Uncompromising Honor (Honor Harrington, #14) by David Weber

Uncompromising Honor (Honor Harrington, #14)

HONOR'S FINISHING WHAT SHE STARTED The Solarian League's navy counts its superdreadnoughts by the thousands. Not even its own government knows how enormous its economy truly is. And for hundreds of years, the League has borne the banner of human civilization, been the ideal to which humanity aspires in its diaspora across the galaxy. But the bureaucrats known as the "Mandarins," who rule today's League, are not the men and women who founded it so...

Details Uncompromising Honor (Honor Harrington, #14)

TitleUncompromising Honor (Honor Harrington, #14)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Space, Space Opera, Fiction

Reviews Uncompromising Honor (Honor Harrington, #14)

  • Gillian Wiseman
    I have loved this series. The first seven books are superb, and I reread them every few years. Having said that, I could barely read this one. It's too long. It has too many points of view. It was too predictable. And I'm sorry, it was way over the top. Everything about each and every character has become "the best" or "the worst" or "the most ever seen" in any living human ever. I mean, come on... the descriptions of Emily's spirit, of Honor's h...
  • Charlie
    I can't believe I keep reading these things. 800 pages, and more death and destruction than is even remotely required. Fortunately, it can be skimmed when you get to the stupid parts, which cuts the book about in half. I gave it 3 stars, but even that was a push.
  • Liviu
    The ending of the Honorverse story-line started in 1993 with On Basilisk Station though of course the story goes on and hopefully sooner rather than later we get another book in the universe; to paraphrase the title, the novel was uncompromisingly good with one major complaint, namely that it ended - I wanted another 800 pages at the least - this being said the ending is quite satisfactory from the main story line point of view (Hono's saga, the ...
  • Betsy
    [2 May 2018]I enjoyed this book. The first half contained a few exciting space battles, and actually involved Honor quite a bit. After that there was a section that slowed down quite a bit, focusing on a number of long political "discussions" and several hard to follow conversations among the Solarian League special intelligence analysts. Then in the last third things heated up again and became very exciting, suspenseful, and maddening. Maddening...
  • John Cunningham
    (Spoiler alert!) Well, it's Honor Harrington so there's much to like. The book isn't quite a sequel since it takes place concurrently with the last Honorverse books, so I had to refer to Cauldron of Ghosts and Shadow of Victory to refresh myself. The pacing for me was too slow. The space battles are top notch -- but I was disappointed at how much time is spent by the many many characters in staff meetings and at meals, talkety-talk-talking amidst...
  • Seth
    There were some faults in the series from the beginning. Too many characters, a few pages of random information dumps here and there... But for all that, you could at least count on 200 pages of spaceship on spaceship violence that were almost impossible to put down. With each book in the series, the action diminishes and the bloat of characters, politics, technology and everything else takes up more and more space. I'm glad to know what happens ...
  • Dan
    Excellent, I highly recommend it!
  • Christopher
    Uncompromising Honor picks up straight away from the previous book though there is a bit of overlap chronologically with the previous book as which it soon passes! :D The Sollies are getting increasingly desperate as the war drags on and the Grand Alliance keeps filling its recycling centres with what remains of their ships and this desperate draws them into more and more desperate measures that see the Manticore stepping in doing there dramatic ...
  • Leisuresuitlarry
    This review is for the EARC.I have to say that this is ultimately an anti-climactic ending to this arc Honor Harrington's story. I don't believe for an instant that this is the last we'll see of Honor. In fact, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the fight with the Solarian League was supposed to be Raoul's and Katherine's story, and I have to believe that David Weber just shifted some plans (view spoiler)[so that they can be front and cent...
  • Johan Bastiaanssen
    This book could be the end of the Honor Harrington series as we know it. The mandarins that have been ruling the Solarian League will finally be brought to justice, but many of the familiar characters in the series do not live to see this conclusion. The core of the Mesan Alignment has disappeared down the proverbial rabbit hole, and maybe Honor's children will be the ones to deal with them if they ever return. But before you get to this point, y...
  • Guillaume
    Good points :- story advancing- no repetitions from other books- a few interesting treecats sceneBad points :- too much worthless meetings - Is it really a Honor Harrington Book ? She's maybe in 25% of the book.- too much secondary/unknown characters taking too much book timeMaybe I should have waited for the final, non ARC book (hoping it's going to be severely edited...)
  • Piotr
    My biggest disappointment in the whole series. In my opinion, some of the threads unnecessarily placed in this book instead of in the next part of the spinoff, shadow of saganami. The whole story first stretches and maneuvers to be cut in a few quick events which deserved much more attention.
  • Linda
    A book by David Weber in the Honorverse that actually has Honor Harrington in it is always a treat. As usual, this also is an extremely long book which could easily have been edited down quite a bit. I read this as an eARC and it could be trimmed before publishing but it probably won't. Manticore is reeling from an attack on their infrastructure by the Solarian Navy. The Mandarin's, the Solarian leaders based on old Earth have decided Manticore ...
  • Alexia Chantel
    Action, Honor Harrington, and treecats. I would have liked to have more of all three, especially the treecats. But Honor Harrington book 14 still has space battles! Space battles for the win!*ebook courtesy of Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewFull review to come at Reading Between the Wines Book Club.http://www.readingbetweenthewinesbook...
  • Mike
    An unsatisfying conclusion with solid action (as always) despite its meandering.
  • Scott
    Finally! The mad wizard weber (MWW) (author) moves the timeline forward. No more jumping all over the place... Altho to be fair, this book does start either 'before' the events on Mesa, or at least, before news of the events reaches the rest of the books characters until around halfway through the book..Regardless! It doesn't FEEL like the constant backtracking and reshashing of the same events over and over again as the last .. 4-5? books have. ...
  • Vexation
    Finally, an Honorverse book where New Things Happen(tm) and the plot moves forward - possibly to a conclusion. I can't say it's great (definately not up to par with the stellar early volumes of the series) but at least you are not served the same dish warmed up and repackaged.The battles are somewhat interesting, and somehow the author makes a serious attempt to write himself out of the hole he put himself in and provide something fresh. Still, t...
  • Tim Johnson
    It will sound like I'm griping, and I suppose I am a bit. For all of the things that disappointed me, I was still ecstatic to have more Honor Harrington. The story itself actually MOVED somewhere. It had consequences for all involved. It gave us a peek at some storylines that have been hanging a bit. We got to see some frigging resolution to some things! That's why I gave it 4 stars. I enjoyed it even with the flaws. Maybe I enjoyed it because we...
  • Kathy Martin
    This epic space opera is the 19th in the Honor Harrington series and is filled with adventure, battles, weapons, hidden enemies and enemies not so hidden. Manticore is trying to recover from the sneak attack that ruined much of their military industrial complex and millions of innocent civilians. To do so they have forged alliances with their oldest enemy, the People's Republic of Haven, and other star systems because they know the Solarian Leagu...
  • Katrina Blau
    I'm going to try again, without the rant. There's hints of spoilers aheadFirst, I mostly enjoyed the book. It's Honor Harrington and I like her and the books she's in, in general. However... (view spoiler)[ I was not pleased with the treatment of her wife, Emily, in this book. It was super Trope-y and, personally, if I'd been the editor I would have mentioned several things about that situation as possibly striking a really bad note; much like th...
  • Peter Petermann
    This review is based on the eARC (electronic Advance Reader Copy).I'm a bit split about this book, on one side I did enjoy it, on the other side, there were a few things that I didn't like.The good parts: Finally another Honorverse Book, and finally one that focuses on a conflict that has been build up and prepared in the last books - where those left me unsatisfied, at the end of this one I was satisfied with how the book ended, and with what it...
  • Terje Fokstuen
    Manticore is at war with the Solarian League. Honor leads the combined fleet of Manticore, the Star Kingdom of Grayson, and the Republic of Haven against the Solarian League. The Mesan Alignment perpetrates atrocities, trying to foment a total war between the enormous League and then Alliance. This is arguably the final novel of this part of the Honor storyline. Based on the ending of the eARC I purchased from BAEN, the books will continue though...
  • Daniel
    This is based on the e-ARC for sale on the Baen website. I expect there will be at least some changes (I hope so) from the official published version in October. I wanted to write a detailed review, but I'd have to use the spoiler tag. After 26 years, 21 books (Honor, Crown, and Shadow), and over 10,000 pages, this is how David Weber chose to end the Honor Harrington story. And honestly? Not really. For a book that should be the epic conclusion t...
  • Gabbbbbbbbbbbb
    I've read the advanced electronic copy, so I will forgive the author for changing the treecat's name midway. (from Kills Silently to Watches Fires?)--------There is an insane amount of filler up to 80% into the book. There is that story how Solly spooks try to uncover the Alignment & then their entire effort(MANY pages) turns out to be meaningless, mostly. The thing that I love the most in the Honor series are the very plausible sounding space ba...
  • William Bentrim
    Uncompromising Honor by David WeberI’ve read more Weber than I can accurately recall. This last couple I read, I felt, were not up to his standards. This book returned to what I would expect from Weber. Honor Harrington is back and as in the most recent books she is somewhat secondary in nature. That changes toward the end of the book and she comes back as full blown Honor! Simplistically, a formerly small star system, Manticore, has ended thei...
  • Jason
    I like the book and the outcome. The budding conflict between the Solarian League and the Alliance has been building and has come to a head. Of course by now its our hero's job to be at the sharp end. The only think I really did not like is that over time the cast of characters has grown so large there is only thread bare references to several important characters that I have grown to enjoy over the years. Of course the event the precipitates the...
  • Nick
    I read an ARC from the publisher.I have loved this series, with minor quibbles, from the start, but I found the ending of this book to be a bit weaker than I was expecting, including a "What, what just happened?" sequence in the war between the Grand Alliance and the Solarians.Once in a while the technologies seem to get out of Weber's control, and that happened here. If it's that possible to hide a bomb in a terrorist act, then why haven't we se...
  • Neeuqdrazil
    This is the first book in a while (5 books? 6?) where none of the chapters were re-treads (or blatant copies) of chapters in other books, which was a refreshing change.A LOT happens in this book. I think more than has happened in the last 5 books (possibly combined.) There are a few places where there are discussions of things that have happened in the universe that I suspect will show up in another book later on - specifically stuff in the Talbo...
  • Nokomis.FL
    I read the electronic advance reader copy of Uncompromising Honor (available on Baen's website April 1st) and after the debacle that was Shadow of Victory where he was trying to incorporate the Crown of Slaves and Saganami Island spinoff series into the main series, I'm happy to say that this book is much more succinct and cohesive. While still suffering from the standard Weber issues of too much set-up and talking with all the action wrapping up...