Waste of Space (Moon Base Alpha, #3) by Stuart Gibbs

Waste of Space (Moon Base Alpha, #3)

New York Times bestselling seriesTensions are running high when multi-billionaire Lars Sjoburg is poisoned and demands to go home and everyone is looking to Dash Gibson to solve the case in this third and final book in the New York Times bestselling Moon Base Alpha series.Moon Base Alpha was supposed to be an exciting place to live, but Dash didn’t expect for it to be this exciting. After solving a murder and rescuing the moon base commander, h...

Details Waste of Space (Moon Base Alpha, #3)

TitleWaste of Space (Moon Base Alpha, #3)
Release DateApr 24th, 2018
PublisherSimon Schuster Books for Young Readers
GenreMystery, Science Fiction, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fiction

Reviews Waste of Space (Moon Base Alpha, #3)

  • Mark Baker
    When someone tries to poison Lars Sjoberg, no one is really surprised. This trillionaire has rubbed everyone the wrong way since he arrived on Moon Base Alpha. In fact, the real question becomes who didn’t want the man dead. Dashiell Gibson is roped into helping with the investigation. How did the poison get on base? And who tried to kill Lars?This is another fantastic mystery for kids of all ages. The setting is creative, fun, and realisticall...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusDash is missing the freedom of being on Earth-- space stations are very small places, and tensions run high when everyone begins to feel cooped up. On his 13th birthday, his father takes him "outside" to play a bit of catch, but their outing is interrupted by a scream. Space tourist Lars Sjoberg has taken ill, and Chang and Dash's father realize that he has been poisoned. The station Commander, Nina, asks Dash to investig...
  • Snazzy Reads
    I'm sad this is the end of the series!
  • Angela
    In my honest opinion, this wasn't very well written. Maybe I just didn't how terrible the writing was in previous books, or Stuart Gibbs suddenly lost his writing ability. I mean, he can write books, but it isn't very well written. Please don't take any of my comments as hate, these are just me commenting on the book as a reader. Also, there may be a few spoilers, so be warned when reading. Things I Didn't Like 1. When he put in extra letters to ...
  • Jill Berry
    Not sure why Gibbs introduces a homosexual relationship between two adult men. It adds nothing to the plot and seems to be added simply to make a social statement in a book that is otherwise a great choice for advanced elementary readers. Even though there is nothing explicit, teachers and librarians should be aware of this.
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Gibbs, Stuart Waste of Space (Moon Base Alpha #3), 321 pages. Simon & Schuster, 2018. $17. Language: G (1 swear); Mature Content: G (LGBT character); Violence: PG (non-graphic attack and danger).Dash’s birthday has arrived and his Dad sneaks him out for a secret moon birthday celebration. Their epic game of catch is cut short, however, when someone starts screaming - someone in side the base has tried to poison the despicable Lars Sjoberg. That...
  • Veronica
  • Violet Sinclair
    This was a fantastic ending to the trilogy.BACKSTORY ON ME AND THIS SERIES:I first found this series in 2016, and I practically flew through SPACE CASE and SPACED OUT. When I finished SPACED OUT, I just had to know if there was going to be a third one, and I saw the title, and then, I saw the release date...SPRING OF 2018?! How was I supposed to wait that long?! As the two years went by, I went hearing more and more about it, until finally...Apri...
  • Annette
    Review by James, age 9, 1/5/19This is the third book in a series about a moon base. In this book it is in the main character's birthday. For his present his dad goes onto the surface with him, which really is not allowed. But that was his present. Nina, the base commander, catches them and tells them to come inside immediately because they're violating a dozen safety codes. The dad explains that it's his son's birthday and asks for 5 more minutes...
  • Lindsey Rowe
    My 9 year old loves this series!...and shares my goodreads ;)
  • Melanie Dulaney
    Dashiell, Violet, Kira and all the other Moonies are still on Moon Base Alpha and murder and mayhem once again abound amidst all the science nerds and their families. This time someone tries to do what everyone has been thinking about doing since their arrival on the moon—kill Lars Sjoberg to stop the whining, yelling, and demanding! After proving himself a capable detective in the first two installments of the series, base commander Nina actua...
  • Miles
    This book was very well written but at then end it got a little confusing. Stuart Gibbs has done an amazing job making this book fall in accordance with his others but the end moves through to much time to quickly. I liked this book and could follow it up until the last two or so chapter.s
  • Michelle
    My son who is 9 years old loved this book, the newest installment of the Moon Base Alpha series. He said it was interesting and a good science fiction. He highly recommends it!
  • Anthony_D2
    The magnificent grand finale of the series of Moon Base Alpha. This time the main character, Dashiell, one of the very first people to live on the moon, runs into a very tricky murder case once again! The billion on the moon, Lars, is poisoned and nearly killed! Dash is tasked to find the murder. But as if that wasn't enough, the oxygen system on the base is quickly failing and the whole base has to evacuate! Theme: Once you eliminate the impossi...
  • Yaseen Soliman
    This is another great book written by Stuart Gibbs. This book is about a trillionaire named Lars Soberjurg who was poisoned on the moon and nobody knows who it is because many people do not like him. When he was poisoned, everybody was led to believe he was poisoned by accident, but it turns out he was actually poisoned on purpose. The head of the moon base asks Dash Gibson for help figuring out who was the murderer. Dash Gibson suffered many dan...
  • Deborah
    Another AMAZING book in the MBA series by Stuart Gibbs. This one I listened to with my 16 years old via Audible and we were riveted the whole time it took for our road trip.
  • ♥Reema Gupta♥
    The ending was soo cutee. I loved this book. too bad this was the last book though this was my favorite series from him. But he found a really good way to end the series
  • Sarah
    Very sad for this series to be over, but what a great ending!
  • Eoin Garvin
    The book was good. I think it was better than the other 2 MBA books in the series. So why only 2 stars? Gibbs makes it a point in his story to show his view and support for the homosexual community. It's only 2 pages. But this is a kids book. Whatever your views are on homosexuality, keep it out of kids books. It's not something they should be talking about. Or reading about.
  • Katja
    This has been my favorite kids mystery series in the last couple of years. Sooo sad the trilogy is finished now! As a NASA nerd I really enjoyed the moon base background to the books, using recent technology that's already available now on the ISS. Colorful characters and a very nice and meaningful ending. Plus: I thought it was very refreshing (and important) to insert homosexuality as something natural and positive into a children's book - more...
    AMAZING BOOK 10/10 🙌 Amazing book. The epilogue was good too, saying their jobs in the future 😀 i hope there will be another book but probably not 😢
  • Caleb Hobbick
    Great book to read for relaxing. Too bad it's the last one in the series. Loved the in the future epilogue.
  • Book Him Danno
    This review will becoming from my 11 year old son.I have read Stuart Gibbs books and I love every single one. I like how he writes it is fun, creative and awesome. I can't wait to read more because I love this Spy book series too.My turn:Stuart Gibbs is able to give kids of all ages books that parents will enjoy reading to their kids as well as kids reading them alone. Parents do not need to worry about language or themes that might not be approp...
  • Yuyud_D2
    This book was mainly about another attempted murder on Moon Base Alpha, after finding out there was a problem with the oxygen supply they decided to evacuate the base. You would like this book if you enjoy the previous Moon Base Alpha books. A theme that I learned from this book was that sometimes the time is not right and you have to wait until the right time to do something.
  • Kari Burke
    Disappointing.....on so many levels. But especially because Mr. Gibbs decided it was appropriate to use a middle grade sci-fi mystery book to push an agenda on our kids. Homosexuality is not a subject I want my 8 1/2 year old to be exposed to yet- and if it was, I'd want to discuss it with her myself. I'd definitely not want to introduce the subject by having it subtly shoved down her throat in a book I consider to be nothing more than mind-candy...
  • Michelle
    Okay, here is what took this potentially "kid-centric sci-fi thriller" to a Waste of Space for me:You do NOT put a just-turned-13-today boy and his 12-year-old friend into a room alone with an adult male character who announces his homosexuality, then names his partner (though any romantic relationships are not permitted in the book) then describes the difficulties of having a homosexual relationship in tight quarters under the eye of NASA with t...
  • Lenni Jones
    Who doesn’t love a good Stuart Gibbs book? This one was enough to remind me of all the reasons I love Stuart Gibbs. His books are funny, mysterious, exciting, and very different. For one: they take place in places like a moon colony and a school for future government agents.I only really had one problem with this book: Stuart Gibbs made Chang homosexual. I feel that it wasn’t necessary and it shouldn’t have been included. I was lucky enough...
  • TurtleMuffinGR
    Honestly, while I loved Space Case, had one major issue with Spaced Out, Waste of Space feels average. It's very by-the-book (pun intended) and doesn't take major risks with the series. All the characters are quite similar, with either "bad" (Roddy, Sjobergs, Nina) Good, (literally everyone else that isn't perfect) and perfect (Dash). Have you noticed how Dash has no flaws? (Another reviewer pointed this out too) He's athletic, smart, kind, reaso...
  • Becky B
    When someone on MBA tries to poison Lars Sjoberg, Nina decides to put Dashiell on the case whether he likes it or not. The problem is, who on the base hasn't said they'd like to kill Lars at some point or other?! And as if that weren't enough, there's a bigger crisis on the moon that is changing everyone's plans for the upcoming months and might be even more distracting than someone trying to poison Lars.Gibbs has created such memorable character...