Points North by Howard Frank Mosher

Points North

The final book by one of America’s most treasured writers.Upon his passing in January 2017, Howard Frank Mosher was recognized as one of America’s most acclaimed writers. His fiction set in the world of Vermont’s fabled Northeast Kingdom chronicles the intertwining family histories of the natives, wanderers, outcasts, and others who settled in this ethereal place. In its obituary, The New York Times wrote, “Mr. Mosher’s fictional Kingdo...

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TitlePoints North
Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreShort Stories, Fiction

Reviews Points North

  • Angela M
    In order for me to enjoy a short story, I can’t be left feeling that it isn’t enough. I mostly enjoy short stories when they are connected by characters and place . This book was everything I hoped it would be. Yet, taken in total, it didn't feel like short stories but rather a novel of this place and these people, the Kinnesons of Kingdom County, Vermont. I read God’s Kingdom and was so taken by the Kinneson family and Kingdom County and b...
  • Diane S ☔
    As I finished the last story in this marvelous collection, it was with a sad and heavy heart. Another amazing author we will not hear from again, a man who created the mythic landscape of Kingdom County in Vermont. The Kinnesons, who have inhabited this place for generations, on both sides of the poverty line, both sides of the law. They are fascinating characters whom I have come to cherish. The stories in this collection go back and forth in ti...
  • Cheri
    !! NOW AVAILABLE !!In 1964, Mosher and his wife Phillis moved to the Northeast Kingdom in 1964, where he taught English at the local high school, and also where he would eventually write 13 books, including 2 memoirs. Four of those books went on to be made into movies: Northern Borders, Disappearances, A Stranger in the Kingdom, and Where the Rivers Flow North. His characters are regular people, their life or work choices might differ from yours,...
  • Sue
    Points North is one of those story collections that began slowly and comfortably, if quietly, then grew and grew until I knew it would be one of my favorites of this year. This is my first experience reading Mosher so I had no idea what to expect. Perhaps that is a good way to enter this collection of inter-related tales of the vast Kinneson family and Kingdom Common Vermont. The stories are not told in any particular order; you might encounter a...
  • Chris
    "I've loved Howard Frank Mosher's work since his remarkable first novel, 'Disappearances.' I still quote that first book's first sentence. The themes that interested him throughout his career? Fathers and sons. Strong, smart women. Family. He had a keen sense of hope, but one that was balanced by a wistfulness for the losses that invariably scar the soul of the world. Alas, 'Points North' will be our final visit to his beloved northeast corner of...
  • Faith
    This book is a collection of short stories set in Kingdom County, Vermont. The stories feature members of the extended Kinneson family that included farmers, bootleggers, abolitionists, judges and newspaper editors. They are filled with a love of family and nature and show how the people face the changes in their county. The book is not just untempered nostalgia for country life. The author wasn't blind to the dark side of life in a small town. "...
  • Martie Nees Record
    Genre: Fiction (Adult) Pub. Date: Jan. 23, 2018Publisher: St. Martin’s PressUpon his passing in January 2017, many readers mourned Howard Frank Mosher. Thank goodness his books are immortal and can be read and reread as often as we wish, allowing us to travel into the very real, strikingly beautiful, and remote part of Northern Vermont known affectionately as The Northeast Kingdom (NEK), which is the setting of all Mosher’s works. We can also...
  • Katherine
    Living in Vermont just outside its Northeast Kingdom is what led me to Mosher's books. Having taught for almost 30 years in Vermont and knowing folks and scenes exactly like those he described kept me reading his books. Now, it is with sadness, that his last book has been read. Sadness because there will be no more but real joy because this one brought the same shakes of the head, knowing nods, laughter and sighs as all those that came before. If...
  • Darcysmom
    I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review. Points North, the posthumously published anthology, by Howard Frank Mosher was my introduction to Kingdom County, Vermont. The stories in this collection span many points in the history of Kingdom County with the Kinneson family as a common thread. I enjoyed all the stories, and I fell a little bit in love with Kingdom County. I look forward to reading the re...
  • Sandi Lee
    I received an advance uncorrected proof from a Goodreads giveaway. Having never read this author before I did not know what to expect. Unfortunately this is his last book...and I loved it. This is a collection of short stories that are set in Vermont... Kingdom County, Vermont. I've only been to Vermont once, but the eccentric characters here could be from Anywhere, Small Town, USA. Eloquently written, funny, sad and thought provoking. I'm sure m...
  • Charlotte
    Thank you goodreads giveaway for this ARC. This book was well edited, eloquently written and seems to have a well thought plot. The reasons previously stated is why I gave it 3 stars. Now that I've said all that, this book is not for me. I couldn't get into the stories. This book should have taken me no more than a day to read, however it took a week. I couldn't get attached to the characters. The stories did not grab my attention. I forced mysel...
  • Julie
    I won an ARC copy of this book in Goodreads giveaway. This book is the final book written by Howard Frank Mosher, who has written a whole series of novels about Kingdom County, a fictional County in Vermont. This book contains short stories about the County, and various generations of its residents. The beauty of the writing and the world of the County created by Mosher reminded me of the work of Wendell Berry. I am eager to read Mosher’s other...
  • Pam
    I loved this book. Typically, with a book of short stories, I am left feeling incomplete with the end of each story. Not so with this one by Mr Mosher. It is a wonderful collection of stories with fantastic character development.My thanks to netgalley and St Martins Press for this advanced readers copy.
  • Rob
    POINTS NORTH (2017)Howard Frank MosherMacmillan, 208 pagesOne year ago, Howard Frank Mosher of Irasburg, Vermont passed away. Seven weeks before he died, Mosher completed his final novel, Points North. Like most of the things he wrote, Points North is about the most remote part of Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom*—three counties, 2027 square miles and just 65,000 people. A state joke holds that the Northeast Kingdom is where Vermonters go to get ...
  • Jordan Stivers
    "The past was fair game. At least in the Kingdom, and in the stories Jim wrote, the past was still very much a part of the present." What a collection of beautiful stories from one of America's great regional writers. Mosher is one of those writers that has been on my to-read list for years but I never got around to starting one of his novels until I heard of his death last year. As a lover of short stories and American regional fiction, I was so...
  • Regina Spiker
    “Vermont’s remote and lovely Northeast Kingdom existed before Mosher claimed it for his own, and with any luck it will exist long after we’re gone. That its history and culture will remain indelible is Mosher’s gift to posterity.” - Jon Clinch
  • Hyacinth
    While I loved the stories and how they connected to either the Kinneson family or the location Kingdom County, the racial notes gave me pause. I understand that was where we were in the time period given but, it's still uncomfortable for me at times. Thank God for abolitionist and those fighting to see all people free. Overall, I thought it was excellently executed and a great book to end a great career in writing. RIP Mr. Mosher.
  • Betsy
    I received this Advanced Uncorrected Proof of a paperback version as a Goodreads Giveaway from St. Martin's Press.I'd never heard of Howard Frank Mosher before I saw this book listed as a Goodreads Giveaway. I'm a born-and-raised New Englander, so a book of short stories about Vermont appealed to me. What a treat Points North turned out to be! The 10 stories in Points North are set in Kingdom Common, a fictitious rural town on the Vermont/Canadia...
  • Kathleen Gray
    If you're not sure about short stories, try this. This is a beautifully crafted collection that never leaves you wanting. Mosher's Kingdom County, Vermont is a place that evokes such a powerful pull. What's wonderful is that he crosses socioeconomic lines and makes you feel the emotions of a wide range of people. The stories are linked by the Kinneson family. You won't like all the characters (you aren't meant to) and be aware that the time line ...
  • Coleen
    Points North is actually a collection of stories set in Vermont, but amazingly and interestingly connected - although not directly - to each other. The author died just weeks after the book was finished, but had written over a dozen fiction and non-fiction books. His writing style in this book is both smooth and soothing, and I venture to suggest that his previous books are just as excellent. The characters in Points North are blood-- and /or mar...
  • Colleen Mertens
    This collection of stories were interesting as you meet the characters in Kingdom Vermont. The stories center around various members of the same family and their history as well as their interactions with nature and outsiders. It has the feel of a small town with all its quirks and follies. There always seems like there is more to the story than what Mosher tells us but it hides under the surface. The town folks always understand it though. Very ...
  • Anthonia
    A wonderful collection of stories that center around the Kinneson family. I enjoyed reading this book. A great detail, plot, characters, ranging periods, conflict, issues, hope, truth, life. and understanding is what i discovered in this collection of stories from this book. A must read for any and all book lovers everywhere.
  • Jan Phillips
    I hadn't read any of Howard Frank Mosher's work before receiving this book but now I will seek his other novels out to enjoy. I was drawn in to the tales of the Kinneson family and their life in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Stories of generations of the Kinneson family intermingle into a charming tale of life in this quiet part of Vermont.
  • Carol Royce Owen
    It is with sadness that we had to say goodbye to Howard Frank Mosher and his stories of the Kinneson family of the Northern Kingdom in Vermont. Howard Frank Mosher beautifully told through fourteen novels beautiful stories of family and hope and courage, and yes, oddities, of Vermont life. In this latest book, are a collection of stories that once again follow the Kinneson family through generations, with stories of disappearances, murder, myster...
  • Kim
    Set in the fictitious Kingdom County, a part of the northeastern corner of Vermont, the stories are filled with the many members of the Kinneson Family. They are ordinary men and women doing everyday things. A lawyer, an editor, a doctor, a sheriff, a mean tight-fisted entrepreneur, a gentle sweet-tempered handyman, a reverend, a huckster.I loved Dr. Frannie who realized that the Kingdom was “a treasure chest of serious mental and emotional dis...
  • Amy
    Set in Kingdom Common, an area in Vermont bordering Canada, Mosher’s Points North shares stories of the Kinneson family. These tales, taking place over the course of a century, focus on various family members at different points in their lives. Themes include men searching for their lost loves, relatives at odds, family business, religion and nature, among others.Published posthumously, this final book by Mosher will be enjoyed by many fans. Fo...
  • Linda
    POINTS NORTH by Howard Frank Mosher contains a series of short stories set in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Mosher, a beloved and extremely well-regarded writer, finished this collection shortly before his death in January, 2017. The stories focus on the Kinneson family and as such are full of true "characters," including strong woman like Miss Madge and Miss Mary Mae in "Sisters." Similar to parts of his recent (2015) novel, God’s Kingdom...
  • Leslie
    It is so good to be back among the citizens of Kingdom County in Howard Frank Mosher's final book--a collection of short stories that magnificently brings to life all the characters that have appeared through the years in his other works. Although we have seen these folks before, the stories are new and fresh and enthralling, sometimes bittersweet, often portraying the rugged life of these hardy souls in the frontier between Vermont and Quebec. P...
  • Jim Misko
    I have read all of Howard's books and enjoyed his friendship through the internet and by phone. He was kind when I asked for a blurb for several of my novels, books I thought he would like and could relate to. I generally don't read short stories anymore because their endings leave me wondering why I spent my time reading them. This book's stories left me with a grin, a tear, or a nod of my head which meant I could understand it. The people, the ...
  • Stephen Griffith
    I picked this up to read while I was on vacation in White River Junction, Vermont a couple weeks ago. I first read Mosher when Disappearances and Where the Rivers Flow North came out and was captivated by them. Then I read some of the subsequent ones and they weren't bad so much as lacking in whatever magic drew me to the first ones. Or maybe my tastes changed. I've recently been reading the short stories of Ron Rash set in the western sticks of ...