Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh

Let Me Lie

The police say it was suicide.Anna says it was murder.They're both wrong.One year ago, Caroline Johnson chose to end her life brutally: a shocking suicide planned to match that of her husband just months before. Their daughter, Anna, has struggled to come to terms with their loss ever since.Now with a young baby of her own, Anna misses her mother more than ever and starts to question her parents’ deaths. But by digging up their past, she’ll p...

Details Let Me Lie

TitleLet Me Lie
Release DateMar 8th, 2018
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Suspense, Audiobook

Reviews Let Me Lie

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    Some authors are a one trick pony; they continue to write the same type of stories for the duration of their career, sometimes successfully and other times not so much. Clare Mackintosh is no such pony; while all three of her novels fall clearly in the crime fiction genre, the style, flow, and thematic elements vary drastically. I highly respect this move-it's ballsy for an author working within such a rigid genre and she does it beautifully. In ...
  • Kaceey
    4.5Anna is trying to come to terms with her family’s tragic past. You see, she lost both parents to suicide. Adding to the unbearable pain, it was only within 7 months of each-other. Both having taken their lives in the very same way. Anna is starting over. She has a new boyfriend and a new baby. New beginnings...unfortunately, the past won’t stay in the past!On the anniversary of her mother’s death she receives an anonymous and disturbing ...
  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...2.5 Stars! I read " I Let You Go " by Clare Mackintosh a few years ago and LOVED it. The author’s second novel " I See You " has been on my TBR for a while and I am looking forward to reading it too. However, when the opportunity came up to read " Let Me Lie ", I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get reading. The police say it was suicide. Anna says it was murder. They'...
  • j e w e l s
    FOUR STARS With a smidgen of optimism, I finally decided on a 4 star rating for LET ME LIE. But, in all fairness of honest disclosure, at certain points in the book I felt the dreaded THREE STAR rating looming in the distance.My queen of plot twists, Clare Mackintosh, does not disappoint in the department of surprise. She rules the world of shocking revelations! Where her second novel I See You crossed the line of believability, this new novel on...
  • Norma * Traveling Sister and proud Grandma!!!
    2.5 stars rounded downFirst off I want to mention that I absolutely loved I LET YOU GO and was absolutely WOWED by that book and subsequently will read anything that CLARE MACKINTOSH writes! Even though this one didn't quite work out for me I will still read future books by this author. If I am rating this solely on my review rating system this book gets no more than 2.5 stars from me which I have decided to round down. It was just okay and for t...
  • Zoeytron
    Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.Truth be told, Let Me Lie didn't do much for me. As psychological thrillers go, this was tepid to the point of going cold. Doubly disappointing as I thoroughly enjoyed the author's first novel, I Let You Go. Mistakes are made, accidents happen, lies are told. So many lies, it becomes exhausting. A new mom is still mourning the suicide of her father. A few months later, her mother follows suit...
  • megs_bookrack
    My first Clare Mackintosh experience. At times, I was really enjoying it, at other times, I was putting up with it. There were moments where I was confused as to what 'type' of story this was trying to be. Paranormal, Psychological, Police Procedural...your guess is as good as mine.The most positive aspect of this for me was the literary sleight of hand played on the reader.Certain elements lead the brain in one direction which, at least for me, ...
  • Linda
    Something to ponder.......Your tickets are marked Disney World.......only your final destination turns out to be a neighborhood carnival. More on that later.Anna Johnson looks into the sleepy eyes of her newborn daughter, Ella. (Clare Mackintosh writes this passage in achingly beautiful prose.) But Anna's motherly joy is suppressed by her heavy grief. It's coming up on the one year anniversary of an unspeakable tragedy. Both of her parents commit...
  • Dennis
    Clare Mackintosh and I have a very interesting relationship; I have strong opinions about her novels....and she has no idea who I am. When I started reviewing thrillers, one of the first big stories I reviewed was I See You, and it just wasn't my favorite story. I do know that the author spent over a decade on the police force and it has become some sort of a muse for her widely popular thriller novels. When I received my advanced copy of Let Me...
  • Susanne Strong
    3.75 Stars* (rounded up)Anna Johnson’s parents are gone.. it has now been over a year since she lost her mother and more than that since she lost her dad. She lives each day for her little girl, Ella and her partner Mark. Thank goodness she has them. Everyone, including the police think her parents died by suicide, but Ella knows differently.. she just feels it. When on the anniversary of her mother’s passing, she receives a note in her mailb...
  • Melisa
    Clare Mackintosh is a brilliant writer. If she writes it, I will read it. I hate to compare author’s novels to each other and not take them as original works, but I struggled with that in this case. I Let You Go was an amazing book - it ripped out my heart and brought me to tears. (Bit dramatic? Yes. But true.) This one unfortunately didn’t pan out how I was hoping. This will be an exciting, twisty thriller to some, but for someone who reads ...
  • Dorie - Cats&Books :)
    I read Ms. Mackintosh’s book “I Let You Go” and enjoyed it. I was looking forward to another great read in “Let Me Lie”. Although some reviewers seem to be disappointed in this book I liked it. Here’s why:The story is told from multiple points of view which is always interesting and since one of the narrators is not identified I found it that much more enticing.The writing is very good. It flowed well and kept me reading. It had plent...
  • Esil
    It’s so hard to weed out the mediocre from the excellent when it comes to psychological thrillers — hard enough that every now and then, it feels like it might be best to abandon the genre altogether. I’m not quite there yet, but Let Me Lie definitely gets tossed onto the mediocre pile.Both of Anna’s parents committed suicide within a few months of each other — or so she thinks. Retired officer Murray decides to try to help her figure o...
  • Book of Secrets°ღ
    4.5 Stars LET ME LIE is a dark and clever psychological thriller, and the perfect cure for my reading slump. This is the third book by Clare Mackintosh that I’ve read, and I always enjoy her writing. She has a talent for creating emotional, character-driven suspense with amazing twists that really mess with your head. She makes you love/hate/sympathize with characters, and then bam! A big twist comes along to make you question everything.Anna ...
  • JanB
    This was my first book by this author although I own I Let You Go, a book I've heard wonderful things about and plan to read soon. I really enjoyed the beginning of this one and was very invested in the characters and the writing. I had enormous sympathy for Anna who lost both her parents to suicide within a year. When there are clues that perhaps her parent's deaths were not suicide, Detective Murray is brought in and re-opens the investigation....
  • sue
    I have read some emotionally driven thrillers in the past, but boy oh boy what the heat on in this one.I am definitely not going to go into this complex and cleverly written thriller.You need to go in blind with this one and enjoy the dynamics of this great book.About 3/4 of the way in you may think, nothing is happening, its like having your camera pointing at something that is times to come near and you want to snap it before you miss it, this ...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    Both parents committing suicide at the same exact spot seven months apart seemed a bit strange. Anna extremely missed both her parents but didn't know how much until a horrible reminder arrived in the mail.This horrible reminder had Anna rethinking the possibility that her parents really didn't commit suicide but had been murdered. She never thought her parents would kill themselves and leave her without them.Anna asked for the case to be reopene...
  • Carrie
    Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh is a psychological thriller that was a bit of a slow burn read. The story is told between alternating the point of view between a pair of main characters and then an unknown person involved.Anna is a new mother that is still struggling with the loss of both of her parents just a year before. Anna’s father had been seen just before he apparently jumped to his death and then shortly after Anna’s mother seems to ha...
  • Marialyce
    3 starsImagine losing your father to suicide and then months later, your mother follows with her own suicide in the same place your father chose to end his life? For Anna Johnson, this was her reality. Trying to cope with this plus the demands of being a new mother having had a baby with her boyfriend is difficult. However, after receiving cryptic notes in the mail, Anna begins to question if perhaps these suicide were more, that more being murde...
  • Mackey
    The police ruled her parents death a suicide but on the anniversary of their death Anna receives an ominous, anonymous note suggesting otherwise. Is it just a hoax, or is it a clue to what really happened to Anna's parents? Clare Mackintosh is so well known in the Crime/Suspense genre that you know you're going to get a terrific read. Let Me Lie is no exception, perhaps even better than her previous publications which I loved. Her writing strengt...
  • Jan
    Big disappoint for me, especially after my first experience with this author-I Let You Go- was an easy 5 stars.I found the protagonist annoying, the plot unrealistic, and the pace so slow I found myself skimming through chapters trying to find the high points. Even the ending couldn't save this one for me.Others have responded more positively than I, so don't let this review scare you off. I still have faith that my next venture with this author ...
  • ABookwormWithWine
    / 5First of all, many thanks to Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with an advance review copy of this book via Edelweiss AND a physical copy! All opinions are my own.There are a lot of mixed reviews out there for Let Me Lie, but I am so glad I read it. It is very obvious to me that Clare Mackintosh has A LOT of talent. I both gasped and cried during this book, and there were so many things that happened that I was not expecting. It was my...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I feel really bad. I loved this authors first book and was very fond of her 2nd but I have so many problems with this one - not to do with the writing obviously she can write - and not even with the addictive quality it's not like I threw it aside, I wanted to know what happened - but I found the plot and execution disappointing considering it came from such an obviously talented author so rather than my *rating reflecting the writing quality thi...
  • Louise Wilson
    One year ago, Caroline Johnson chose to end her life brutally: a suicide planned to match that of her husband just years before. Their daughter, Anna, has struggled to come to terms with their loss ever since. Now with a young baby of her own, Anna misses her mother more than ever and starts to question her parents deaths. But by digging up their past, she'll put her future in danger.Anna recieves cryptic notes in the mail and begins to question ...
  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    I started reading Let Me Lie on 8/5/2018 and finished it on 8/16/2018. This book is a good read! I love Murray as soon as I read the part about him carrying a handkerchief around just so when a woman cry, he could offer that to her. Anna’s life is a bored to read mainly because she’s in a grieving process and feeling spooked at every turn due to the unexpected mail she received. I like how so many people could be the bad guys. I like uncle Bi...
  • Tina
    I won this book on a Goodreads Giveaway. I was ecstatic. I had read Clare Mackintosh's debut novel, "I Let You Go," and found it to be brilliant and clever. I have and for sure will read her second book, "I See You" at some point very soon. Anna Johnson is still reeling from her parents suicides only seven months apart. A year later she is still grieving but has a baby and is living with a partner. She receives a note on the one year death annive...
  • Bookread2day
    I loved every page of this psychological thriller, but then again I’m a big fan of Clare Mackintosh. Let Me Lie is now my favourite novel by Clare Mackintosh. With excellent twist in I highly recommend this book. Nineteen month ago Anna’s father took the newest and the most expensive car from the forecourt of his own business. He drove it to Eastbourne to be Beachy Head and parked it in the car park and threw himself off the cliff. Seven mont...
  • Jonetta
    Anna Johnson is having to face the one-year anniversary of her mother Caroline’s suicide...which came 6 months after her father Tom’s death in the same manner and at the same place. Anna lives in their old house with her partner, Mark Hemmings and their newborn daughter, Ella. She’s a bundle of emotions but isn’t imagining things when she receives an ominous (and anonymous) message calling into question her mother’s suicide. It’s seri...
  • Juli
    Anna's parents committed suicide. They both jumped from Beachy Head a few months apart. Close to the anniversary of her mother's death, Anna receives a cryptic note. Suicide? Think again.She begins to think that maybe her parents were murdered. Maybe they didn't both leap to their deaths from the cliff and take that long plunge into the sea. She finds one retired police officer willing to listen to her. But everyone else thinks maybe she is losin...
  • jv poore
    Ms. Mackintosh's mysteries completely captivate me and keep me guessing. Just when I think I know who, I can't figure out why and then additional information creates questions and I'm back to square one.