This is How I Save My Life by Amy B. Scher

This is How I Save My Life

"Amy Scher is a brave warrior and a wonderful writer." - ELIZABETH GILBERT, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big MagicThe true story of a fiery young woman's heartwarming and hilarious journey that takes her from near-death in California to a trip around the world in search of her ultimate salvation. Along the way, she discovers a world of cultural mayhem, radical medical treatment, an unexpected romance, and, most impo...

Details This is How I Save My Life

TitleThis is How I Save My Life
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherGallery Books
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Health, Self Help, Biography

Reviews This is How I Save My Life

  • Diane S ☔
    After years of symptoms, of being misdiagnosed, even by the reknown Mayo Clinic, Amy finally gets a diagnosis. Stage four Lyme disease, with no known cure, just a slew of drugs that leave her in a pain filled non life. Unable to work, her relationship in tatters, she learns of a stem cell treatment in India that has successfully reversed paralysis in spinal injuries. Though it has not been used for her disease, she sees it as her last hope, appli...
  • ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣
    Quite good.Q:In the past, I would have been more self-conscious about something like this, but some of my modesty has faded. Now I look at my body and I think, I cannot believe it has survived so much. This perspective is a beautiful thing. I wish I had found it earlier than now. (c)Q:The obstacles of this life are plentiful, but so too are the opportunities to find peace. I feel this out in the city, but even more so in the wild uncertainty of m...
  • Penelope Bartotto
    Great things happen behind the scenes of our lives, often long before they become clear enough to actually see." ~ Amy B. ScherThere are many quotable statements that are so eloquently made throughout this book by Amy B. Scher. Scher opens the doors, the windows, the crawl spaces, and the attic for the reader into her life and how she went from a sick young woman, to a woman with conviction and faith. Scher brings to us her story of making a choi...
  • Amy Rupert
    I related to the stories since I accompanied my husband on a journey to the same clinic in India. Amy tells it like it is with humor, love and hope.
  • Vivek Tejuja
    Scher traveled to India for bold and controversial stem-cell treatments for her advanced Lyme disease after exhausting all options back home in the US of A. She had nearly spent a decade trying to find, research and even underwent several treatments, but no avail. She took a leap of faith and decided to travel all the way to India for a treatment - that could work or not. This book is about her life, her battles, her life in India and how she fou...
  • Sharon Chance
    The subtitle for this book is "A true story of embryonic stem cells, Indian adventures, and ultimate self-healing." Amy Scher covers all this and so much more in this memoir of her search for restoring her health after dealing with Chronic Lyme disease. I was fascinated at the ... well - let's just say it - the guts that it took for this young woman to take a chance on a treatment that took her all the way to India to procure, and I was equally f...
  • Micheal
    I must say that this is not my usual genre of literature, but Thank You Goodreads for the ARC. I personally suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia (a chronic illness) so reading Amy's story about advanced late-stage Lyme disease and her battle to travel across the United States to end up on the other side of the world in India in the hopes that the experimental research (stem-cell) to help her is truly inspirational and pretty accurate on what a person...
  • Mary Wentworth
    I bought this book hoping to gain some insight into dealing more successfully with chronic Lyme disease. I was not disappointed. I was inspired by Amy Scher's determination to do whatever it took to get well. It took her a while to embrace her Indian doctor's belief that she had the power to heal herself. When she finally knew this to be true, she was able heal. The author's life seems to have been changed forever by her healing journey. I apprec...
  • amanda
    There were certainly some great moments in this book, and I can’t say I’m sorry I read it. However, by the end, there are a few things that make someone like me (who has lived with chronic illness for 17 years) completely enraged. There’s a sense of mind over matter that she seems to be attributing her healing to, as well as moments when she is in despair at being well and how to go on in a state of health (!!!). For people who are sick and...
  • Jane
    Thanks to Book Club Cookbook and Gallery books.Imagine living a life without knowing what undiagnosed condition you had. Amy had Lyme disease and she was misdiagnosed so many times and so many tests in so many renowned medical facilities that she practically gave up until she went to India to get stem cell transplants. This was her last hope and it was successful in many ways; not only in her illness but in learning the way that these people live...
  • Melissa
    This book felt like an interminable tale of entitlement and cultural appropriation. I also think its dismissive attitude toward Western medicine, with the mantra of you can heal yourself, is dangerous and stigmatizing.
  • Carla
    Amy Scher had a severe case of Lyme disease that left her in a lot of pain, with poor balance, and with an immune system so weak doctors were afraid a cold could kill her. In an effort to treat her disease, she reaches out to a doctor in India who is doing treatment with stem cells. I enjoyed reading about her journey and how she gradually noticed improvements. I also liked how she stated that this is not a treatment for everyone instead of passi...
  • Angela Holtz
    From Lilac Wolf and StuffThe book is brilliant. I'm in awe of this woman who spent so long losing a battle with Lyme Disease. She went to India for stem cell treatment. The stem cells used, are from a single embryo that was donated to the doctor from a couple who had embryos made up for fertility treatment. When they reached success, they wanted to give something back.It's a very easy going book, being that it's mostly made up of blog entries tha...
  • Anna
    Amy’s story of healing is inspirational and her determination to overcome years of chronic illness is motivation for anyone looking to learn about and improve upon the life experience. My own life has changed for the better and beyond my wildest dreams in the short time I have known Amy. Her story has been pivotal in shifting the way I feel about my own experiences and the course my life has taken. She says it perfectly in her book- “One’s ...
  • Charlotte Phillips
    The New Eat, Pray, Love!This book is quite simply a must read. It's a hugely inspirational and uplifting story but not in the usual sappy way you might expect-which makes it even better. Amy's voice is so unique-she'll make you laugh out loud and wipe away a tear in the same paragraph. She's down to earth, hilarious and wise all at the same time and you can't help falling in love with her and the way she sees the world.You just feel like a better...
  • Stephanie Weaver
    Scher's book is inspiring, engrossing, and a wonderful read. As someone who has dealt with invisible illness for a long time, I related to so much of her story. The travel aspect also provides the armchair reader with an in-depth look at living in Delhi, which I found fascinating as well. Highly recommended.
  • Susie Rosenberg
    The author's journey of illness (Lyme Disease) and healing is sparely and beautifully written. This book is heartening and thought-provoking for anyone whose sense of self is shaken by circumstance---not just Lyme Disease and not just illness.
  • Lizenbyl
    This book is about Amy Scher and her journey with advanced lyme disease. It takes you through the medical saga including a trip for stem cell infusions to India. Amy has a unique way of adjusting to the Indian experience and then to eventually finding self healing.Good read.
  • Penelope Bartotto
    Review Pending release at: The Library at the END of the Universe in January 2013
  • Mindy
    Although Amy took a very different journey in traveling to India (read the book to find out why!), her story deeply resonated with my own story working through grief, depression, and anxiety. It was very powerful.
  • C C
    Loved this book. Whether you have dealt with chronic illness or know someone struggling with chronic illness, I'd say it's a must-read. Filled with the real deal.
  • Caroline Herrmann
    I sat down to read Amy's book and couldn't put it down until I got to the last page. I am so grateful she took me on her trip to India and introduced me to her whole loving family, by way of her words. I laughed, I cried, I loved. Amy, your bravery and insights are mind boggling. The real struggles you went thru and to share your wise words so eloquently. Thank you. Thank you for your gift. Thank you for sharing.
  • Ginger Nelson
    I have followed Amy's work for the past 7 years and I found this to be her best writing yet. She is far enough on the other side of her health challenges to write about her journey with humor, perspective and earned wisdom. An inspiring memoir, I quickly devoured this page turner in two days and was on the edge of my seat as her story unfolded.This books takes you on the sometimes bumpy but always inspiring journey that led Amy to study energy wo...
  • Wendy Hines
    This Is How I Save My Life is Amy's story with her diagnosis, mis-diagnosis, what she does about it and how her decision affects her life on different levels. She struggles for awhile before she makes the life-altering decision to journey to India where they are doing embryo stem cell treatment, something they aren't doing here. There, she has is presented with a totally different cultural, beliefs and makes new friends. She learns more about her...
  • Carolyn
    I read this amazing tome while recovering from intestinal and umbilical hernia surgery. It helped in getting me well again.Very informative about Lyme disease, Stem Cell Research, the horrors and insights into illness, and the ability and willingness to fight in self healing. I didn't annotate this book like I wanted to so bad. Since I am done, my sister is reading it. She had cancer a few years ago and reads books about illness and the will to l...
  • Amanda
    I received an arc of this book from a Goodreads giveaway. I really enjoyed reading about Amy's journey. Really interesting!
  • Linda Haas
    I won this book from Goodreads about a young woman with an “incurable” disease who, after exhausting treatments in this country, travels to India to explore other options. At first, this writer had my sympathy for her condition. I found the writer’s description of her treatments and India itself to be fascinating. (I’ve never been there.). What I couldn’t understand is how a person who appeared at first to be so in tune with herself and...
  • Kathleen
    This is the second memoir I've read depicting the courage and perseverance of a woman fighting late stage Lyme disease. (The other book was by Yolanda Hadid.) Scher's journey takes her to India for a stem cell treatment. On the whole, this trip is helpful, and Scher reacts positively. Nevertheless, something about her blogs describing this Indian experience made me cringe ___not the medical but the cultural aspects.Ultimately, Scher discovers tha...
  • Caroline Petro
    This was a great book! I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from chronic illness.Inspirational and dead on with the feels that can be brought on by chronic illness.
  • Sophia
    I've never thought of it quite in this way. The most useful idea I took from this book was the idea of actually listening to your inner voice telling you what you actually need because health is about more than just surviving. Its like when she decides to eat the chocolate cake; she had spent years trying to stringently avoid anything unhealthy because it might exacerbate her condition... but when it came down to it, doing the things you like in ...