Sunny by Jason Reynolds


Sunny Lancaster is a winner. Wih-winner. When it comes to the 1600 meter, Sunny can beat anyone by, well, a mile. But for Sunny, winning is boring. Buh-boring. Truth is, Sunny doesn't like running. Never has. What Sunny really loves... is dancing.The boom-bap bap of his teacher. Aurelia's dance routines beats the chick chick chick of his track meets any day. Sunny loves his team, though, so he can't quit, but he also can't be on a track team not ...

Details Sunny

Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherAtheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Sports and Games, Sports, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Sunny

  • Jen Petro-Roy
    I don't think Jason Reynolds can write a bad book.
  • steph
    I listened to the audio book narrated by Guy Lockard*This book was FANTASTIC. It is the 3rd book in the Track series and it follows 12-year-old Sunny Lancaster, the #1 middle distance runner of the Defenders. Sunny does one thing on the team, he runs and he wins, he runs and he wins, he runs and he wins, he runs and he wins. But Sunny doesn’t particularly like running, instead, he wants to do something different. I will admit that I have read t...
  • Laura (bbliophile)
    I loved this book so, so much.
  • Abby Johnson
    Another hit in the track series. I love this series and the audiobooks are just great. Sunny's kind of a weirdo. He's the master of the mile on his track team and always wins his races, but he doesn't really enjoy it. He runs for his mom who died when he was born. She ran and his dad has always told Sunny that the way to honor her would be to run. But Sunny's done with running. He wants to dance instead. And he's afraid that he won't be allowed t...
  • Kristen
    Edelweiss provided me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Sunny's story is very different than that of Ghost or Patina. First, his story is a series of diary entries--a diary he keeps to help control all the thoughts and ideas swirling around in his head. And Sunny's brain doesn't process things like other kids ( that I'm typing that...his brain probably processes things like A LOT of other kids)--he jumps from tho...
  • Beth
    This is written in Dear Diary format. Sigh. I can't stand Dear Diary format; I find it overly self-aware to the point where it veers into uncomfortably self-conscious. Case in point:Dear Diary,The only thing weirder than me is my teacher creature. Aurelia. I know I said she might feel like she has to introduce herself to you again, even though she's been around as long as you have, but I just realized that it's been years, so maybe you don't reme...
  • Aliza Werner
    Gobbled SUNNY up from cover to cover this morning. Number 3 in the series makes these kids' lives more real every time. Run. Dance. Throw. Just move. Jason Reynolds, you can do no wrong! Wih-winner!
  • Alicia
    Fast-paces both in its use of white space as Sunny writes in his diary and in how Reynolds keeps us moving through Sunny’s world where his birthday is coming up- which also means that it’s the day his mother died. Sunny has to finally soon share with his coach and his father that he doesn’t want to run anymore- it is what his father wants because that’s what his mother did. But he wants to dance and Coach, being his usual awesome mentor s...
  • Stefani Sloma
    Oh man. Sunny. I've been waiting for your book. Written entirely in diary entries, SUNNY is beautiful, sensitive, and an absolute masterpiece like all of Jason's books. I thought the way that Jason represents Sunny's love of music and dancing, the way that he sees the world, was really cool. I think this is my favorite of the series.
  • Mckinlay
    i listened to the audiobook and the guy who narrated it really brought Sunny to life. and Sunny was weird! but i loved him! i need to reread all these books back to back once the last one is out. but for now i'm going with 3.5 stars.
  • Jeimy
    My favorite book in the series thus far. As a teacher, I see so many possibilities with this book. The most obvious one is to teach stream of consciousness, but I would love to share this book with students and teachers to foster empathy and understanding of people with ADD or ADHD—the book never says Sunny has attention deficit, but it is clear that he does.
  • DaNae
    Uniquely Jason Reynolds - boys with vulnerability who don't feel the need to run from it. The diary format more closely mirrors Reynolds' poetry books. But it also keeps the reader at more of a distance to the outside world than the first two books in the series. I wanted more Ghost and Patty. As he did with Sunny in PATINA, he did set the stage for the upcoming LU book.
  • Ashlee Tominey
    Oh my goodness this was fantastic! Sunny is WEIRD (his words). And he has so much he carries around and stuffs down. The story is set up as diary entries and it works well. We learn so much about him as he starts to unleash the words and feelings, even switching events in track meets.Guy Lockard was an amazing narrator and really brought Sunny to life. So far I think this is my favorite in the Track series.
  • Kathy Mathey
    This one might be my favorite ~ maybe because it's Mother's Day and it struck that chord. Love the universal message that we all are trying to find our niche, our place, our people.
  • Alexa L
    Such an absolutely fantastic third book in one of my favorite series. I know I’m obsessed with Jason Reynolds, but Guy, the narrator absolutely killed it. This audiobook was life changingly great
  • Cindy Dobrez
    I loved Ghost and liked Patina and I think I may love Sunny even more than Ghost! This kid won my heart on page nine with a beautiful passage about crying and breathing and not crying and not breathing as he relates that his mother died giving birth to him. I stopped breathing for a long beat myself. And by page 41 Sunny is so nervous to confront his coach who is mad at him that he "wanted to puke myself out of myself, like blooepp and just lay t...
  • Mary
    Reynolds' track series has so much heart and "Sunny" is touching. I cried. Written in diary style the reader gets up close and personal with main character Sunny. We see his odd way with words, clever word play, jumpy trains of thought, and how he talks to himself. Having a direct look into Sunny's inner workings, stream of consciousness, takes a little getting used to but the pay off is wonderful. Sunny's mother died shortly after his birth, pie...
  • Kelly Hager
    This is easily my favorite of Jason Reynolds' Track series so far. While all have been great, this one is actually extraordinary. Sunny's mom died almost immediately after giving birth to him, and so he's felt a lot of pressure his whole life. Because he's basically responsible for her death (in his mind), he runs. Doing a marathon was his mom's dream but because he's great at running, it becomes his thing, too. Except...he really likes dancing....
  • Mrs. Krajewski
    Sunny Lancaster is one of the fastest members of the Defenders track team. His race is the mile, and he always comes in 1st place. There’s one problem though. Sunny hates to run! He only does it because his father, Darryl, has always encouraged him to run to “make his mother proud.” Sunny feels guilty, for his mother passed away the day he was born. He feels responsible, even calling himself a murderer. Sunny lives his life for his mother, ...
  • Clare Lund
    Okay... I liked Ghost and loved Patina, but Sunny is my absolute favorite of the Track series so far! Jason Reynolds dedicated this one "To the weirdos," and aptly so. Sunny's story is told through diary entries, which I found sincere and very relatable. The scattered inner monologue voice takes a bit of getting used to, but it works very well and makes him all the more endearing. Sunny's raw feelings about the mother he never knew (she died from...
  • Shannon
    Sunny is the third book in Jason Reynolds's Track series. The book follows the story of Sunny Lancaster, one of the four newbies on the track team, and picks up a couple weeks after the last book, Patina, left off.Sunny is the star runner of the mile. He runs for his mom who died giving birth to him. He runs for Darryl, his dad to make him proud. But Sunny doesn't want to run anymore; he wants to dance. Sunny also doesn't want to let anyone down ...
  • Desiree
    I loved the latest installment of Jason Reynolds's track series. His books explore many difficult issues effecting our kids. Sunny is a young man who excels at running long distances but, doesn't love it. It doesn't fit his personality but he's having a hard time telling his father that he'd like to try something different. He runs for his mother who died giving birth to him. He runs for his father whose intense grief separates them. He runs for ...
  • Vanessa
    Sunny was good! It was different than the first two books in the series because Sunny is a very different narrator than Ghost and Patina. This book is told through Sunny's diary entries. He is kind of a weirdo! But in a good way. I liked learning more about his life at home and his relationship with his father. They have a complicated relationship (to say the least) because Sunny's mom died giving birth to him. I didn't like this one as much as G...
  • Kiki Cole
    I didn’t know that this was the third book of the series until I took it home from the library , but the way it was going, it didn’t seem like it really mattered. I think the flow of Sunny was a bit too erratic and unclear at times. I did enjoy the difference about implementing discus throwing and sounds in a written aspect. Both of those things seemed really unique and amusing.
  • Cassie Thomas
    Jason Reynolds has a way with words, as if most of us don’t already know that. The third installment to his Track series, Sunny is an insight into Sunny’s life on and off the track. The best lesson I can take away is when life gets you down, seems hard, be weird like Sunny, and dance.
  • Lara
    I like this series so much! Though Sunny's headspace took me a little bit to get used to I definitely ended up loving him just as much as I did Ghost and Patty, and now I'm reeeeeally looking forward to Lu's book. Also, just, you know, any Jason Reynolds book ever.
  • Alyssa
    All the best of Jason Reynolds, and audio by Guy Lockard (when in doubt, listen to Jason Reynolds books!). Took me a while to warm up to this book, I think it reminded me too much of my teen, whose thoughts and conversations are all over the place and can be exhausting!But Sunny is so sweet, and such a touching story, and the interactions with his father, and friends, visits to the hospital, all great. And the end of course leaves me with a few t...
  • Shelly
    Sunny is definitely a great continuation in an already great series. I just need these books to stop ending on cliffhangers because it's too suspenseful for me!
  • Emily
    Story told in a diary format. If you can get your hands on the audiobook, it is incredible!