantino doing a movie with this book. Some of the characters are almost cartoonish such as Smoke - and I do mean that in a good way. He ...
  • karen
    i have decided to give this five stars after all, because i can’t really think of anything i didn’t like about it, but so many readers had so much less fun than me, i worry i will be cast outta goodreads for my opinion! good thing i have a blog now.i don’t mind that this book isn't a horror novel. i wouldn’t classify either Black Mad Wheel or A House at the Bottom of a Lake as horror, so i didn't have any hardwired genre expectations goin...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/WARNING: THIS IS GOING TO BE A HOT MESS.You ready???? Okay . . . . . Carol is “dead” – her evil husband (who was TOTALLY Justin LaMonte in my brain). Sidenote (yes already a sidenote): Do y’all know who Justin Lamonte is? Probably not because you’re not ancient, but if you too are old you might remember him as a super douchebag from North and South . . . . Anyway, Justin Lam...
  • Dan Schwent
    Carol Evers suffers from a bizarre condition: at times of stress, she lapses into a coma that closely resembles death, only she can hear what's going on around her. Now she's in one of her comas and her husband is planning on burying alive. The only man that can save her is a notorious outlaw that ran from her and her condition years ago, James Moxie...Josh Malerman is all the rage these days. What better way to give him a shot than a Netgalley A...
  • Carol
    3.5 Outrageously Far-Out Stars.......UNBURY CAROL is a bizarre story of good vs. evil with a strange mix of....magical realism....old time west...tricks and tricksters....and even a bit of paranormal when monster ROT enters the dreaded world Carol calls Howltown. Carol's frightening (secretive) health condition makes her appear dead as a doornail when she literally falls into a coma and almost no one knows about it, so....after confidant and best...
  • Zoeytron
    Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.How dead can you be, and still be alive? Carol Evers can tell you all about it the next time she wakes up.  She can listen with her mind's ear, no one else can hear.  The Trail, where legends are made, where you can expect tricky lighting, and space that is "off".  Now, throw in Smoke and a mirror.  A sour memory and a lost love.   I'd advise steering clear of Smoke.  He has a penchant ...
  • Bill
    To be fair I only made it 10? 15? 20%? into this one. I don't even know and don't care enough to look it up. Whatever percent it was, it was too much and I couldn't go on.I hated everything about this one except for the "idea". Too bad, I was looking forward to it and it sounds good on paper...but not on the page.Edited 3-23-18After recently watching a video on beta readers by my friend Edward, I felt bad that I just gave this one a single star w...
  • Annet
    Gotta think about this... Storyline is unique, definitely has potential.... the telling is brooding, a creepy tale... Oh, this author's previous book, Bird Box, wew, was so very good! But this one just seemed to drag on a bit too much for me. Fastread/skipped a couple parts I admit. Mmm.... gotta think. No doubt this author is good, with a great imagination. Three and a bit, but no four star I'm afraid. Sleep on it I will, without fear of being b...
  • Cody | codysbookshelf
    Being an active Goodreads user, I put great importance on writing and, especially, reading reviews. I will admit reviews definitely impact what I choose to read: my TBR is long and I want to read the best books possible. Unbury Carol, the upcoming release from Josh Malerman, has not been getting good reviews — especially from my friends, people I trust in the GR community. Since his book was chosen as the second Nightworms read, however, I had ...
  • Char
    3.5 stars!Hell's Heaven! I haven't been this torn about a book in a long while. UNBURY CAROL was brave in exploring new territory, (weird western, I'd call it), while at the same time it wallowed in repetition. Carol has a rare condition which causes her to fall into a coma for days at the drop of a hat. To anyone unfamiliar with her disease, she appears to be dead. It's important for at least someone to know what's going on with her so that sh...
  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror
    Thank you to the publisher for an Advanced Reader's Copy for all seven of the Night Worms review group in exchange for honest reviews. This book is out on April 10th.Of course, after reading Bird Box, I put Josh Malerman in the group of "authors that write books I want to read." Malerman's female protagonist in Bird Box exists in an apocalyptic state of events with a major physical handicap. In this book, Unbury Carol, our protagonist Carol is in...
  • Mindi
    I have literally just finished this book, and it completely exceeded my expectations. I will often take a peek at spoiler-free reviews before I pick up a book, and I was a bit disappointed when I noticed that quite a few of the reviews on Goodreads were negative. People that I respect were calling this one a DNF, and others just flat out didn't like it. I was worried going in, especially since this book was selected as the second book for a revie...
  • Rachel
    No one likes to be one of the pioneering negative reviews for a book, especially when you're already invested in the author, so let me start out by saying: some readers are going to love this. Unbury Carol is not a bad book by any means - it was just not the book for me.I recently read and adored Bird Box, and even though the summary for Unbury Carol seemed about as different from Bird Box as anything could be, I had enough faith in Malerman's st...
  • Kimberly
    2.5 stars.UNBURY CAROL, by Josh Malerman is a difficult book for me to review. On one hand, his writing is very nice and fluid (in parts), but overall, the repetition of certain phrases had me practically rolling my eyes by the end.The premise of this story is very original. Carol has a rare condition that causes her to go into a coma for days at a time, appearing dead. Now married to someone who only wants her money, he plans on making her next ...
  • Jennifer
    Josh Malerman writes what he wants and that is just fine with me. Whether it's a mother trying to keep her kids alive, a group of musicians trying to save the world, or an outlaw trying to rescue his ex-lover, they all have one thing in common: Malerman communicates desperation and incredibly deep themes in a storyline that is as unique as a fingerprint. In Unbury Carol, Malerman uses a combination of western, horror, thriller/suspense, paranorma...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    Unbury Carol is just like something Stephen King would dream up, but unlike most modern horror stories it doesn't dwell much into the supernatural and instead gives a more realistic scenario. With a greedy husband willing to do the unthinkable for money, Carol, who falls into comas that can last for up to days at a time, might end up dead if she can't be resourceful enough to save herself. With the help of an outlaw who suspects that something te...
  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]
    TWO STARSFor transparency --I did not listen to the whole book. It is a western, which is okay, but I just couldn't get into it. I gave it the old college try because I absolutely loved Bird Box and I think the author, Josh Malerman, has an INCREDIBLE imagination. This is the story of Carol, she falls into deep comas repeatedly throughout her life. When this happens, people think she is dead since her very light pulse is almost impossible to dete...
  • Marianna Neal
    3.5 out of 5 starsWho keeps marking this book as horror?WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??! Are we reading the same book???Let's adjust some expectations here: this is, above all, a Western. Yes, a Western, and also kind of a take on Sleeping Beauty with some minimal magic elements. This is not a thriller, this is not fantasy, and this is DEFINITELY not horror. Also, this is not really about Carol.OK, now that we got that out of the way, I'm going to try to ta...
  • Emily
    "Fear was no stranger to Howltown, no traveler from the Trail, but the fear she felt now was shattering." I read Unbury Carol as the second book for the Night Worms review team. This was a rollercoaster for me - I really enjoyed some parts, and struggled with others. I want to say up front that I am not particularly fond of books with a lot of traveling, so keep that in mind when reading my review. I think I would classify this as a paranormal we...
  • The Grim Reader (Beavisthebookhead.com)
    Just like Vegemite, Unbury Carol is dividing opinion. Some think it’s the best thing Malerman has written and some think it’s drivel. It’s time for the Grim Reader’s verdict. Saddle up, dear reader, as we travel back to the old west. Yee-haw!Sadly, for me, Unbury Carol was a disappointing book. On the surface, it’s a kind of fractured fairy tale in which poor Carol suffers from a bizarre sleeping disorder ( a la Sleeping Beauty) that ma...
  • J.D. Barker
    Fantastically clever. A breakneck ride to save a life already lost, proving sometimes death is only the beginning.
  • Marvin
    Anyone who reads my review knows that I am heads over heels in love with the novels of Josh Malerman. You must believe me when I say I am not being paid to say that. He is that good. His first novel was Bird Box which is the type of horror novel veteran writers would give their non-dominant arm for. The second novel, Mad Black Wheel, is just as good. Now we have his third novel, Unbury Carol and, for reasons to be related soon, it is the most unu...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2018/04/09/...A solid 3.5 star read. Had I been in the right mood, my feelings towards Unbury Carol might have been even more positive, but I had a hard time finding my footing when it came to this book, and I think its peculiar mix of genre elements might have been a contributing factor.At the center of this story is a woman named Carol Evers, a woman with a very strange condition. Ev...
  • Ashley (bookishmommy) Saywers
    3.5 ⭐ First of all, this is a genre bending book. It can't really be contained in one category. It's horror/fantasy/paranormal/western all rolled into one. With that said, I'm sure if you are a fan of Westerns, you'll LOVE this book even more. That's the part I had a hard time getting into; the backstory of the outlaws on The Trail.I LOVED Carol's point of view as well as the other people in Harrows. I wanted more Howltown, more Carol, I even w...
  • Jennifer ☼
    I have been hyped up on the Malerman this year after having read Bird Box. When I heard what Unbury Carol was going to be about, I could not have been more excited about it.The StrengthsThe premise of Unbury Carol was unique and interesting. The main character Carol slips into comas that make her appear to be dead. Carol's husband decided to use the opportunity to pass her off as dead so he could bury her and steal her fortune.The scenes I enjoye...
  • Kristen Burns
    3 StarsReview:*I received an ecopy of this book via NetGalley. This has not influenced my review.*Although this book was about a woman in a supernatural coma, it actually had quite a bit going on. I struggled with the slow pace at first, but I got more invested as the story went on and the plot lines for all the characters started converging and it really became a race against time. Would Carol wake up before her burial? Would her ex-lover James ...
  • Bandit
    It’s never a good idea to go into a book with high expectations. In this case not so much about the book per se, but the author, who seems to have made a name for himself already with two well received literary terrorfests. So it is partly due to preconceived notions, partly due to the book’s western theme (which almost never works for me) and partly due to the story itself that this turned out to be such an underwhelming read. The premise is...