Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell

Silent Victim

Emma’s darkest secrets are buried in the past. But the truth can’t stay hidden for long.Emma is a loving wife, a devoted mother…and an involuntary killer. For years she’s been hiding the dead body of the teacher who seduced her as a teen.It’s a secret that might have stayed buried if only her life had been less perfect. A promotion for Emma’s husband, Alex, means they can finally move to a bigger home with their young son. But with a ...

Details Silent Victim

TitleSilent Victim
Release DateMar 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Silent Victim

  • Gary
    This stand alone novel by Caroline Mitchell is a great read. I started the book very shortly after receiving it and due to the suspense built up by the author was unable to put it down. Emma loves her husband Alex and together with her son they are moving to a new home in Leeds. But Emma has a dark secret, for a number of years shes been hiding the dead body of Luke, the teacher who seduced her as a teen. The book is written from the perspective ...
  • Liz
    I became a fan of Caroline Mitchell through her Ruby Preston series. This book is a stand alone.The story is told from multiple perspectives across a wide time frame. Emma is a young mother with a dark secret. She and her husband have been living in her family house in Mersea Island but her husbands recent promotion means they will be moving. And that means she finally needs to dispose of the body of the teacher whom she killed four years previou...
  • Malia
    Silent Victim is my first book by Caroline Mitchell, but it won't be my last. For some reason, I had low expectations going into this book, however I am happy to report I was very wrong! It is a twisty, clever story with an engaging plot and well-developed characters. Recommended!Find more reviews and bookish fun at
  • Joanne Robertson
    OMG!!! Talk about a book being addictive! Once I started Silent Victim it became physically impossible to put it down! It has shot straight onto the list of my favourite books of the year so far and is definitely my favourite book by this author.ever! I have always enjoyed her police procedural novels but this standalone is something very special indeed. The twisty plot, the unreliable narrative told by some rather unlikable characters and the un...
  • Joey R.
    2.5 Stars I noticed that Silent Victim has consistently averaged over 4 Stars on So, I thought I was up to giving an unknown British author a chance ( since this approach worked well in me discovering John Marrs). First, I can conclusively state that Caroline Mitchell is no Marrs. Her writing is uneven, and the plot bogs down at times with unnecessary details about Emmas (the main characters) business and consistently drags out scene...
  • Zoe
    Atmospheric, menacing, and incredibly riveting!Silent Victim is a character-driven, thrill ride that reminds us that skeletons often find their way out of the closet no matter how well they are hidden or buried and highlights just how easily someone's behaviour can be manipulated, misinterpreted, questioned, and used against them.The writing is taut and complex. The characterization is spot on with a cast of characters that are distressed, raw an...
  • halleyrebecca
    "She brushed an errant lock from her cheek, panting from the exertion of rushing to be on time. I regarded her with a look of amused curiosity. Inside I was thrilled that a gorgeous young creature would be subservient to me for the forthcoming year."Was very interested in the plot, but hoo boy was the writing terrible. Overwraught, immature and awkward. Little to no character development. Lots of long internal monologues that sound like nothing a...
  • Andrea
    I was hovering either to give book a 3.5 or 4* rating,gave a four as did enjoy this book a stalker or is it all in her mind.but found it abit slow in parts it's me I'm used to faster paced all comes together.good read.
  • Dita
    Fast-paced and suspenseful! I never had any idea where this book was taking me but the ride was full of twists and turns and I was happy to be on it. It's tough to finish well and this one was satisfying if not the "bang" I was hoping for after being so enchanted by the rest.
  • Lyn❤Loves❤Listening #AUDIOBOOKADDICT
    Audio - 4.5 starsStory 3.5 starsThe story alternates between the past and the present and three povs: Emma's, her husband, Alex, and her high school teacher, Luke. I wish the story had been more suspenseful and fast paced, but the mystery was pretty decent. I was left wondering who was lying and who was telling the truth for most of the story so I'm rounding up in my rating.
  • Tulay
    Amazing thriller.So glad I picked this Amazon First Read selection of February books. Story is told as first person by three characters and jumps from 2003 to 2017. Author's writing style keeps your interest, keeps you in suspense. Thrilling, mysterious and suspenseful all the way to the breathtaking ending. Books written by British authors always takes me longer to read, because I have to stop and Google the places and read the news, look at the...
  • Theresa Alan
    I enjoyed this mystery/suspense novel, which is told from various characters at different times in history. There is teacher Luke and student Emma in 2002, and now Emma with her husband Alex in 2017. I particularly liked how Caroline Mitchell chose to wrap up this storyI did not see it coming and the tension is great. I enjoyed this mystery/suspense novel, which is told from various characters at different times in history. There is teacher Luk...
  • The Book Review Café
    Holy flipping moly Caroline Mitchell has only gone and written another fabulous psychological thriller thats worthy of all the stars, its a MUST read. Darkly deceptive, chilling and thrilling Silent Victim has gone straight on my top reads of 2018 list. Im a huge fan of this author I love her style of writing and her attention to detail. Whether it be crime or psychological thriller Caroline Mitchell knows how to grab the readers attention and th...
  • Amy
    Do you like books that keep you up late at night because there is just NO way you can put it down until you find out the truth? What about books that are relentlessly paced with short chapters that end on mini cliffhangers leaving you reading chapter after chapter until you realize youre finished? Or what about books that are full of thrills and excitement but also have a domestic suspense vibe chock full of secrets and lies? If you answered yes ...
  • Melania 🍒
    1.5|5Silent Victim has done nothing for me. Its not a mystery, since we know from the beginning pretty much everything thats going on and the surprise elements werent such a big surprise, its barely a thriller , the characters are awkwardly written and the story is so over-the-top , Ive rolled my eyes dozens of times while listening to this book. But what I disliked the most was the way the main character was built.She was so desperate , so weak ...
  • Christina
    4 stars"A gentleman is simply a patient wolf."Emma is a loving mother, a devoted wife, a successful business owner and an accidental killer. The story opens up with Emma attempting to bury the body of a man named Luke, her former teacher who had seduced her, who she has just murdered. Fast forward 4 years and everything is going great in Emma's life. She and her husband, Alex, have an adorable son and a great relationship. Her business, a gently ...
  • Eva
    Ive never been on a rollercoaster ride but I imagine coming off it, feels a little something like I felt when I finished reading Silent Victim : a little dizzy, maybe a tad nauseous and with legs like jelly.Emma hasnt had an easy time but now she has a loving husband and a wonderful son. Things are looking up until her husband gets a job opportunity in Leeds and is set on moving and selling their house. Because the field at the back of their hous...
  • Angela Marsons
    I have read this author's books from the very beginning and have followed her career with interest and I have to say that with each new journey she shows me something fresh. I always claim that the last was my favourite and this is no exception with Silent Victim. My favourite books in the whole world are the ones that waste nothing. In this book every scene either serves to move the plot forward or characterise. I loved that it was straight in t...
  • Elaine
    Can I give this no stars? Goodreads, you really need to figure out a way for reviewers to do this. ** Hilarious and gross spoilers ahead ** I don't even know how to begin to review the hot mess that is Silent Victim. 1. Do I start with the clunky writing? No, because terrible writing is a dime a dozen.2. How about the contrived and phony plot?Emma has a secret. She killed the teacher who seduced her when she was a teen and buried him in the back...
  • Sarah
    Im a big fan of this authors books so couldnt wait to read her new stand alone novel, Silent Victim.The story flicks mainly between husband and wife, Emma and Alex. Emmas chapters feature past and present so we can see the build up of events with her teacher and present, where her life seems to be spiralling out of control.Moving house and a brand new start is something that most of us would love and look forward to. Emma though is someone who ha...
  • Hans
    A superb stand alone story. It starts slow but profound. The end is very unsuspected and utterly believable.
  • Rachel
    2.5 Stars2.5 Eye-Rolling StarsPoor Emma is married to the dumbest, most easily manipulated man in the world! Sadly, she thinks he's wonderful! SUMMARYI'm not giving away any spoilers here when I say Emma finally confessed to her husband that she literally had a body buried in the backyard. They were about to move and she needed to come clean before they sold the house. When Emma was sixteen years old, her teacher, Luke Priestwood, coerced her int...
  • Shell Baker
    OMFG Caroline mitchell is back on form with this corker of a book! Seriously I loved it that much I actually don't know where to begin with this review. So i will start off by saying that I am a massive fan of Caroline's writing and this is her best book has totally blown me away.I have to say that I sucked in hook, line and sinker from the very first page and from that moment I knew it was going to be the bollocks. And it certainly was! Y...
  • Carole Gourlay
    SILENT VICTIM by CAROLINE MITCHELLWell, what can I say!! I think Caroline has become one of the best crime writers for suspense Ive ever read. It doesn't matter whether she's writing about murders or psychological thrillers, she excels at both. Im an avid crime reader, and read through books like a knife through butter, but her writing even leaves me bewildered and bemused. Just as you think that youve got it straight in your head, and whos done ...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    DNF, skimmed through to figure out what happened. Im in the minority; most readers enjoyed the story.SILENT VICTIM is told from the points of view of Emma, her husband Alex and Luke, the man Emma murdered from time periods of 2002, 2003, 2013 and 2017. I was often confused whose first person POV I was reading and from what time period. I didnt like or feel connected to any of the characters, didnt know who was a reliable narrator or not and didnt...
  • Book Addict Shaun
    Silent Victim is the first psychological thriller I have read by Caroline Mitchell and I absolutely loved it. It became one of those books that consumed me as I read it, and was that addictive that I had to also download it to my Kindle for iPhone app so I could read it when I was away from my Kindle. I love books that stay in your thoughts all day long, I was thinking about these characters even when I wasnt reading the book. One of the things I...
  • Roz
    You cant walk away from your demons Theyll catch up with you in the end. I feel like this couldve been a good book if the first half wasnt dragging as much and the second half wasnt so rushed. It wasnt the most original book and I wasnt impressed with the ending either.I wasnt happy with the characters either, they were two dimensional with no personality whatsoever, the multiple POVs had the same voice, even the bad guy wasnt evil enough.So I g...
  • Darinda
    Emma and her husband are preparing to move. Before they go, Emma needs to destroy evidence from a crime she committed. She digs in the yard, but the body she buried there a few years earlier is gone. Emma panics and confesses her crime to her husband. As strange events start to occur, Emma starts to doubt herself more and more. Told from alternating points of view and timelines. This one took me a little while to get into, but I ended up enjoying...
  • Lynda Kelly
    This was my Kindle First choice this month to buy in advance. So happy I made the right choice as it's terrific.....and there was no way to resist the story's premise. For some reason I was SURE I'd already read something by this author but I went through all my lists and nope, I haven't !! I will be reading more by her, though, since she has quite the comprehensive back catalogue. I must've seen them before as they're in my most popular reading ...
  • Bill Kupersmith
    Having many fond memories of my days as an overseas member of the West Mersea Yacht Club, I couldnt resist reading Caroline Mitchells Silent Victim. And the basis for the plot, a relationship between a teenage school student and a teacher is always a draw for me both as a reader and a writer. And as Caroline Mitchell is both an author of paranormal stories (including her own) and a delightful Twitterer, I so wanted this book to succeed. Partly sh...