Hope's Folly (Dock Five Universe, #3) by Linnea Sinclair

Hope's Folly (Dock Five Universe, #3)

Admiral Philip Guthrie is in an unprecedented position: on the wrong end of the law, leading a ragtag band of rebels against the oppressive Imperial forces. Or would be if he can get his command ship-the derelict cruiser called Hope's Folly-functioning. Not much can rattle Philip's legendary cool-but the woman who helps him foil an assassination attempt on Kirro Station will. She's the daughter of his best friend and first commander-a man who die...

Details Hope's Folly (Dock Five Universe, #3)

TitleHope's Folly (Dock Five Universe, #3)
Release DateFeb 24th, 2009
GenreRomance, Science Fiction, Science Fiction Romance, Space, Space Opera, Futuristic

Reviews Hope's Folly (Dock Five Universe, #3)

  • Lizzy
    * 3.5/3 stars *Okay, a short review without great insights for Hope’s Folly is a straightforward book. This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, for it is a good suspense romance space opera. It was the third book in Linnea Sinclair’s Dock 5 Universe series, and it was good to be surprised by a fast-paced plot compared with the slower tempo of the previous Shades of Dark. Hope's Folly tells the story of Philip Guthrie (Chaz's ex-husband fr...
  • Felicia
    Oh gosh, guilty pleasure to the max! If you're a geek girl and liked Star Trek this author is for you. I enjoyed it, even though parts were silly, I was gobbling it up like candy. Totally will buy something else by the author. Such embarrassing cover art, thank god for Kindle!
  • Frances
    Hold on to your hats. Fasten your seatbelts. If you love Science Fiction Romance or action-adventure Space Opera, Linnea Sinclair’s newest addition to the Dock 5 Universe has been released! Hurry to your local bookstore, Amazon, Barn & Noble, Borders, or your best friend’s house and grab it. You are in for a non-stop, roller coaster, fun ride. Click on the title links below for my reviews of the prior books in the series to get a feel for the...
  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    The third book in the Dock Five Universe series by Linnea Sinclair. Admiral Phillip Guthrie is now with the Alliance fighting against the Imperial forces. He takes command of a fruit hauler named Hope's Folly. And Murphy's law reigns. Anything that can go wrong, will! Also aboard the ship is Rya Bennton. Her father once commanded the ship before it was decommissioned. Now her father is dead and she wants the man responsible to pay. She is former ...
  • Katie(babs)
    One author I cannot stop raving about and who deserves much praise is Linnea Sinclair. She writes incredible and imaginative sci-fi stories that make you want to break out the Star Wars movie and watch them all over again. Whenever I read a book by Linnea, I am constantly in awe of her skill as a writer. Not only is she one of my all time favorite authors, but she is responsible for breaking down my own resistance over other genres and those auth...
  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
    Loved it! This book had more romance than Shades of Dark, less sex, more mystery, and some pulse-pounding action. I just wish Linnea Sinclair's endings weren't so abrupt. Maybe Rebels & Lovers will reveal a little bit of Rya and Phillip's relationship similar to the way Hope's Folly gave us an update of Sully's eyesight. In Hope's Folly, Admiral Phillip Gulthrie is now part of the new rebel Alliance of Independent Republics and wanted by the Empi...
  • Jen Davis
    Just when I thought I knew exactly where this series was going, this book proved me wrong. This is not a third installment of Chas and Sully’s story. Now we are breaking away to see Phillip get his HEA.This is a standalone romance, but the bigger picture of the story arc is really a continuation from the first two books, so I would suggest you read those first. When we first met Philip in Gabriel’s Ghost, I really thought he would be fodder f...
  • Summer
    So in Hope's Folly, Linnea Sinclair's third novel in her Dock Five Universe, it centers around Philip Guthrie (Chaz's ex-husband from previous novels) and Rya Bennton. Rya's father was close to Philip when she was a child and she has grown up with a mild case of hero-worship of him. However that changes with time as she meets him again years later while he's leading the Alliance and Rya's decided to join. Philip has mixed feelings for Rya, he fin...
  • Sandy Williams
    I have to preface this review by stating how incredibly disappointed I am that this book didn't include a sneak peak for whatever book Sinclair is publishing next. It makes me feel like there's not a "next", which is a frightening thought.Anyway, I loved Hope's Folly. And, yes, once again Sinclair's made me swoon over her hero. I really started to like Philip Guthrie in Shades of Dark. I'm glad he got his own book and lived up to my expectations....
  • Erica Anderson
    I really enjoyed this book, which is a fast-moving military SF romance with an older hero/younger heroine. Virtually all of the action takes place aboard a military ship commanded by the hero. Although I classify it as a romance, a ship sabotage plot and interactions between the officers are front and center for most of the book. Heroine is a kick-ass security officer and there is a lot of dialogue revolving around weapons, so if you don't person...
  • Mara
    Awful cover aside (my edition is probably self published), this is a fun romp. The hot cold attitude of the hero was a bit off putting, he's lucky she didn't throw a wrench on his head :), and the bad guy clearly telegraphed. But overall I enjoyed it. 3 stars as I really wasn't dying to end reading it. It could have remained on my nightstand without too many problems; )Read again and bumped up the rating as I enjoyed it more
  • Shasha
    Solid SFR with the feels!I had to finish this all at once so my day was shot. The problems of fixing up an old spaceship, getting trustworthy crew, having more than one mole, grief over lost comrades/family, plus the sexual tension made this a complex but fascinating story.There are a lot of crew and it was overwhelming at first. There's multiple suspicious people so the mystery kept me guessing. Both of the main characters have doubts about them...
  • Cathy
    I loved this book. It's a typical "we're so in love but can't get out of our own way" romance except for that it's not typical in how well it's done and in the solid and exciting story that goes with it outside of their relationship. I was nervous as to whether I'd like it or not because of the change in point of view from the first two books, as well as the change in narrator. But the author did such a good job of introducing Phillip in the firs...
  • Angie
    It's been too long since I let myself slip into Linnea Sinclair's Dock Five universe. Way too long. I love science fiction. I love space opera. And this series is just one of the best out there. I read the first book--Gabriel's Ghost--a couple of years ago now and I've read several of Sinclair's other non-Dock Five books in between then and now and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Games of Command is still my favorite. That Kel-Paten. Gets to me ...
  • PointyEars42
    Is this even by the same author as book #1?! If that hadn't been a VFH book club pick I would never have gotten past the first few chapters. Yes, there's so much familiar material worked in here that I can't believe Lucas Film haven't unleashed their lawyers on it, but Rya has a brain, Philip is a silver fox, their universe is about to go up in flames... and I'm having fun! No way is this by the same author! I kept picturing Philip as DI Lestrade...
  • Cindy
    Great book. After the darkness of the previous book I was dubious when I picked this one up - but the only reason I didn't finish it one sitting is because my husband made me go to previously arranged meetings, doctor's appointments, etc. Great characters, great writing, great plot. A 'stellar' [in all meanings of the word:] performance!Currently available - read in order or you won't have a clue...1. Gabriel's Ghost2. Shades of Dark3. Hope's Fol...
  • Meradeth Houston
    Okay, not to be a total jerk, but that cover is UGH. As in, I wanted to cover it while reading on the plane. But, the book itself was awesome! So, that did make up for the eye-roll-worthy cover ;) Sinclair does a great job bringing this world to full and detailed life, and her characters are fully capable of leaping off the pages. And while, yes, this was technically a romance novel, it was so much more. I loved the interplay of the mounting tens...
  • Gina
    A great read, even if a little predictable.(Bookaholic’s Review Note: Make sure to read Gabriel’s Ghost and Shades of Dark before reading this one. That’s a must!)Admiral Philip Guthrie finds himself now aboard Hope’s Folly, what was once part of the Imperial fleet. Converted to a fruit carrier, the ship was sold to the Alliance under a few conditions: that the ship retain its name, and the cat, Captain Folly, is to remain onboard. Now Ph...
  • Eliza Baum
    I've never read much sci-fi. Mostly, it's because I don't care about the technical know-how of space travel and things like that, and I get annoyed by all the details of it. I liked and was good at science, but I don't like feeling like I need an advanced degree in it to enjoy a book. However, a not-so-slight (and rather unexpected) obsession with the Mass Effect video game series has made me rethink that position. It's not that I dislike sci-fi-...
  • Nicole
    The coolest thing about this book (and there are a number of cool things to choose from) is that our hero, Philip Guthrie, is the ex-husband of Chaz, the romantic heroine of two other novels in this series. I've read so many novels (romantic and otherwise) that demonize the romantic heroine's ex. It was nice to not only read books where the exes genuinely liked each other but weren't meant for each other. And then to get to see BOTH characters in...
  • Dana Stabenow
    I'd never heard of a genre called science fiction romance until Sarah Wendell recommended Sinclair's books on her Smart Bitches Trashy Books podcast (http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/po...). This is the second Sinclair novel I've read and this one has a nice blend of slam bang action and relationship development. The order of the Galactic Empire is suborned by a highly placed traitor and Admiral Philip Guthrie is on the run with a ragtag band o...
  • Chessa
    Ok. So, this book has a sense of humor, which is maybe the only thing it has going for it. I do like a good sense of humor.But it wasn't enough to save the overblown language of romance. I cannot abide overblown romantic. I just can't. I do not swoon. I cackle and then hide my face or smack myself in the head with the book to make the ridiculousness fade.This book also suffers from one of my least favorite book characteristics: it's like an *epis...
  • gert
    wow. what an utter disappointment! there is no comparison between this book and sinclair's previous - both this series and stand alones. the love story was soooo lame, totally unbelievable and super insulting. Sinclair kept inserting the same, lame rationale for Guthrie, admiral of the rebel fleet, to have fallen hopelessly in love with rya I.e. "the only explanation can be I've lost my mind" . the sf element was also severely less then previous ...
  • A.B. Gayle
    I loved the unusual characters who star in this book. The hero, Philip Guthrie, who is trying to come to terms with his loss of mobility and being continually reminded of his age and now being less than perfect. And Rya, not your typical weak feminine TSTL heroine who still sees the integrity of the man underneath and worships the man he was and the man he is now.
  • Gail
    Started on this yesterday, and got sucked in so tight, I had to finish it last night. Excellent read--lots of fast, fast paced action. Right up my alley. :) Oh, and the romance was good too.
  • Elena
    I reread this annually. My favorite sci-fi romance.
  • Vleigh
    So disappointed this did not include Chaz & Sully. So many things still bothering me about their relationship. This story was great -- with none of the paranormal powers of the characters in the first two books. Chaz's ex husband Peter is a renegade Admiral trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear with an old ship and mostly junior crew. And he's still in recovery from a serious injury and feeling his age when romance appears with a woman 1...
  • Emily Dunn
    Find myself coming back to this book over and over. Characters are developed exteemely well. The shifting points of view of h/h are as equally balanced as their strengths and weaknesses. The suspense is great.
  • Jessica
    3.5 starsFinally, after 10 years on Mt. TBR and several failed starts, I have read this! I enjoyed it and am glad I impulse bought the next in the series around the same time I picked up this one, because it looks like Ms. Sinclair is no longer being published ☹️
  • Michal
    not as strong on story as the previous two in the series, and a little bit too much formula romance, it was a good thriller whodunnit, good guys vs. bad guys story.